The baby always spit up milk after feeding? It may be that the parents have done five things wrong, don’t correct it and beware of the baby’s tiredness of milk

The baby always spit up milk after feeding? It may be that the parent has done five things wrong, don’t correct it and beware of the baby’s tiredness of milk

The child always spit up milk after feeding? It may be that the parents have done five things wrong and don’t correct it. Beware of the baby’s tiredness of milk

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Almost All newborns will vomit milk after eating, but although this phenomenon is relatively common, parents can’t help but worry:

“The baby vomits so much every time, it’s really too much. It’s scary, I’m so afraid that he will choke.”

“Is it really okay for the child to vomit milk? Originally, I don’t eat much. If I vomit it, is it nutritious? Up?”

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Parents can understand that they are so worried. Even if it is normal, if there are too many things, it may become abnormal. 

What will happen to children who frequently spat up What kind of serious consequences? 

The strength of the sphincter connecting the baby’s esophagus and stomach is relatively weak. If you drink too much milk, the feeding posture is not correct, the air gets in too much, etc., it may cause the baby to spit up milk. 

And this phenomenon is sometimes their self-protection. 

When the stomach is upset and uncomfortable, vomiting out will make it comfortable. 

However, another name for vomiting milk is “gastroesophageal reflux.” The vomiting milk is clumped and has a sour taste, also because of the participation of stomach acid. 

Therefore, frequent spitting of milk is harmful to the child There is still a lot of damage to the stomach:

❶ The esophagus is burned

The corrosive ability of stomach acid is relatively strong, and the baby’s fragile esophagus may be unbearable. 

❷ Lack of milk

If your baby feels uncomfortable every time after drinking milk, he may become disgusted with milk in the future. 

❸ Can’t sleep well

Just after vomiting, it doesn’t make them feel comfortable right away, and it may be more uncomfortable because of vomiting, especially at night, which may affect their development due to poor rest. . 

Although baby vomiting milk is one kind It is a normal situation, but it is also the self-protection of parents after improper feeding. 

Hoping moms and dads When feeding dad, do not do these few things.

▶ Let the baby lie down and eat

Baby lying down and feeding, it is easy to cause the milk backflow, which should flow in The milk in the stomach is squeezed in the esophagus, and the child may spit it out after moving. 

It is best to tilt the baby when holding or feeding. 

▶ Let the baby lie down when you are full

The sphincter of the baby’s esophagus is not developed. If you feed too much, it will easily cause the milk to flow back when you lie down. 

Parents can feed less at night One point, remember to burp your child after feeding. 

▶ Overfeeding

It is difficult for parents to judge whether the child is full, so it is always possible to feed too much, which is also the main reason for the baby to vomit. 

If the child vomits up too frequently, it is best for parents to reduce the amount. Sometimes the feeding was too much the previous time, and the second time it needs to be reduced. 

●It is best not to feed the baby when Momma is rushing milk, so as not to feed the baby in a hurry, you can squeeze some out first. 

● Parents should pay attention to choosing the right pacifier for babies who are fed with a bottle to avoid large amounts and air intake. 

▶ The burp posture is wrong

You also need to pay attention to the method and strength when taking milk burps. If the parents take the wrong shot or the strength is too low, they may not be able to shoot. 

When hiccups, parents The palm of the baby needs to be hollow, and the intensity is controlled by gently shaking the baby’s head, burping for one minute at a time. 

For a baby who can’t sit up yet, when Mommy wants to hug him, take care to protect his neck. 

▶ Children catch cold in their abdomen

If you don’t pay attention to the warmth of your baby’s abdomen, it may also cause them to spit up milk due to indigestion. 

Of course, parents face their children Don’t be too anxious about vomiting up.

Sometimes the child does not feel uncomfortable after vomiting up, but the parents are nervous that their body is experiencing problems, and they ran over to check the situation exaggeratedly. 

Sometimes, I even called other people to come and have a look in anxious manner, and I kept talking. 

This time , The nervousness of adults will actually be fed back to the baby, and it will also scare them into crying nervously, and then make small things big. 

▶ Severe vomiting up is rare.

Although babies often vomit up badly, parents can also observe their physical condition:

If the child does not cry, feel uncomfortable, lose weight, or have any problems with the color of the spit-up milk, or a foreign body after spitting up, there is no big problem. 

▶ The child’s vomiting of milk does not affect the absorption of nutrients.

If the child vomits a little bit, there is milk in the belly, just slightly Uncomfortable;

If you spit up after feeding for a period of time, they have already digested and absorbed the part, and parents don’t have to worry too much about nutrition. 


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Children’s intelligence has three “strong and long periods”. Parents can grasp it once, and it can also make the baby smarter

Three “strong and long-term”, parents grasped once, can also make the baby smarter

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Although Parents are very concerned about their children’s intelligence, but they should also understand that human intelligence is just like physical development, with different growth rates in different periods. 

Parents have been putting pressure on their brains and stimulating brain development, which may cause side effects. However, if you grasp the “long-term” of children’s intelligence, better results may be achieved. 

Children’s intelligence, throughout life There are three “long-term periods”

3 months of pregnancy during the fetal period

When the baby’s mother is pregnant for 3 months, the fetus will be just at the stage of brain development, when the brain cells split The speed is very fast, and the final number of brain cells will be finalized, and there is no chance of growth in the future. 

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At this time, if Baoma can promote the development of fetal brain cells, it can make the born baby smarter. On the contrary, if the child’s nutrition is neglected, the baby may become stupid. . 

Studies have shown that children born in January in the northern hemisphere generally have lower intelligence. This is also because children born in January, when they are three months old, happen to be in summer. 

When the weather is hot, Bao Ma’s mood and appetite will become worse, which seriously affects the development of the fetal brain. 

About 3 years of age in early childhood

From the birth of children to before they are 3 years old, it is also a rapid period of brain development. 

Brain scientists say that when children are 3 years old, their brain development reaches 80% of adults. 

At this time, they have high curiosity and special memory The ability to remember things can reach 50% of adults. In addition, the development of a child’s neuronal network also reaches a peak when it is about three years old, and then slowly declines. 

If parents can take good care of their children’s brain development at around 3 years old, their IQs will hardly rise. 

About 8 years of age in childhood

When children are 8 years old, their brains have developed to the level of adults, and their thoughts and personality have also undergone great changes. 

The eight or nine-year-old children are in the third grade. I believe many parents should have heard of the “third grade” phenomenon:

Due to the development of the brain, this At that time, students will have problems such as being tired of studying, falling grades, and being distracted. 

And the teacher It is often emphasized that “you can tell whether a child can go to college from the performance of the third grade.”

Therefore, when a child is 8 years old, it is also important to stimulate their brain development and arouse learning motivation. of. 

How parents promote their children at various stages The development of the brain? 

3 months of pregnancy

DHA is an important part of brain nerve cells, the content in the brain reaches 20%; folic acid can ensure that the fetal cells are normal Classification to prevent problems with their development. 

Therefore, when pregnant mothers are 3 months old, don’t forget to eat foods rich in these two nutrients, such as fish and spinach. 

When eating fish, you should also pay attention to the use of safe deep-sea fish and freshwater fish in clean lakes. Fish meat is mainly used. Fish heads and skins are not allowed to avoid heavy metal pollution. 

When eating spinach, also The water should be blanched first, so as not to consume too much oxalic acid and affect the absorption of calcium. 

Of course, in addition to these two nutrients, other nutrients are also indispensable. Bao Ma must pay attention to a balanced diet, eat 16 kinds of food every day, and 25 kinds of food a week. 

About 3 years old

Studies have shown that babies around 3 years old are more sensitive to external stimuli. Different stimuli work together to promote the development of children’s intelligence. 

Therefore, parents can accompany their children to chat, play games, and read more. If conditions permit, they can also carry out some early education. 

Among them, chatting with children is the most important. 

There are surveys showing that children are learning The vocabulary speed is three times that of adults, and children who chat with their parents a lot when they are young have better comprehension skills and better grades at school age. 

About 8 years old

For children around 8 years old, parents need to cultivate their learning habits and correct their learning attitudes. 

Good study habits can improve the speed and quality of their homework. 

It is best to help children set short-term and long-term goals, and accompany them to complete them together. Give timely encouragement and rewards to children who have done better, and increase their motivation and interest in learning. 

At the age of 8, a period of habit training may benefit the child for life, so parents need to take good care of it. 


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