The babies born in these few months are very blessed, and the parents are easy to raise them. Do you have a baby in your family?

The babies born in these few months are very blessed, and the parents are easy to raise them. Do you have a baby in your family? 

The babies born in the past few months are very blessed, and the parents are easy to raise them. Do you have a baby in your family? 

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It is not easy for young people to have a child, so when they decide to have a child Most of them are more cautious, in addition to adjusting their physical condition to the best, they will also supplement enough nutrition. 

However, some parents understand that when preparing for pregnancy, should the time be chosen? 

Research shows that births in different seasons The physical fitness of children in my country is also very different.

Ancient Chinese believe that children born in winter are more blessed, because people are very busy in spring, summer and autumn, and only have leisure in winter time. 

Baby born at this time is accompanied and taken care of by parents more often, so they are more fortunate. 

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Nowadays, there are also foreign studies that show that children born in winter have better physical development: they have advantages in height and intelligence. 

Harvard University in the United States has tracked and investigated thousands of babies from their birth to elementary school. The results show:

Baby born in winter is better than baby born in summer , When he was enrolled in elementary school, he was 0.19 centimeters tall and 210 grams heavier, and his school scores were better. 

According to the results of our modern survey, although babies born in winter are smart, children born in autumn, that is, September to October, may develop better . 

Tsinghua University has conducted a survey on the month of birth of the students in this school. The results show that most of the children were born in September to October. 

But from According to the current survey results, children born in autumn are smarter, and because of the good birth month, these children are also in relatively good months during several critical periods of development, which is more conducive to their growth. 

It can be said that babies born between September and October are very blessed, and their parents are easy to raise. 

Children born in autumn, Which places have an advantage over children born in other seasons? 

▶ School age

Children born between September and October enter school one year later than other children in our country. One more year of study makes their brains develop better than other children More mature, stronger understanding ability, and easier to learn new knowledge. 

Because children are older, they are easy to be entrusted with important tasks by teachers. These children may be more responsible. 

Especially boys, because The brain development of boys is one or two years slower than that of girls, and entering school later can give them an advantage. 

▶ When a fetus, the brain development season is good

Children born in September and October, in Bao’s mother’s March pregnancy, the peak period of fetal brain development is in a climate comparison Good moment. At this time, Baoma’s appetite and mood are better, and she can go out more, which is better for the development of the fetus. 

▶ When they were just born, the climate was better

The British Medical Journal pointed out that babies born in autumn tend to have better physical fitness, and their sports performance is better than those of other seasons. The average is 9% higher. 

This is also Because the temperature in autumn is just right, and the food is in the harvest season, Bao’s mother is rich in nutrients, and the child’s body will be stronger and the intelligence may also be higher. 

Except for the date of birth, birth The timing is also very important. If parents make these preparations before the child is born, it will be easier to usher in a “little lucky star”. 

✔ Stable economic conditions

The economic conditions of the family are relatively stable, which can afford the cost of raising a child for 3 years, and the cost of parents not going to work for 3 years. 

Then the material conditions of the children can be guaranteed, and the parents will take care of themselves and enjoy more love from the parents, which is very lucky. 

✔ Stable feelings

The relationship between husband and wife is relatively good and stable, so they are more willing to raise a child together and take care of him more carefully. 

Furthermore, children who grow up in a family with good parental relationships can easily develop a good character, more confident and lively. 

✔ Know how to take care of children

If parents have systematically learned the methods of taking care of children when preparing for pregnancy, the baby can be better taken care of at birth. 

Furthermore, when the body is developing rapidly, you can get the correct help from your parents, and you can develop better. 

✔ At the right age< /p>

Women are between 25 and 34 years old, and men between 30 and 35 years old are more likely to have healthy children. 

If the parents are at the right age, the child’s physical problems are less likely. 

Furthermore, parents at this age are generally more mature in mind, and giving birth to a child is also carefully considered and prepared, so that the baby can receive a better education. 


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In addition to free vaccines, some self-funded vaccines are also indispensable. If you want to make babies less sick, parents should not feel sorry for the money

Free vaccines, some self-funded ones can’t be less, if you want to make your baby less sick, parents don’t feel bad about the money

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In today’s society, the management of vaccinations for babies is becoming more and more stringent. After the child is born, in addition to being vaccinated against hepatitis B and BCG, parents will also get a “Vaccination Certificate” as a child who has been vaccinated Proof of vaccine. 

Moreover, this vaccination certificate has also become the standard for children to enter kindergartens and elementary schools. Children who do not receive the vaccine as required may not be able to enter school smoothly. 

Such regulations not only protect the interests of other children in the school, but also may make parents who “demonize” vaccines obedient. 

There are always parents who don’t let their children Vaccination

Although there have been experts advocating that vaccines are of great benefit to the human body, and data shows that because of the existence of vaccines, many diseases have been contained, such as:

Polio vaccine has reduced polio cases by more than 99% since 1988;

Tetanus vaccine has reduced the number of infants who died of tetanus by more than 700,000 in the past 30 years . 

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However, some parents still believe that the vaccine itself is a danger, and the risk of children getting sick is greater than the children’s own exposure to the corresponding dangers. 

Other parents would rather keep their babies in the house than go out, rather than vaccinate them. Faced with the problem of not being able to enter the kindergarten without a vaccination certificate, some parents choose to let their children get older before they go to school. 

But the data once again tell most mothers that this idea is extremely unreliable. Los Angeles, the United States, where the vaccination rate is the lowest, has an outbreak of whooping cough. 

Moreover, this area is still a rich area, because the poor have no option to vaccinate, but the rich can choose not to vaccinate their children. 

So, for the health of children , The vaccination is very necessary. 

my country’s vaccines are now divided into two categories. The first category is mandatory and free of charge, and the second category is self-funded and voluntary. However, for the health of the baby, some self-funded vaccines are also available. Hope that parents let them get vaccinated. 

Five recommended self-pay Vaccine

1. Influenza vaccine

Once in autumn and winter, 20-30% of children may get flu. It has symptoms similar to the common cold, but it makes children more uncomfortable. If the baby has the flu unfortunately, both parents and children will feel uncomfortable. 

Therefore, families with good conditions can take their children to get the flu vaccine in October every year. Children under 3 years old need two injections, and those over 3 years old only need one injection. The price of domestic vaccines The price is 36~168 yuan, and the imported price is 108~128 yuan. 

2, chickenpox vaccine


Many people have had the experience of getting chickenpox when they were young. It is highly contagious and has great damage to the child’s body, and there is also the risk of disorganizing the baby. 

Parents can take their babies for vaccination when they are 12 months old. The price is generally 320 yuan for 2 injections. 

3. Pneumococcal vaccine

This is a vaccine recommended by the United Nations. Because of pneumococcal disease, children under 5 years old are very harmful. Parents can bring babies under 2 years old to get 13 price, and bring babies over 2 years old to get 23 price, and the price is 2892 yuan for 4 injections. 

4. Hib vaccine

This vaccine also has great benefits for babies under 5 years old. It can prevent pneumonia and meningitis. The price is 492 yuan for 4 injections. 

5. HPV vaccine


This is a vaccine that has emerged in recent years. Nowadays, it is only available for girls in China. It can be vaccinated when children are about 9 years old. This can prevent serious diseases of their cervix. The domestic price is 987 yuan for 3 doses. . 

The vaccine for boys may have to go abroad and Hong Kong. 

Children need to be vaccinated do what? 

▶ Don’t leave right away

After the child is vaccinated, he still needs to stay and wait for about half an hour to avoid adverse reactions to the body and no timely treatment. 

▶ Protect the vaccination site

The vaccination site should not be exposed to water to avoid the risk of infection. When the pinhole is fully recovered, parents can help them take a bath. 

▶ Take a break

Just after vaccination, children’s resistance may decrease, so they need to pay more attention to rest to avoid getting sick. And don’t eat spicy, cold food and seafood to avoid allergic reactions. 


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