The aunt’s bringing the baby is a trend, but the child is still happy after being abused. Mom said: It is better than the mother-in-law to bring the baby.

Aunts bring a baby into a trend, but the child is still happy when being abused. Mom said: It is better than a mother-in-law to bring a baby.

Auntie brings a baby into a trend, but the child is still happy when being abused. Bao’s mother said: Better than a mother-in-law to bring a baby< /p>

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Nowadays, raising a child, both the time cost and the economic cost are very high. When parents don’t have the energy to bring a baby, other family members also become the main force in bringing a baby. 

Because the responsibilities and status of each family member in the family are very different, they show huge differences in educating their children. 

Different family members are bringing What is the difference when you are a child? 

▶ Mother with baby

Mother was pregnant in October, and gave birth to the baby with difficulty. She is also the person who most hopes that her baby can be taken care of. Most novice mothers bring There is a natural motherhood, and it is meticulous in the education of children. 

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When they raise their children carefully, they rarely over-spoil them. 

▶ Dad brings a baby

Many mothers are rather disgusted with father bringing a baby. The vast majority of fathers do not have the delicacy of Bao’s mother, and are more careless when raising children. Some do not even have the skills to bring a baby, and they may not be able to guarantee the safety of the child. 

▶ The elders bring the baby

Everyone’s impression of grandparents with the baby is that there are inter-generational relatives among them, so it often happens that the elders doting on the children, basically What do you want to buy? 

And some elders have The experience of raising children is relatively arrogant, and it is difficult to communicate with the parents of the children, so conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law sometimes occur. 

▶ Other family members bring babies

Nowadays, there are many cases where other family members help bring babies. For example, not long ago, many videos of aunts bringing babies became popular on the Internet. 

The aunts in the video are generally as lively and cute as the kids, and they like to fight against them, such as grabbing toys and making funny things. But they are also very careful when taking children and pay attention to their safety. 

Although the baby is always in a situation of being bullied, he is also happy to play with his aunt. 

That’s how we get along The picture made everyone suddenly realize that it might be more beneficial for the aunt to bring the baby than other parents. 

What are the advantages of having a baby What? 

▶ Being able to get along with children on an equal footing

Children’s parents and grandparents rarely think that they are on an equal footing with their children. Children have a natural possessive desire. 

The younger aunts, on the contrary, do not think that the child is just an accessory. The other party is his junior, but most of them treat him as an independent individual. 

They rarely command children, they must listen to themselves or be too pampering or pampering with them. 

And the aunt is a relative, I often buy gifts for the children and play with them, which can also win the children’s love. 

▶ Conducive to family harmony

Sisters who are willing to help their elder sisters and children, generally have a better relationship with the elder sister. The two people’s ideas and values ​​are not much different. They often Responsible for children’s safety and play. 

In the main education of children, they generally listen to their sister’s arrangements, and rarely interfere in unnecessary matters or involve interests. Therefore, there will not be too much conflict with her sister. 

In this way, compared with other family members with children, aunts with children can promote family harmony better. 

▶ Conducive to a lively character Cheerful

The aunts who are more lively in their own personalities can also cultivate children’s funny and optimistic personality when playing with and amusing them. 

Moreover, more language communication with babies can also exercise their expressive skills. 

As far as taking care of children, even if there is only one baby, it basically needs two parents to take care of it. After all, in addition to coaxing them to sleep, play with them, and feed them, there is still a lot of preparation work to be done. 

But once the number of children with children rises to two or three, conflicts between parents will follow. 

For example, just When the child is crying, whether it is hungry or other problems can also make several parents quarrel. 

But such quarrels are often unnecessary, and it is easy to destroy family harmony and make people physically and mentally exhausted. 

Actually, no matter which family it is If members bring children, if they can do the following two points, they can also promote family harmony and educate the children. 

▶ Do a good job division of labor

This division of labor can be based on responsibility or time. 

For example, the father is responsible for changing the baby’s diapers and washing clothes, and the mother is responsible for feeding and coaxing the baby to sleep; or the mother takes care of the children during the day, and the mother-in-law takes care of the children at night. 

▶ do Good communication

When a child has some unclear problem, while finding the cause, don’t verbally accuse or doubt a family member. After all, everyone is thinking about the child. 

Once you misunderstand each other, it will lead to more severe family conflicts. 


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The uglier these 5 parts of a newborn baby are, the higher their appearance will be when they grow up, and the effect will be comparable to “plastic surgery”

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As we all know, newborn babies are wrinkled. Perhaps because of this, some parents even suspected that they were holding the wrong child. However, as the baby grows older, his facial features gradually develop, and may look “ugly” when he is a child, but he can turn against the wind when he grows up. 

Case: Women’s big eighteen changes, the more they change, the better they look.

Xiao Wu has been pregnant for more than 8 months. In addition to the baby’s health, she is also very worried about the baby’s appearance. Although Xiao Wu and his wife are The appearance is not astonishing, but it can be regarded as pretty and handsome, so Xiao Wu has been dreaming about what the baby will look like during the whole pregnancy. 

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However, when the baby was born, Xiao Wu was surprised when he saw the first sight, and the daughter looked It’s crumpled, like a furless monkey, it’s not pretty. 

Seeing this situation, Xiao Wu’s mother found it funny, but she also continued to comfort Xiao Wu: “The newborn child is like this, the facial features are open, naturally it looks good!”

Xiao Wu only cared about worrying, and didn’t take these words to heart. He just treated himself as an elder comforting him, but he did not expect that as he got older, his red skin would become fair and smooth, and his eyes would be big and bright. Anyone who reads it will have to boast a few words, and it really complied with the phrase “female big eighteen change”. 

In fact, when a child is young, it is inevitable that some parts will not look good enough, but these are not the criteria for judging the child’s future appearance. Whether it is a boy or a girl, their appearance will change to a certain extent when they grow up. 

These 5 parts are “ugly” when babies are young, and they can come back when they grow up

▸Skin is red◂

The skin of newborn babies is mostly wrinkled, and some babies are born with skin It is also red and does not look good, but in fact this is a normal phenomenon, because the fetus lives in the womb of the pregnant mother during the whole pregnancy, soaking in amniotic fluid for a long time, and the skin needs a certain period of adaptation after birth. 

However, as the age grows up, the baby’s skin will become more and more white, more delicate and smooth, and the value of the baby will naturally increase. 

So, novice parents can rest assured that it doesn’t matter if the baby’s skin is red and looks “ugly”, just wait for the baby to turn white slowly. 

▸Nose collapse◂

In Chinese aesthetics, a high nose bridge is very enviable, and a tall nose can often add points to the appearance. 

However, many novice parents find that the baby’s nose is relatively collapsed, and it is difficult to see the advantage of the bridge of the nose. 

But in fact, when a baby is born, the nose is flat and collapsed, because at this time the baby’s skull and facial bones have not been completely shaped. After the baby’s bregma is closed, the nasal bones accelerate Development, the baby’s nose bridge will gradually grow taller at this time, and the nose bridge will not be shaped until the end of puberty. 

▸The head is long and pointed ◂

Among babies with a particularly “ugly” head shape, it is more common to give birth to a baby. A father saw that when he first saw his own baby The baby’s head is long and pointed, and he speaks bluntly as “ugly and deformed”, and even worried that the baby will always be like this. 

In fact, this kind of worry is completely unnecessary, because the natural child will be squeezed when passing through the mother’s birth canal, resulting in changes in head shape, but because the baby’s skull is still in a relatively soft stage at this time, it is also The front and rear fontanelles are not closed, so the baby’s head shape will return to normal in a short time. 

▸Slim and slender eyes◂

Eyes are the windows of the soul. Many parents hope that their children have large, watery eyes. 

But most newborn babies have small eyes, and some even seem to be unable to open them at all. This is also an important reason why babies look “ugly”. 

If parents find that their baby’s eyes are very slender, they should actually be happy, because this means that the baby will have a pair of big eyes in the future, and even today’s single eyelid may become double eyelid. 

▸Sparse hair ◂

Some babies have very sparse hair when they are born, so that parents always worry that this situation will affect the baby’s appearance. 

In fact, the hair of a baby at birth is called “Lanugo”. 

Lanugo hair is generally soft and it is not permanent hair. When the baby grows to two or three years old, the lanugo hair will gradually be replaced by thicker and harder permanent hair. At that time, the baby can also have a black and bright hair. hair. Therefore, parents do not have to worry prematurely. 

How do parents view their children’s appearance? 

★Don’t overemphasize appearance

Appearance is not the only criterion for evaluating a person. 

As a parent, the first thing to do is to accept everything about your child, no matter whether it looks beautiful or ugly, you don’t need to overemphasize the importance of appearance. 

Although good looks have certain advantages in some aspects, the hard work acquired is actually more important. Children are in an important life stage of learning knowledge and should not focus on these superficial appearances. 

★Don’t bring your children for plastic surgery.

Some parents may not be satisfied with the appearance of their children, so they want to rely on the day after tomorrow to make up for it, so they take their children privately. Plastic surgery, but in fact this behavior is extremely detrimental to the child’s health. 

When the child is in the growth and development stage, many bones and organs may not be fully developed, but if the child is subjected to cosmetic surgery at this time, it is likely to have a serious impact on the child’s own development. 

★Use cosmetics as carefully as possible

Although most parents will not ask their children to have plastic surgery, they will teach their children to use cosmetics, trying to improve their children’s appearance in this way. This behavior will actually have a greater negative impact on children. 

First of all, children’s skin is relatively fragile, and premature use of cosmetics can easily cause unnecessary irritation to the skin. Second, the main purpose of children is to learn. If you are thinking about how to dress yourself, it will also affect your child’s learning progress. Return to Sohu to see more

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