The age difference between husband and wife should not be too great, this range is very suitable, and the match between the two will be the highest

The age difference between husband and wife should not be too great. This range is very suitable. The match between the two will be the highest.

In addition to the height difference, the age difference is also very important. Now everyone is more and more open, and communication is easier than before. It is normal that the age difference between husband and wife is about 10 years old. However, the age difference between husband and wife should not be too great, otherwise there will be conflicts in the future. 

before marriage is super Uncle Nuan, she was miserable by this “cuteest age difference” after marriage. Mom only blames herself for being too young.

Now many female friends want to fall in love with the uncle, because the uncles are generally gentlemen, and The economic strength is also good and can take good care of the other half. A friend around me wanted to marry an uncle at first, and later she got what she wanted, but her life after marriage made her regret it. 

Before getting married, my friends thought that her husband was very gentle and considerate, and he was very considerate in doing things, and they were willing to spend money on themselves. Their love was just like in a novel. But my friend’s parents didn’t agree with this relationship. They believed that there would be a generation gap in the future because they were 12 years old, and it was too hard to lead a life. And when she gets older, her daughter will have to take care of each other. 

My friend thinks that her husband is so considerate, and this will not be a problem in the future. But after they got married, the two were full of conflicts. From daily routines to eating habits, to parenting and raising a baby, friends always feel that her husband is too old-fashioned, and her husband always feels that she is immature. Many times I feel wronged in my heart, but I can only hide it in my heart, otherwise I will be naive again. 

“I used to think that the uncle was very warm. Now he is really just an uncle in my heart. Hey, I blame myself for being too young.” My friend said with emotion. 

The age gap between couples and couples is too large, and they are generally questioned by everyone at the beginning, but they are more sure about their feelings for each other. But in the end, few people really come together to gain happiness. Regarding the age gap between husband and wife, it is best not to exceed 2-7 years old, and it is best that men are older than women. 

Why It’s best to have a 2-7 difference between husband and wife? These 3 advantages are very real, and both men and women benefit

The man is more mature

Now that the relationship between sister and brother is nothing new, why should it be said that it is better for a man to be better than a woman? In fact, in the final analysis, it is because men mature later than women. Girls in their early twenties will basically manage their lives consciously, but boys generally only have this consciousness when they are almost 30 years old. 

Therefore, the man is 2-7 years older than the woman, and is often more mature. He also knows how to take care of each other more considerately and give each other a better love and marriage experience. 

One party has a stable economic foundation

Poor and lowly couples are sad, especially in this era of high consumption, love and marriage are very expensive. When the two have no money, a girl wants to buy new clothes and a wedding gift is considered vanity, and when the man has a certain financial foundation, he is more willing to provide good care to the girl. 

Conducive to prenatal and postnatal care

The woman who gets pregnant when she is older is an advanced parturient, which is not good for herself and her baby. In fact, it is the same for the man to give birth when she is old. As the man gets older, the quality of his sperm is not as good as before. At this time, even if the woman is young, it will not help. When the age gap between the two is 2-7 years old, the two have a better chance of being at the optimal age for childbearing at the same time, giving birth to a healthy baby at a smaller physical cost. 

It doesn’t matter if the age gap between husband and wife is too big, or the relationship between brother and sister is actually not bad, but every friend who is preparing to run such a special love or marriage must first prepare to face the difficulties. ready. The difference between the two is not only age, but also many practical conditions. 

There is a big difference between men and women, and these three major problems are prone to life. Only oneself knows the hard work.

Lack of common topics

When the two are more than 7 years old, their life stages are basically different. Now, the things and topics of interest and understanding are naturally different. This problem may not be obvious when eating, drinking, and having fun. Once the two of them leave those entertainment projects, they will find that there is basically no topic in common between the two, and the life is dull, as if they are forced to maintain it. 

Prone to disagreement

When the age gap is too large, the two people often have different views on the same thing. And whether it is in some trivial matters in life or in some major social issues, there will be such a gap, and quarrels are inevitable. And if such disagreements are always endless, their feelings will gradually wear off during the argument. 

Too hard after getting old

When you are young, many problems are not a problem, but when people are old, they often feel powerless. The age gap between husband and wife is too great, so when they are old, the younger one will have to take care of the other half early. In addition to having to work and worry about the children, this kind of life is actually very hard, and there is no criticism, otherwise the family will inevitably quarrel. 

When you are in love and getting married, you have to talk about feelings, but you can’t ignore the reality. There are indeed couples in life who have a different age, but live happily. Such couples must be both very reliable and work together to manage the marriage and life together. of. What do you think of couples with a large age gap? How old is the difference from the other half? The 3-year-old boy put 502 as eye drops and dripped it into his eyes, and his father saved the baby in one move

Although his parents usually take A lot of time is spent on children. Firstly, they want to take good care of the children so as to prevent them from encountering danger. Secondly, they want to grow up better. 

But parents are not a piece of meat on their children after all. There is no way to stay close to their children 24 hours a day to prevent him from accidents. There are always some naughty children. Take advantage of the parents not paying attention to do some dangerous things. 

No, there is such a little boy in the community, his name is Xiaoli. He is a very active little boy. He often tossed his parents into speechless when he was only three years old. 

The thing that worries his parents the most is his hyperactivity and curiosity. He has an extremely strong curiosity about everything in the family, hoping to have a deeper understanding of everything. His greatest joy every day is to pick up an item in the family that he has not yet understood and play with it carefully. stand up. 

Generally speaking, a child’s strong thirst for knowledge is a good thing, but the child’s safety awareness is too weak, and there is no way to protect themselves in the process of seeking knowledge. This is what Xiaoli’s parents worry about the most. . 

Once, my mother went out to buy groceries, and my father was at home to look after the children. The child even picked up 502 glue and started playing. By the time his father reacted, the child had used 502 as eye drops and dripped it into his eyes. At that time, Xiaoli’s father was scared enough. As soon as the child finished dripping 502, he immediately felt a discomfort in his eyes. The pain followed, and he burst into tears immediately. 

Fortunately, Xiaoli’s father calmed down at this time. He told himself not to be nervous. On the other hand, he quickly brought a basin of clean water. The glue was removed first, and then treated with saline. 

After completing these actions, he immediately sent the child to the hospital. After the treatment, the doctor praised the father of the child, saying that his handling method was very proper and could reduce the injury. At the smallest, it helped the children effectively. 

In addition to 502 glue, these items in life can’t be ignored as well.

The first desiccant

It will deteriorate due to moisture problems. Common desiccants are composed of chemical substances, which are very harmful to the human body. Don’t talk about children, even if adults take desiccant, there will be big problems. 

Many children are very interested in desiccant, because some snack packages will contain desiccant. Children may treat desiccant as a gift and think it is edible, so parents don’t Pay attention, the child is likely to eat the desiccant into the stomach. 

Second nails, sewing needles and other small but dangerous things

There are actually many things that are not very eye-catching at home, but are very dangerous to children, such as sewing. The needles of the clothes are very thin, but they are also very hard. If the child does not pay attention when playing, it will easily get stuck in the body, especially in the eyes. 

The third button battery

The button battery is different from the general AA battery. It is smaller and so small that it can be easily eaten by a child. Button batteries contain acidic substances, which are extremely aggressive to the child’s weak stomach and easily corrode the child’s organs. 

So how should parents help their children? 

First guide children to learn basic safety precautions

Basic safety precautions refer to what can’t be touched at home and what is harmful to the body. Maybe the child doesn’t understand it. I listened to the parents. What is said may not be well understood, but this does not mean that parents can not say it. 

On the issue of safety, it doesn’t matter if parents say it more than once. We must make sure that the child really knows that this thing cannot be touched casually, because it is dangerous. 

Secondly, take care of all dangerous items at home.

In addition to guiding children to have a certain sense of safety, adults must also have a basic sense of safety. They must not be aware of anything. For children to touch, these items should be handled well, and the children should not have a chance to get them, such as kitchen knives and scissors and other sharp objects. 

Thirdly, help children understand some self-help methods through scene rehearsal

In order to ensure that children are really able to recognize the dangers of certain objects, and know if they encounter certain How to save yourself when in danger can be achieved through scene rehearsals. 

For example, what should be done when a fire comes? Parents can play a game with their children. First tell the children that if a fire breaks out and the parents want to escape with him, then the parents can practice it again and tell the children what to do, and then let the children do it by themselves. Again. 

Safety issues are the top priority. Children must have a simple safety awareness and know how to deal with some common dangers. These all require the patience of parents to teach.

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