The 60-year-old crying: After entering his old age, these situations are more painful than having no money.

The 60-year-old cries: In his old age, these situations are more painful than lack of money

The 60-year-old cries: In his old age, these situations are more painful than lack of money.< /p>

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When many young people dream about their old life, they always think about saving a lot of money, if they save more Now, old age life can surely lead a chic and colorful life. 

However, some old grandpas and aunts said that now that when you are old, you find out that you are doing well or not. Sometimes it has nothing to do with whether you have money or not. Many old people don’t have much money. Good retirement life. 

A 60-year-old man is seriously ill in bed, Said: “I don’t want to drag the children, life is boring.”

Uncle Lin, 60, although he had no culture when he was young, and the family conditions were not good, he was very willing to endure hardships for his children. Better living conditions, always staying up late to do business, even part-time. 

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Later, although the money was made, his body was older than his peers. He thought about retirement when the children got married. As a result, the children had just married soon Uncle Lin suddenly fell ill, and he couldn’t move except lying in bed or going out in a wheelchair. 

Uncle Lin suddenly loses the ability to take care of himself, and his wife has passed away, so he can only let the children take care of him, but the children still have their own lives to be busy and it is impossible to take care of him personally, so he had to ask A caregiver. 

But the children are worried that the nursing staff will be bad for Uncle Lin, so they will come to live for a while from time to time, often in their own home, Uncle Lin, the company, and the hospital. 

Uncle Lin looks at the children After the busy schedule, although I was very moved by the children’s filial piety, I was also very regretful in my heart and didn’t want to drag them down anymore. 

He sighed: “When he was young, he was not so desperate, nor would he have money to spend when he was old, and delay his children. What is the fun of such an old life?”


A person has reached his old age After that, even if you are rich, it will be painful if you encounter these three things. 

▼ I am sick and rejected by my children

Not everyone is in good health. By the time they live in their eighties or nineties, their bones are still very strong. At the age of fifty, the body is obviously dysfunctional, and when he retires, it may be difficult to live alone. 

At this time, children and wives are needed to take care of them. If the spouse is not there, this heavy responsibility will be placed on the children. If the children are bored and disgusted, the elderly will definitely feel uncomfortable. 

Even if they are not bored, old people I couldn’t make it in my heart, and felt that it was a drag on the child, so my old life was particularly bad. 

▼ There are children, but no visits

There are also some elderly people who have children, but they are not filial or have problems with their children when they are young. Of boredom. 

In old age, these old people can only stay at home with their wives, or endure the loneliness of an empty nest at home. 

▼ The children are ruined and the pension assets are squandered.

There are also elderly people who have saved a large amount of pension money for themselves, but they also arrange their children’s lives well. , But can’t stand his own child too prodigal. 

For example, no work , Life experience must be to start a business, and ended up losing a lot of money; or easily believe in others and use their parents’ money to start a company with others, and the result is not only deceived, but also owed a lot of money, which must be solved by the elderly. 

These children have been making trouble several times, and no matter how much property they have in the family, they can’t stand the toss. Moreover, their parents may have a hard time living in their old age because of several worries and severe blows. 

How do the elderly live a good old age ? 

▶ Not entirely dependent on children

Some parents expect too much of their children, thinking that with children, everything will be fine in the future for the elderly, but people still need to make more preparations. It is the most reliable way to provide for the elderly by yourself. 

▶ Safeguard the pension funds

No matter how the children are anxious to spend money, parents must also safeguard their pension funds. Of course, if it is a major life-related event, it will be discussed separately. 

Don’t think that it is enough to use money to help them tide over this difficult situation. In the future, you can rely on your children to provide for the elderly. As the previous article said, relying on your children is worse than relying on yourself. 

Rather than relying on child support in the future Life, it is better to keep your pension money. 

▶ Don’t worry about your children too much

Older people are prone to physical problems, especially when emotional problems occur, the impact on health is even greater. And children’s things always affect the parents’ mentality the most. 

Parents must start to learn to let go after their old age, and let them solve the things they can solve by themselves, and learn to solve the things that can’t be solved. Parents have been worrying about not only the children’s growth If you are old, you may not have a good life in your old age. 

Learn to let go, life may be more peaceful. 


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The three types of mothers are prone to gain weight after childbirth. If you want to return to a slim girl figure, do these points within half a year

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Women give birth to children Afterwards, in addition to paying attention to the healthy growth of the baby, he will also pay special attention to the recovery of his body. After all, many beautiful women who were slender before pregnancy have loose skin after pregnancy and have a big belly. 

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How long will the postpartum mother’s figure be restored to before pregnancy? 

There is no clear medical regulation on the time for the postpartum body to recover to before pregnancy. 

Because this is closely related to everyone’s physique, lifestyle, diet, and weight gain during pregnancy. 

According to survey statistics, pregnant women with normal weight will gain 22~33 kg during pregnancy. 

As we all know, after giving birth to a baby, pregnant mothers will lose weight, which includes fetus, amniotic fluid, placenta, blood volume, etc. Generally, the weight will lose about 10 kilograms after the baby is born. 

If you continue to lose about 4.5 catties a week after giving birth, you will lose about 15 catties a week after giving birth. 

According to statistics, it is found that it takes about 6 months (that is, half a year) to recover to the pre-pregnancy figure due to the different conditions of each mother after childbirth. 

Three types of treasure Moms are prone to gain weight after childbirth.

1. The mother of over-nutrition

Some pregnant mothers firmly believe that “one person eats two people to supplement” during pregnancy. In order to make the fetus grow well, they eat all kinds of riches. Nutritious food does not pay attention to the control of one’s own weight. 

In addition, after giving birth, in order to be able to provide sufficient breast milk for the baby, eat a lot of chicken soup, trotter soup, etc. that are known to be able to “feed”, and even eat some supplements that promote lactation. 

In this way, it is easy to accumulate fat due to overnutrition, and most of it is concentrated in the abdomen. We can also see that many postpartum mothers around have some small belly. 

If this continues, it will be difficult for Baoma’s postpartum figure to return to before pregnancy. 

2, mothers who don’t like sports

After giving birth to a child, women will cause certain damage to the body. I chose to lie still in bed and rarely get out of bed. 

After confinement, you will also be busy taking care of your baby, and lack of exercise time, or you may not like exercise yourself, and want to sit and rest when you have time, then this will not be conducive to postpartum Body recovery. 

3. Baoma who does not pay attention to the repair of abdominal and pelvic floor muscles

Before and after women give birth, the most obvious location for fat accumulation is the abdomen. 

The main reason is: in the third trimester of pregnancy, due to the increase in the weight of the fetus, the abdomen is stretched greatly, which leads to the separation of the rectus abdominis to varying degrees. Months are average. 

Additionally, the lack of attention to timely repair after pregnancy, lack of dietary control, and lack of exercise, naturally make the abdomen a “severe disaster area”. 

The emergence of these situations requires Baoma to adopt some methods of abdomen and pelvic floor muscle repair after childbirth, such as postpartum repair yoga, exercises, etc., exercise the abdomen and pelvic floor muscles to make these parts Able to recover quickly, then the abdomen will not look bulging, and the figure is equivalent to a part of recovery. 

Postpartum mother What can I do to help my body recover quickly? 

1. Insist on breastfeeding

Persisting breastfeeding after childbirth can help Baoma get rid of excess nutrients in the body, which is very beneficial to restore the body. 

According to a statistical survey conducted by the International Obesity Journal, breastfeeding mothers will decrease their body mass index by 1% every half a year, and the body mass index will be significantly lower than that of women who are fed milk powder. 

This is because women’s body fat will be consumed by breastfeeding and can consume 55 calories a day. 

2, proper exercise

Regardless of the stage, exercise is the best way to lose weight and maintain your body. 

Actually, ten days after giving birth, Bao’s mother can perform appropriate exercises according to her own recovery situation, such as walking, postpartum yoga, gymnastics, etc., which can not only promote rapid recovery of the body, but also Promote body recovery. 

3. Reasonable diet

Whether it is a pregnant mother or a baby mother, they should pay attention to a scientific diet and a balanced nutrition, so as to restore their body It is beneficial to birth and fetal delivery. Controlling fat intake can control the appearance of excess calories in the body to a certain extent, so that weight gain can be effectively controlled. 

The Chinese Dietary Association recommends that women’s daily nutritional balance after childbirth is as follows:

500 ml of milk; fish, meat, etc., controlled at 160 grams a day; fresh fruits, cereals, etc., controlled at 300 grams; fresh vegetables controlled At 500 grams. 

Scientific dietary combination can not only maintain normal life needs, but also control weight gain, which is conducive to body recovery. 

To sum up, if you can persist in doing the above points within half a year after giving birth, you can also become a slender girl. Return to Sohu to see more

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