The 6-year-old daughter didn’t absorb it after eating, and went to the hospital to check something related to the neck. Parents did not know

The 6-year-old daughter can’t absorb it when she eats. Going to the hospital for examination is related to the things on her neck. Parents don’t know it.

The children’s life experience is limited and their knowledge of things is relatively simple, which makes them very good in life. It’s easy to put yourself in danger because of curiosity. 

This also means that parents must be more attentive in the process of raising children, especially to pay enough attention to safety, because it is very likely that a momentary negligence will cause unexpected danger occur. 

The six-year-old cute baby is not absorbed when eating. After inspection, it was found that the “bringing” things were very special, but the parents didn’t know it at all.

Mengmeng is six years old this year, and she is white and fat. She is very cute. Mengmeng’s mother is a full-time housewife, and she is especially concerned about the children’s three meals a day. 

But recently she discovered that the daughter who had a good appetite had some loss of appetite, which made Mengmeng’s mother very worried. 

“Obviously, the daily meals are very balanced and look delicious, but the children are not very interested. After a few bites, they will say that they are full!”

And Mengmeng’s mother also found that the children not only don’t like to eat, but the nutrients they eat are also rarely absorbed. 

So Mengmeng’s mother tried to give the child some medicine to strengthen the spleen and promote digestion, but the child’s condition did not improve. 

So Mengmeng’s mother took the child to the hospital for an examination. At first, the doctor thought the child was eating or having indigestion, but when the child was X-rayed. 

The doctor discovered that there was a small bright spot on the child’s neck. At first, the doctor thought it was a necklace worn by the parent for the child. However, after careful observation, he discovered that it was actually a piece stuck to the child’s digestive tract. Magnet. 

When the child swallowed the magnet, cute parents don’t know. In the end, Mengmeng had to undergo surgery to remove the magnet smoothly. 

Seeing these crimes suffered by her daughter, Mengmeng’s mother regrets it very much, “If I could find out sooner, it would be great!”

In daily life, parents must tell their children Instill a certain safety knowledge, only in this way can help children avoid danger as much as possible. 

What are the safety Knowledge needs parents to instill in their children as soon as possible? 

1. Don’t put unknown objects in your mouth

Children are curious about unknown objects, which makes it easy for them to accidentally put objects in their mouths when playing. This also increases the risk of choking. 

And if it is a battery or other irritating items, it may cause more serious consequences due to swallowing. 

2. Don’t get close to unfamiliar waters

In the accidents of children, the proportion of children drowning is very high, which also makes parents need to remind children as soon as possible. 

Don’t get close to unfamiliar waters, such as ponds, riversides, etc., for fun. In addition, children in the community should not approach the fountain easily, because there may be a risk of leakage. 

3. Don’t trust strangers.

Children’s ideas are always simple, which makes them easy targets for bad guys. Therefore, it is necessary for parents to remind children not to trust strangers. 

Even when faced with a stranger’s request for help, a child can completely refuse, because it is obvious that an adult will not ask a child for help under normal circumstances. 

How do parents Correctly cultivate children’s safety awareness? 

1. Communicate in a way that children can understand

When parents instill safety knowledge into their children, they should choose to do so in a way that children can understand. Expressions that are too written do not allow children to clearly understand the content of the knowledge. 

It may even arouse children’s boredom. Only vivid descriptions can enable children to master safety knowledge. 

2. Explain to children based on life examples

In daily life, parents can use specific life examples to explain safety knowledge to children. 

For example, when crossing the road, parents can take the opportunity to explain the traffic rules to their children, which also makes the children’s safety knowledge accumulate inadvertently. 

3. Parents demonstrate their children’s behaviors.

There are many safety hazards in life that need to be guarded against by parents. Therefore, if parents are more safe-conscious in their behaviors, then they will be subtle. It will also affect children. 

With parental demonstrations, children are more referential in their behavioral expressions and have a deeper grasp of safety knowledge. 

In short, raising children’s safety awareness can help them realize self-protection. Even in the absence of parental care, children can recognize the presence of danger. 

In addition, it is worth noting that there are many details in life that are easily overlooked by parents, but this may bring risks to children. While raising children’s safety awareness, parents It should also enrich the knowledge of security. 

Do you have any good experiences to share in the cultivation of children’s safety awareness? Who will bring a baby to raise a baby? Women do not want to have a baby because they are unable to take care of the child’s life.

In recent years, news and discussions about’single in the end’ and’dink family’ have been positive. More and more come into our lives. 

Compared with the older generation who followed the’work, marriage, and childbirth’ track step by step, young people nowadays seem to have more and more new ideas about marriage. 

This is the case with my girlfriend Xiao Li and her husband. They have been married for 4 years, but the two couples have no idea of ​​having a baby. As a result, they were persuaded by relatives, especially Xiao Li’s mother-in-law, Not only came to the couple’s house from time to time to sit down, but also went to the temple to petition, boil soup for the couple, or expressly or impliedly requesting to have a child quickly. 

There are actually many young couples forced to have babies like Xiao Li and his wife. 

According to the “2019 China Fertility Report”, the domestic fertility rate is declining at an unprecedented rate, and is currently far below the global average of 2.45, and even more sluggish than some developed countries. 

Many older generations see the country’s opening up of the second-child policy, but young people are unwilling to have a baby. They feel very surprised and think that the younger generation is “selfish, shameful, and abnormal”. 

But I consulted a group of school-age friends, but found that the reason why they are unwilling to have children is not for themselves, but many people are thinking about children who have not yet been born. 

1. Feeling that the material conditions are not up to the fertility standard

It is very expensive to raise children. Some netizens even joked that the child is actually a human-shaped “cash machine.” Before the child is born, it is necessary to spend money on fertility tests and prepare nutritional supplements…

Finally, I have to face various checkups. Even if the whole process is very smooth, there is no additional cost. A series of consumption can also make a middle-class family with insufficient savings feel a lot of economic pressure. Not to mention that women have to take care of the children after giving birth. The family mainly depends on the income of the husband. 

If the young couple are the “city generation” who have just entered the big city, they will be overwhelmed by mortgages and car loans if they open their eyes every day. Coupled with the consumption of children’s milk powder, diapers, nutritional supplements and various early education products… it can almost force people to bald. 

This is the fundamental reason why many young couples do not want to have babies even though they have settled down in the city. After all, if you don’t have much savings, this child will not be able to receive good care after birth. Rather than wronging the child and also wronging himself, it is better to struggle for a few more years and wait until you have more money to talk about giving birth. 

Second, I feel that I can’t afford to be a parent.

The reason why many young couples do not have children is not only because of financial pressure, but also after the birth of their children. Education issues. 

Some native families have problems. Couples who had a bad childhood don’t want their children to repeat their past mistakes, and they don’t want to become new irresponsible parents, so they choose not to have a good mentality. Don’t have children before you are ready, so that you don’t have to suffer when the child is born. 

A Japanese writer who has been married for more than ten years confided in a TV show why he never thought about having a child. “My temper is as flawed as my father, and he is often angry. Out of control, if I have my own child, I can’t ensure that he can have a healthy upbringing environment. I endured a lot of pain before I grew up, and I still endure the pain now. I don’t want to bring a new life to repeat mine. Life.”

3. I feel that I will lose myself after giving birth.

After giving birth to a baby, it will inevitably be accompanied by changes in life roles and economic pressures. Many young couples are watching around Friends who had already given birth discovered that after they had given birth, a large part of their lives would have to be cut to give the children. This makes many young people, especially young women, feel fear. 

Although life now emphasizes equality between men and women, the narrowness and decline of women’s employment after childbirth is still an inevitable fact. Career interruption, hopeless promotion, impact on future career development and personal income… This is a huge price that must be paid for women. 

Therefore, many women choose to have children very carefully before they feel at ease in their current marriage. 

It is everyone’s freedom to have children or not, and each of these two choices has its own pros and cons. As adults, the key is to recognize the facts. If we choose to have children, we must be financially and psychologically prepared to be parents and assume future responsibilities; if we choose not to have children, we must do well for our long life in the future. Prepare financially and psychologically, and strive to make money to ensure future economic security.

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