The 21st century! How many use the banner of women’s doubles to disguise the idea of ​​patriarchalism?

The 21st century! How many use the banner of women’s doubles to disguise the idea of ​​patriarchalism? 

A lot of people must be surprised to see this topic, “It’s now in 2020, how can there be a “patriarchal” thing happening?

Actually For a long time, most people have been thinking this way, thinking that the “old feudal” era has long passed and a new era of “equality between men and women” has entered.

But in fact, in recent years There are still many unthinkable “patriarchal events” that continue to be staged, but they have changed, put on a glamorous coat, and become “I want both children and daughters”.

The girl who “disappeared” in China

Nobel Prize winner Amati Ya Sen proposed the concept of “missing women” in the 1990s. This “missing women” refers to girls who died early due to human intervention or gender preference.

And In the 1990s, he estimated that more than 100 million girls in the world were “missing” due to sex selection. Among them, China and India were the hardest hit areas.

Demographic Development of the School of Economics, Nankai University The research institute has estimated that among the number of “disappearing girls” in China, the “disappearance” rate of girls aged 0-6 is generally higher than 10%!

Outrageous “female turn male”, “female male treasure”, “female transfer pill”

Many people will say that the times are over It has changed, but after reading various maternal and child apps and forums, it is not difficult to find that many “female turn male” and “female treasure” posts are endless.

Some pregnant mothers want to dream of themselves The pregnant female baby “turns into” a male baby, and she “takes good luck” under the posts of those mothers who have already given birth to a male baby.

What’s even more outrageous is that there are still people who believe in “reborn.” The existence of “pill”! In fact, the so-called “transferring pill” is just a hormone drug, which will make the baby develop into hermaphroditism!

National regulations prohibit pregnant women and their families from learning about their children before giving birth. Gender, but why do so many pregnant women still know?

This has to mention a “black industry chain”-sending blood tests, some people take pregnant women’s blood to go abroad to identify gender In the end, it’s the girl who beat it, and the boy it stays.

Is it terrible? These girls were sentenced to death before they could reach the world.

“Girls disappearing”

and there are many girls who were born smoothly, and they did not Survive well. Some time ago, a one-and-a-half-year-old baby girl died after “ingesting” half a bottle of antihypertensive medicine, but in the stomach of the baby girl who had no teeth and was struggling to chew, it was “crushed”. Antihypertensive drugs. 

A few years ago, a family found two female babies covered in blood and bruises in the washing machine and did not report the case. Instead, they called the washing machine after-sales service to ask “The baby was hanged.” “On the issue of compensation, after the experiment, it was found that the washing machine could not turn at all after bearing the weight of the two girls. 

There are also baby girls who “accidentally” drowned, and girls who “accidentally” fell off the cliff… Then these “careless”, are they really careless? 

Originally thought that “patriarchy” has left We are far away, but reality gave us a slap in the face. Women should never be someone’s accessory, and they are never inferior to men. Changing the “patriarchal” road is obstructive and long, but it must start with everyone. “Mom” and “Mom” are only one word difference, but they represent the growth of the child and the attitude towards you

As a mother, many people hope that the child can grow up as soon as possible, but being a child really As the child grows up, the mother will feel extremely unwilling to give up again. Although the relationship between the mother and the child will never change, as the child grows up, the relationship is actually different from the original. 

Children often follow their mothers when they are young They call “mother” when they are hungry, call “mother” when they fall down, and call “mother” when they are upset. It seems that the word “mother” is all they have. 

However, after the children slowly enter puberty, many children no longer have such closeness with their mothers, and even the title has become “Mom”, even though “Mom” and “Mom” are only one word Poor, but it represents the growth of the child and the attitude towards you, which will be different from before. 

“Mom” represents the growth of a child:

Even though these two vocabularies are only one word apart, it can be seen that the children’s psychology has changed. They no longer rely on their parents wholeheartedly, but begin to have independent thoughts and thinking. Maybe some mothers are psychologically Shang found it unacceptable, but if the mother had to intervene in the child’s affairs forcibly at this time, it might lead to the child’s rebellious psychology, and the relationship with the mother would become even more alienated. 

So, the best way at this time is to let the child be independent. This will not only give the child a better growth opportunity, but also make the child feel respected and no longer be wary of the mother. heart. 

So, how should children be more independent? 

1. Try to let go

Perhaps in the mother’s mind, the child may always be a child, but after all, they already have their own ideas. As a mother, we must accept it as soon as possible and find a way to give the child more With more independent opportunities, mothers should treat their children as independent individuals rather than their own accessories. At the same time, they must also learn to try to let go and let the children exercise and work hard by themselves. 

2. Appreciate and encourage more

Although children have strong independent ideas, after all, they lack experience and their thinking is relatively simple and simple, so they are likely to encounter some failures, but At this time, mothers must not take care of everything and help their children. Instead, they should take a look at the children’s situation, encourage and appreciate the children more, strengthen their self-confidence, and let them work hard to do it again. The appreciation and encouragement of the mother is the greatest motivation for the growth and progress of the child. 

3. Making small difficulties

If a mother wants to get closer to her child, but also wants her child to be more independent, she might as well create some small difficulties in her life, and then ask her child for help, so that the child can help her solve it. Of course, this difficulty must be within the children’s abilities, so that the children not only get exercise, but also strengthen their self-confidence in front of their mothers, and at the same time make them feel that they have helped their mothers and narrowed the distance between them. 

Children becoming more independent is also a good thing for mothers, which means that they have really started to grow up. But mothers should also pay attention to the change in the name of the child, which also represents the child’s attitude towards you. 

When some children grow up, they begin to have their own privacy, and they no longer trust their mothers completely. They may even feel resistance and boredom. At this time, mothers must pay more attention. Do something that hurts the child, otherwise the parent-child relationship is likely to become more and more alienated. 

So, what issues should mothers pay attention to in life? 

1. Respect children’s privacy

This point may be a problem that all children are very concerned about. For them, after they gradually enter puberty, they also have many little secrets in their hearts, and at the same time, their hearts Will become very sensitive and eager to be respected by others. 

And what moms have to do at this time is Respect the privacy of the children, give them some privacy, do not enter the children’s room without authorization, no longer go through the children’s belongings without the children’s knowledge, and do not peek at the children’s diaries. We must give the children full respect. 

2. Trust and understand

Some mothers may find it difficult to accept their children’s changes, or even worry that their children will make mistakes and learn badly, so they strictly control their children. But the more so the child may be more rebellious. 

Mom should remember to give more trust and Understand that they are the most sensitive time now, and they have begun to grow up. They must feel that their mother trusts her to understand them, so that the parent-child relationship will be closer and the children will not have a sense of rejection towards their mothers. 

3. Give children more freedom

In fact, this is the same as trying to let go. Children grow up and start to have their own ideas. As a mother, you can give The child makes some opinions or suggestions, but cannot directly decide for the child. At this time, it is best to give the children some freedom. After all, no matter how good the mother is, the child cannot be with the child for a lifetime, so that the child can learn to choose and make his own decisions. Responsible for your own actions, this is the best. 

In short, mothers must also understand their children. They are eager to grow, eager to be independent, and eager to have their own lives. Mothers must support and understand, and help their children grow better and faster. When the children grow up, they will understand the pains of the mothers.

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