The 13-year-old boy has a problem with the skirt at the same table? I often play with my mom like this, netizens are terrible

The 13-year-old boy has a problem with the skirt at the same table? I often play with my mother like this. Netizens are terrible.

Many parents think that their children are young, and they will quickly forget what they have seen and heard. Therefore, in front of their children, many parents are exposing personal privacy. There is no scruples. But this is actually a kind of harm to the child. The lack of correct and timely sex education for the child will have a great negative impact on the child. 


Mo’s mother’s son, Xiaoji, is six years old this year. Speaking of Xiaoji, Mo’s mother always laughs and tells everyone Xiaoji’s jokes. 

I heard Mom Mo said that when Xiaoji was five years old, one day when he was going to the toilet, he found a bloody aunt’s towel in the trash can next to him. Xiaoji carefully recalled that it was Mom often uses “diapers”. Xiaoji was in a panic. After she got out of the toilet, she hurriedly found her grandma, and said to her, “Grandma, hurry up and save mother. The mother’s diapers are full of blood, she shed so much blood, she can’t live anymore!”

It is indeed a funny thing to listen to, but think deeply, isn’t this a manifestation of the lack of sex education for children? 

Why do we need to educate children about sex? 

Sex education is not only limited to children’s understanding of sex, it also includes teaching children how to protect themselves from unlawful violations, and at the same time know how to protect themselves when they are violated. In addition, parental sex education can enable children to have a correct understanding and images of various parts of the body, effectively overcome the fear of physical development, and allow children to grow up healthily. 

In front of children, what should parents avoid? 

1. Avoid changing clothes in front of the child; what the child is best at is imitating, and the parents are the best targets for imitating themselves. In daily life, if parents often change clothes in front of their children, the children will mistakenly think that changing clothes is a common thing, so they don’t know how to cherish their own body, and change clothes casually outside. In addition, when the child reaches three years old, the child He will understand gender awareness in his mind, and expose his private parts in front of the child without any scruples, which will stimulate the child’s senses, induce sexual budding, and lead to the appearance of the child’s precocious puberty. 

2. Avoid couple life in front of children; since having children, many couples have lost the time and space of the “two-person world”. When the couple is in love, it is easy It ignores the children in the family and shows indecent scenes in front of the children; once they are discovered by the children, many parents will be embarrassed and find it difficult to talk about it. In the end, they will scold the children for untimely appearance, causing indelible psychological harm to the children, and even It will make children misunderstand sex. 

How should parents teach their children appropriate knowledge of sex education? 

1. Sex education is conducted through bathing; many parents find it difficult to speak to their children when facing sex knowledge; similarly, as children, they have a certain knowledge of sex, and they feel shy and sensitive when they mention it. In order to protect the child’s relatively fragile mind, parents can take the opportunity to take a bath with the child, tell the child’s body parts, tell the child how the body will develop, and strengthen the face-to-face communication between father and son, mother and daughter. At the same time of parent-child relationship, the correct sexual knowledge is transmitted. Parents should pay attention to that, in this process, they must teach their children to protect their private parts and not to let others look at it casually. 

2. Sex education for children through video; single and boring oral explanations are difficult to effectively teach children about sex. Parents can use interesting and changeable ways to guide children to learn; society There are many CDs, TVs, and movies for sex education for children. After screening, parents should accompany their children to watch them. While watching them, they will give their children key explanations to deepen their minds. 

3. Avoidance in front of children; married life is inevitable, but for the children’s physical and mental health, couples must make sure to close the door when they have sex; when the children have a certain knowledge of sex , Parents should formalize the significance of sex education, and promptly popularize correct sexual concepts to their children. In addition, in daily life, parents should pay attention to avoiding naked bodies in front of their children, such as changing clothes, going to the toilet, and so on. 

4. Teach children to respect; when children enter puberty, parents should guide children to establish correct awareness; while restricting certain bad behaviors of children, tell them why they can’t do so. Let children learn to respect others and their own bodies. In front of children, parents must first respect themselves, and if they have a role model, they will naturally have an impact. 

Sex education is very important to the growth of children. Parents must awaken the responsibility of guiding children to establish correct sexual concepts, respect themselves and others, and grow up actively and healthily. “Still moving, still moving”, after giving birth to twins, the mother is still shouting, the doctor is happy to check it

For mothers with twins, pregnancy is really full of hardships and difficulties. At the same time, during the delivery process, twins mothers also bear greater risks of childbirth. 

For example, pregnant women with twins are more likely to be born prematurely, and delivery by caesarean section is more common, and so on. I have to say that being pregnant with twins is a lucky thing and also a risky thing. 

The mother yelled “still moving, still moving” after giving birth to twins. The doctor hurriedly checked it again. The result was surprising

Xiaoling is pregnant with twins. During the checkup, the doctor told Xiaoling that she must Be careful. “It is more difficult to have twins than to have singles. Pregnant mothers must be careful during pregnancy.”

So Xiaoling is very “sensitive” during pregnancy, for fear that she will hurt her belly if she is not paying attention. Little guy in the house. 

In this way, Xiaoling spent her pregnancy carefully, and she gave birth prematurely when she was half a month away from the due date. The doctor checked Xiaoling’s condition and finally decided to perform a caesarean section. 

Although she had already prepared for the operation, Xiaoling was still very nervous when she was actually facing the operation. 

Fortunately, Xiaoling finally gave birth to two babies smoothly, and the overall operation went smoothly. But when the doctor was about to suture Xiao Ling, Xiao Ling suddenly yelled

“It’s still moving, it’s still moving! I feel my stomach is still moving, maybe there is a little guy inside! Doctor, don’t sew up, come and see for me!”

The doctor was startled by Xiaoling’s sudden shout, so the doctor hurriedly stopped the suture and checked the uterus again. But in the end, the doctor did not find the “fetus” Xiaoling said. 

The doctor explained, “During pregnancy, the pregnant woman’s uterus will expand to a certain extent because it contains the fetus.

When the fetus is delivered, the swollen uterus is There will be contractions, which will make the mother mistakenly think that there is a fetus moving in the womb.”

After hearing the doctor say this, Xiaoling felt that she was a little gaffe in what she was just now. Then the doctor said

“Because it takes a certain amount of time for the uterus to recover after delivery, there will still be contraction reactions during this process. Women will still have some similar fetal movements after giving birth. Of course, this is completely normal, so don’t worry too much about it.”

What are the dangers that twin pregnant mothers may encounter in childbirth? 

1. Premature birth

50% of twin pregnant mothers are likely to have premature delivery, that is, the fetus is born before 37 weeks of gestation, so from the probability point of view, twins pregnant mothers are born prematurely The possibility far exceeds that of singleton pregnant mothers. 

In addition, twin pregnant mothers are also prone to incorrect fetal position, which also increases the possibility of premature delivery. The occurrence of premature birth may affect pregnant mothers and fetuses, increasing the risk index during childbirth. 

2. Caesarean section

For twin pregnant mothers, it is more common to give birth by caesarean section, and the risk of caesarean section is higher than that of normal delivery, so in surgical delivery methods From the point of view, pregnant mothers with twins are more dangerous. 

3. Weak uterine contraction

The uterine swelling of twin pregnant mothers during pregnancy is too large, which makes the uterine muscles lack of contractility. 

As a result, the cervix dilates more slowly for pregnant mothers with twins, and it takes longer for the birth process to proceed. As a result, pregnant mothers are more likely to experience physical fatigue, lack of physical strength, and even accidents of excessive bleeding during childbirth. 

What preparations should the twin pregnant mother do before delivery? 

1. Adjust emotional state

Relatively speaking, pregnant mothers with twins are more likely to feel nervous and anxious. After all, there are two small lives in their stomachs. If there is a difference, pregnant mothers will definitely regret it. and. 

However, before childbirth, anxiety and tension are not conducive to the progress of childbirth, so mothers must actively adjust their emotional state and try to keep their emotions stable. 

2. Preserve physical strength

Before giving birth, women must have a good rest, and good physical condition will help pregnant women have stronger productivity during childbirth. 

Whether it is a normal delivery or a cesarean section, sufficient physical strength can promote the process of labor more and ensure the safety of the mother’s delivery. 

3. Pay attention to prenatal checkups

Regular checkups can help doctors better understand the physical condition of the parturient. During the prenatal checkups, the doctor can perform normal delivery or cesarean delivery according to the condition of the pregnant woman and fetus. select. 

Therefore, pregnant mothers with twins should not be too troublesome to “lazy” in prenatal checkups. 

For the nursing of twin pregnant mothers, family members must be more attentive, and scientific nursing methods are more helpful to the health of pregnant mothers and fetuses. 

In order to avoid accidents of twin pregnant mothers during childbirth, the family should help the pregnant mothers to make full preparations and adjust their mental state before delivery. 

Do you have any good experiences to share about the pregnancy and delivery of twin pregnant mothers?

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