The 1-year-old cute baby has made mistakes and took the initiative to think about it and comfort her parents not to get angry. What kind of sensible baby is this netizen

The 1-year-old cute baby has made mistakes and took the initiative to think about it and comfort her parents not to get angry. What kind of sensible baby is this netizen?

In many families nowadays, parents have become softer in the way they discipline their children, and they can even say It is “indulge”. 

Parents always talk about “the child is still young”. It seems that the young age can make the mistake of the child be tolerated without a bottom line. 

But in fact, the sooner parents maintain the principles and bottom line of education, then this will be more helpful for subsequent discipline. Once parental authority is established, children will be better managed. 

One year old cute After making a mistake, Bao took the initiative to admit his mistake, and he looked very cute after facing the wall. The netizens are too sensible.

There was such an interesting family video that was hotly discussed by netizens. In the video, there was a 15-month-old cute treasure. I think about it because I did something wrong. 

When the little guy was playing in the living room that day, he was scratched by the leaves of plants next to the TV. The little guy who felt a little pain was very angry. 

So he tore off the plant leaves to vent his emotions. When he saw the leaves scattered on the ground, he finally disappeared, but he also realized that he had made a mistake. 

So he hurriedly stood next to the leaves and began to think about it with his face facing the wall. Of course, Mengwa’s mother didn’t forgive the little guy for thinking about it, but instead punish him for continuing to face the wall. 

In this way, in the process of facing the wall, the little guy kept looking in the direction of his mother. He hoped that his mother could forgive himself quickly. 

And Bao Dad, who was shooting the video on the side, teased the baby mercilessly, “What do you say you have to do? What are you doing to trouble mom? I’m afraid of mom!”

But it can also be seen that Dad Bao’s family status in the family is also very average. 

After the video was posted on the Internet, netizens sighed that this little guy is so sensible, “What kind of sensible baby is this? After making a mistake, he will take the initiative to admit his mistake! Compared to our family’s Tao boy , This little guy is really good!”

What benefits will parents who are willing to discipline their children bring to their children’s growth? 

1. Let children be more disciplined.

Training children is a very important part of family education. Parents not only need to give their children meticulous care, but also be willing to discipline their children. 

Because when the children’s cognition is not yet fully established, the parental discipline helps them understand the rules better, and at the same time it is more helpful for them to cultivate the three views. 

2. Make children more sense of proportion

Although parents love their children continuously, this does not mean that everything the children do will be accepted and forgotten by their parents. 

Parents’ discipline makes the children more sense of proportion, and it also makes the children understand that they should pay the price for doing something wrong and take responsibility for it. 

Children who do not have a sense of responsibility and do not understand how to pay the price for making mistakes will have no principles and measures. This also makes it easy for them to make bigger mistakes. 

3. Let children be more able to withstand setbacks

Parents who are reluctant to discipline their children often give the child the illusion of “life is easy”, which makes the child more susceptible. 

Therefore, parental discipline can make children more able to withstand setbacks, and at the same time, they can also cultivate the insensitivity of their children. Obviously, this will be of great benefit to the child’s later growth. 

After a child makes a mistake, how should parents respond appropriately? 

1. Specify the child’s mistakes

When the child makes a mistake, if the parents give the child a critique, it is very likely that the child will not realize where his mistake is. ? 

So parents must control their emotions after their children make mistakes, and accurately point out the children’s mistakes, so as to strengthen the children’s cognition and the perception of the mistake itself. 

2. Let the child pay the price for the mistake

If the child does not have to pay the price for the mistake, or the price is easier to pay, then the child’s perception of the mistake will be biased. 

Mistakes can be tolerated and forgiven, so the price the child pays for the mistakes is really too small, and this also lays a hidden danger for the children to continue to make mistakes. 

3. Guide children to make up for their mistakes

Only when parents guide children to make up for mistakes, children can truly realize the negative effects of mistakes, which also makes children There is a clearer understanding of the matter of making mistakes. 

In the process of making up for mistakes, children will spend more hard work and time, which also makes children aware of the cost of making mistakes. 

When children clean up the mess for themselves, they will naturally avoid making mistakes. 

In short, there is nothing wrong with children making mistakes. What is more important is that parents can find opportunities to discipline their children when they make mistakes. 

If parents can properly guide and correct this, then the implementation of family education on children will become much easier. 

What do you think about the parent’s response attitude to the children’s mistakes? Children start 3 exercises too early, and they may grow taller in a short time, but in the long run it will be too disadvantageous

Many parents like to let their children exercise. For the sake of their children’s health and height development, most of them will also supervise their children. Exercise. However, when parents let their children exercise, they rarely consider whether a certain type of exercise is suitable for the child or whether it will cause harm to the child. 

Be aware that not all sports can be done by children, and some sports cannot be started too early, so the behavior of “pulling out the seedlings and promoting” is far more harmful to children than imagined. 


Xiao Le’s mother originally had “muscle legs”, in fact, the calf’s gastrocnemius muscles were so thick that she didn’t dare to wear tights, let alone shorts, which can be said to be tight, and a series of Hakama that is shorter than the calf are missed. 

After learning this lesson, I naturally cannot let my daughter follow in his own footsteps, and I am afraid that her daughter will inherit this. I heard that stretching can improve this very well. 

So Xiaole’s mother let her daughter stretch every day, and the extent is far beyond the acceptable range of a child. At that time, Xiaole’s mother always felt pain to be effective, but she did not know that Xiaole actually had muscle strain. 

By the next day, Xiaole could hardly walk. The muscles hurt when he walked. Xiaole’s mother thought this was normal, so she insisted on letting Xiaole stretch. 

On the third day, Xiaole was unwilling to stretch no matter what he said. He was limping and painful when he walked. Later, it was the doctor that Xiaole’s father took the child to see. The doctor identified it as Severe stretching, it is difficult to recover completely afterwards, which can be said to be an irreversible injury. 

Children start 3 exercises too early, they may grow taller in a short time, but in the long run they suffer too much.

1. High-intensity stretching exercises

Stretching is indeed a kind of It is a good exercise that is also beneficial to the human body, but all stretching needs to be done step by step. It is impossible to “get fat in one bite”. 

If, like Xiaole’s mother, let Xiaole do some high-intensity stretching at the beginning, thinking that only this can work, then this idea is wrong. 

The tenet of stretching is “moderate”. The best stretch tolerance should be for the child to be able to laugh while stretching, instead of being tortured to cry and cry, which is not good for the child’s health. . 

Extra-strength stretching can easily cause damage to the child’s muscles. If the damage is mild, it may recover slowly after a period of recuperation. However, once the limit is exceeded, the child’s muscles will be damaged, Fiber breaks, etc. may reach an irreversible degree, which is the worst. 

Therefore, I want to remind parents and friends here that it is not to prevent the child from stretching, but to start with an appropriate intensity, slowly turning from weak to strong, and ask the child how he feels from time to time. It is the most ideal stretching state. 

2. High leg lift

There are some parents who choose to let their children do high leg lift exercises, but to be honest, I don’t recommend it personally. First of all, this sport is dangerous. I have seen children face to the ground or their backs to the ground because of an unstable center of gravity when doing this sport in a stadium. 

Be aware that when a child falls unpreparedly, due to the inertia of the movement, it will cause greater damage to the child, especially the head and lumbar spine. 

Secondly, it should be noted that raising the leg has a higher requirement for the child’s knee development, because every landing is a big blow to the knee, especially those who do not Children who know how to control their physical strength and have reached the point of exertion will have more pressure on their knees and will be more vulnerable to damage. 

This kind of exercise can indeed achieve the effect of growth and development by continuously stimulating the bones at the beginning, but in the long run, it is easy to cause irreversible damage to the child’s bones or muscles. 

Because I personally do not recommend that parents let their children do the exercise of raising the legs, which can make the children start from jogging. In comparison, the pressure on the children’s knees is less, and the impact is not so great. . 

3. Somersaults

There are also some children who like somersaults. Parents simply ask their children to learn somersaults. They think that if they learn this sport, it is a small skill, and somersaults can also help to exercise their children’s muscles. Balance, why not do it? 

But in fact, children who are too young to learn somersaults will not only fail to achieve the desired effect, but may cause the child to suffer greater harm instead. 

Because somersault requires the child to coordinate the muscles of the whole body to cooperate, and the children’s muscles are not yet fully developed, based on this situation to practice, the child is prone to muscle sprains, strains, etc. in the process, and Failure often occurs, and the body naturally suffers from some flesh and blood. 

Therefore, we still need to remind parents again, such as high-intensity, super-powerful exercises, it is best not to let children who are not suitable for their age do it again. Stimulating development in the short term does not make much sense. It can be said that it is a kind of compensation, and the cost of “advance” is often more harmful.

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