The 1-year-old boy’s mental development ceased because he had a “cleanliness” mother. Netizens did it all

The 1-year-old boy’s mental development stopped because he had a “cleanliness” mother. Netizens did it all.

I wonder if you have heard of the “International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week”? Usually after October 20th, before November. 

According to data released by the World Health Organization, nearly 600,000 children worldwide are mentally disabled due to lead exposure each year, with the highest proportion in developing countries. 

As early as 2011, Li Shilian, director of the Nutrition Development Center of Beijing Children’s Hospital, said that lead poisoning is a common and serious phenomenon among Chinese children. 

1 year old male Children’s IQ has stopped developing because of a “cleanliness” mother, and netizens have made it! 

Previously, a heart-wrenching tragedy caused heated discussion among netizens on the Internet. A mother, Ms. Huang, who lives in Hunan, encountered something that caught her and her family by surprise. She had just turned one year old and her lively and lovely son, Tongtong, was diagnosed as having stopped mental development. 

The doctor said that such symptoms can almost be said to be irreversible, at least the recent medical technology is difficult to cure, so that Tongtong can return to normal development, and all the reasons are due to Tongtong’s severe lead poisoning. 

Seeing Tongtong who is obviously sluggish and difficult to interact with, Ms. Huang and her family are very puzzled. He is only 1 year old and rarely goes out of the house on weekdays, and the house at home has not been renovated for at least 8 years Now, how can Tongtong suffer from lead poisoning? 

In order to dispel the doubts in her mind and to find out the real reason, Ms. Huang specially invited an institution that specializes in testing lead content to test at home. The results shocked Ms. Huang. 

The root cause is actually the water filtered by the water purifier at home. The lead content in this water is more than ten times higher than that of ordinary tap water. 

The reason why a water purifier was installed at home was mainly because Ms. Huang had some hygienic addictions. She gave up the tap water that she found unclean when she became pregnant. 

Daily drinking water, including cooking rice, cooking, etc., is filtered by a water purifier. After Tongtong was born, drinking and brewing milk powder were also filtered by a water purifier. 

The water that was originally thought to be the cleanest became the source of Tongtong’s mental retardation. In addition to expressing sympathy for this result, some netizens with extreme words said

“If you can choose a water purifier well or continue to use tap water, Tongtong will not encounter this. They are all made!

Actually, there are many parents who accidentally cause excessive lead or lead poisoning in their children, such as Ms. Huang. It is reported that the absorption rate of lead in the digestive tract of children can reach 42. % To 50%, and as an adult, the absorption rate is only 5% to 8%.

When lead has great fluidity in the child’s body, it flows into the blood and soft tissues. It is easy to lead to excessive lead. Therefore, even items that are common in our eyes may harm children.

What are the items that lead to excessive lead in children?

1. Home improvement materials

Maybe many people I know whether to be vigilant about whether there are a lot of formaldehyde in home decoration materials, but I don’t know that many home decoration materials will also contain lead.

If you use such materials and live in them for a long time, a lot of lead will enter your child’s body. , Lead to excessive lead or lead poisoning.

So, when choosing home improvement materials, we must pay attention to the composition. While observing the formaldehyde content, don’t ignore the lead content.

2, toys

< p>In order to attract children’s attention, many toys usually have bright colors, and these toys are likely to contain excessive amounts of lead.

There are also very cheap toys. Crudely manufactured toys are also likely to have excessive lead levels. Parents should buy toys of big brands and high safety for their children within the scope of economically permitting.

3. Food

It is said that diseases are brought in by the mouth, and many seemingly daily foods also contain a lot of lead, such as pineapple eggs, popcorn, canned fruits, etc.

Many of these foods are loved by children. Parents should pay more attention to the snacks, and try not to let their children eat or eat less.

In addition to the above items, many women’s favorite whitening skin care products and lipsticks also contain lead , So try not to let children touch.

For the health of children, parents need to be cautious. Slight lead poisoning can also cause certain harm to children’s health, such as nausea, vomiting, and gastric dysfunction. 

Many common items contain lead, and naturally there are many common foods that can help to discharge lead from the body. 

Parents usually You can give your child some of the following foods.

1. Milk, yogurt

Milk and yogurt contain a lot of calcium. When calcium meets lead in the body, it can synthesize water-soluble substances and inhibit At the same time as lead absorption, lead can also be excreted from the body. There are also calcium-rich shrimp skins that can be given to children. 

2. Kelp

When the child has diarrhea, bloating and other problems due to excessive lead, you can take some kelp to relieve the discomfort. 

In addition to paying attention to eating some foods that help discharge lead or inhibit lead absorption, children should usually be kept away from items with high lead content, wash hands frequently, etc., be cautious! 

Excessive lead or lead poisoning will cause great harm to the child’s physical health, such as causing the child’s physical development retardation, mental retardation, gastrointestinal dysfunction, hearing and other perception decline, etc., these injuries For children, it will even affect their life! 

Do you usually pay attention to lead? What effective methods do you have to prevent excessive lead or lead poisoning in children? Welcome to leave a message to share! Female ectopic pregnancy, the other half should reflect on it carefully, these behaviors of yours may make her be recruited

Ectopic pregnancy is a “big taboo” for female pregnancy, because whenever this happens, it means that you will be sentenced. “Death penalty”, after all, ectopic pregnancy ends with termination of pregnancy, without any exceptions. 

What is “ectopic pregnancy”? As the name implies, the fertilized egg is obstructed or “lost” in the process of passing through the fallopian tube, resulting in failure to reach the endometrium for normal implantation, and implantation in the fallopian tube or other parts. This is also called “ectopic pregnancy.” 

Many women didn’t know that they had an ectopic pregnancy at first, but they found it was an ectopic pregnancy when they had sudden abdominal pain or bleeding when they were sent to the hospital for examination. 


26-year-old Xiao Liu works in the company. She fell to the toilet due to abdominal pain. His colleague found out that it was an ectopic pregnancy when he was sent to the hospital. At that time, the hospital discussed preparations for the operation with his family, and the incident was urgent. It didn’t make any sense, so I agreed. 

Afterwards, Xiao Liu Silai still didn’t know why she had an ectopic pregnancy. After all, she was the first child and she was usually healthy. If there was any problem, it was just vaginitis. , But it is not an ectopic pregnancy. After all, many friends around me have vaginitis, but the child is still born safely. 

The doctor followed up with a series of examinations and learned about Xiao Liu’s life habits in all aspects, and finally found the culprit. Xiao Liu’s fallopian tube was severely blocked, mainly due to previous inflammation and infection. Caused by. 

The doctor originally thought that Xiao Liu didn’t pay much attention to his sexual hygiene, but later heard that Xiao Liu said that he changed underwear frequently every day, and would disinfect with boiling water, let alone take a bath. 

So why does this plot appear? The doctor also conducted an investigation on Xiao Liu’s husband and found that Xiao Liu’s husband also had more serious inflammation, and the couple had very little cleaning habits before their husbands and wives, which led to the infection of bacteria and viruses to Xiao Liu. The key to the problem That’s it. 

Women’s ectopic pregnancy, the older generation always thinks it is women’s own problems, and throws all the pot on women, but a large part of them is also inseparable from men. 

For females with ectopic pregnancy, the other half should reflect on it carefully. These behaviors of yours may make her recruit.

1. Not paying attention to personal hygiene

I have to say, in personal hygiene On the other hand, most female friends pay more attention to it than male friends. As for why it is clinically common to have female vaginitis or other reproductive system diseases, but not men? Can’t it be concluded from this question that men actually pay more attention to sexual hygiene than women? 

In fact, this is not the case. The clinically higher rate of female reproductive system diseases is that women’s reproductive system immunity is much weaker than that of men, so they are extremely easy to be infected by men during their behavior. 

Therefore, only relying on women to pay attention to personal hygiene can not achieve 100% prevention. It also requires men to pay attention to their own hygiene, so that double protection can achieve the maximum Good results. 

2. There is no scruples during the menstrual cycle

There are also some men who care about the other half far enough, or even indifferent, even if she is in the menstrual cycle, male friends don’t treat this as For one thing, in order to meet their own needs, they still act recklessly. 

Be aware that the female reproductive system is originally relatively low in immunity and defense, and it is even more vulnerable during the menstrual cycle. At this time, a little bit of bacteria and viruses may invade. Cause inflammation or serious infection problems. 

More importantly, it is not only as simple as vaginitis, but also can induce incurable trichomonal, fungal and other types of vaginitis, or inflammation of other devices, including fallopian tube inflammation, appendage inflammation, ovarian cyst, and pelvic inflammation. and many more. 

Any one of the above diseases may be an indirect cause of ectopic pregnancy, which is why it is hoped that male friends can act cautiously. 

3. No scruples during medication

There are also some male friends who have to be severely criticized. Most married women have inflammation, so they will go through the process of checking gynecology and medication. 

All female friends who have experienced it know that a complete medication process can take as short as ten days, as long as more than a month, or even longer. 

In response to this, some male friends have insufficient patience and still have no scruples during the wife’s medication. The consequence of this is that the originally fast inflammation will recur. In the words of the doctors, it is “Return to before liberation overnight.” 

Therefore, female friends must follow the doctor’s advice. No matter what the reason is, no couple behavior can occur during this period. This is for their own health considerations. 

Of course, not only for your own health, but also for the health of children born in the future, male friends should take responsibility in this regard.

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