That mother who “would rather be poor for three years” and also bring her baby at home, why regret it now?

That mother who “would rather be poor for three years” and also bring her baby at home, why regret it now? 

Recently, I got a complaint from a mother during a short video, which aroused the sympathy of many mothers. The mother said in the video that her child has finally gone to kindergarten, and after the task of raising her own baby was a little easier, she thought about going out to find a job, but she did not expect the reality to give her a heavy slap. 

This mother has submitted a lot of resumes, most of which are Shi Shenhai and no response. In a few interviews, the other party has learned about her marriage and childbirth, and there is no follow-up, and some people directly Said to the mother, “Women who are in their 30s like you, children in kindergarten and elementary schools are basically devoted to their husbands and children. The contribution they can make to the work is too small, and the employment cost is not proportional to the value. Will not consider”. 

This reality made Bao’s mother chill. At first, she thought that bringing her baby at home could give her children better care and education, and reduce conflicts between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. She would rather send her children to kindergarten after being poor for three years than to make money. And leave the child to the elderly to take. But now the child goes to kindergarten normally, but it’s hard to find a job. The ones who are willing to accept themselves are jobs that involve manual labor, which are quite different from their previous jobs, and I can’t accept them again in my heart. Women’s situation in the workplace is inherently inferior to that of men, especially when they get married and have children and temporarily leave the workplace. Therefore, more and more mothers believe that even if they are married and have children, they must return to the workplace as soon as possible, otherwise the cost will be too great and even affect their lives. 

Bring your own baby The temptation is great, and it is not small to get out of the workplace.

After marriage, people will have fetters, and after having children, the fetters will be deeper. The mothers think about children almost wholeheartedly. As for fashion trends, social trends, market changes, and policy trends, they have nothing to do with them. In this fast-changing era, after two or three years of such a life, thinking has long been unable to keep up with the trend. Even after returning to the workplace, the views put forward are conservative and outdated, and have little reference value. 

Of course, the profession is good at diligence, and any skill is inseparable from learning and repetition. Two years after returning home to take the baby, the original professional abilities will inevitably degenerate. With innovation, many Bao Ma’s business capabilities have actually deteriorated more severely. The workplace is a place to weigh the pros and cons. Instead of recruiting a person who is about to be middle-aged with degraded business ability, it is better to recruit a young man who has plenty of room to cultivate energy. 

There is a question on Zhihu-“Why are young people more acceptable to 996?” The next answer tells the truth, because young people have no children to take care and counseling, and there is a lot of room for improvement in the workplace, while middle-aged people still think about it after work. Tell your children homework. Indeed, when young and without children, everyone hopes to have a better breakthrough in work, but after having children, the focus of life has also changed. If you leave the workplace for two years and start working again, the passion for work will be further reduced. 

A friend around me is an educator and is very busy at work. Everyone said that she took the time to give birth to a child. But she returned to her job right after her confinement. Everyone advised her to take a rest, but she said that if she took a rest, the contacts and opportunities in her hand would be owned by others, even if she had just obtained the position of vice-principal. . The workplace is also about resources. No one and opportunity will wait for two or three years. Many mothers return to the workplace, even if they are still the original company, the resources and personnel structure may have undergone earth-shaking changes. 

Mother Bao often faces a very embarrassing problem when she returns to the workplace. She is unwilling to hire herself for the original job and position, and she looks down on basic positions. Some mothers may have already managed the company before returning home to give birth to their babies. Now they can only compete with many newcomers when looking for a new job, and they may also be at a disadvantage. Their previous work efforts are basically in vain. Moreover, such a change will also give people a greater sense of psychological frustration and a sense of gap, and it will also make Bao Ma feel at a loss. 

I want to go out to work and no one takes the baby. After taking the baby at home, work has become a problem again. This two-sided problem has plagued many parents. In this regard, some mothers have chosen to insist on bringing their babies. After all, their children have only one childhood; there are also many mothers who think that they can go out to work by themselves, and then give a certain amount of money to the elderly to help bring the baby; some mothers think that even if they are themselves All of his wages are used to hire someone to bring a baby and go out to work, so as not to lose independence and become disconnected from society. 

No matter what, when the child starts kindergarten, it’s best to start working again. Otherwise, the financial pressure of the family will be great, and it will be easy to be bullied at home because she has no income. . What do you think of this topic? How long did everyone start working again after giving birth? Yao Ming’s daughter is 11-year-old and her height is not the same. If her genes are strong, how can ordinary children counterattack?

In addition to the fact that human height has a lot to do with people’s living conditions, height is the most restricted condition. In fact, it is the genes of the parents. Generally speaking, both parents are tall. It is difficult to give birth to a short one. The probability of giving birth to a short one is very low. The probability of giving birth to a short one is about 25%. Yao Ming’s daughter has already exceeded 1.8 meters in height at the age of 11. Father Yao Ming is two meters in height. Where can the daughter be as low as possible? 

But not everyone has a good gene innate. In modern society, height is a limiting threshold for many jobs, and height is the influence condition that determines personal temperament. Ordinary children do not have innate good intentions. , How can you grow taller the day after tomorrow? 

Ms. Tang from Jiangsu is only 1.55 meters tall, but Ms. Tang’s daughter is likely to learn art, dancing and dancing. Ms. Tang’s husband is not tall, only 1.6 meters, so the two people are very worried about their daughter’s height. After all, the daughter is the only daughter. It is about the future of her daughter and I dare not underestimate it, so attorney Tang also looked for a lot. The doctor asked in private to see if there are any suggestions for growing taller. Parents don’t have genes for tall people. How can children counterattack the day after tomorrow? 

Nutritional supplements are in the first place. If the parents are not genetically strong, but want to make their children taller and longer, then nutritional supplements must be in the first place. Even if you go for a long and tall injection, there is no nutritional supplement. Big. This is because a person’s nutritional foundation, a person’s nutritional absorption capacity, and the level of a person’s nutritional supplements will largely determine a person’s height. If the innate accounted for 60%, then the nutritional supplements may account for it. The remaining 40%. 

One has sufficient calcium since childhood, and sufficient trace elements in the body. A child who has been supplementing calcium since childhood and has been supplementing his body since childhood is very easy to raise heights during puberty. On the contrary, many people in the past were short, not because their genes were not good, but because their living conditions were not good. It is not easy to eat and wear warm to maintain the normal functioning of the body, so it is not easy to grow taller. Therefore, if you want your child to counterattack the day after tomorrow, if you don’t have a good gene, you must first supplement your child’s nutrition, and put your child’s physical strength and health in the first place. 

In addition to nutritional supplements, exercise is also an essential help for growing taller. People who play basketball tend to be taller. This is why many boys will be taller than girls. They still have more muscle mass and are more suitable to do exercises with higher intensity. In sports, I will exercise my bones and muscles, and exercise the ability of bones and muscles to cooperate. To a certain extent, it is also very helpful to promote bone development. 

In addition to basketball sports, billiards, billiards or volleyball can all be very good, and play a certain role in the growth of people. Exercise is good. Exercise can not only prolong life, but more importantly, it can increase resistance and strengthen bones. Some people have good congenital conditions, but acquired too little exercise can lead to bone weakness and muscle weakness. Therefore, the development of the whole body is naturally not so good. This is also very normal. Both muscles and bones need regular exercise, but it is too much to control the amount. 

The environment and atmosphere for growing taller are indispensable. If the child has a good sports environment and sports atmosphere on campus, it will be easier to grow taller. If the child is in a relaxed mood, it will be easier to grow taller. If the child is in a sleep state It’s not good. You will always have nightmares when you are sleeping. In the state of sleep, the child’s mood is also very tense. At this time, it is difficult for the body to secrete the growth hormone growth hormone. So it is not easy to secrete growth hormone. The child’s sleep state and the environment the child is in are also very important. 

In daily life, the better a person’s sleep is, the greater the chance that he will grow taller, but a person’s sleep state is closely related to its environment. We always work in a stressful environment. It is more anxious, it is easier to fall asleep in a relaxed and comfortable environment, and sleep more sweetly. 

A person’s height is inseparable from his sleep state, his exercise habits, and his nutritional supplements. Parents must pay attention to these three points for children who want to be detached and who want to work hard. Since there are ways to help grow taller, is there any way to make children grow taller? In fact, there are some improper ways that affect the growth and development of the child, and affect the height of the child. For example, I often buy Coke for children. There is a substance in Coke that cannot be metabolized for a week, and it may delay the absorption of human calcium. This is why girls who are menstruating cannot drink Coke. Most girls who are menstruating have anemia and calcium deficiency. If you drink Coke again, you will be even more deficient in calcium. 

If parents want their children to grow taller, they must let the children drink less carbonated beverages, and keep the children in a good family atmosphere, so that the children can sleep better, grow taller faster, and want a way to grow taller Many, so don’t worry if your parents are genetically bad.

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