Teacher’s “fourth level”, many people are only on the second level, see if you have reached the standard

In the “four levels” of teachers, many people are only on the second level. See if you have reached the standard.

After the child enters school, the child’s education model changes from family education to family education and school education. Combined model. 

Children have an instinctive respect for the teacher, so many parents feel that what the teacher says is much more useful than what the parents say. 

I have to say that if children can meet a good teacher, it will be very beneficial for their later learning and personal growth. So, what kind of teacher can be called a good teacher? 

Primary school teachers are off After going home on maternity leave, the students cried bitterly. Netizens are good teachers.

I saw such a video on the Internet before. Because the female head teacher of a certain elementary school was taking maternity leave, she announced to her classmates that she was going home and expecting to give birth. 

The teacher said that there will be other outstanding teachers to take over their teaching tasks to ensure that the children’s performance will not be affected. 

But I didn’t expect that as soon as the teacher’s voice fell, the students became agitated. The reaction of the students surprised the head teacher, so she hurried to appease the students, “The teacher who took over is also very experienced, so don’t worry.”

At this time, some students stood up and said, “Teacher, Although we are very reluctant to bear you, the baby is about to be born, and we hope that the teacher can be safe!”

The teacher was very moved by the words of the children, and his eyes blushed immediately. When the students saw the teacher cry, they all cried bitterly. 

Some students want to come forward to hug the teacher, but they are afraid of “making the teacher hurt”. The cautious appearance is very moving. 

After the video was released, many netizens left messages, “At first glance, this teacher is a good teacher, and the children love her! The children’s reluctance is the highest evaluation of the teacher. !”

“The children’s feelings are always so sincere and moving. In fact, who treats them well, they know very well!”

“Although the students are being disciplined I often get a headache with anger, but thinking of the smiling faces of the children makes me feel that all the effort is worth it!”

What positive effects will a good teacher have on a child’s growth? The effect is more obvious than expected.

1. It affects children’s attitude towards learning

Children’s minds are very simple. If they like teachers, then they will be more enthusiastic about learning, so Meeting a good teacher will directly determine the child’s learning attitude, which will naturally affect the child’s grade score. 

2. Influencing children’s self-evaluation

A good teacher can always see the luminous points on the child, and can always see the child’s body from the scores Advantage. 

Good teachers make children’s self-evaluation system more positive, and at the same time give children the confidence to become a better self. 

3. Influencing children’s character development

In the critical period of children’s character formation, the teacher’s influence on children is very profound. 

If the teacher can be kind to the children and treat every student fairly, then the children will naturally grow up well in such an atmosphere, and at the same time, they will be more confident and sunny in their personality traits. 

It is the “four-level realm” of the teacher’s model. Many teachers are on the second level. Being a teacher is indeed a “conscientious work”.

1. Step by step, resulting in teaching tasks

Complete daily teaching Tasks, which are basic duties for teachers. After the children enter the school, the teacher has the responsibility of educating and guiding the children, and completing the daily teaching tasks is the basic work of the teachers. 

2. Take knowledge transfer seriously

Compared with the step-by-step completion of the teaching tasks, if teachers can pay more attention to the transfer of knowledge, then I believe that the content of knowledge passed to the children will be richer. This will naturally be more beneficial to the improvement of children’s academic performance. 

3. Pay attention to the cultivation of children’s quality and morality

In the children’s study life, it is necessary to master the content of knowledge, because this directly affects the children’s scores. 

But I have to say that if teachers can pay more attention to the cultivation of children’s moral quality, then the teacher’s guidance to children will benefit them all their lives. 

4. Teach students in accordance with their aptitude and guide children to realize themselves

Every child is different. If the teacher can combine the children’s own characteristics, pay attention to their talent inspiration, and teach students in accordance with their aptitude. 

Then this will give children more opportunities to realize themselves. Obviously, this is a very precious educational guide for children, because it may affect their future life development. 

In the children’s learning career, the teacher not only assumes the important task of preaching, teaching and solving puzzles, but also may have an important impact on the children’s life development and many other aspects. 

So teachers, please don’t give up any student easily, because no matter how good your studies are, teachers are very respectable in their hearts. What do you think about being a teacher? The post-00 couples show their affection without scruple. When the girl’s father appears, this scene is very educational

Don’t say it’s on the Internet, even in real life, you can see some younger ones Of young couples show affection in public “if there is no one else”, and sometimes even make some more indecent behaviors. 

Two days ago, I took my daughter to a small restaurant for dinner. At that time, when the food was being served, a young couple born after 00 came in, still holding hands. They looked pretty young, probably They are both the first and second grades of junior high school. 

This is not strange in life, but I still feel a little helpless, after all, children still have to learn more. 

Then after the little couple ordered the meal, they sat in the most corner position, and then began to “show their affection.” When the two of them sat face to face at the beginning, holding hands and pinching their faces were just the most basic operations. It didn’t take long for them to feel uncomfortable, so they sat on the same side again. 

Boys hugged girls directly, and they kissed from time to time, without any scruples about the environment. Fortunately, my daughter is sitting with her back to them. Otherwise, I’m really afraid that I don’t know how to explain this situation to my daughter. 

Suddenly, when I heard a curse, I looked up and realized that a middle-aged man was standing in front of the young couple, “Who are you?” Guess it should be the girl’s father. 

“Classmates, let’s eat together after school.” The boy was “very cunning.” 

“I followed you all the way, the classmates kissed and hugged?” As he said, the man began to push and shoved. The boy saw that the situation was not right, he hurried to his side, and then ran away, leaving the “danger” alone, leaving the girl alone to bear it. pressure. 

Immediately afterwards, the girl was scolded by her father and beaten a few times. When she finally left, she was dragged away by her father. This is still in public, which is unimaginable. How will the girls be educated when they return home? I’m afraid it’s hard to escape a beating. 

What I didn’t expect was that my daughter sighed after watching this play, “This kind of boy is too unacceptable. Don’t fall in love if you don’t have the ability, and let the girl be scolded by herself. What is true love? If something goes wrong, just run away. I’m really unreliable.”

These words came out of my 13-year-old daughter, which really surprised me. But then I think about it, it is indeed very educational, at least letting children know that a lot of “puppy love” is fruitless, because it is difficult to be responsible for each other, and this so-called “like” is just for children nowadays to pursue freshness And the resulting hazy emotions come and go quickly, making it difficult to reach the depths of my heart. 

The child’s early love How to educate the problem? 

Puppy love mostly occurs in junior high school, but many children also start to have a hazy puppy love psychology in the fifth and sixth grades of elementary school, and they have a certain understanding of “like” and “secret love”. 

This also means that parents should pay more attention to the problem of their children’s puppies and avoid letting their children affect their studies and normal living conditions because of these problems. 

1. Don’t let children play with mobile phones too much

In the final analysis, mobile phones, as children’s social media after school, have an unusually large impact on children. Many children spend too much time on their mobile phones, so that they get to know more people through their mobile phones, and this kind of emotion is not properly guided, causing the children to develop inappropriate feelings. 

Most of my friends’ children are in the fifth and sixth grades of elementary school and junior high school. I have heard too many things about children falling in love and running away from home. The problems are frequent, and there are many reasons behind them. They are all promoting social interaction with mobile phones, and most of their so-called “objects” are outside school personnel, which shows the importance of appropriate intervention in children’s social interaction. 

Furthermore, children now like to watch short videos or games, and these apps have “nearby” functions. It is too easy to meet other people in the same city. From online development to using young people In other words, it is easy to “boom out”, and the risks behind this are too great. 

2. Carry out correct love education for children

Many children pay less attention to learning after having the obscure plot of puberty love. This is mainly due to the diversion of attention and the children’s distractions. Putting it on study will naturally affect academic performance. 

In response to this, parents will beat and scold, which makes their children less willing to learn and their rebellious psychology becomes more and more serious. Therefore, I personally believe that the best way of education is to give children the correct love education. 

Actually, most of the children’s thinking nowadays are relatively precocious. When children reach a certain age, it is understandable and normal that they have sprout and careful thinking. 

But you must tell your children that there is nothing wrong with liking someone, but you need to treat this kind of liking correctly, and evolve this kind of liking into a motivation to make progress and work hard, which is the best. Many children, under the guidance of their parents, are also willing to work hard for it. Compared with beating and scolding children, it is forbidden for children to have any youthful ideas. Isn’t this a good way of education?

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