“Teacher, can I be a son for you?” The teacher cried out because of the reason: Where is my Goro Gossip Stick

“Teacher, can I be a son for you?” The teacher cried out because of the reason: Where is my Goro Gossip stick

When parents send their children to kindergarten, many people are happy in their hearts. This little ancestor was given away. But when the naughty child enters the kindergarten, it makes the teacher a headache. Because their naive ideas are so peculiar. 

In a kindergarten in Pingdingshan, Henan, a female teacher was stopped by a student. When the teacher was curious about what he was going to do, the child suddenly said: “Teacher, can I be your son?” This sentence caught the teacher by surprise. I really don’t know what he is thinking. 

When the teacher asked why he was angry I cried, because the child said that no one would marry you anyway, and I want to give you retirement. The first half of the sentence made the teacher very sad, because he has no target yet. The second half sentence made the teacher very angry, because the meaning is not good. 

Faced with this naughty child, the teacher said Where’s my Goro Gossip Stick? The child ran away as soon as he heard this word, because when he heard this sentence, it was usually when the child was about to be taught. Of course, the teacher is just making a joke, and more importantly, educate the children in thought. 

Many netizens are given by this naughty child Funny, I don’t know where I learned these two sentences. Some netizens expressed that they wanted to be the son of the teacher. Wouldn’t the child’s father make money? Of course it was just a joke. We still need to educate our children seriously, let them control their mouths, and don’t say something bad. No one on campus would blame him, but things are different after entering the society. 

Faced with a child who doesn’t speak well, what should parents do? 

①Become a role model for children

There are many parents who don’t care about it at ordinary times, and often get dirty. Even in front of the child. We all know the meaning of this sentence. Even if children have very good original character and are often influenced by this environment, they will develop in a bad way. 

So the most important thing for parents is to be a role model for their children and lead by example. Don’t use bad language in daily life, pay attention to your own words and deeds. In this way, the child will gradually become infected and become a good-speaking child. 

② Give a certain penalty

There is no rule to make a circle. We have to set some rules for the child and give him a certain punishment when he violates the rules. Parents must let children understand that we can’t speak swear words, and we will be punished if we say swear words. 

The content of the punishment does not need to be too serious, otherwise it will cause the child to have a rebellious mentality. Parents can do this to prevent their children from watching TV or writing a few more exercises. This kind of minor punishment is more effective. 

③Don’t beat your child

Some parents saw their children swear words or didn’t listen to them, so they just started. I think that only strict discipline can make children remember and impress them. 

However, after being beaten and scolded by their parents, some children not only failed to correct them, but got worse. This is because they have developed a rebellious psychology, especially during adolescence. So parents still have to take the right approach and not be too tough. 

④Give rewards

We can’t beat and scold the child all the time. Sometimes it’s more useful to give him some rewards. When the child does not speak bad language, we can reward him to watch TV, or take the child out to play. When a child understands that not swearing is a good thing and will bring benefits to him, he will quickly correct it. 

Dad’s company went bankrupt, and his 8-year-old son took the money from his private house to “emergency”, parents It’s not calm to see the amount.

It is said that this generation of children grew up in a honeypot, and this description is indeed in place. As people’s living conditions improve, even children from ordinary families will not be treated materially. 

Take the annual New Year’s Eve money as an example. If the children of many families are willing to accumulate it, they can often accumulate a large sum in a few years. 

Mr. Zhang is the boss of a private company, earlier I quit my stable job and started doing business in 2009. After years of hard work, I finally got a stable career. With the success of his career, he also formed his own family, and his wife gave him a son. 

Mr. Zhang has always believed that boys must have brains, so he pays great attention to cultivating the concept of financial management for children. The couple will keep the money for the new year money received every year from the birth of the child. After the child enters the kindergarten, he often educates the child on the importance of saving money. 

Under the influence of parents, Mr. Zhang His son has become very self-disciplined and will save the red envelopes he receives even without his parents’ supervision. 

Several years have passed. Last year, due to various reasons, Mr. Zhang’s company went from bad to worse, and finally declared bankruptcy. Seeing his parents frowning at home every day, his son who was in the third grade of elementary school felt very distressed. One day he heard that his parents had plans to start a business again, so he took out a box from the room and told his parents that this was a treasure for many years. For their private money, now give them a rescue! 

The two couples knew that they looked at each other and clicked The child’s private money is as much as 120,000! Although the amount of money is not small, Mr. Zhang and his wife decided not to use it after discussing it, because in their eyes it is enough for the children to have this kind of heart. This also shows that they have been raising children for so many years. Is a success! 

How parents guide their children to establish a concept of money

1 Educational children have a degree of expenditure.

Many parents now love their children very much. They basically buy what they want. In addition, the concept of “richness” prevails, which has caused many parents to buy things. Regardless of the price, as long as the child likes it. But such consumption habits can easily set up a bad example for children, leading to lavish spending in the future. Therefore, parents should guide their children how to spend, and do not develop the habit of spending money. 

2, guide children to save money

It is normal for children to receive all kinds of red envelopes. As for the money received, parents can give their children the right to freely control, but they must always guide their children to save money. For example, parents can delay gratification, let them have their own goals, and tell their children that they need to save money to achieve them, so that the children will naturally develop good habits. 

3, actively make money

< p>We want children to have the correct concept of money. In addition to educating them how to “save money”, they must also teach them how to “make money” through their own abilities. The habit of increasing income and reducing expenditure should be grasped from the childhood period, so that the children will be sure in the future Able to have a correct view of money. 

Old people often say “how much is the ability to do more “Major events”, in fact, is the same in the matter of spending money. As a parent, you should educate your children not to consume in advance and not to be lazy. Only by letting the children understand this truth deeply can they gain a foothold in society in the future. I don’t know what everyone thinks about allowing children to save New Year’s Eve money? Do you agree with this approach?

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