Suddenly become greedy after pregnancy? Most of them are greedy by the fetus. There are four types of foods that you should eat less

Suddenly become greedy after pregnancy? Most of them are greedy for the fetus. There are four types of foods that you should eat less if you are greedy

During pregnancy, many pregnant mothers will change their tastes and suddenly like to eat something. What is the reason for this? 

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Old people often say that what pregnant women want to eat during pregnancy is because of the needs of the fetus and should be satisfied as much as possible. Is this really the case? 

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Is it necessary for the fetus to be greedy after pregnancy? 

Many pregnant women experience changes in their tastes after pregnancy. They often want to eat the other one for a while. What is the reason? 

1. Fetal growth and nutritional needs

Because the nutrients needed for fetal growth and development are all sourced from the mother’s body, they are transmitted through the blood and rely on the umbilical cord. 

Therefore, during the growth process of the fetus, a lot of nutrients will be needed. If they are not supplemented in time, the pregnant mother will feel hungry and become greedy. 

2. High physical energy consumption during pregnancy

Because the food eaten by pregnant mothers will be converted into nutrients after digestion, and then transmitted to the fetus through the blood and umbilical cord, which is what people often say “one person eats two People’s supplements, so the food and nutrients needed will be more. 

If the pregnant mother eats too little food, or the nutrition is not complete, it will lead to gluttony after the energy is consumed. 

3. Fatigue

Because the energy consumed by the expectant mother during pregnancy will increase, if the energy intake is too little, it may not be able to meet the needs of the body, making the pregnant mother feel very tired , This seems to be a “need to eat” signal from the fetus, and the expectant mother looks like her mouth has become greedy. 

greedy again during pregnancy Also eat these four kinds of snacks.

1. Spicy and irritating foods.

The harm to pregnant mothers:

Because this kind of snacks are very irritating, they are likely to be The intestines of pregnant women are affected, causing indigestion; it may also stimulate adrenal hormones, thereby inhibiting the function of the digestive organs, causing constipation, and even induce hemorrhoids. 

Hazards to the fetus:

Because these snacks are more irritating, if the pregnant mother eats too much, it is likely to stimulate the uterus, which will cause the uterus to contract and even cause miscarriage. 

In addition, if the pregnant mother eats too much stimulating snacks, it is likely to cause the abdominal pressure to rise, making the uterus suffer more pressure, then the oxygen absorbed by the fetus will be reduced, and even cause intrauterine Embarrassment. 

2. Pickled foods

Snacks of this kind contain a lot of nitrite, and the sanitary conditions are difficult to control, and various chemical additives are likely to be added, which will harm pregnant mothers and mothers. The health of the fetus. 

The harm to pregnant mothers:

The Chinese Nutrition Association recommends that the daily intake of sodium for pregnant women should not exceed 2500 mg, which is about 6 grams of salt we consume. If excessive, it is likely to cause the sodium content of mothers-to-be Exceeding the standard, and cause edema. 

Hazard to the fetus:

If the pregnant mother eats too much pickled snacks, it is likely to cause serious edema, causing poor blood circulation in the body, then transport to the fetus If the blood of the fetus is reduced, it will directly affect the normal growth and development of the fetus. 

3. Cold snacks

Cold snacks are people’s favorite in summer, and pregnant mothers are no exception, but such foods are likely to stimulate gastric mucosal contraction. 

The harm to pregnant mothers:

Raw and cold foods can cause irritation of the pregnant mother’s intestines and stomach, resulting in abdominal pain. 

Hazards to the fetus:

Cold foods can easily stimulate the uterine contraction of pregnant mothers, thereby inducing fetal miscarriage. 

4. Deep-fried snacks

In order to ensure the taste of fried snacks, when they are made, the food will become charred on the outside and tender on the inside, but it is also due to this method, If the pregnant mother eats too much during pregnancy, it is likely to cause harm to the fetus and the expectant mother. 

The harm to pregnant mothers:

The immature part of fried snacks is likely to breed parasites, and pregnant mothers will compete for nutrients in the body after being infected. 

The burnt part is likely to produce benzopyrene, and excessive consumption may induce cancer. 

Hazards to the fetus:

Fried foods are rich in fat and calories, which can easily lead to excessive weight gain of pregnant mothers, leading to complications during pregnancy. It may be huge. 

Pregnant women Precautions for diet

1. Long-term high-fat diet is not suitable

During pregnancy, expectant mothers need to consume a moderate amount of fat diet, but long-term consumption may increase the chance of fetus suffering from reproductive system problems . 

Excessive consumption of high-fat foods will not only easily increase the concentration of bile acid and neutral cholesterol in the large intestine, but also stimulate the synthesis of prolactin in pregnant mothers, induce breast cancer, and endanger the safety of mothers and children. 

2. High protein intake should not be excessive

In order to ensure the normal growth and development of the fetus, pregnant mothers need to consume enough protein every day. 

Medical experts have found through research that protein deficiency during pregnancy is likely to lead to physical weakness of pregnant women, fetal growth restriction, and also affect the recovery speed of postpartum mothers and the secretion of breast milk. It is recommended to supplement 90~100 daily Grams. 

However, if the supplement is excessive, it will also bring harm. It is not only easy to affect the food of pregnant women, increase the burden on the gastrointestinal tract, but also may cause loss of appetite, abdominal distension, dizziness and other phenomena. 

3. High-sugar diet is not suitable

If pregnant mothers consume excessive high-sugar foods during pregnancy, it is likely to induce gestational diabetes, which is not only easy to give birth to huge babies, but also very likely Will cause birth defects in the fetus. 

In addition, studies have shown that excessive intake of sugar during pregnancy can easily reduce the immunity of pregnant mothers and be invaded by germs and viruses, which is detrimental to eugenics. 

4. Long-term high-calcium diet is not suitable

In order to ensure the normal growth and development of the fetus, some pregnant women take a lot of high-calcium foods, such as excessive intake of calcium tablets, milk, vitamin D, etc. In this way, it is easy for the fetus to suffer from hypercalcemia, the fontanelle is closed early, the jawbone becomes wider and protrudes, etc., which is not good for healthy growth and development. 

The Nutrition Society recommends that pregnant mothers need to supplement calcium 800 mg daily in the first trimester, 1000 mg in the middle stage, and 1200 mg in the late stage. Return to Sohu to see more

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Elementary school students’ essays have become popular, so as to gather the word count. With this trick, netizens: I didn’t expect it back then

Writer: Chen Fang

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Finalized: Su Zihou


I believe that everyone has experienced “800-character” writing. When faced with this problem, some people came up with it at their fingertips, but some people couldn’t write it with all their brains. So what caused this status quo? 

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I finally reached 800 words, so why rewrite it? 

Some time ago, a primary school student’s composition was circulated on the Internet. The title of the composition was “Me and my classmates”. After reading this article, the teacher went straight back to rewrite it, but the student was very wronged. It’s easy to hold up to 800 words, why should I rewrite it?” 

At the beginning, everyone felt that rewriting really shouldn’t be allowed, and you can make suggestions for students to correct it next time. Rewriting is unnecessary. But after reading this composition, I realized the teacher’s “good intentions”. 

The whole article is one sentence “I’ll fight over, he’ll fight over”, the netizen said with a smile, why didn’t I expect it back then? 

But the joke is a joke. I have to think about why writing is difficult. Looking at the current situation, there are mainly several reasons:

1. Insufficient reading


Many children cannot write articles because they usually read too little, and their knowledge is too narrow, and it will be difficult to write when organizing the language. 

Usually writing also has a process of imitation, and reading is to strengthen this process, learn other people’s words and sentences, and learn other people’s text organization. 

2. Too little practice

Practice makes perfect. It is an undeniable truth. Sometimes writing articles is based on practice. If you practice enough, you will have an understanding of how to write. Basic framework. If you don’t practice, you will always feel unfamiliar with writing. This will create resistance for a long time and make writing more difficult. 

3. Lack of guidance


When children practice writing, there are few people who will give comprehensive and systematic guidance to guide children to discover the fun and value of writing. Therefore, students will have a feeling of writing fatigue. They think that writing a lot of words is very tiring. Will not be able to face up to writing. 

4. Lack of accumulation

It is said that art comes from life, and writing also comes from life. It is usually difficult for children to find matching materials when writing, which will cause the whole article to become awkward and empty. 

The composition of those years of laugh and cry teacher

@呼呼: After reading this article, from the literal sense, they seem to be not the same creature. 

@小碗:语文老师It makes sense to call directly, but I don’t know if this student will not write wrong words in the future, after all, it is not easy for the teacher. 

@沫沫: So the teacher It is not safe to be with a beggar. Is it to worry that the teacher is not safe or the beggar is not safe? 

@五色石: Take a look I know that this child has not taken the bus less, has been late, has been squeezed, and has really suffered for the child. This is a lot more emotional to write, haha…

@皮皮夏: My child, just like your composition, Why don’t you get mixed doubles when you go home? 

@迷张很不扰: It is estimated that the teacher will not ask you to write a check after reading this check…

Writing a good composition has a coup

1, guide the children to correctly understand writing: Writing is a way of self-expression and a record of one’s own life. It should not be a castle in the air. Children should be aware of the importance of writing to themselves and the joy of writing. 

2. Increase the amount of reading: Reading is the most direct way to improve writing. In reading, you can not only experience the ways and methods of other people’s writing, and be nurtured, but also can be used as a material for your own articles. In, gradually enrich their articles. 

3. Accumulate enough material : Material is the core of an article. With enough material, you can expand and extend around this center when writing, which will not only make the primary and secondary of the article clear, but also reduce the difficulty of writing. Therefore, children should pay attention to collecting some better materials in life or reading, and use them in their own writing. 

4. Learn writing skills. Generally speaking, many types of essays have their own fixed frameworks. Mastering different types of writing frameworks will make it easier to conceive, and the thinking will be clearer. 

5. True feelings. Feelings are also part of the article that gives life to it. Integrating one’s own feelings into the composition can more impress the readers and make the article more colorful. 

Today’s topic: your child What are the problems in writing? Return to Sohu to see more

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