Studies have found that the husband’s genes are more “powerful”, and those who want to have beautiful children have to find a high-value husband

Studies have found that the husband’s genes are more “powerful”, and those who want to have beautiful children have to find a high-value husband

Two days ago, there was a wave of discussions on “womb morality” on the Internet. The so-called uterine morality means that women should be responsible for their children and do not just look for “bad elites” to have children. 

Uterine morality is not a new concept. It has appeared in foreign countries decades ago. But the controversy about it has been constant, because if you blindly emphasize the morality of the womb, it will inevitably remind people of the Nazis. 

Uterine morality may not be a positive concept, but the principles behind it are worthy of attention. 

In fact, long ago studies have found that fathers have stronger appearance genes than mothers. In other words, the strengths and weaknesses of the father’s appearance are more likely to be reflected in the children. 

The typical example is a large number of princes in the British royal family, almost all of them bald. The baldness gene was brought by the married Prince Philip, the husband of the current Queen Elizabeth II of England. 

Prior to this, male members of the British royal family rarely had baldness, let alone a large area of ​​baldness. 

Of all the male adult offspring of Prince Philip, apart from Prince Harry’s current baldness, only one grandson was spared. 

This fully shows that the baldness gene is more likely to be passed on by men, and there are many similar situations in reality. 

The appearance characteristics of fathers are basically difficult to avoid from children, while the appearance characteristics of mothers are not easily inherited. 

This may be related to the fact that men are more concerned about whether their children are like themselves. After all, women have parent-child certainty, while men cannot be sure that their children are his own unless they look particularly like him. 

So, children who look like their fathers are more likely to survive. After millions of years of evolution, male appearance genes have become stronger and stronger. 

Father’s Appearance characteristics are easily inherited by children. If you are looking for a husband, please pay attention to

1. Baldness

From the example of the British royal family, it is not difficult to see that if the father is bald, the son or even the grandson will almost 100%. Going bald. 

In today’s age of looking at beauty, I believe everyone knows what male baldness means. In order to choose a spouse for the next generation, women should try to avoid those with baldness genes when looking for a husband. Unless there is a mine at home, one can afford a hair of tens of dollars. 

2. Wide nose

A tall nose is good-looking, while a wide and flat nose is ugly. The tragedy is that if the father happens to have a wide nose, then no matter the children, it is almost destined to be inherited. 

However, compared to the bald gene, its severity is not that great. After all, the entire nose is much easier than hair transplantation, and the cost is not one level. 

3. Single eyelid

Although single eyelid is inherited recessively, some studies have found that if the father has a single eyelid and the mother has double eyelids, the child can also easily inherit a single eyelid, or when he was young It is a single eyelid, which will gradually become a double eyelid when it grows up. 

While mothers have single eyelids and fathers have double eyelids, children are less likely to inherit single eyelids. So if you have double eyelids and do not want your child to have single eyelids, it is not recommended to find a husband with single eyelids. 

Appearance inheritance is not always copied and pasted. It may also be neutralized, or just increase the probability of appearance of a certain appearance feature, which is typically skin color and fatness. 

These two Appearance characteristics, children will not completely copy their parents

1, skin color

The inheritance of skin color is a typical “neutral inheritance”, such as white and black children, the skin color is between the parents . 

Like former US President Barack Obama, although he is known as black, he is much whiter than the real black Africans, and he is obviously blacker than the pure whites. 

So when he was running for president, some people ridiculed that “black people think he is too white, and white people think he is too dark.” 

This is where the skin color inheritance is interesting. The skin color of a child is like a color blended by the skin of the parents. 

So people with darker skin should try to find someone with a lighter skin color, so that the skin of the child born will look better. 

2. Fat and thin

The fat and thin of children is also related to genetics, but it is not 100%. 

Studies have shown that if parents are fat, the probability of their children being fat is 60%, while if only one parent is fat, the probability of the child being fat is only 20%~30%. 

In fact, bad eating habits play a greater role than genetic influences, and children and parents are likely to have the same eating habits because of long-term living together. 

That’s why everyone thinks that obesity will be inherited with a high probability, but in fact the probability of its inheritance is not as high as everyone thought. 

Generally speaking, parents have good looks and their children will look better. This can be well reflected in the large number of star second generations. 

But it is not absolute. After all, there are many disabled people in the second generation of stars. It is not impossible for children to avoid the beauty of their parents perfectly. 

Therefore, it is important to find the appearance of the target, but there is no need to insist on it. Compared with this, many other factors are more worthy of consideration, such as earning ability, personality, living habits and so on. Five kinds of “small snacks” during pregnancy can not only relieve gluttony, but are also good for pregnant mothers and fetuses.

During pregnancy, most of pregnant mothers do not have anything except the early stage of pregnancy, because they are stimulated by the pregnancy reaction. Any appetite, even seeing food will feel sick. But when the pregnancy reaction in the first trimester is over, pregnant mothers will enter a contrasting stage and have their appetites. 

In the next pregnancy life, pregnant mothers and their family members are basically in a state of “fighting wits and courage”. After all, they are pregnant. The family members will not let pregnant mothers eat, and they will not be allowed to eat. The pregnant mothers are so greedy that they “think day and night”. 

If you have troubles in this area, you can take a look at the snack list below, which can solve many problems for pregnant mothers! 

1. Homemade fruit puree

Since pregnancy, pregnant mothers have increased their preference for sweets. In this case, homemade fruit juice can be used instead of other beverages. 

Pregnant mothers can buy a small, convenient and practical juicer. When making the fruit, cut the fruit into small pieces and then mash it. What needs to be reminded here is to mash the juice. It does not have to be juice-like. 

This is mainly because when the fruit becomes juice, the fructose content will increase significantly. If pregnant mothers eat for a long time, it may cause the body sugar to increase significantly, and the fruit puree is a good solution. This problem, and the taste is also very good. 

If pregnant mothers are not too troublesome, you can add thick yogurt to the fruit puree and stir it thoroughly, then the taste will be better. Moreover, yogurt has many benefits for pregnant mothers. It helps to further stabilize the gastrointestinal system, which is simply a gospel for pregnant mothers. 

2. “Sandwiches” of the same type of celebrities

Recently, there are many “sandwiches” of the same type of celebrities, which are mainly made of toast bread, ham, lettuce, tomatoes, luncheon meat or other foods. Combining these ingredients will become a delicious and nutritious healthy meal. 

Pregnant mothers can also try to make this “sandwich” by themselves. Not only can they experience the joy of doing it by themselves, but they can also eat healthier. 

The combination of meat and vegetables is very suitable for breakfast for pregnant mothers, but it is not recommended for pregnant mothers to use it as lunch or dinner. Occasionally, once or twice, it is not recommended for long-term. After all, pregnant mothers During pregnancy, nutrition and energy intake are still needed. 

3. Daily Nuts

Pregnant mothers can also give themselves a daily nut. Nowadays, individually packaged nuts are sold on the market. The price is not expensive and they are also very delicious. 

Nuts can provide pregnant mothers with sufficient energy and help pregnant mothers maintain their body functions well. It can also help pregnant mothers to stabilize their emotions, mainly because the ingredients contain unsaturated fatty acids. This ingredient is of great help to the metabolism and regulation of the nervous system of pregnant mothers. Therefore, this is for pregnant mothers with changing moods during pregnancy. Said it is even more advantageous! 

On the other hand, nuts are also beneficial to the growth and development of fetus babies, especially in providing nutrients such as DHA for the child’s brain development and helping to enhance the fetus’s brain development. 

If the pregnant mother has constipation, nuts can also be used to assist in the diet. It can relieve the constipation of the pregnant mother to a certain extent and achieve the effect of laxative bowel movement. 

4. Yogurt or pure milk

Personally, it is recommended that pregnant mothers drink yogurt and pure milk alternately, because thick yogurt has a strong regulating effect on the gastrointestinal system of pregnant mothers and maintains the stability of the gastrointestinal flora , Enhance digestion and absorption function. 

For pure milk, it is necessary to choose the right brand. Mengniu and Yili were exposed to substandard problems some time ago, and some netizens complained that “it is as light as water”, as the largest domestic milk brand companies all exist. Does that mean that there is no good milk in the country? 

Actually not, there are many good pure milk brands, the quality is also very good, but usually not too keen on advertising, so that the popularity has not risen. You can search for relevant information by yourself, inquire and identify, and you will find that there are still a lot of pure milk that is not only of good quality, but also tastes much better than you think! 

Of course, if pregnant mothers can accept cheese, then they can also eat cheese. Cheese can be said to be a concentrated form of pure milk. It contains more protein, calcium, and vitamin groups, which is more conducive to Absorption of pregnant mothers. 

5. Red dates

Red dates have a sweet taste and have become a must-have snack for many pregnant mothers during pregnancy. Moreover, the ingredients of red dates contain more vitamin C and iron, which can help pregnant mothers to replenish blood qi. 

Personally, it is recommended to mix red dates with wolfberry soaking in water. For pregnant mothers who do not want to drink boiled water, this is also a good choice. After all, red dates and wolfberry soup not only taste good, but also rich in nutrients. 

The last thing we need to remind pregnant mothers is that no matter what kind of food, they should not be excessive, otherwise it will become a major threat to the health of pregnant mothers!

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