Students enter the school to hide from the rain, but are scolded out of the school by the fierce security guard.

Students enter the school to hide from the rain, but are scolded out of the school by the fierce security guard. 

Speaking of school, our first impression is that this is where students study. Students will be cared for here. Once students have any difficulties, they can be solved one by one. This kind of thinking, once the wishes of some parents are not satisfied, they will think that their own interests have been violated, which often leads to conflicts. 

Some time ago, because of the epidemic, Worrying about children enrolling together, too many numbers is not conducive to management, so the school stipulates that students enroll in staggered times. The kindergarten children enter the school between 8:30 and 9:00, and the children must be led into the school by the teacher. 

However, the parent of a classmate had temporary affairs, so he asked a female relative and friend to help send the child to school. The child had already arrived at the school before 8:30 and was not allowed to enter according to the regulations. School. However, it was raining, and the relatives and friends did not bring umbrellas, so they could not watch their children get in the rain, so they wanted to enter the school to avoid the rain. However, during the epidemic, it is against the rules to enter the school casually. 

The security guard stopped the woman and the child in time, and the woman and the security guard clashed. The two quarreled, and the child was scared to cry. 

In the end, the security still did not let the woman into the school , This matter has aroused the attention of many people. So what happened to the security guard? 

The school attaches great importance to this matter, and immediately asked the security guard to apologize to the students and parents, and asked the security guard to resign, and gave a certain performance pay penalty. 

After this incident, netizens launched a heated discussion, nothing more than these few points of view.

Security is only an executive, and there is nothing wrong with what he did.

Some netizens feel that security is safe. There is nothing wrong with what we did. The school has regulations. The security guards must act in strict accordance with the regulations. They should not break the school’s regulations because of small things. Moreover, on the day of the incident, there was not much rain. 

During the epidemic, the rules in many places have been changed. If a person breaks the rules, then the rules have no meaning. This is a responsible security guard and is also affected by this. This kind of punishment, many people even complained for security. 

The rules are for humanity, otherwise the rules There is no point.

Some netizens say that the rules are made to make life better, and the rules are for people. The rules should make concessions in the face of favors, and at the same time, they all accused the security guards of being too excessive and should not let the children get drenched in the rain. 

In the face of human nature, many rules are often kidnapped by morals. When you encounter something, you must compromise and put your own personal interests above morals. However, the rules are to protect the interests of most people. It is not a tool for someone to serve themselves. 

How can the rules protect everyone without What about the temperature loss? 

Rules are difficult to consider comprehensively, and there should be exceptions.

A rule can only be considered from the overall situation. It is impossible to consider everything in detail and protect the interests of most people. Then this rule It is qualified, but outside the rules, there should be some exceptions. 

We often say that the plan can’t keep up with the changes. Even if we consider it well, there will be some unexpected situations. When encountering a special situation, you can ask the leader to discuss countermeasures together, and further change the rules, so as to better serve everyone. 

The execution process should be more humane

We often say that the rules are dead and people are alive. This sentence still makes sense. If you always follow the rules rigidly, what is the difference from robots, and where does humanized management come from? School is a place full of warmth, and when implementing rules, it should be people-oriented. 

There are many netizens who are targeting security Suggestions are given. For example, when it is raining, there are not many people at the school entrance. You can ask women to take their children in the security room to avoid the rain, and then let the children enter the school when the time is up. This will save the children. Go out in the rain, and don’t violate the rules. 

The executors of the rules must understand empathy, not just for the execution of the rules, but also use their own words and deeds to interpret love and warmth, especially in schools, they should also improve the executors’ Literacy, and strive to create a harmonious campus environment. 

Even if it rains on the road, the shops on the roadside often provide convenience for passers-by to shelter from the rain, let alone schools? I have to say that the security guard’s approach really chilled the majority of parents. What happened at the gate of the school obviously did not match the image of the school. 

It can be seen that there is more than one rule The regulations are even more a deformable umbrella, and everything is a better service for everyone’s life. Has anything similar happened around you, and how did the people around you deal with it? The way you accompany your child on the small train reveals the way of family parenting. Netizens: Don’t dare to sit anymore.

We have always emphasized the importance of parents’ companionship to their children, especially for younger children. In other words, the companionship of parents can not only give them a sense of security, but also improve the happiness of the child, and make the child’s childhood full of joy, which is naturally beneficial to their growth. 

However, a topic a while ago attracted In response to people’s heated discussion, the topic is called the way you accompany your child on a small train, exposing the family’s upbringing style. Some people may wonder, what is the connection between this common entertainment tool in shopping malls and the child’s family education? 

In the first group of families, you can see The relationship between the parents is very affectionate. Their about four or five-year-old girl is sitting in the seat of the train driver, pretending to drive the train attentively. The parents behind are acting as passengers, chatting happily all the time, seeming to have forgotten the children. 

The second group of families don’t know why, Dad did not show up. But my mother had been sitting at the forefront with her arms around her daughter, and driving a small train with her daughter. Such a scene is of course very loving, so the daughter looks very happy too. Although her father is not around, her mother’s love can also make her have fun. 

The third group is a family of three, mother Maybe it’s worried that the child is sitting alone in the front row, so he has been sitting quietly next to the child. Of course, the purpose is to better protect the child. But at this time, I look at my dad sitting in the back row. He has been looking at his phone with his head down. It seems that there is no participation. 

So there is an expert analysis, the first group of families Because the parents only care about their own love, but ignore the existence of the child, it is not a parent-child relationship worth promoting; and in the second group of families, the father directly lacks the life of the child, which is of course a very unqualified performance; The father in the third group of families was also denied because he played on mobile phones because he did not interact well with the children. 

It’s just that this kind of analysis is obviously difficult to convince the public. After all, parents’ companionship to their children can’t completely look at the surface. Take the small train as an example. Friends who have played should know that its design is a double seat. So how can it be possible to have a family of three? Merely judging a child’s family education based on this objective is not convincing. 

It is no wonder that after seeing such an analysis, netizens said they dare not sit down anymore. Maybe it’s because it’s wrong no matter how you do it. 

Why do some parents lack the company of their children? 

1. Reasons for objective factors

Nowadays, people’s lives are under great pressure, so their parents are also very busy at work, and there are endless things to do every day, and endless entertainment. This naturally makes parents do not have much time to accompany their children, even if they are full of guilt, but in order to support the family, they can only make a trade-off between the two. 

2. Reasons for subjective factors

But there are also some parents who actually have a lot of time to accompany their children, but because they subjectively do not pay attention to this issue, they think that children Only playing alone, thinking that there is no need to accompany the child, naturally will not actively accompany the child. 

How should parents accompany their children? 

1. Learn to respect the children

Some parents think that the children are young, they will ignore the children’s feelings, and even think that the children are their own accessories. As long as the children do according to their own requirements, it is natural You can’t go wrong. 

Such parents have obviously neglected the respect they should have for their children. When they refuse to recognize their children as independent individuals, they naturally do not know how to accompany their children. Only by respecting the children’s parents can they meet their children’s needs and achieve true companionship. 

2, efficient companionship

Some parents seem to be with their children, but in fact they are just sitting next to their children, playing with their phones or doing other things. Of course, this is not the companionship that the child hopes for, because in fact, the child and the parents are still busy. 

Parents should learn to accompany their children efficiently. It is not necessary to accompany the child for a long time, but during this period of time with the child, you should put down your mobile phone, put down everything on your hands, and devote yourself to the company of the child. This kind of company can satisfy the child. .

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