“Stocking” ten men and ten women, the result a week later, educators have to admire

The result of “stocking” ten men and ten women a week later, educators have to admire

Parents not only have to bear the heavy responsibility of raising children, but also shoulder the responsibility of discipline. And boys and girls have obvious differences in the way of education. It is necessary for parents to combine the children’s own personality traits and teach them in accordance with their aptitude. 

Especially nowadays, children’s ideas are relatively early, and parents should pay more attention to discipline. Appropriate stocking can develop children’s personality, but regardless of the stocking, it can make children’s growth biased. 

Ten documentaries The boys and ten girls lived alone in the villa. The children’s performance a week later made the educator very moved.

A documentary director in the United Kingdom selected ten boys and ten girls. The staff asked, boys and girls. Live in single-family villas, and then track and record the daily routines of the two groups of children every day. 

It seems to be a very simple record, but the performance presented by the children surprised the adults. 

After the boys moved into the single-family villa, everyone was very happy. After a brief introduction, the boys elected a leader, and then lived a life of Sa Huan. 

On the first day of staying in the villa, the boys only relied on snacks and stomachs, and on the second day did they remember to cook. In the following days, the boys had disagreements over cleaning and other issues. 

In short, in these few days, the boys have been very wanton and sloppy. 

At the same time, a more serious phenomenon appeared, that is, the boys crowded out a companion one after another, and even broke out some violent actions. 

Then the boys even attacked the small animals in the yard with more and more violence. In the end, the staff had to intervene before they were relieved. 

When the boys came out of the apartment, the furniture and sofas in the apartment were severely damaged, and the house was full of garbage. It was hard for the boys’ parents to believe that their children had done such a bad thing. thing. 

The girls showed another scene here. On the first day, the girls established a good social state, and everyone rushed to cook and clean. 

Although there will be some small awkwardness between the girls. Even after the cat littering incident, the girls were divided into two factions, but compared to the violence of the boys, the girls get along more smoothly here. 

Girls, when they left the villa, the environment of the villa was basically undamaged, and the girls also wrote down their best wishes to each other. 

Although there was some unpleasantness when getting along, everyone was still reluctant to part with each other. 

This documentary made educators feel very emotional that boys are more destructive than girls when children lack control. 

Of course, to a certain extent, this is also in line with people’s inherent perception of the characteristics of boys and girls, for example, boys are more naughty and naughty, and girls are more likely to be emotional. 

Regarding the characteristics of boys, what kind of appropriate guidance should parents give them? 

1. Restrain the destructive power of children

Boys are naturally more lively and active, so parents need to give children the space to release their nature, but if boys perform When more destructive power is exerted, parents must stop it strongly. 

Only by restraining the destructive power of the child can the child better adapt to the social life, and the child can be more aware of self-containment. 

2. Exercise children’s self-care ability

Relatively speaking, boys are more casual in the details of life, so parents should cultivate their children’s self-care ability in daily guidance and teach children the skills to manage life. Let children take better care of themselves. 

Let the boys do their own things, so that their life skills experience can be accumulated. When children have the basic self-care ability, they can have more energy to take care of others and have the “strength conditions” to help others. 

3. Teach children the correct social skills

After boys are exposed to social interaction, they are prone to bullying and bullying the weak. Parents must pay attention to this. 

Pay attention to the guidance of children’s social skills and educate children to respect others, which is a very important part for the healthy growth of children. 

Parents also need to educate their children that violence cannot solve the problem, and good communication can really resolve the problem. 

People say that boys should be stocked, so that they can be given more opportunities to exercise, but in fact stocking should also pay attention to educational methods and wisdom, and no restriction and discipline will only make children’s behavior deviate. Even worse. 

While releasing children’s nature, children’s behaviors and behaviors should also be restrained. Only proper social methods can help children start the correct social mode. 

What do you think about free-range education methods to share? High-looking couples gave birth to “ugly”, and believed that the child was not born, but the child’s grandfather was crying

In real life, we often find that the child and their parents are both the same Printed on the inside of the mold. The implication is that the child perfectly inherits the parents’ genes and becomes a “copy” of the parents. 

When they see a feature of a child that is extremely similar to that of their parents, others will jokingly comment, “Born.” However, there are some children in the world who neither look like their fathers nor their mothers. After the child is born, it is difficult for parents not to question their souls. Is this really their own flesh and blood? 

When he was a student, Xiao He was a goddess envied by everyone in the school. When he laughed, he fascinated everyone. With an easy-going personality, she met her husband Xu Yue when she was in college. Xu Yue looks handsome, and the two of them are really talented. 

After graduation, they not only escaped the curse of the “break-up season”, they also successfully tied the knot and built a happy family together. 

One year after marriage, Xiaohe gave birth to a fat son. At birth, all aspects of the child’s body are healthy and normal, but the only flaw is that the appearance does not seem to be “good-looking”. It stands to reason that mom and dad are all first-class faces, and the child’s face will not be bad. However, the facts tell them that the child born is an exception. 

As the child grows older, the appearance of the child does not necessarily develop in a good-looking direction. He once heard that there was a case of a wrong child reported in the hospital, so he discussed with his family. The child is not like a couple at all. Did he admit he was wrong when he admitted the child? 

Learning that the puzzled grandfather also rushed to his daughter’s house, he wanted to visit his grandson. When the grandpa saw the grandson, the grandpa couldn’t help but hug the child. The face of the child was the same as his own. , The grandson must be biological, so there is still a saying that inherited from generation to generation! 

Next, let’s take a look at what is affected by the child’s face? 

1. Dominant genetic influence;

When one of the parents has a tall nose, the children they give birth often have the same characteristic. Compared with a short nose, a tall nose is a dominant genetic factor, but a short nose is an invisible genetic factor; dominant inheritance can appear independently, while recessive inheritance requires both Some characteristics can be inherited in the next step. 

2. Inheritance is just a matter of probability;

We often hear that if the child born is a girl, then she will look more like a father; and if Being a boy, the boy will look more like a mother. However, this statement does not have a certain scientific basis, so it is also untenable. 

Gene inheritance has a certain probability, and the appearance characteristics of a child are not determined by the biological parents. Gene division is a complicated process, and everything is unknown before a child is born. 

The beauty of appearance is not the most important thing. What should parents do when they find that their child looks unsatisfactory? 

1. Correct thinking;

For children, the attitude of their own parents is extremely important, and children need to have a sense of security from their parents. For most parents, if the image of the child is naturally more agreeable, or if there is a lot of similarity with the parent, then the parent-child relationship between the two will be stronger and more intimate. 

But if the child’s appearance is not what the parents want, as parents, no one can dislike or hate the child. Otherwise, the parent-child relationship will easily be separated and the child’s temperament will also have certain defects. Therefore, no matter what the child’s final appearance is, parents should treat them equally. 

2. Understand children’s feelings and teach them to value inner beauty;

When children’s natural conditions are relatively poor, not only parents will have complaints, but children actually They will also be very sensitive, and accordingly, children will feel inferior and helpless. At this time, the children need the love and help of their parents. 

First of all, parents should learn to have empathy, learn to be considerate of their children’s psychological feelings, communicate and communicate more with their children, and give them more comfort while giving them a sense of security. 

In addition, for a person, the inner temperament is often more important than the empty appearance. To understand this truth, parents must transmit this concept to their children in time to help them take a good future life. . 

3. Help improve the child’s temperament;

In daily life, many bad habits will affect the child’s body. Bad shapes such as shrugging and hunched back are actually caused by incorrect postures. In order to avoid this situation, parental supervision and attention is very important. 

To help children develop good habits, qualified families can also send their children to professional institutions to improve their professional temperament, which can effectively increase their charm value. 

Today’s topic is here. In the process of children’s growth, how should we help children improve their own temperament?

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