Spit up milk after burping the baby? It may be that 3 details are not paid attention to, I suggest Baoma self-check

Spit up milk after burping the baby? It may be that 3 details have not been paid attention to. It is recommended that mothers check themselves

The baby is mainly accompanied by breast milk or milk powder before 6 months. Therefore, the child’s feeding problem has become the focus of attention of parents. 

Generally speaking, newborns about half a month old will have milk spills. Therefore, “belching” has become a major part of mothers. A “required skill”. 

However, parents will inevitably be a little confused when they hiccup their children. Why do children spit up after they hiccup? 

Trouble from a novice mother: Why did I spit up milk when I hiccuped my baby? 

Yao Qian is an easy-to-learn novice mother. Because her family is outside the province and her mother-in-law is in poor health, Yao Qian has already started to learn various parenting skills before her baby is born. , I just hope that I don’t “drop the chain” when taking care of my children. 

Now that the baby is two months old, it is at a time when parents need extra attention. 

But what worries her is that the little guy often vomits milk during the feeding process, and what makes Yao Qian feel helpless is that even though she After taking a milk hiccup on the baby, the baby still vomits correctly. 

As a result, Yao Qian, who is a novice baby-bearer, feels a little overwhelmed, and she is worried about feeding her baby every day. 

In fact, many mothers have had troubles like Yao Qian. Before solving this problem, let’s first understand why babies overflow The problem of milk. 

Milk spilling is an inevitable phenomenon in growing up

Milk spilling and spitting up are inevitable in the growth of babies It is almost inevitable, especially when the child is 1 or 2 months old, spilled milk has become commonplace, and this situation will not gradually disappear until the baby is about 4 months old. 

This is actually because the newborn baby has a limited “meal”, so the amount of milk consumed each time will probably be maintained at about 30 to 60 ml. If the child inhales air accidentally during the process of drinking, breast milk reflux occurs, which may cause milk overflow or choking. 

In addition, parents’ wrong feeding methods can also cause milk spills. For example, parents do not grasp the interval between the “two meals” of their children. Feeding too late will cause the children to drink too fast due to excessive hunger, and a similar situation will occur. However, the two situations mentioned above can usually be solved or avoided by the way of hiccups by parents. 

Then when the parents hiccup the baby after taking the milk, there is still milk spillage, it is necessary to consider whether there is a small error in some details. 

After the baby hiccups, the milk still overflows. It may be because 3 details have not been noticed. I suggest you check it yourself

▼The hiccup using the wrong method is not an “effective hiccup”

Because some parents are inexperienced, most of the way they hiccup their children is to stick their fingers tightly, like a high-five to give their children milk Hiccups, but in fact, this technique itself is wrong. Not only is it difficult to shoot hiccups for the child, but it also makes the baby more uncomfortable because of poor control of the strength. 

The correct way is to take an empty palm, that is, four fingers together slightly, the palm is slightly bent from the tiger’s mouth, burp from the bottom up, let the child gently Just feel the tremor. 

▼After burping, immediately change the diaper for the child

In the eyes of some parents, burping is like completing a task, regardless of whether the child spills or spills after the feeding is over Milk, will subconsciously burp the baby, and then proceed to the next step. 

But in fact, after burping your child, you need to let the baby lie on his side and rest for 5-10 minutes. If you change the diaper immediately, or do Some other actions that are too big can cause regurgitation of milk. 

▼The time of burping is not clear

When Momma is burping her baby Don’t be anxious, don’t wait for the child to pick up the child to burp immediately after drinking the milk, but observe for 3-5 minutes to make sure that the child has swallowed all the milk before taking the picture. 

In addition, the fact that the baby does not hiccup does not mean that the parents need to be photographed all the time. This will make it easier for the baby to spill milk. Therefore, it is recommended that parents should keep the hiccup time at about 5 minutes. 

Expand it: In order to avoid milk spilling, besides burping, the correct feeding method is also very important

in As mentioned above, some children’s milk spilling and choking are caused by incorrect parent feeding methods. Therefore, it is particularly important to master the feeding interval and feeding posture. 

For newborn babies, they generally need to be fed every 3 hours, but even so, parents try to feed as needed, and gradually transition to “feeding on time” when the child is about 4 months old, and try to avoid the child from being hungry. The situation of breastfeeding after an emergency. 

In addition, during the feeding process, parents should try their best to keep the child tilted up 30-45° to ensure that the head is slightly higher than the belly, which can effectively avoid Oh overflowing milk. The ideal height of the boy is not one meter eight, and the “reasonable value” of the height is dismissed: Is it too short?

The height and appearance of the child have always been a topic of concern to parents. Parents with boys at home are more concerned about the height of their children, for fear that being short will affect their handsome image. 

Nowadays, young people’s mate selection standards are changing, and their height requirements are gradually increasing. According to relevant research data, many girls In my mind, the ideal height of a boy is 180 cm. 

Based on this situation, parents will try their best to seize every opportunity to make the child’s height “surge”. However, they have overlooked a question, that is, is the ideal height of a boy really 180 cm? 

Junior high school head teacher: The ideal height of a boy is not one meter eight.

Wu Hua is now a junior high school student, but his parents have always been very worried about his height. Seeing this group of post-00s The children are taller than each, but the son’s height only stays at about 1.68 meters, so he doesn’t grow any longer. 

Mother Wu thinks that his diet may not be rich enough, so he has beef and ribs, but Wu Hua has gained a lot of weight, but his height is not that long. 

Father Wu thinks it may be that his son’s exercise is not enough, so he accompanies Wu Hua to run laps or skip ropes in the community every morning. He also takes his son to play sports on weekends. 

Diet and exercise still have some effects, and Wu Hua’s body is obviously stronger. However, in the new round of physical examinations, his height is still slightly lower than the average height of the boys in the class. 

Wu Hua’s parents are a little discouraged. They think that if their children do not grow up to be taller in adolescence in junior high school, it is estimated that it will be difficult to reach the ideal height of 1.8 meters in the future. 

Their worries were accidentally known to Teacher Zhang, the teacher in charge. Teacher Zhang said: The ideal size of boys is not 1.8 meters, so parents don’t need to worry about it. 

Research data shows that the height of children is more reasonable in this range

As ​​the quality of material life improves, the average height of children does change. 

According to the developmental characteristics of the “surge period” of height, the peak period of height development for children between 14 and 18 years old. Therefore, during this period, some parents will try to improve the size of their children in this way, just like Wu Hua’s parents. 

However, in 2020, studies have shown that the ideal height of human beings is 168CM±2CM, which is between 166 and 170. In addition, a study by the University of California in the United States showed that the height of a person is related to the number of active cells in the body. The more active the human cells are, the greater the chance of DNA recombination and mutation. 

From this point of view, the height of the child is not the better. But faced with the “reasonable value” of height, many male parents “disliked” it, saying: Is it too short? 

In fact, blindly pursuing height is not a good thing.

There are many factors that affect height, including genetics, diet, sleep, Sports and so on, but it is not a good thing for parents to blindly pursue the height of their children. 

▲Children with chested hunchback will go further and further away from excellent posture

There are many such things around us For example, some children develop faster, have been taller since they were young, and are much older than their peers. 

However, if their height advantage is not well maintained, but to “cater” the “small guys” around them, they will often cause a hunched posture with a chest and affect their temperament. 

▲Being nicknamed “big silly” by classmates is not good for growth

who is young At that time, there are “silly big guys” and “little fat guys” in the class. These “superior” or special-shaped children are often ridiculed or nicknamed by their classmates because of their “uniqueness”. If the child does not have a good mentality, It is not conducive to their healthy growth. 

▲Excessive height will put an excessive burden on the body

As ​​we all know, it’s called “The tallest man in Asia” Zhang Juncai is 2.42 meters tall. However, this height has brought him a lot of trouble. 

Because Zhang Jun is too tall, the “energy” requirement he needs will be correspondingly much larger, so the body is overloaded because of the too tall body. 

If one person is supported by water and soil, parents don’t need to be overly anxious about height.

Being tall is indeed one It’s a proud thing, but parents shouldn’t force it on all the factors that affect their children’s height, let alone be overly anxious. 

In the process of children’s future school or career selection, the height requirements of schools with height requirements are only about 170 for boys and 160 for girls. 

In the future life of children, there are many aspects that are more important than height, such as three views and mentality. These parents should not ignore them. A 34-year-old mother gave birth to 7 babies in 13 years, and she can’t waste good genes. Netizens: I can see that there is a mine at home.

“Many children, more blessings” is flattered by the older generation. However, today in the 21st century , A young couple still gave birth to many children. What has actually happened? 

A 34-year-old mother gave birth to 7 babies in 13 years.

Some time ago, there was a little video on the Internet that became popular. There is a mother in the video, asking her children to line up one by one to say hello to the camera. Careful netizens counted, there were seven children in total, and Bao Ma was only 34 years old. 

It is reported that among the seven children, the oldest The youngest was born in 2006, and the youngest was born last year. That is, in 13 years, the mother gave birth to seven children, an average of once every two years. 

This is what Bao Ma said: “My husband’s IQ is 140, which is much higher than the average person. And the couple’s looks are pretty good. I really don’t want to waste such a good gene from my husband. So so many children were born.”

Her answer is surprising, can “IQ” really be passed on to children? Wouldn’t the financial pressure be great to have so many children? However, judging from the home decoration in the video, this seems to be a wealthy family. Netizens: “I can see that there is a mine at home? No wonder they can’do whatever they want’ in giving birth to a baby.”

Parents’ IQ Will it really be passed on to future generations? 

From the study of genetic law, the IQ of parents may not necessarily be passed on to offspring. Therefore, parents with high IQ may also give birth to children with low IQ. 

For example, the children of many highly educated parents may not necessarily have good academic performance. At most, parents’ IQ can have a certain impact on children’s IQ. 

Children’s IQ will be affected by other aspects , The acquired influence may have a certain decisive effect on the child’s IQ. For example, when children are young, they pay attention to the development of children’s thinking and encourage children’s thinking and practical skills, which can cultivate children’s IQ to a certain extent. 

So, in order to let the husband’s IQ can be passed down, it is unnecessary to choose to have many children. It is better to say that you like children. 

Having children is far more than having money and leisure

①Family economic conditions. Health and health, as the name implies, is to be nurtured after birth. It’s not that the child is born and it is over. It takes a lot of cost to raise a child. Especially in this age, from the birth of the child to the adult, from the milk powder money to the teaching and learning, there is a large amount of money needed. If there are too many children in a family, it may cause huge expenses that cannot support the children. 

②Parent’s energy. Raising a child requires not only money, but also a lot of energy from the parents. If parents are too busy at work, they will have no time to take care of their children and cannot give them the best care. To give birth to a child without raising it is an irresponsibility to the child. Therefore, before giving birth to a child, we must consider whether we can devote so much energy to the child. 

③Baoma’s physical condition. Childbirth will bring great harm to women’s bodies. If you want to have multiple births, you have to see whether your mother’s physical condition is suitable for childbearing. Moreover, young babies will recover faster, and if they have a second child or three children at an older age, they need to carefully consider whether the body can bear it. 

How many children are born by Bao Dad Bao Ma decided, but I hope that when every child arrives, the parents can give them the best care and be a serious and responsible parent.

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