Some of the baby’s small movements while sleeping are a manifestation of a well-developed brain. Does your baby have it?

Some of the baby’s small movements while sleeping are a manifestation of a well-developed brain. Does your baby have it? 

When babies are in their infancy, their brains are in a stage of rapid development. The little guys constantly get stimuli from the surrounding environment, and the neural network in the brain is gradually enriched. At this stage, if parents can give proper guidance, it will be very helpful for the baby’s intelligence improvement. In addition, in this process, there will be some small actions that parents “don’t understand” on the little guys. At this time, novice parents must interpret them correctly. 

Bao Ma found The baby laughs when she sleeps, which is very puzzled. The doctor said that the child’s brain is well developed.

Xiao Le is a novice mother, and Xiao Le will look after the baby after she is born. Although the novice Baoma’s life is very busy, seeing the little guy grow up little by little, Xiaole feels very fulfilled. When he is idle, Xiao Le will sit quietly beside the baby, watching the sleeping little one, Xiao Le feels extremely happy. 

One day Xiao Le discovered that the baby would “sneak” while sleeping, which really surprised him. “Is the baby dreaming? Such a small child would actually laugh?” But after thinking about it, Xiao Le worried that this was an uncomfortable performance of the baby. After all, the child was still young and didn’t know how to express it well. So during the physical examination, Xiaole specifically asked the doctor to examine the baby carefully. If there is any problem, find it in time and treat it as soon as possible. After some examinations, the doctor confirmed that the baby is developing well, which really made Xiao Le breathe a sigh of relief. 

The doctor comforted Xiao Le and said, “It’s not easy for the novice mother, but don’t be overly nervous and anxious. The little guy looks good now!” After hearing the doctor say this, Xiao Le quickly found out that the baby The symptom of snickering while sleeping was told, “I don’t know if it’s because of feeling uncomfortable that the baby can’t sleep well?” After hearing Xiao Le’s question, the doctor responded with a smile, “The corner of the baby’s mouth rises when he sleeps. , This shows that their emotional state is good, their brains are well developed, and they are not uncomfortable sleeping at all, so parents don’t need to worry too much.”

When the baby sleeps, what small actions mean that the brain is well developed? 

Some mothers will find that the corners of the baby’s mouth will rise when they are sleeping. This is mainly because the brain cells in the brain are more active when the baby is sleeping. When they are in a more comfortable sleeping environment, they feel They will smile when they are satisfied. This also shows that babies have better brain development and are more sensitive to environmental stimuli. 

Some parents find that the baby is particularly unstable when sleeping, and are often surprised. They even suspect that this is a manifestation of calcium deficiency in the child. In fact, this is just a primitive form of the child. Reflex, this reflex is called the startle reflex. To some extent, this also means that the baby’s brain is well developed, and this reflex will gradually disappear when the baby is 3 to 5 months old. 

People say “three turns and six sits”, which means that the baby will turn over when he is three months old and sit alone when he is six months old. However, some parents will find that their children want to turn over before they are three months old. In fact, this is actually the baby trying to turn over, and this is not an abnormal behavior. The performance of the baby’s physical coordination ability also means that the baby’s brain is well developed. 

For infants For babies of this age, what can parents do to help their brain development? 

In the infant stage, the little guys spend a lot of time sleeping. In the sleep state, the baby’s brain is still in a state of rapid development, so letting the baby sleep well will improve their intelligence and Brain development is very beneficial. Creating a suitable sleeping environment for babies can make them sleep more peacefully. 

In daily life, the interaction between parents and their babies also has certain benefits for their brain development. Although babies’ understanding and expression skills are very limited at this time, they are digesting and absorbing external environmental stimuli all the time. Interesting parent-child communication and parent-child interaction are of great benefit to children’s brain development. 

In the infant stage, parents should also pay more attention to the daily nutritional intake of their children. Try to extend the time of breastfeeding as much as possible, which is more helpful for the baby’s brain development. In addition, appropriate supplementary foods are added to ensure a balanced and comprehensive nutrition, which can make adequate preparations for the baby’s brain development. 

In addition, it is worth mentioning that when babies are in the infant stage, the development of their big movements will be faster or slower, and different children will show different behaviors. However, As long as it is within the normal range, parents do not need to be too forceful. Mastering scientific parenting methods can promote the baby’s brain development. After the mother’s confinement period, it will cause family conflicts. Who is more suitable to serve the confinement period?

It is also a particularly important stage for a woman to confinement after giving birth. If the confinement period is not good, Bao Ma It is easy to leave sequelae, and there will be a series of physical problems in the later period. Therefore, it is very important for Baoma to choose who will take care of her confinement period. If you choose the right one, you can spend the confinement period happily. If you choose the wrong one, you may not only suffer from your mother and children, but the whole family will probably be affected. 

When Xiaoya was pregnant, she began to think about confinement. A friend told her that confinement is very important. You must choose the person closest to you to take care of confinement, so that you can be more comfortable. So Xiaoya discussed with her mother during her pregnancy and asked her to help her confinement after she gave birth. Her mother was also distressed and Xiaoya agreed. Later, after Xiaoya gave birth, her mother promised to travel and follow Xiaoya. Take care of confinement at home. 

Xiaoya thought that by letting her mother take care of the confinement, she could easily get through this stage, but Xiaoya didn’t expect her mother to come and stir her family! Xiaoya’s husband and mother-in-law are in formal units, and her mother-in-law is not yet at the age of retirement, so she is usually busy at work and can’t take care of Xiaoya and the children, so her mother also feels distressed for Xiaoya and mumbles in her ears all day long. The mother-in-law and husband are not, Xiaoya will naturally complain about her husband and mother-in-law if she listens too much. 

In this way, during the period of taking care of her confinement, her mother succeeded in stiffening the relationship between Xiaoya, her husband and her mother-in-law. Xiaoya complained that her husband and mother-in-law didn’t care for herself, while her husband and mother-in-law complained that Xiaoya was not sensible. Anyway, although her mother was by her side during the whole confinement period and took care of her very carefully, Xiaoya did not seem to be very comfortable. 

Actually, Xiaoya is just one of the epitome of many families. Some women let their biological mothers take care of them after giving birth. They thought they could sit comfortably for confinement, but they didn’t expect things to be different. As simple as I imagined. Regarding who should be served by women during confinement, there are actually pros and cons, as long as Mommy wants to be clear about what she wants. 

Some women choose to let their mother-in-law take care of the confinement after giving birth. Of course, there is no problem. The mother-in-law will take care of her grandchildren and grandchildren with all her heart. In addition, taking care of the confinement can also give her mother-in-law experience. The mother-in-law’s hard work, the later mother-in-law can also understand her. Of course, mother-in-law taking care of confinement also has some disadvantages. After all, mother-in-law is not her own mother, and some things are not as convenient as her own mother. Therefore, if mother-in-law can take care of confinement, it will not be a big problem if Bao Ma can adapt. 

Some women may choose to let their mothers take care of the confinement after giving birth. In this way, if there is anything they want to eat, their mothers will be satisfied as much as possible. Moreover, their mothers can not only take good care of the mother, but also take care of them. Take good care of your child, after all, you don’t have to be polite with your own mother. 

But when a mother comes to take care of her confinement, we must also consider that some mothers are easy to feel sorry for their daughters. If you don’t live with your daughters, you don’t know. If you live with your daughters, you will be prone to conflicts. In the family turmoil, if you are not particularly happy with your in-laws, it is best not to let your mother come to serve the confinement. 

Of course, some parturients will not let their mother-in-law or their mothers after giving birth, but choose their own husband. Of course, if the husband is reliable, he can help the parturient, talk to the parturient, and accompany the child. On the one hand, it can enhance the feelings between husband and wife, and on the other hand, it can cultivate the feelings between father and child. 

But if the husband is not very reliable, I suggest that Mommy should consider it carefully. After all, the confinement period is still very important. If you do not do well in the late confinement period, no one can replace it in the future. Suffer yourself. 

Of course, wealthy families may not have so many troubles. They will directly ask professional confinement sisters to take care of the confinement. It is some scientific method, under the care of professional confinement sisters, mother and child can spend the confinement period happily. But this is not realistic for ordinary families. After all, it is not a small expense to hire a concubine now. Some families are already in a tight life. Where can there be money to ask a concubine! 

Therefore, the reality faced by each family is different. You can choose according to the actual situation of the family. Of course, your mother must be psychologically prepared before making a choice, so that when there is a problem, you will be caught off guard. No matter who chooses to take care of the confinement period, Bao Ma try not to get angry during the confinement period, because her anger affects not only her body, but also her baby. The bad emotions in the body of Bao’s mother will be transmitted to the baby’s body through milk, and the baby’s emotions are also easy to be irritable, so for the baby’s health, Bao’s mother must do a good job of confinement.

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