Some foreign names are banned from being child names because they are used so much. Netizens: Can Zihan be banned in China?

Some foreign names are banned from being child names because they are used so much. Netizens: Can Zihan be banned in China? 

Some foreign names are banned from being child names because they are used so much. Netizens: Can Zihan be banned in China? 

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After a child is born, naming them is both troublesome and happy for parents. , There are not many literate people of the older generation, so when they choose their names, they especially follow the trend. 

The younger generation nowadays not only have a relatively high level of education, but they also come into contact with many new things. In terms of naming, they may have many novel ideas. 

The name is “Spring and Autumn and Warring States” “The boy’s name is on fire, and the rights of the child’s name are controversial.

For example, a boy’s name became hot not long ago. He was named “Spring and Autumn and Warring States” by his parents. Discord with the mother’s last name. 

Such a unique and domineering name, I don’t know what kind of brainy parents can take it out. 

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Some netizens think that this name is very good, very special, and especially attracts people’s attention. 

Some netizens expressed disapproval:

“Parents are too casual. They like special names. Why don’t you change them? What if their children don’t like it. Do?”

“Have you ever thought that children will be laughed at when they grow up? There may be many inconveniences.”

“Hopefully when the country can regulate the naming, some weird ones will prohibit parents from taking it to protect the rights of children.”

These netizens who oppose the suggestion is still very pertinent. The child’s name does have a great influence, but although There is no requirement for names in our country. Apart from the inability to use numbers and symbols, there is no other emphasis. 

But some countries There are rules for names, and many common names may be banned. 

France: Peanut Butter and Strawberry

A pair of French parents used the Italian peanut butter brand name Nutella for their daughter, and thought that the name was very special. 

However, the girl received a lot of ridicule at school, and almost had a psychological problem. The French couple eventually changed the name of the child. 

This is the same as people who accidentally took Alipay and are still being laughed at. 

The French government also stipulates , No more peanut butter for children. 

Strawberry cannot be used as the name because it is similar to an uncivilized word with similar pronunciation. 

Sweden: Ikea (IKEA)

Ikea, a well-known brand from all over the world, is regulated by the government not to be used to name children. In addition, Metallica, Elvis, Superman Other brand names cannot be used either. 

Germany: mint, stone

Everyone knows that Germans are more strict, but they did not expect that they are more serious in naming their children. 

Because I think the name peppermint will make children laughed at, so I don’t let it be used; I also think that stone is an object and cannot be used as a child’s name or parents. 

Besides, they It is not allowed to use other names that are offensive and obviously cannot be used as children’s names. Such as items, products, brand names. 

Iceland: Camilla, Carolina, etc.

Iceland’s naming rules are very strict. They have a special name list. The name parents give to their children needs to be on it, if not among them , You need to apply for approval. 

But the rules are also very complicated. For example, the syntax and structure of the new name need to comply with the regulations. 

Because there is no C, Q, W in their alphabet, Camilla cannot be used. Some parents wanted to take this for their children, and finally changed to Kamilla. 

Mexico: Terminator

When “Terminator” became popular all over the world, some of its Mexican fans became parents and named their children “Terminator”. 

Because the child with this name Too many, so the government ordered to stop it. 

In this regard, some Chinese netizens felt that the Chinese government would also block some names, such as “Zihan”, “Zixuan”, “Haoran” and so on. 

After five years, the number of these names has been increasing rapidly. You can think of the probability of the same name in the class in the future. 

Furthermore, the names are collided a lot, and they are often ridiculed, which also affects the children’s mental health. 

Parents give their children a name, Consider the baby’s thoughts more.

From the names sealed by foreign governments, it can be seen that a name has a great impact on a baby’s life and study. 

Too much repetition, unpleasant homophony, the same name as well-known brands, things, etc., and too special names may have a negative impact on the baby. 

It is not the parents’ own business to name the child. After naming it, it will completely affect the child. Therefore, it is best to be calm and cautious. It is hard to give up a name. It is better to change it for yourself or have a pet. . 


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Touching these 3 parts of your baby before going to bed will not only make you “sweet” as you sleep, but also promote brain development

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For many parents, the most difficult thing on the way to raising a baby is to coax their children Went to bed. In their hearts, a baby who sleeps well and sleeps well is an angel. 

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And the sleeping scum babies of their own are too “grinding”: they become very excited at night, they must be coaxed and hugged by the parents before they are willing to go to bed, the outside voice is slightly louder Was awakened at one point. 

Although it is very common for babies to have poor sleep, parents still have to find out the reasons to make life easier for themselves and their children. 

Baby becomes “sleeping scum”, generally there are the following reasons

▼ The coming of sleep regression

When the baby is 4 months old , There may be a phenomenon of sleep regression. Many parents will find that their children’s sleep is obviously very regular, but suddenly they don’t sleep well. 

This is actually the baby developing In the process, the sleep mode is gradually mature. They change from the previous baby sleep mode to the adult sleep mode, and suddenly they don’t know how to sleep. 

If the parents adopt the method of coaxing to sleep at this time, the baby may think that he can only fall asleep through the embrace of his parents, so he will become a nap scum. 

▼ Physically uncomfortable

If the baby eats too much, has indigestion in the stomach, or eats too cold, etc., it may cause physical discomfort, difficulty falling asleep, and crying disturbed. 

▼ I want the company of my parents

Some babies are too dependent on their parents and must be accompanied by them to fall asleep. Such babies may feel less secure. 

However, there are too many reasons why babies don’t like to sleep. Inexperienced parents can’t tell the difference, but don’t be too anxious. But try to touch these three parts of their body before going to bed, which will not only help the baby Falling asleep may also make it smarter and better. 

◆ Head

Scientists have done experiments with mice. The brains of mice licked on their head by mother mice release oxytocin to help reduce stress and stabilize sleep , And a mouse without a mother licking it will be anxious. 

The same is true for babies who can be touched by their mothers. They will not feel anxious or irritable before going to bed and can fall asleep better. 

Furthermore, if parents gently touch their children’s head, they can also promote the development and connection of their brain nerves, stimulate the development of the brain, and make them smarter. 

◆ Abdomen

The baby’s stomach has not yet developed well. Novice parents’ wrong feeding will always make them feel uncomfortable in the abdomen at night and unable to fall asleep. Parents can help the baby rub the stomach before going to bed to promote digestion and stabilize their emotions. 

Stroke method: Move the palm from the baby’s right lower abdomen to the left lower abdomen, avoiding the navel. 

◆ Limbs

If babies keep lying and sitting for a long time, the blood in the body will inevitably circulate more slowly. Before going to bed, parents can help them massage their limbs to promote blood in the body The circulation and physical development of the body will not feel uncomfortable when sleeping at night, so you can sleep better. 

Extended reading: Common sleep problems for babies

Parents will encounter various problems when they bring their babies. Now here are a few common problems for parents. Come to an answer. 

“Baby One What should I do if I wake up when I put it down?”

This may be that the parents’ hug can bring the children a sense of security, or it may be that the parents’ hug makes them feel safe during the child’s sleep change period. Developed the wrong consciousness. 


Put the baby on the bed when he feels sleepy and half asleep, and cultivate the habit of falling asleep on his own. It should be placed gently and smoothly, so as not to wake them up because of the feeling of weightlessness. 

“Let the baby play for one day during the day, can you sleep well at night?”

In fact, the child’s sleep cycle is short, and the length of sleep each day is very long. Sleep time at night is not enough, so it needs to be combined with daytime sleep. 

And the habits of babies and adults It is also very different. Adults may want to sleep when they are tired, and babies may become very sensitive and excited when they are very tired, which is particularly difficult to coax well. 


Parents can start trying to sleep by themselves when they have just experienced fatigue, such as yawning, rubbing their eyes, or losing energy. 

“What should I do if my baby sleeps during the day and makes trouble at night?”

A newborn baby cannot distinguish between day and night. It may be caused by the behavior of the parents. They developed such a biological clock. 


When children sleep during the day, they don’t need to dim the surrounding light. The secretion of melatonin can make them sleep well, but The baby forms a biological clock that reverses day and night. 

You can also differentiate between day and night by eating, such as feeding more during the day and feeding less at night. Return to Sohu to see more

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