Sleeping with your child is very important, and it may affect his future personality. Parents should pay attention to it.

Sleeping with your child is very important and may affect his future character. Parents should pay attention to it.

It is very important to sleep with the child and may affect his future character. Parents should pay attention to it.

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When children are young, many parents choose to sleep with them in order to better take care of their children. If they don’t have time, they will Let the elders help. 

What parents don’t know is , Sleeping with a child is not just as simple as taking care of it, there is still a long time to get along with each other. Therefore, the person who sleeps with the child may have different effects on their personality. 

▶ Parents accompany their children to sleep

It is written in “Sears Intimate Parenting Encyclopedia” that if parents accompany their children to sleep, the baby can sleep better, and both parents and children can get it. With good sleep, the baby may also grow better. 

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These benefits will help parents and children establish a good parent-child relationship, so that children feel the sense of security given by their parents, and they may become more confident, cheerful, and lively. 

However, sleeping with adults for a long time, and not using them to develop an independent character, may become more dependent on their parents when they grow up. 

▶ The elderly accompany their children to sleep

Some elderly people are more attentive and have more experience in parenting, and they may take better care of their babies at night. But if some old people spoil their children and give them more indulgence when they sleep at night, they may develop bad sleep habits. 

Repeated obedience can also make children become very self-willed, and their elders have full authority to take care of their lives, and it will destroy their ability to take care of themselves and be independent. 

▶ The child sleeps alone


Baby sleeping alone is really good for them to develop an independent character. 

But if they are too young to sleep in a separate room without their parents for the rest of the time, they may feel that they are not valued, feel lack of love, and their personality will become more indifferent. The parent-child relationship with the parents is also relatively poor. 

In the formation of the child’s character and In terms of parent-child relationship, it can be seen that there are actually pros and cons for an adult to sleep with a child. And research shows that if an adult sleeping with a child appears, it may cause sleep-related damage to the child, and in severe cases, it will affect life. 

So relevant organizations in various countries gave their own suggestions:

In 2016, the American Academy of Pediatrics issued relevant suggestions. When children are 0~1 years old, Parents can sleep in the same room with their children, but it is best not to share the same bed. After feeding, they should also be placed in their own bed. 

2017 The former Health and Family Planning Commission of my country also issued a sleep guide for young children, which is roughly the same as the recommendations of the American Pediatric Association. 

But when children are 1 to 3 years old, they should gradually get used to sleeping alone in a small bed. Families with conditions can let them sleep in a room alone. 

But it is best to let the child sleep in a separate room. The American Academy of Pediatrics has also investigated the baby’s sleep time. 

Studies have shown that if babies over nine months of age are still in the same room with their parents, their sleep time will be an average of 45 minutes less than when they are not in the same room. 

If parents Worrying about your child sleeping alone will make him feel insecure, and you can make up for them elsewhere. 

✔ Participate

Parents can participate more in their children’s lives and games. When they play by themselves, paying attention and being with them can also make them feel very happy and feel that they are being Valued. 

When participating in children’s games Parents should also pay attention not to control them with their own thoughts. They can be a supporting role and listen to their children’s thoughts and act as listeners in the process of playing. 

✔ Respond

Young children may not be able to fully express their emotions and needs, and will only gain attention through tantrums and crying. Therefore, it is more important for parents to fully understand their children. 

If parents can correctly judge every cry of their children and give a quick and accurate response, they may have a great sense of trust in their parents and thus gain a sense of security. 

But the response is not to indulge. When the baby’s request is unreasonable, he still needs to point it out and guide them in the right direction. 

✔ Gentle

Although children have poor cognitive abilities, they can still distinguish the emotions of adults. Although children forget what happened around the age of 3, their bodies still have deep memories of their parents’ emotions. 

Parents who are impatient with their children can find that their children will alienate them when they grow up. Parents who can give their children tender love make their children feel warm and safe subconsciously. If you lose your memory, you will still be attached to your parents. 


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The three types of foods are easy to damage the children’s spleen and stomach, and many parents are still feeding them, and they don’t know it.

Diet is related to baby’s nutrition and health, Elements closely related to physical development. 

Writer: Muzi

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In the growth process of children, a healthy and reasonable diet is very important. What does the baby eat every day, It is related to the types of nutrients the body takes in, and it is also related to the baby’s gastrointestinal digestion, body growth and development. 

As a parent, you should learn more about your child’s diet, so that your child can grow up healthily through dietary conditioning. 

Case: Bao’s mother added complementary foods, which caused the baby to have diarrhea

Xiao Zhao’s baby is more than 10 months old and has tasted the taste of various complementary foods such as vegetables, fruits, meat, etc. The little guy is interested in eating complementary foods It was also very thick, so Xiao Zhao was thinking about adding new ingredients to the baby. 

When I returned to my hometown some time ago, Xiao Zhao’s friend sent a jar of honey, which is said to be made purely natural, with a mellow taste and high nutritional content. Therefore, Xiao Zhao will be there every time he makes a fruit supplement for the baby. Add half a spoon of honey to it. 

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Unexpectedly, after a few days, the baby will start to have diarrhea and often cry because of abdominal pain. Xiao Zhao and his wife were frightened. They thought that the fruit used as a complementary food was not clean, so they hurriedly took the baby to the hospital, only to realize that it was because of honey. 

The doctor said that babies under 1 year of age cannot eat honey. At this time, the baby’s gastrointestinal function is weak, and the botulinum bacterium contained in honey can easily cause food poisoning. 

In fact, it is not only these, but also some home-cooked foods, which the baby eats will also cause damage to the intestines and stomach, thus affecting its own growth and development. 

These three kinds of “pit baby food” can easily overwhelm the child’s spleen and stomach

▲Nutrition broth

Many parents worry that their children’s nutrition will not keep up, which will affect their growth and development, so they give them every day. The most common way for children to supplement nutrition is to stew various nutrient broths for children to drink. 

However, although most nutrient broths are rich in nutritional value, there are often more condiments. Children’s spleen and stomach are very fragile. If you drink nutrient broth regularly, it will not only be difficult to absorb the nutrients, but will increase the burden on the spleen and stomach. , Affecting digestion, resulting in the consequences of food accumulation. 

▲Soup rice

Many parents will add some soup to the rice in order to let the children eat more rice. This way, the rice will be more flavorful and the children will love it more. 

But in fact, this approach is incorrect. 

When children eat soup with rice, most of them do not go through the teeth to chew and enter the stomach directly. In this way, the child will not absorb sufficient nutrients, and it is easy to damage the child’s stomach. 

▲Fruit juice, vegetable juice

Many parents see that their children don’t like to eat vegetables, and worry that their children lack vitamins and cause nutritional imbalances, which will affect their children’s growth and development. Therefore, they will boil vegetables into soup and think This is more conducive to the child’s digestion and absorption. 

However, boiling vegetables in water will destroy the nutrients in the vegetables, and the vegetable soup will have a strong flavor, which will affect the child’s appetite. 

Similarly, although fruits have high nutritional value, are rich in vitamins and trace elements, which are beneficial to health, if the fruit is squeezed out, the nutritional content will be greatly reduced, and the fruit juice contains The sugar content is high, and the child is prone to gain weight after long-term drinking. 

Furthermore, if the child develops the habit of drinking vegetable soup and fruit juice, he will not even be used to drinking boiled water in the future, and it will feel that boiled water is tasteless. 

Precautions for baby’s winter diet

• The intake of high-protein and high-fat foods should be appropriate

Many parents believe that intake of high-protein and high-fat foods in winter can help babies resist cold weather. 

But in fact, this concept is wrong. 

Studies have shown that the ability required by the human body in winter is not much different from other seasons. In cold weather, the body’s endocrine system will be mobilized, so that the heat generated in the body will increase, and there is no need to consume too many high-protein and high-fat foods. 

• Vitamin supplement

In winter, the climate is cold and dry, the body’s oxidation function is strengthened, and the body’s vitamin metabolism also undergoes significant changes, prone to dry skin. 

Therefore, parents can allow their children to eat more foods rich in vitamins to enhance immunity and prevent angular cheilitis. 

• Eat more foods containing inorganic salts

Research shows that inorganic salts can effectively help the human body resist the cold, and the lack of inorganic salts can make people feel cold. 

Therefore, for the sake of the child’s body, parents should consciously let their children eat more foods containing inorganic salts. 

• Eat more hot foods

In winter, the weather is cold. Parents should take care to keep their children from eating raw and cold foods to avoid irritating the intestines and stomach, causing abdominal pain and diarrhea. 

In short, the winter diet should be based on hot food. Return to Sohu to see more

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