Sleep for 5 minutes to coax one hour of sleep, what should parents do when facing the “waking up” baby?

Sleep for 5 minutes to coax one hour of sleep, what should parents do when facing the “waking up” baby? 

Before becoming a mother, many mothers would find it easier to bring a baby. After all, the little guy’s daily life is much less than that of adults, except for eating and sleeping. 

After the baby is actually born, novice mothers will find that the road of parenting is full of “thorns”. Take sleep-sleeping as an example, I don’t know how many parents start to squeeze their hair for it. . 

I believe that parents have had a similar experience, that is, in the process of coaxing the baby to sleep, you finally feel that they are quiet, when they should be asleep, but when you look closely, you find that the child is awake It’s incredible. 

And when you sleep for an hour, Feeling that the baby has fallen asleep and wants to put the little one back in the crib, they will soon open their eyes groaningly, telling you everything with behavior, you have to start all over again, this is really “sleep for 5 minutes” “Sleep for an hour” is a typical representative. 

So what should parents do in the face of such a “waking up” baby? In fact, before solving this problem, we must first know why this happens. 

It’s difficult to coax to sleep and wake up when there is a sound. Why do “landing wake” babies appear?

Generally, there are “landing wakes” babies, mainly because the sleeping time is longer than that of children of the same age, and it is easy to appear after changing the sleeping environment Humbling, restless sleep, or waking up and other traits, but in fact there are reasons why children have such “scumbag” behavior. 

▼The baby will miss the original sleep after birth Environment

When the child is in the mother’s belly, it is surrounded by amniotic fluid, and there will be some noisy sounds around, and after the baby is born, although the crib has a large space, the child does not need legs or feet Curled up again, but they still miss the original sleeping environment. 

When the mother hugs them to sleep, the strength of the arm will form support, allowing them to find the “familiar rhythm”, so the little guy feels more comfortable in the parents’ arms, so he changes sleep “Land Awakening” will only appear in the environment. 

▼Parents give their children a hug The habit of

Some parents love their children on weekdays, and they like to hug their children for a walk back and forth. Even when they sleep, they will take the form of hug sleep. 

If things go on like this, the child develops the wrong sleep habits, gets used to being held in the arms of his parents, and then changes to the environment, the situation of “waking up” will appear. 

▼Environmental changes cause “startle reactions”

Mum’s arms are strong and warm, but if the temperature in the bedroom is not enough, and the child is suddenly placed in the crib, they will feel the surrounding temperature drop, which will cause a “startle response”. 

In addition, if the baby is in a light sleep state, changes in the external environment can easily make the baby wake up. 

To make bringing a baby easier, parents can use 4 tips to deal with waiting for the baby to enter a deep sleep state before acting

Generally, children will enter a deep sleep state 15 to 20 minutes after falling asleep. At this time, the baby’s body is more relaxed, and it is also affected by changes in the external environment. Not sensitive. 

So at this time, parents can gently place their children on the bed. It is recommended to put their legs first and then their upper body, so that the baby will not wake up easily. 

You should also pay attention to methods when you sleep.

If parents find The baby often wakes up due to changes in the external environment, so you can put a small blanket under the baby in advance when sleeping, so that even if the subsequent mother puts the baby back in the crib, they will not be affected by the temperature difference. wake up. 

The “startle response” can be helped by swaddling

Small-month-old babies have not yet fully developed their physical abilities, so they may suddenly stretch their hands and kick their legs in their sleep, and then cry loudly. In fact, this is an external form of “startle response.” 

In order to prevent the child from waking up from sleep Then, parents can use swaddling to help. After simply wrapping the children, they will feel safer in their mother’s stomach and sleep more sweetly. 

Good sleep habits must not be less.

In addition, parents should try not to take breast-sleeping and coaxing methods when coaxing them to sleep, so as to avoid letting them form bad habits. It’s also a good way for parents to try to put their babies next to them, and then coax them to sleep next to them. Studies have shown that most children with high IQs have several bad habits, and parents should not rush to correct them

As parents, it should be clear that most children’s IQs are almost the same, but it is undeniable. Some children do have a higher level of natural intelligence, and it will be reflected in daily life. Unfortunately, many parents do not realize this. 

For example, in the process of raising children, many parents will lament that when their children reach a certain age, they seem to have become “bear children”. Not talking about mischief, and often disobeying the parents’ discipline, which makes parents very troublesome. 

But in fact, this may be the child’s “high Parents should not rush to correct the performance of “IQ”. 

Demolition and littering of things, children’s “trick or treat” performance makes parents feel tired.

Jingjing’s children are especially naughty. When they were young, they liked tearing papers, throwing things, and doing sabotage. When I was able to walk, I started running around turning things around. 

After Jingjing’s children go to kindergarten, they still don’t let parents and teachers worry about it. The toys distributed in the kindergarten and other children play honestly, but Jingjing’s children are willing to do damage, so Jingjing often receives complaints from teachers. 

Usually children are at home and throw toys everywhere. More importantly, he often plays with electronic products of parents. Jingjing does not want children to watch electronic products, but children can play with them anyway. It’s plain and clear. 

So often, Jingjing treats children Love and angry. Especially when she saw the mess with her children at home, Jingjing felt very tired. 

A psychologist’s research has shown that most children with high IQ will have a few bad habits in childhood.

“Genius Children-A Guide to Scientifically Cultivating Children” The book suggests that children with high IQ have signs to follow before they are 5 years old. 

So the “bad habits” in Bao Ma’s eyes are usually a manifestation of the high IQ of the children in the family, and parents don’t need to rush to correct them. 

▼I keep talking in my parents’ ears, like a small talk

“Multiple Intelligence Theory” by psychologist Gardner “The human intelligence is divided into 8 independent intelligence components, the first of which is linguistic intelligence. 

If the child shows signs of speaking earlier , Or when the parent communicates with the child, the child can quickly understand and react, it can show that he is very smart. 

▼I like to scribble on the walls, very creative

Psychologist Terman has done a follow-up test of more than 1,000 children with high IQ. From these children 11 From age, follow up to middle-aged and elderly people. 

The tracking results found that those children with relatively high levels of intelligence have one thing in common-they have super creativity. 

So when parents find that their children like to When graffiti on the wall, it may be a very creative expression, which needs attention from the mothers. 

▼The demolition ability is not weaker than the “husky” trickster

People who own pet dogs call the husky as the demolition master, and the destructive power of the child who dismantles the house Not inferior to Husky. 

If your child also shows extreme Strong hands-on ability or transformation ability, then congratulations, he may be a child with high IQ. 

▼The ability to observe small things

Children with strong observation skills tend to have a high degree of concentration. They can devote themselves to certain things, and they can also focus on small things. Make patient observations. 

This is something that many ordinary children don’t have Traits, if parents find that their children have good observation skills, they must cultivate them carefully. 

Children’s high IQ performance is reflected in the details. Parents find that one should be carefully guided

Many parents envy those children with high IQ and call them “children of other people’s families”, but in fact, Although there are certain genetic factors for children’s innate IQ levels, they are inseparable from acquired cultivation. 

If parents find that their children have the above special Characteristics, we should guide carefully and encourage children to explore as much as they want, instead of attacking their nature through words. “Girl, take care of you and give your brother a house.” The 65-year-old mother’s words are speechless

Although we live in a modern society, there are still some traditional ideas left over from our ancestors that will affect us. The most influential one is naturally the patriarchal thought. It can only be said that this kind of thinking is really deep-rooted, especially in the hearts of the older generation. 

Xiao Li’s mother is not very old. She is just 65 years old this year. She is quite healthy, but she has begun to arrange her own pension problems. 

She has a son and a daughter, but after a family meal, she just said to her daughter, which is Xiao Li: Girlfriend, you come to raise me, and the house is for your brother. 

Xiao Li never thought that his mother would say If this is the case, although my mother has always been partial to her younger brother since she was a child, it has never been so obvious. 

So she was a little stunned at the time. Mom thought she didn’t hear clearly, so she said it again, her tone seemed to have a hint of command. 

Originally, Xiao Li, who was still talking and laughing, was completely angry. She said that as a child, she certainly has the obligation to support the elderly. Even if the elderly did not make demands on her, when her mother really needed someone to take care of her, I will naturally not back down. 

But now the elderly choose this method to require She put all the pressure of supporting the elderly on her own body. What made her even more unacceptable was the last sentence, giving the house to her brother. 

Although Xiao Li doesn’t care about this, her mother’s obvious partiality makes it difficult for her to accept it. 

It is indeed speechless to say such a sentence from your biological parents. Who is to blame? Is it the old man’s eccentricity, or the feudal thought at work. 

But no matter what, parental bias is very harmful to children. 

What harm does parental eccentricity do to children? 

Form a pleasing personality

No matter how good they are, the person who is not paid attention to by parents is worthless in the eyes of parents. They don’t understand why their parents like other children and don’t like themselves, so they will find reasons in themselves. 

In order to get the attention of their parents, they would rather be wronged to please their parents. Such a child is a typical pleased child, and will only hurt himself in the end. 

Influencing the character of the child

When the parent is obviously biased towards one of the children, the child must be able to feel it. 

Relying on parents’ love of themselves, children They will become arrogant and arrogant. They are accustomed to accepting the protection of their parents and relying on their parents. Of course, they feel that all this is what they deserve. 

So when they grow up, it is naturally difficult to be grateful and difficult to develop well. 

Influencing children’s feelings

Same children, of course, also hope to get the care of their parents. Brothers and feet should respect and love each other, but when the parents are obviously partial, they are ignored Naturally, resentment is in the heart of children. 

They will not only vent this resentment on their parents, leading to the alienation of the parent-child relationship, but also attribute all their dissatisfaction to the other’s existence, affecting brotherhood. 

What should children do with eccentric parents? 

Learn to communicate with parents

Parental eccentricity itself is a wrong behavior, because children are their own flesh and blood, and parents have the responsibility and obligation to let their children grow better. 

If you find that your parents’ partiality is obvious after your child grows up, you might as well communicate with your parents directly to let them know that they also desire to be taken seriously, and let them realize the harm that partiality brings to themselves. 

Learn to understand parents

While expressing their emotions, children should also learn to understand their parents properly. After all, parents are in a different era from ours, so some concepts have been deeply imprinted in their minds, and it is really difficult to change them. 

Children can help parents form a little bit of correct cognition. Of course, if parents can’t do it, then don’t have too much resentment towards their parents. 

Do your responsibilities

No matter how partial the parents are, as children, they should still fulfill their responsibilities and assume the duty of supporting their parents. After all, even the most eccentric parents have nurtured themselves. Just to repay this kind of nurturing, the child should also become a responsible and responsible person.

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