Should you stay with your baby when life is difficult? The tough parents were defeated by reality

Should you stay with your baby when life is difficult? The tough parents at the time were defeated by reality.

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Whether it is rural or urban, many young people Everyone has the experience of being left behind. However, compared with children in cities, who can still meet their parents after get off work, children in rural areas are obviously more pitiful:

They see their parents less often each year, and it may be because Grandparents have no ability to raise children, and they have a harder life. 

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Because they did not get along with their parents and received a good education when they were young, they left a lot of regrets. Nowadays, some young couples have children, although they can’t take care of them and live by themselves. I have to work hard, and I also tend to bring my children by my side. 

However, it would be better for the child to work harder and bring the child around. Is it good for the child? 

Many mothers said: “If you do it again, it is better to hand over the children to parents-in-laws.”

The baby became a “left-behind child”

Xiao Ma and her husband have been working in the big city. When they had a child, they hesitated: “I don’t know whether to choose to work in a big city or stay in my hometown. , Take care of the children by the way.”

After thinking about it again and again, they think that the wages in big cities are higher, and that saving a little can save more money for the children’s future. First, give the children to their parents-in-laws and take them over after they settle down. 

But after three years of taking the newly weaned child to the mother-in-law, the pony can’t stand it. The mother-in-law doesn’t bring a baby at all. She only knows how to play cards every day, and then let the child play with other children everywhere. 

The child who was white and fat before is now thin and short, with dirty and dull skin, and can’t count the basics. 

So Xiao Ma forcibly took the child to take care of him, but the couple made a living by working part-time. They didn’t have much rest day and had no time to take care of the child. Apart from preparing three meals for him, other time Keep the baby at home. 

Because there is no local account , Can only spend more money to enroll him in a private kindergarten, life is even harder. 

After some time, Xiao Ma found that the child had become taciturn, not talkative, addicted to TV all day, and had no friends. She also suddenly regretted it, and felt that it might be better to leave the child in his hometown and wait for him to leave her mother-in-law to go to kindergarten, which might be better. 

Many parents don’t know how to choose? 

The “dilemma” is a problem that many parents who leave their children in their hometown to take care of their elders will encounter problems. They can only choose between making money and taking care of their children. 

It may be that the shadow of childhood and external influences have made the idea of ​​”bringing the children around” stronger. But the fact is that parents still don’t have the energy and money to give them more energy and money to bring their children to their side. For a good life, it is better to put them in their hometown. 

Even if you are not with your children Separate urban parents are rarely personally responsible for everything for their children. Most of them balance the time they spend with their children with their elders. They can only get along with their children before going to get off work and during holidays. 

Therefore, parents who live apart from their children need to consider these issues before bringing their children to their side. 

▶ Are the elders willing to follow along? 

If the elders are unwilling to come to help, or their physical conditions do not allow them to come, parents will have to face their safety issues after taking the children over. It is very dangerous to leave the children at home alone. . 

If you take care of yourself, your family will lose a source of income and live a harder life. 

▶ Is there a stable residence Environment and education environment? 

Is the current living environment stable and safe? Will the children face the problem of moving all the time after they live here? 

The most important thing is whether there are suitable schools around for children. Nowadays, many elementary schools and junior high schools are linked to hukou, so you can’t let your children come here in vain and go back because they can’t find a school. 

▶ Can I have time to accompany my children? 

Because there is less work from 9 to 5 and weekends, both husband and wife may have to work more than ten hours a day. After returning home, the body will be extremely exhausted. 

This will prevent them from having time to educate their children, and they may also vent their grievances on their children. Parents will even threaten their children with “If you don’t obey, you will go back.” This is not conducive to the children’s psychology and Physiological healthy growth. 

Sometimes, instead of knowing what to do after giving birth, it’s better to think clearly before giving birth, and consider giving birth in an attitude of being responsible for the child and yourself. It’s best not to The influence of the elders, after all, they are not stakeholders.  “The most beautiful baby” was born and surprised netizens, Don’t worry about other mothers, there are several processes for the baby to become beautiful

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I have seen the newborn Everyone knows that newborn babies have wrinkled skin, reddened all over, and some have no hair yet. It can be said to be like a little old man, very ugly. It often takes a period of change before it can be seen by people. 

But not long ago, a group of babies’ birth photos went viral on the Internet, which broke everyone’s perception of the appearance of newborns. 

The most beautiful baby photos are on fire, and their looks are amazing at a young age

We can see in the photos that this newly born baby already has a very dense Black hair, clear eyebrows, big and bright eyes, and the exposed face is smooth without the wrinkles of other newborns. 

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Just looking at the baby’s current appearance, many netizens have made up for how amazing the children’s looks will be in the future. This newly born baby quickly became popular with a photo. 

Other mothers who are still holding their own “little old man”, are they thinking, when will their babies become good-looking? 

Parents don’t worry too much, because of the physical development of their children, they probably need to be at the full moon before they can look good. During this month, babies’ bodies may undergo the following changes. 

▶ Subcutaneous fat filling

The fat under the skin of newborns only begins to grow in the third trimester. But in order to pass the birth canal smoothly, the fat in their body will not grow very full. Therefore, when first born, the skin looks wrinkled. 

After a month of nutritional supplement , The subcutaneous fat accumulates slowly, and the skin becomes smooth and beautiful. 

▶ The fetal fat on the body has faded

The fetus has been soaked in amniotic fluid. If there is no guarantee on the surface of the skin, it will be soaked. Therefore, a thick layer will appear on the surface of the fetus. Milky white fetal fat. 

The appearance of a newborn baby is also affected by the fetal fat on the skin. 

After 3~4 days of birth, the fetal fat will gradually recede, and the color of their skin will not look different. 

▶ The deformed head is long and round

In order to give birth smoothly, the fetal skull is not completely closed. Therefore, in the process of childbirth, due to the pressure of the birth canal, some babies’ heads will be deformed. 

But after a period of development With the correct sleeping and holding posture, the baby’s head will also round up. 

▶ Skin color becomes normal

Because the skin of newborns is relatively weak, it is easy for the whole body to become red due to the influence of blood vessels and temperature. When their skin gradually thickens, they will return to white. 

Other parents not only care about the appearance of their babies when they are young, they also care about their appearance in the future. 

In general, if the faces of newborns have these characteristics, it means that they may look good when they grow up. 

▶ The baby’s eyes are wrinkled and long

People with big and bright eyes are dominant in appearance, even if the newborn’s eyes are closed, we You can also roughly judge the size of your child’s eyes in the future. 

Those eyes are wrinkled and long Although the baby looks more unsightly than their children at birth, when they open their eyes, parents will find that the children’s eyes may be much larger than other children, and their future looks will be higher. 

▶ Baby’s skin is very red

Newborn’s skin is often red because it is thin and sensitive. Although it looks unsightly now, the redder the skin is Baby, it may become whiter in the future. 

They all say “one white covers the three ugliness”, and they have an advantage over other children in terms of appearance. 

▶ High nose bridge

People nowadays prefer to communicate through photos and videos. People with high nose bridge and small nose may look better or have an advantage when taking pictures. 

Therefore, have a taller The bridge of the nose and a small nose are the dreams of many people. If a baby has such advantages when he is just born, he may also look good in the future. 

▶ The shape of the lips looks good

When a child’s lips look like in the future, one or two can be observed when they are young. The lips look good, and the lower half of a person’s face is Above average. 

But the lips are also an organ with more variables. If children like to breathe through their mouths, have something in their mouths when they are young, or like to hunch back, the shape of their lips may also be affected, so parents must Watch out. 

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