Should the newborn drink water after birth? Bao Ma’s resolute attitude won the doctor’s praise

Should the newborn drink water after birth? Bao Ma’s resolute attitude won the doctor’s praise

After the baby is born, what should I drink in the first bite is to drink breast milk? , Or drink water? 

In the folks, there is a saying that newborns bring their own three-day rations, so they don’t need to be breast-fed, as long as they are fed some water to drink. Is this statement correct? Believe that people who have a bit of normal perception will not think it is correct. In fact, it is not only incorrect, but also very dangerous! 

I remember that there was a survey of a pediatrician doing science popularization to more than a dozen mothers, during which a question was asked, “Do you want to drink water after the newborn is born?” Among the dozen or so mothers, three said that they needed to drink, and the rest said not to drink. The doctor told them that it was correct not to drink, but they continued to ask them why they said so. 

The reason most people give is that breast milk already contains a lot of water, so babies only need to drink breast milk. Will be thirsty. The doctor nodded after hearing it, but a Baoma gave the answer, but the doctor praised it again and again and gave it a thumbs up. The mother not only said the reason why the newborn does not need to drink water, but also gave a time limit for drinking water. According to her, the baby usually does not need to be fed additional water within 6 months, and it can be done after 6 months. Feed some water appropriately. The doctor said that this was the standard answer, and even praised her as the best performing “student”. 

Regarding the question of drinking water for newborns, it is enough to know these two points.

1. If it is not necessary, no need to feed water

As the mother said, Newborn babies do not need to be fed water if they are not necessary. Only after 6 months of age, when the water in breast milk is not enough to cover their needs, a small amount of water is needed. But it also depends on the specific situation. Some babies may not need to be fed water separately within one year of age. After all, they start to eat complementary foods after 6 months. There is also water in the complementary foods. 

2. If you rush to drink water for a newborn, the situation may be very serious.

Many people already know the above truth, but they think that water is harmless to the human body. Even if you accidentally feed water to the newborn, it is not big or small. Therefore, it is not too important to feed or not to feed the water. But this is a big mistake, and it may even lead to serious consequences. This is because the newborn’s organs are not perfect, and the ability to metabolize water is limited. Because there is already enough water in breast milk, if water is fed to him again, it may cause “water intoxication” due to the inability to metabolize in time, which is serious. It can be fatal from time to time, and similar tragedies happen from time to time. 

Let’s finish drinking water first, and then let’s talk about why newborn babies must drink milk at the first bite, preferably breast milk. The main reasons are as follows. 

What does the newborn drink? Breast milk is the best choice

1. Colostrum is more nutritious and helps the newborn’s immunity

After the baby is born, he should be given milk as soon as possible. The so-called “newborn” The saying that “you bring your own three-day ration” is completely wrong, and Bao Ma must not believe it credulously. The reason for taking milk as soon as possible is because the milk secreted by the parturient at this time is called “colostrum”, although its nutritional content is not stable compared with the later “mature milk”, the taste is not very good, and the color is still It is yellowish, but it has higher calories and contains key antibodies, such as immunoglobulin IgG. These antibodies can help babies improve their immunity and prevent them from getting sick. 

2. Early opening is helpful to promote breastfeeding of the parturients

Early opening is not only for the baby’s In addition to health is very important, it is also very helpful for mothers to breastfeed. I believe that many novice mothers will encounter the problem of difficulty in breastfeeding. In fact, the best solution to this problem is to let the baby suck it by himself, instead of eating the so-called “food for breastfeeding” or paying a high price to hire a breastfeeder. As long as your milk pipeline is unobstructed and your lactation ability is normal, the baby will be sucked, and the milk will be released quickly, and the more you suck. So let the newborn speak early, so that the baby can have more rations in the next time. 

3. Prevent babies from hypoglycemia

Why do people say that “newborns bring their own three-day rations”? A very important reason is that many newborns can indeed be hungry for three days without accident, but there are still a small number of babies who will have symptoms such as neonatal jaundice or hypoglycemia. This is because newborns who do not start milk in time will continue to consume glycogen in their liver. Once the consumption is almost complete, the baby will enter a state of hypoglycemia, and the immune system will be greatly weakened, so there is a higher probability of suffering from jaundice. Common diseases such as newborns. 

So, after the baby is born, Bao’s mother must let him start breastfeeding as soon as possible. If possible, it’s best to feed him the milk in person, because only breast milk is the best food for the baby. , Not only the most nutritious, but also the safest and healthiest. As for drinking water, everyone only needs to master the following sixteen-character guidelines. If not necessary, do not feed water. After 6 months, feed as needed. 

As long as Baoma can strictly follow the above-mentioned actions, the baby’s health will be greatly guaranteed, and the matter of bringing a baby will become more trouble-free and more at ease. 

The latest height reference table for 21 years, this age group is specially marked, has your child reached the standard?

With the Ministry of Health The latest “Chinese Children’s Growth and Development Reference Standard” was released, in which children aged 0-7 are specially marked. 

Because this stage is a critical period for children’s height development, many parents have begun to compare their children’s height measurement data with the standard. 

For children who have reached the standard, parents are naturally very happy. For children whose height is not up to the standard, parents are extremely anxious, for fear that their children will be “lower” in the future. 

However, experts have also said that as long as parents and children use appropriate methods and grasp the three key stages of children’s growth, it is not difficult to grow taller. 

Ms. Wang has been very anxious recently, because the height of her 5-year-old son now barely reaches 102 cm in the “short” column. 

Recall that I did not cook nutritious food for my son on weekdays, and boiled bone broth at least 3 or 4 meals a week. 

However, there is a big gap between the effect and Ms. Wang’s expectations. Originally, she thought that she paid so much attention to the nutritional balance of her son, and that his son’s height must be at least the standard value, which is about 111.112 cm. 

What’s more, her height is 165 centimeters, and her husband’s height is 181 centimeters. There should be no problem with the son’s height genes. 

In order to find out why her son is not tall, Ms. Wang took her son to the hospital for examination. After the doctor learned about the daily routine of Ms. Wang’s son, he shook his head again and again. 

It turns out that because he likes to play mobile games very much, Ms. Wang’s son can play until 1 o’clock every night before starting to sleep. 

Ms. Wang felt that her son’s energy did not seem to be affected by lack of sleep, so she indulged her son’s habit of playing with his mobile phone or iPad every night before going to bed after 12 o’clock. 

During the daytime, my son also likes to lie on the sofa and play with his mobile phone, and basically does not exercise. However, Ms. Wang felt that her son was not fat, so she did not force him to do some exercise. 

The doctor said that Ms. Wang’s son was originally at a solid foundation stage of height development. If he can’t have enough sleep and exercise, it’s normal for his height to grow slowly. 

Presumably everyone knows that the genetic influence of parents accounts for about 70% of the factors affecting the height of a child. Therefore, many parents ignore the remaining 30% of acquired factors. 

As everyone knows, if the 30% is not well grasped, every important stage of the child’s height development can be fully utilized. Even the 70% genetic advantage of the innate will be affected, which will eventually affect the child’s height! 

the child’s height development What are the three important stages? What should parents do? 

1. The first stage of consolidation of the foundation stage

The consolidation of the foundation stage is mainly between 4 and 6 years old. This is the stage where parents lay a good foundation for the child’s height development. 

Although in this period of time, the growth rate of the child’s height will not be very obvious, but it is an important period for laying a good foundation. 

Only when a good foundation is laid during the consolidation stage, can children be better protected from being restricted in their future height development. 

Consolidating the foundation stage, parents should do this

Cultivate children to develop good eating habits, regular work and rest, and ensure adequate sleep. And don’t develop bad eating habits of picky eaters and partial eclipses, otherwise it is easy to cause malnutrition and affect development. 

It is worth noting that parents should also supervise their children not to eat high-calorie, high-sugar foods, so as not to get overweight and affect height development. 

2. The second stage of rapid height development stage

When a child reaches about 7 years old, he enters the stage of rapid height development until about 16 years old. In this stage, the change of the child’s height is very obvious, which is a change visible to the naked eye. 

Parents should firmly grasp this stage and let their children increase their height as much as possible. 

At the stage of rapid height development, parents should do this.

According to their children’s growth, scientifically and reasonably optimize their children’s diet, maintain a balanced nutrition, and add vitamins to their children. And the right amount of calcium. 

In addition to ensuring nutrition, children should also be urged to exercise more, not only to strengthen the body, but also to promote height. 

3. The third stage of the height growth sprint stage

After the child has passed the rapid height development stage, he will slowly enter the height growth sprint stage, usually after the age of 16. 

In this stage, the child’s height growth rate will be much slower. However, this is also the last chance for children to grow taller. Therefore, parents should pay attention to helping their children to grow taller at this stage. 

In the sprint stage of height growth, parents should do this.

Pay attention to urge children to do some sports, such as basketball, swimming, running, horizontal bars, etc., all of which can enhance the child’s metabolic ability. , Can better absorb nutrients and promote bone development. 

Children have different requirements at different stages of height development. Parents should constantly adjust their children’s diet, amount and methods of exercise, etc. according to their children’s developmental status. 

Of course, in addition to diet and exercise at each stage, we must also pay attention to ensuring adequate sleep, so as to benefit the child’s height development. 

The healthy growth of children is inseparable from the efforts of parents. Only according to the growth of their children, adapt to local conditions, find scientific, reasonable, and applicable methods, and work hard with them, can the children get a higher height and healthier body and mind! 

What have you done so that your children can grow taller? Welcome to leave a message to share!

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