Should the child be the monitor? What parents say has a great impact on children

Should the child be the monitor? Parents’ words have a great impact on children

The neighbor’s child is already in the fourth grade of elementary school. Some time ago, I heard from the neighbor that the child became the class leader. The neighbor was very happy and said that the child’s ability will become stronger in the future. , The neighbor’s child is outgoing. Many children are willing to play with him and listen to his instructions. They are indeed very suitable to be class monitors. 

This reminds me that when I was a child, I asked my mother if I wanted to be the monitor. At that time, my mother told me not to be a monitor, saying that being a monitor would affect my own study. 

Although my mother said that at the time, I think about it carefully. When I was a child, I had a weak personality. Even if I was a class leader, it wouldn’t last long. Whether I was suitable to be a class leader or not depends on different situations and my children. . 

Know what children really think

Some children want Being a class monitor is because of his ability, and teachers and classmates are very optimistic about themselves. Under such circumstances, parents of course have to support. 

However, some children being class leaders are pranks by classmates. After all, the class leaders are voted by classmates. I have heard that bad students ask the whole class to choose an introvert. Classmates serve as monitors for the sake of manipulation in the future, and the children themselves do not want to be. 

In this case, parents should let their children make the right choices, and don’t force them to be class monitors because they are passive. 

According to the child’s ability to consider

Of course, except In addition to the true thoughts of the child, parents must also consider a decisive factor, that is, the child’s ability. 

As the leader of a class, the class leader must not only connect the classmates and the teacher, do what the teacher requires, help the teacher better manage the class, but also build a good relationship with the classmates, so that the class develops harmoniously. These all require certain abilities. I have to admit that some children are really bad at management, and parents know the best of their children’s abilities. 

Develop children’s management skills

If the child is sincere If you want to be a monitor, but your ability is insufficient, then you need parents to cultivate the children’s management ability and help the children realize their wishes. 

To cultivate children’s management skills, children need to be autonomous. Start with managing their own affairs, get in touch with others, understand the different personalities of different people, and learn to behave. 

Cultivate children’s sense of responsibility

In addition to cultivating children’s management skills In addition, we must cultivate the children’s sense of responsibility. After all, the class leader must be responsible to the teacher, to the classmates, and finally to himself. Only with sufficient sense of responsibility can we do everything with our heart and help the teacher manage the class well. Help students learn better and help themselves grow better. 

In fact, every child has a right In the minds of class leaders, parents should consider whether to support their children as class leaders based on their children’s specific circumstances, and don’t let their children miss opportunities and don’t let their children lose confidence in doing things that are not suitable for them. “Fuwa” will choose the time to be born. Those who were born in these stages can be said to be an angel’s reincarnation.

Old people always say that if the child is born at a good and auspicious day, then the child will live in the future. It will be smooth and blessed. Although there is a strong superstition in this, it has to be said that if the little guy is born in a “suitable” time period, their future growth will indeed be happier. So, what exactly are these suitable time periods? 

Come here to share her birth experience: “Fuwa” was born She always picks time, and the baby’s healthy mother also follows the enjoyment.

Nini is a novice mother. Now she has been sitting in her confinement for some time. Recalling this experience, Nini said with emotion,” My baby must have been born by an angel, and she knew she loved her since she was born!”

Nini originally didn’t understand what she said about confinement in her hometown. , I won’t be in confinement after giving birth!” But what Nini didn’t expect was that she was really weak after giving birth. Even if she had a heart to go out to play, her physical condition and physical strength were all right. Can’t keep up. So she said that she didn’t want to confinement, she could only sit in confinement obediently. 

Not long after the child was born, Nini’s mother-in-law said that the child was here to repay. “My baby is really a good-for-nothing baby. I’m too good at picking the time to be born!” Nini didn’t understand her mother-in-law’s words at first, but as the confinement period deepened, Nini felt that her mother-in-law was too right. 

Nini happened to be In autumn, the weather is cool, neither hot nor cold, and there are plenty of seasonal fruits, so Nini’s confinement is very easy. I heard from my friends that I was in the confinement period in time for the summer, “The weather is too hot to eat anything, and I can’t eat cold or use the air conditioner. I feel so bored!”

Hear my friends When we say this, Nini feels even more happy. “It seems that what the mother-in-law said is right. My baby brought blessings to her mother when she was born!” When she said this, Nini was sitting in the living room tasting the seasonal watermelon. Although the mother-in-law said that she could not eat more, but Nini said contentedly, “Autumn melons are so sweet!”

Now, as a person who has come here, Nini spares no effort to Amway’s friends who are preparing for pregnancy and said, “It’s better to catch it in autumn. Give birth to children, adults will not suffer, and children will be happy!”

The baby born in these stages is a proper “fuwa”, it can be said that an angel is reborn! 

1. Babies born in spring and autumn

In spring and autumn, the climate in most parts of my country is more suitable, and babies just after birth are more able to adapt to external environmental stimuli in a short time. At the same time, Bao Ma will be more comfortable during confinement in spring and autumn. This not only helps Baoma’s postpartum recovery, but also has certain benefits for a series of postpartum activities such as breastfeeding. 

2. Family economic stability

After a baby is born, family expenses will inevitably increase. If the family’s economic conditions are stable, parents will have relatively few differences on the issue of raising children. In terms of daily expenses, parents can also provide their children with better material satisfaction and livelihood security as much as possible. 

3. Stable relationship between husband and wife

The birth of a baby is bound to increase the burden of parenting for the entire family. Relatively speaking, women are more likely to enter the role of motherhood. In fact, if the couple’s relationship is stable and a tacit cooperation can be achieved, Bao Dad will be more able to take on the responsibility of taking care of the baby. A reasonable family division of labor is more able to ensure the healthy growth of children. 

After the baby is born, what can novice parents do to make the baby grow happier? 

1. Take the initiative to take the responsibility of raising children.

Nowadays, many families are raising children, and this matter needs the help of the elderly. This also makes some novice parents have a strong dependence on psychology. But raising children cannot be done by others. Only when they take the initiative to take up the responsibility of raising children can they be competent in the role of parents and make babies happier. 

2. Give children more company< /p>

When children are young, they have a strong desire for the company of their parents, which directly determines whether the child’s inner security can be satisfied. Therefore, after the baby is born, even if the parents are busy, they should spend more time with the child. The realization of parent-child companionship is more conducive to the child’s mental development. 

3. Create a harmonious family atmosphere

After the child is born, the couple is facing tremendous parenting pressure, which makes the family atmosphere easy to become tense. Therefore, the couple establish a harmonious communication mode and create a harmonious family atmosphere for the children, so that the children can grow up in a relatively happy atmosphere. 

Whether children can grow up happily? To a large extent depends on the parenting attitude of the parents. Parents have given the little guys life, they should take up the responsibility of nurturing them and ensure that their children grow up healthy and happily. This is the most valuable thing in a parent’s life. What do you share about the birth time of your child?

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