Should the child be taken by grandma or grandma? If you can do these three points, everyone will be the same

Should the child be taken by grandma or grandma? If you can achieve these three points, it will be the same for everyone.

Nowadays, after giving birth to a baby, mothers usually want to return to work quickly, so they hand over the baby to the elderly. Take care. 

However, under such circumstances, young parents will also face a multiple-choice question, which is whether the child should be brought by grandma or grandma? 

If parents don’t have time, the child should be taken by grandma Or let grandma take some better? 

In the group of mothers, different mothers will always talk about their child-rearing troubles, and they will also talk about children’s topics at the same time. 

No, in the community’s mothers’ group, I saw a novice mother’s trouble asking for help. She asked everyone if she didn’t have time to take care of her children and she wanted to go to work, should her grandma take her children? How about grandma? 

But this question got a different answer. 

Mother Moon: My child is taken by my grandmother. I went to work after maternity leave. My grandmother lived with us, so of course she took it. I would take care of it when I got home from get off work at night. After all, it was her. Grandson and grandma also love children. 

Little cherry mother: I dare not let my mother-in-law take the child, it is too inconvenient , I found that mothers-in-laws and babies always like to use their own set of theories, but I am too embarrassed to say too much, I am afraid that others are unwilling, it would not be worthwhile to cause some contradiction, so I directly let my mother Take, after all, my mother doesn’t hold grudges, so she can say anything. Hanhan’s mother: I didn’t let my mother take care of the baby. My dad passed away early. My mother has been taking care of me and my brother for a lifetime. I may be a little selfish. I don’t want my mother to help me take the baby. Tired, I want her to enjoy her old age. From the perspective of a child’s growth, there is a lot of knowledge about who brings the baby.

Many people may say that whoever brings the baby is the same, and the child grows up in the same way. In fact, there is a certain amount of attention to it. 

Generally, a child’s personality is basically formed before the age of 6. Before this, the child has a very strong ability to imitate, so some words and deeds of the person with the baby will directly affect the child’s own personality. to make. 

In addition, children in school age, They have not formed a correct view of right and wrong. They cannot distinguish what is black and what is white. Parents need extra guidance, so they need to be extra cautious in choosing a baby. 

In fact, psychological research has already given the answer to this question.

In fact, there is a certain conclusion from the perspective of psychological research on the question of who is better to bring a baby. 

The American “Evolutionary Psychology” shows that if children are ranked for the close relationship between old people and themselves, the order is first grandma and grandma, then grandpa Grandpa, it can be seen that children are the most dependent on grandma, so they have also become the first choice to bring a baby in the next generation. 

However, this is not absolute. As long as the elderly can do the following points, anyone can help. 

If the elderly can do these three points, who Bringing is the same, don’t have to worry about it.

1. Do not spoil your children

Separate generations make many elderly people like children very much, but liking is not the same as spoiling children, so the elderly with children only need to treat their children. Not overly spoiling is a factor suitable for bringing a baby. 

Second, set a good role model for your children

Children’s growth is often influenced by family members. Whether it’s words or deeds or character development, then as long as the elderly can better It is very good to pay attention to your own words and deeds, and to have a good influence on the children. 

Three, take the right way to educate children< /p>

Nowadays, scientific parenting is emphasized, so with the development of the Internet, many elderly people are also actively learning parenting methods. 

If you can accept fresh ideas in parenting and educate and guide your children in the right way, they are actually very suitable for bringing a baby. There is a big gap between “sleeping pillow” and “non-sleeping pillow” babies 10 years later. Parents should not ignore it.

The value of appearance is very important in today’s society, because many modern people look at the value of appearance. Decide your attitude. If a person is particularly good-looking, then he can be welcomed and helped by more people in his life. However, how can parents cultivate their children’s appearance? It should start from the baby’s infancy. 

Case study:

Ms. Li listens to her When my girlfriend talks about the child’s appearance, it depends on his childhood, because the appearance is not only the child’s facial features, but the child’s brain type is also very important. If parents don’t pay attention to this aspect, it is easy to neglect the child’s sleeping position and cause the child’s sleep. The brain type becomes strange and ugly. 

This situation has not never happened. The reason why Ms. Li’s best friend would tell her is because her child didn’t pay attention to the sleeping posture in the early stage, so that the brain type became very awkward after a few years. But Ms. Li didn’t take it to heart at the time, because she herself was a relatively careless person. 

I didn’t expect the child’s The brain shape really becomes very flat, just like what my girlfriend said. The reason is that the child has not had a pillow since he was a child and has been lying on a harder bed for a long time, so this change has occurred. Ms. Li felt extremely regretful. At that time, she should have listened to her best friend and put her child on pillows. Now the child’s brain shape will be as round and beautiful as other children. 

So, why is it said that pillows can make children’s brains look good? Parents may wish to understand that there is a big gap between “sleeping pillow” and “non-sleeping pillow” babies after 10 years. Parents should not ignore it. 

Why is it said that sleeping pillows can help children’s brains become rounded good looking? 

The child’s head is very soft during the newborn stage, and it is easily deformed due to external forces. If it is said that the child’s brain is flattened to a certain extent if it is placed on a hard mattress for a long time, but If you let the child lie on the pillow, the child’s head can be wrapped in the pillow, and it will not be severely deformed. If the child does not sleep on a pillow often, the shape of the head after ten years will become flat as mentioned above. 

It can be seen that sleeping pillows can indeed make The child’s brain shape becomes more attractive, so how can parents make the child have a good developmental environment to ensure that the child’s small head can develop beautifully and beautifully. 

What methods can parents use to protect the development of the back of the child’s head? 

Method 1: Choose a soft and comfortable pillow

There are many pillows on the market, but the pillow that parents want to choose should be a pillow that can wrap the child’s head and is not too soft , Otherwise it will make the child uncomfortable when lying down, so you can go to some professional children’s pillow brand stores to buy pillows suitable for children. 

Method 2: Pay attention to the sleeping position of the child< /p>

When the child is sleeping, parents should also pay attention to the difference in sleeping posture, because some children have a poor sleeping posture and are easy to roll over and fall out of the pillow. When the parent does not respond in time, it is very likely that If the child adapts to the feeling of not sleeping on the pillow, the child will turn to the outside of the pillow from time to time, and eventually develop the habit of the child not sleeping on the pillow. 

Method 3: Pay attention to the safety of children


Since the right pillow has been selected, parents should also pay attention to some safe use guidelines for the pillow. For example, when the child uses the pillow, pay attention to whether the child will get under the pillow or cover the pillow. When the time comes, it is easy to suffocate your own face because of the blockage of the respiratory tract, which will affect the health of the child. 

In addition, the quality of pillows is also very important. In addition to buying pillows that are suitable for softness as mentioned above, pay attention to the quality and smell of the pillows. Do not buy inferior pillows. 

The child’s appearance also includes the child’s Brain type, a beautiful head shape does make the child’s appearance more attractive. Therefore, when the child is still young, Mommy must choose the right pillow for the child and help the child establish a good habit of sleeping on the pillow, so as to help and Cultivate children’s good-looking brain type.

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