Should the baby be barefoot or wear socks, which one is better for development? The expert gave an explanation

Should the baby be barefoot or wear socks, which one is better for development? The expert gave an explanation

Writer: Chen Fang

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Finalization: After Su Zi

The child leaves the mother After that, it is very fragile. If the care is not in place, it is easy to have problems, but there are always parents making mistakes——

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Should the baby wear socks or bare feet? 

Some mothers think that the baby is just born, and all aspects of the body are in a relatively fragile state, and the skin is relatively delicate, so wearing socks is not the best choice. 

Because sometimes socks may strangle the feet, damage the baby’s little feet, and may also affect the blood circulation, causing problems for the child’s body, so it is not recommended to wear socks, but to cover the feet with clothes That’s it. 

But some mothers think If the child leaves the mother’s body, the body does not have a strong heat preservation function. Failure to put on the socks in time will cause the baby’s temperature to lose too fast and catch cold, so you must wear socks. 

In fact, these two statements are correct, and the specifics should be judged according to the season:

It is generally believed that children can often not wear socks in summer. 

Because the temperature in summer is high, the temperature of the child will not drop sharply in a short time, and there is a tendency to increase. Wearing too much can easily cover the prickly heat. It is better to let him walk barefoot . 

Actually, the human body The soles of the feet are rich in nerve endings. Often walking barefoot can also stimulate their perception, which is good for the baby’s brain development. 

In autumn and winter, when the weather turns cold, children can put on socks. 

Because the weather is cool at this time, the temperature is low, and the feet are part of the rich blood circulation. Not wearing socks will lower the body temperature, causing the child to catch cold and have a cold. 

How to buy suitable for babies sock? 

① Health and safety

When choosing socks for children, safety must come first. Want to choose a pair of safe socks, mainly from these aspects: First, smell the smell, if there is a pungent or strong smell, then it means that there may be unsafe factors in the socks. It is best not to choose. If the socks have no smell or a light smell, it is safer. 

Secondly, look at the color. The color is too bright and undesirable because there is too much dye accumulation. 

The third is to choose the material, be sure to choose pure cotton material, which is more friendly to the baby’s skin. The cotton is softer, and the child’s skin is more delicate. If the material is not good, the skin will be directly damaged. 

② Wear comfortable

In addition to health and safety, another important factor in choosing socks for babies is that they must be comfortable and fit. 

Because children’s feet have a rich blood circulatory system, if the socks are too tight, they may hinder their blood circulation, and they are too loose and easy to fall, and they may trip over, so be sure to choose a fit Socks. 

③ Simple appearance

When choosing socks, try to choose a simpler version. Don’t have extra decorations, especially hard decorations, which are easy to knock the baby or wear. Feet, causing the baby to be injured. 

At the same time, after choosing suitable socks for your baby, you can choose to buy a few more pairs, which is also convenient for changing and washing. 

Guidelines for children’s socks to wear and wash

1. Check again

After buying socks, check them again, especially if there is any thread in the socks. , Because in this case, the child’s toes are easily entangled. 

2, replace and clean on time< /p>

Even if it is newly bought socks, mothers cannot put them on the baby directly. Instead, they should wash them before putting them on. The baby’s special detergent is also needed when washing them. 

At the same time, try to clean it once a day. Sometimes the children’s socks are dirty or go to the outside space for too long, and they need to be replaced and cleaned in time. 

Pay attention to the problem of fading when washing, and it should be discarded in time. Do not let the child continue to wear it. 

3, wear according to temperature< /p>

We all know that in summer, it is usually not necessary to wear socks all the time, especially at noon, if the air conditioner is not turned on at home and the temperature is high, try not to wear socks for children. 

If it is autumn and winter, parents must add socks of appropriate thickness to their children according to the temperature to keep them in a warm state to prevent cold. 

Knowledge extension: These three situations must wear socks

A, premature babies

Premature babies usually develop congenitally Incomplete, the body will be weaker, and the ability to self-regulate is also poor, so you need to wear socks. Of course, if the doctor puts the child directly into the incubator, you don’t need to wear it. 

B. Air-conditioned room with too low temperature

In many cases, although it is hot in summer However, when indoors, they will choose to turn on the air conditioner to combat the hot weather. If the child is in this environment, he must put on socks for the child. 

And be careful not to blow the child’s feet into the wind, so as not to cause the child to catch cold, usually 24~26 degrees is the child’s comfortable temperature. 

C, Stand on both feet

When the child has grown up to stand alone, parents should put on shoes and socks for the child. The reason for this is not just Because of fear of children getting cold. The most important thing is that the child already needs to learn to walk at this time, and wear shoes and socks to maintain the correct walking posture.  Be a kind father on the Internet, and treat your baby in reality Regardless! A new type of “widowed parenting” is popular

Writer: Chen Fang

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Finalized: Su Zihou

< p>Widowed education is very common in the family, and once became a hot topic. Of course, some men began to pay attention to the family after realizing this problem. 

However, there are also such a group of men who are neither willing to participate in the sharing of family affairs, nor are they willing to be criticized. A new type of “widowed” education was born. 

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The origin of widowed education

1. In traditional Chinese thought, there is a habit of “male leading outside and female leading inside”, so men make money To support the family, all other things are left to my mother. This leads to the idea that the father of the child has a function of making money to support the family, and other things have nothing to do with me. 

2. Men’s sense of responsibility is not strong. Modern statistics show that boys generally mature later than girls. This is caused by biological instinct. 

Therefore, men in the family naturally show a relatively naive side in many aspects. They are not aware of their own responsibilities. They are still immersed in self-awareness. They only consider their own feelings, and leave everything else in the family. female. 

3. Women are becoming independent, Women who have received knowledge education especially value the cultivation of their children, so they are unwilling to put their hands on others in everything, and others cannot refute their opinions. Unlike the above two types of passive widowhood education, this is an active widowhood education. . Generally speaking, this situation will be relatively rare. 

New widowhood education is popular

After widowhood education has caused heated discussions again and again, many men in widowed education families have been condemned and began to change and participate In family life, pay attention to children’s growth and education together with mothers. 

However, there are more men who are not aware of their own problems. Instead, they think that they are putting pressure on men. Even if this statement is not recognized and accepted by society, they are already in their minds. Confirmed this statement. 

So they I chose a new way to escape: be a kind father to show to others, and still do nothing at home. In this way, you will neither be condemned nor fulfill your obligations. 

However, this new type of widowed education has caused more damage to women than the previous widowed education…

Let mothers “cry and complain that there is no way”

Cousin has always been the perfect husband in the eyes of others, the father of three good. Anyone who meets his cousin has to say envious, but only the cousin knows the truth. 

I met my cousin some time ago, and I stepped forward to greet her: “Looking at my cousin’s circle of friends, are you planning to take you on vacation recently? So happy, you saved the earth in your last life.”

The cousin smiled bitterly: “You may not believe it, I never feel happy.”

I was surprised. Later, I learned from my cousin that my cousin always said a lot, but never did it, my friend. Quanbao’s growth records are all found from his mobile phone. He never takes children at home and never does housework. 

I do everything in my family by myself, and then I tell others but nobody believes me. I just think my cousin is a good man, and my cousin “doesn’t know the blessing in the blessing”. 

In this new type There are still many mothers under widowhood education. Not only will they not be seen for their contributions, but even a little complaint will be described as “too greedy” and “not satisfied”. 

However, for men, they can get praise and unconditional trust by moving their fingers. 

This is really unfavorable for the development of a family——

Not only does it easily lead to men’s inertia, but it also makes the mother and the child in the family close, while the father and mother, father and Children are very alienated; in this state for a long time, the relationship between father and son is naturally indifferent, and there is full resentment between husband and wife, so it is difficult for the family to be harmonious and happy. Of course, for children, parents are their own mirrors. The wrong behavior of parents will inevitably set a bad example for children and affect their future family happiness. 

How to change the status quo

It is no longer an era when men make money to support their families and women have children and babies. Many women have achieved financial independence. Therefore, families and children should not be the burden of mothers alone. 

1. Men take the initiative to take responsibility. When entering the palace of marriage, men should be clear about their responsibilities, not just to support the family, but to take care of the family. 

What we do in the education of children is not only the responsibility to the family, but also the care and nurturing of a father to the children. Therefore, men should participate in the family, assume their own responsibilities, and actively participate in the education of their children. 

2, women should let go appropriately . Some men are very happy to participate in the education of their children, but because women are too strong, they do not want their educational thoughts to be interfered, and hope that their children will develop in the direction they expect. In fact, this not only makes oneself more difficult, the lack of parental love is also detrimental to the growth of children. 

[Xing Yun said]

Instead of pretending to be a “good father” or “good husband”, it is better to try to become such a character, even if there are problems in the process , But it is the best care for wives and children. 

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