Should I tell my children if the family is not rich? Fu Shouer said frankly: There can be no self-confidence flowers in soap bubbles

Should I tell my children if the family is not rich? Fu Seoul said bluntly: There can be no self-confidence flowers in soap bubbles

In a family, parents have the responsibilities of the parents, and the children have the tasks of the children. For example, making money to support the family is the responsibility of parents, and studying well is the task of children in school. 

However, even with such a “clear division of labor”, as the child grows up, there will still be financial problems arising from the “intersection of responsibilities”, so that the child wants to buy a set that exceeds the family budget. Toys are so big that they want to travel and see the world, and occasionally children will ask their parents: “Does our family have any money?”

The topic of “Wonderful Flowers” has aroused heated debate: Should I tell my children if the family is not rich? 

In “Qihua Shuo”, there is a discussion on the topic of “Should I tell my children if the family is not rich”. 

Faced with the topic of this issue, the guests on the field talked enthusiastically, and the audience listened carefully. After the show, it also aroused heated discussions among netizens, especially parents who are already parents. It’s extra attention. 

Indeed, this topic bothers many parents in life. 

In the eyes of some parents, if you tell their children If the family is not rich, it is equivalent to telling the child that he is “poor”, which is equivalent to admitting that he is not good enough or hard enough, so how can he tell the child to work hard if he is not good enough or hard enough? 

But if you avoid talking about the economic situation at home, the parents’ behavior of swollen faces and fattening up the child will not make the children have a correct view of money, and will even make them spend money lavishly, which will be distressed at the time. Instead, it is the old father and mother in the family. 

In response to such a dilemma, many debaters’ opinions are worthy of our parents’ consideration. 

Cai Kangyong believes that this will magnify the child’s negative emotions.

Cai Kangyong gave an example of an image during the surprise attack. If someone praises himself as making sense, he is not as smart as Li Dan. Then I treat Li Dan. Attitudes and seeing his behavior will make a difference.

Because I feel that I’m not as good as others, so I won’t like that smart person anymore. Such negative emotions will be magnified in the child’s heart. 

Similarly, if the child knows that there is no money at home In the process of reaching out to his parents for money or spending in the future, he will become cautious because of lack and lack of confidence. 

Huang Zhizhong’s point of view: poverty is not a shameful thing

Huang Zhizhong’s point of view is more neutral. He does not directly support or oppose it. Instead, he believes that first parents should not avoid children’s questions. Think carefully about the problem, and sit down with your child to discuss it together. 

Because parents give their children a sincere answer, it is better than a child’s contemplation for many years, or an answer that an outsider tells them to be true or false, or even malicious. 

Besides, poverty is not necessarily a shame As for the problem, while parents are giving their children answers, they are also looking for ways and answers to solve problems, so it’s not a bad thing to tell children directly about the financial situation of the family. 

Fu Seoul said frankly: There can be no confident flowers in soap bubbles.

Fu Seoul said bluntly that wealth is relative, and most families do not have money to spend, so they can all be said to be inconsistent. Not wealthy. 

And parents should not indulge their children’s lavish spending because of their wealth, or stifle their children’s basic needs because of their lack of wealth. 

Parents should choose to face this problem, even if it is true You should also tell your children about the poverty, because strong flowers can grow in stones, but confident flowers cannot grow in soap bubbles. 

So what are the benefits of talking frankly with your children about the financial situation at home? 

1. Avoid excessive vanity in children

Vanity exists from adults to children. Parents tell their children the actual situation at home, so that children can consume rationally, live within their means, and avoid excessive comparison psychology. 

2. Cognitive concept of money

This also allows children to have a correct understanding of money, how it is made and how it is spent. Cultivate children’s awareness of price and value. 

3. Have a guiding concept for their consumption concept

When parents discuss with their children about the economic situation at home, parents will also guide them in their consumption concept, especially when the family expenditure budget is insufficient. The child knows what the priority expenditure necessities are. 

In addition, when parents discuss money issues with their children, they must Pay attention to occasions and attitudes

When discussing money with their children, parents should also pay attention to choosing suitable occasions to avoid criticizing and blaming the children in the public. This will bring negative emotions to the children. 

At the same time, the attitude of parents when talking is also very important. Talking is not a catharsis of emotions. Parents should try to avoid talking about money with their children when they are emotional, especially when they are angry. This is often unobjective. Oh, 2-year-old babies often grin. Bao’s mother is very happy, but the doctor says that the big thing is not good.

They all say that the laughing baby is an angel, and the crying baby is a devil. Is that true? ? In fact, although some babies love to laugh, it is not a good thing. Mothers are happy to see them, but the doctors are uncomfortable. 

Why does a laughing baby make the doctor so uncomfortable? What’s wrong behind the laughing baby? 

Ms. Wu from Sichuan found that her two-year-old baby’s favorite action is to laugh. She smiled every day and faced her mother. She was very happy to see everything. 

But Ms. Wu is also very sad, her own The child was almost two years old and could not speak completely. The laughter was loud, but the voice was intermittent. So Ms. Wu took the child to the hospital. 

The doctor saw the child’s smile, but he was not happy at all. Examination items have been arranged for Ms. Wu to take the children to do it. Ms. Wu saw that it was an examination item for children with intellectual disabilities. 

It turned out that the doctor observed that Ms. Wu’s child only grinned and didn’t like to cry very much. Not only that, the child’s eyes were a bit sluggish, his reaction was slow, and his eyes were not moving at all. 

We arranged for the child to have a related intelligence examination. This child has these characteristics. Bao’s mother must take the child to see a doctor as soon as possible. The earlier, the better the chance of treatment. 

Which characteristics of children need to go to the hospital immediately< p>1. I don’t like to cry.

If a child doesn’t like to cry since he was a child, his mother is not around or falls down, and he doesn’t know how to cry when his body is in pain. 

Then the child’s intelligence may be problematic. You must take the child to the hospital immediately. Not crying is not a good thing, because babies and young children cannot speak. 

So I often use my own cry to express my dissatisfaction. Only when I cry, my mother can take care of myself. Crying is a way for babies to express their need for concern to their mothers. 

The child does not have the ability to cry, seldom or almost does not cry, then the child’s five senses may be problematic, the ability to feel pain or hearing, smell, vision and even problems may occur. Not crying or not even crying is not a good thing. 

One’s own perception ability and the child’s nerves should be linked. If the child perceives something abnormal, the nervous system will immediately make a judgment of the library. A child who does not like to cry or even can’t cry, the nervous system Or the perception ability may be problematic. 

This is not a trivial matter, so be sure to go to the hospital immediately, and also do a full range of related examinations. 

2. Slow response

< p>Many people think that it is normal for a child to react slowly at a young age. It’s fine to wait until they are older. In fact, the reaction speed of infants and young children is actually very fast. For example, if someone enters their room, who is hugging themselves . 

Infants and young children should actually be very clear. Although they can’t speak, their brains are also functioning like adults. 

If the baby’s reaction is very slow, they always don’t know who is next to them, they are slow to respond to many things, suddenly there is a loud noise in the room, and they will not turn their heads. Have a look. 

As if you can’t hear it, such infants and young children may need to go to the hospital immediately for related examinations, and also to the local tertiary hospitals or hospitals dedicated to infants, otherwise ordinary The hospital’s inspections may not be perfect, and the inspection equipment is not good enough. 

3, dull eyes

< p>A child’s eyes are the clearest and cleanest. If a child’s eyes are dull from a young age, it is difficult to notice other things and changes in the surrounding environment. 

A child with sluggish eyesight may have problems with reaction ability, vision problems, or neurological problems. There must be a reason for the sluggish eyesight. If the parents can clearly perceive the child’s His eyes were very dull, and there was no obvious change in his eyes. 

Then you must take your child to the hospital in time, and have a check-up immediately when you go first, and then go to the neurology department for a check-up. 

What are the characteristics of babies that are healthy babies

1 , Can cry, make trouble and laugh

If the child is born crying, making trouble, and also laughing, then this child must be very smart, the child’s perception ability, the child’s nerves The system must be okay, and children have basic emotions. 

And the child will express it through his own facial expressions and performance, and convey it to the mother, so there is a high probability that all aspects of the child are relatively healthy. 

2, the limbs are flexible

< p>A baby with flexible limbs can make various difficult movements at will. A baby with flexible limbs must be a healthy baby. Some babies are not flexible with limbs. 

Even the coordination of the limbs is very poor, and the brain cannot actively cooperate, and the body is in a relatively disordered state. Such a baby may recover on its own or may need a doctor’s help. 

On the contrary, babies who have flexible limbs since childhood and are easy to crawl and stand must be healthy. Do you know the characteristics of healthy babies and unhealthy babies? 

If your child has one of the unhealthy characteristics, you must take the child to the hospital in time for treatment. The doctor can solve the minor problems immediately. 

If you always think about procrastination and always think that the child can recover on its own, it will make the follow-up treatment not so smooth.

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