She was not confined and had 4 births in 5 years. How is she now? The status quo is enviable

She was not confined and had 4 births in 5 years. How is she now? The status quo is enviable

The tradition of confinement has been around for a long time. Although there will be many taboos during confinement, it has to be said that this is still for women’s postpartum physical recovery. There are certain benefits. 

However, in recent years, some young women are dissatisfied with the postpartum recovery method of confinement. In order to pursue a more free postpartum life, they prefer not to confinement like abroad. So is it necessary to have confinement after childbirth? 

Five-year Caesarean section After giving birth to four children, she never sat in confinement. Netizens were a little envious.

Previously, Jiang Lisha took the children to a parent-child variety show. In the show, she was diligent and able to take care of several children. Very well, in the eyes of the children, my mother is simply a superhuman mother. 

Jiang Lisha was a model before she met Chen Haomin, and she was also very successful in fashion design. 

However, after marrying Chen Haomin, Jiang Lisha started the housewife mode, and instead of showing her face, she was at ease with her husband and son in the family. 

And soon after the two married, Lisa gave birth to the eldest daughter, and more than a year later, she gave birth to the baby again. Surprisingly, she gave birth to two more daughters afterwards. 

Within five years, Jiang Lisha became the mother of four children, and each child was delivered by caesarean section. 

The frequent births also surprised the netizens, so some netizens joked, “Jiang Lisha is either pregnant or on the way to having children!”

Even before Chen Haomin He also personally broke the news that the doctor thought Jiang Lisha’s uterus was as thin as a piece of paper. 

But what is even more surprising is that Jiang Lisha has never been in confinement after giving birth. 

Therefore, many young netizens expressed envy for this, “This physical fitness is too good? Frequent caesarean section without confinement, it is really amazing!”

In the previous interview, Jiang Lisha also generously revealed that she had gone out 9 times within half a month after giving birth to her eldest daughter by caesarean section. She was also very free when giving birth to other babies, and she was not affected by confinement at all. The “binding” of the child. 

Nowadays Jiang Lisha appears more frequently in the public eye than before, and she is obviously a good mother, who is so cheerful. 

Sitting in the postpartum Is confinement necessary? It is good for women’s postpartum physical recovery.

1. Helps the puerpera to recover quickly

After giving birth to confinement, the puerpera can have more time to rest. This is for the weakened. Naturally, it is a better way of conditioning. 

Insist on the correct way of confinement, it will be more conducive to the resettlement of displaced organs and tired body and mind for the parturients. 

2. Contribute to the recovery of postpartum wounds

For example, when there is a side incision or a cesarean section during the normal delivery, the wounds left on the parturient body need time to heal. 

The confinement can facilitate the maternal wound care, avoid the occurrence of tears again, and thus make the wounds during delivery can be healed more quickly. 

3. Helps discharge lochia

There will be a certain amount of lochia discharged in the body of postpartum women, and it usually takes 2 to 3 weeks to get rid of lochia. 

Obviously, during confinement, women can have more rest time, which is more conducive to smooth discharge of lochia from the uterus. 

during the month There are taboos, how can the mothers achieve scientific confinement? 

1. Combination of rest and exercise

Women who are weak after childbirth can stay in bed for a period of time, but at the same time, they should also take appropriate exercises, which can not only promote the blood of the mothers Circulation can also improve the mental state of the mother. 

However, in this process, women should not be too eager to achieve success. If the amount of exercise is too large, it will easily cause physical fatigue and cause backaches. 

2. Do a good job of body cleaning

During confinement, weak parturients are prone to sweating. If the sweat is not cleaned in time, it is very likely that bacteria will breed. 

So during the confinement period, mothers must do a good job of body cleaning, washing hair, face, tooth brushing and other daily cleaning is very necessary. However, in the process of washing your body, you must keep warm and avoid catching cold. 

3. Keep the mood happy

The mood of the parturients after childbirth is prone to large fluctuations, making them susceptible to postpartum depression. 

Therefore, whether it is the mother or her family members, we should try our best to ensure that the mother is happy and avoid being trapped by postpartum depression. 

In addition, the family should also help the mothers to share the burden of parenting, so that the mothers can spend the confinement period easily physically and mentally. 

In short, the loss of the female body caused by childbirth is very obvious. The postpartum confinement helps the mother’s body to recover, and during the confinement period, the family should give the mother as much as possible Warm and considerate. 

Do you have any good experiences to share about postpartum confinement? The period before my aunt’s arrival was the “golden period” for pregnancy. Those who want children must hurry up

Some people want children but don’t want them, and some people don’t want children but report frequently, but in the end, Can’t ask for it because there are too many children. Either way is very painful for women. For women who want to have children, you can seize the period before the women come to menstruation, seize the golden period of pregnancy, easy pregnancy is not a problem. Xiao Ruan and her husband had three children after two years of marriage. It was not that Xiao Ruan was pregnant again, and he really couldn’t have another child. Her husband and Xiao Ruan came to the hospital to get rid of the child. 

When the doctor asked Xiao Ruan why he didn’t take safety measures if he didn’t want the child, wouldn’t he know how to avoid ovulation if he didn’t take safety measures? Xiao Ruan, who asked the doctor twice, looked dumb, because Xiao Ruan didn’t know what the doctor said about ovulation. The doctor looked at Xiao Ruan as ignorant and taught Xiao Ruan and her husband a lesson so that they can remember a little bit. After all, having a child and then shed it is a kind of harm to the child and the woman. . 

Women can be marked according to the time of the aunt period, as the saying goes, “the first seven and the last eight.” Seven days before a woman’s menstrual cramps and eight days after a woman’s menstruation is clean, these few days are a safe period for women. If the women’s menstruation is very accurate, it is not easy for women who have sex during this period to become pregnant. Of course, women have a safe period and a dangerous period. The remaining ten days after the safe period is a dangerous period for women. During this period, women will ovulate. If a man and a woman have sex, it is easy to be recruited. If you don’t want children, you must avoid it. Open this time period, if you want children, you can grasp this stage. 

Of course, women’s danger period and safety period also vary with their personal physique. Some people are more accurate, but some people are not fixed every time, so everyone has to grasp the signal of their own body, because Generally speaking, women will have some reactions during the ovulation period. If you want a child, you must capture the body’s signal. 

What are the signs and changes in a woman’s body during ovulation? 

Women have a strong sexual desire and want to have sex with each other

At this stage of ovulation, due to the changes in hormones in the body, women will feel itchy inside and have a desire for men. Want to rely on men. Of course, at this time, if you want to have children, the chances of pregnancy in the same room between couples are relatively high, and at this time, it is better for couples to have the same room. If they are really pregnant, the embryos conceived in this situation are also relatively good. 

There are some abnormalities in female leucorrhea and changes in body temperature.

There is also a particularly obvious sign of leucorrhea in women during ovulation. When women ovulate, they will have more leucorrhea than before, and the leucorrhea during ovulation is more transparent and elastic. . Women will have obvious feelings at this time. At the same time, women’s body temperature will also change slightly during ovulation. Of course, this body temperature may not be felt by ordinary women. Women who are more attentive will record their body temperature. At this time, the chance of pregnancy in the same room is relatively high. 

Of course, if women want to have a child, apart from seizing the golden period of pregnancy preparation during menstruation, if a woman wants to conceive a high-quality fetus, women should prepare for pregnancy before they want to become pregnant. 

Women need for pregnancy

Adjust the body to the best condition

Women should have a process of preparing for pregnancy before pregnancy. In the pre-pregnancy period, women must first adjust their body to the best state, because Nowadays, work pressure is high. Many women are busy with work all day, making their bodies sub-healthy. Therefore, many women are delayed in getting pregnant when they are pregnant. Pregnancy is still very necessary. When preparing for pregnancy, women adjust their work and rest habits, adjust their diet, and strive to adjust their body to the best condition. Under such circumstances, it will be easier to get pregnant again. 

Adjust the mood to the best state

Women should adjust their mood to the best state before pregnancy. Some women put themselves under great pressure when they are pregnant and regard pregnancy as a matter of It is a task that must be completed, so women are less likely to get pregnant under this kind of high pressure. Women should relax their mood, maintain a sense of joy and peace of mind, the calmer the mood, the more relaxed the body, and the easier pregnancy. 

Pregnancy also has methods and techniques. For women who are not very good at pregnancy, they really need a lot of effort to succeed in pregnancy. Not only must they seize the golden period of pregnancy, but also Adjust the body to the best state for continuing pregnancy. In addition, for those who do not want to get pregnant, but the body is more fertile, women must also pay attention and be prepared for contraception, because once pregnant, if the woman does not want it, she will need to abort. The frequent abortion of women is great for the body. Harm, once it becomes a habit, it is difficult to get pregnant again. Women who are their own bodies should learn to take good care of their bodies and always be vigilant not to do things that hurt their bodies and make them regretful.

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