She had to raise her newborn brother as soon as she graduated. After being sued by her parents in court, she chose to sever the relationship

She had to raise her newborn brother as soon as she graduated. After being sued by her parents in court, she chose to sever the relationship

After the second child was released, many elderly parents rushed to the last train to give birth to second children. These second-born babies Most of his brothers and sisters are in their teens or even twenties. 

As children, of course, they have no right to interfere with their parents’ reproductive freedom, but the age difference between brothers and sisters is too much, and it is indeed detrimental to the cultivation of brotherhood. 

What’s more, a family of parents will also morally kidnap, let the eldest son and eldest daughter who have no obligation to raise the second child. 

Last year, I saw a case on the Internet. A female student who had just graduated from university was asked by her parents to use her salary to raise her younger brother. 

The reason is that her parents have paid a lot to support her. Now her parents are too old and can’t make money, so the important task of raising her younger brother has to fall on her. 

It is understood that the younger brother was born by the girl’s parents during her senior year. At that time, the girl strongly opposed her, but her parents did not take her opinion seriously. 

As a result, after the child was born, the mother suffered serious sequelae due to the birth of the child at an advanced age. Two months later, the father was accidentally injured and his work ability was greatly damaged. The successive changes made the family suddenly financially difficult. 

Seeing that the family is too poor to open the pot, the parents ask the girl to take her salary back to support her younger brother after working. The girl felt unreasonable and opposed it on the spot. Unexpectedly, her parents took her to court. 

Fortunately, the court rejected the request of the girl’s parents, but this incident seriously hurt the girl’s relationship with her parents. After the trial ended, she chose to sever contact with her family. 

The final choice the girl made was naturally very unsympathetic, but her parents’ behavior was equally disgusting. Raising children is the duty of parents. 

But it is not the obligation of the older brothers and sisters. It is undoubtedly a kind of moral kidnapping to let the daughter raise the younger brother with salary. Fortunately, the girl did not obey foolishly. 

Senior second Be careful when you have a baby and don’t impose the burden on your eldest son and daughter.

The cost of raising children is no longer what it used to be

Many elderly parents who want to have a second child have a concept that is still more than ten or twenty years ago. , I thought that raising a child was a matter of getting enough food and clothing, and it didn’t take a few dollars. 

As everyone knows, the times are different. There is a huge difference between the current childcare expenses and the past. If the parents’ income is not high, or there is not enough savings. 

Rushly giving birth to a second child is likely to make the family financially troubled. At that time, it will not only affect the development of the eldest son and eldest daughter, but the growth environment of the second child will also lag far behind the peers. 

Counting on the first child to have a second child is a kind of selfish behavior

Some parents who are still having a second child at an advanced age have already settled their children in their hearts. The reason why they have the confidence to have a second child is that they are right. The eldest son and eldest daughter are about to make money or have already made money, so that even if they have a long and two shortcomings, the second child will be entrusted. 

This kind of psychology is actually very selfish. It is sacrificing the interests of the eldest son and eldest daughter to satisfy the parents’ selfish desire for reproduction, which is tantamount to turning the eldest son and eldest daughter into a tool man. 

Children are independent individuals, not appendages of their parents. It is an obligation for parents to raise their children, and it is also an obligation for children to support their parents, but it is never an obligation for older siblings to raise younger siblings. 

So it’s okay to have a second child, but you must be materially prepared, otherwise it would be too unfair to another child. 

It is worth noting that although elder brothers and sisters have no obligation to raise younger siblings, they have a “support obligation”. The meaning of the word difference is quite different, and three conditions need to be met. 

is required to raise Younger siblings? Only when these conditions are met can we take on limited obligations.

1. Brothers and sisters can afford them

First of all, brothers and sisters can afford them. Otherwise, they can’t even support themselves. How can they raise others? 

The reason why the girl’s parents’ request in the above case was rejected is because she has not yet found a job and has no stable source of income. 

Once she works and has a stable income, if her parents use the above, the court is likely to require her to perform “support obligations”, so the girl can only be said to have escaped temporarily. 

2. Parents have no ability to support

The premise for brothers and sisters to fulfill the obligation of support is that their parents lose the ability to support, such as the death of their parents, or the loss of the ability to work. In this case, the brothers and sisters have the obligation to “support “Brother or sister. 

However, there is a big difference between the standards of support and support. If you are in rural areas, it may be less than one hundred yuan a month, so it is not too heavy a burden. 

Considering that blood is thicker than water, even if the court does not judge, it is indeed not an excessive demand for brothers and sisters to spend one or two hundred yuan a month to support their brothers and sisters who are living in difficulties. 

3. The younger siblings must be minors

The third condition is that the younger siblings must be minors. That is to say, even if the court decides that the siblings need to bear the obligation of support, they only need to raise them until they reach the age of eighteen. . 

The above legal knowledge, I hope everyone can remember, especially if there are younger brothers and sisters who are very different in age at home. Once your parents kidnap you morally, you can take up legal weapons. To protect yourself. 

Although it hurts your feelings to do so, when your parents kidnapped you morally, how did you ever consider the affection between you? 9-year-old children “12-year-old bone age, adult fatty liver”, stimulate “early childbirth”, these foods are in line

Now many children have premature development, which is what we often call “precocious puberty” , And there are many reasons for this situation, of which the most influential factor is diet. 

Although the supervision of the market has been strengthened, and the diet has become relatively more secure, but the child is still in the “seedling stage” after all is not mature, and some unilateral diets may not It will have a great impact, but if many harmful diets are taken in large quantities for a long time at the same time, the harm will be relatively obvious. 

Case 9 years old The child is “12-year-old bone age, adult fatty liver”

My cousin’s son is 9 years old and he is only in the second grade of elementary school. He usually doesn’t think there is any problem with the child. The only obvious thing is that the child is obese. I am also fatter, so everyone thinks it is hereditary, so I don’t take it too seriously. 

Last month, my cousin took the child for a comprehensive examination. I didn’t expect to find a lot of problems, both large and small. Among them, there were two red lights with overage bones and fatty liver. 

At that time, the child was tested for bone age, and the bone age measured by the 9-year-old child was about 12 years old. The doctor thought that there was a problem with the machine, so he changed to another machine for the test. The result is still the same. At that time, the doctor asked the cousin to take the child to be tested for related diseases. 

Because under normal circumstances, even if the bones are over-aged, most of them are only within the range of 1 year old. If they exceed too much, it may be caused by disease or premature development. 

Fortunately, after the examination results came out, related disease factors were ruled out, and the doctor identified it as “premature development”. 

As for the child’s “fatty liver” problem, the examination results show that the severity of the child’s fatty liver is comparable to that of adults. After understanding the child’s daily eating habits, it is basically determined that it is caused by diet. 

You must know that fatty liver is not an exclusive disease of adults. More and more children have fatty liver due to various reasons such as diet and living habits. 

For a 9-year-old child, this kind of situation really needs attention, otherwise the previous eating habits will continue to be maintained, then the symptoms will only get worse! 

to stimulate “early childbirth” “These foods are in line

combined with the eating habits of cousins ​​and children, and after consulting a doctor and consulting relevant information, the following are roughly summarized

1. Fried, high-fat foods

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Many children like to eat fried foods because they have a relatively good taste, but usually fried foods carry more fat. If children eat these foods for a long time, they will become obese The symptoms of obesity may cause fatty liver at the same time. 

In addition, there is another point that is often overlooked, that is, after long-term intake of high-fat foods, the thyroid function will be reduced, the central nervous system will also be weakened, and it will stimulate The secretion of sex hormones, under the combined effect of these reasons, will also cause the child to develop early. 

Therefore, try to let children eat less fried and high-fat foods, and change to other cooking methods, which can also achieve delicious results, and children can also eat very happily. 

2. Health care products

The cousin’s son usually eats health care products that can help increase the height. At that time, the doctor directly told her to stop after learning about it, and said that the main reason for the child’s bone overage may be this. Caused by factors. 

The health care products on the market are not absolutely safe, because some pharmacies’ health care products are in cooperation with some manufacturers and are listed without approval. This situation has been mentioned in the “Today’s Statement” program. exposure. 

Some manufacturers are more black-hearted. In order for customers to see the effect in a short time, they directly add more hormones to the ingredients of health care products. Take the increase as an example. Children can indeed see the long-term effects in a short time. The effect of this is actually only because the child “consumption in advance”. 

That is to advance the older age, and compared to the normal growth and development of children, it is more disadvantaged, because their bone scale line will be closed earlier. 

3. Meat containing animal glands or viscera

Currently, poultry farming is basically large-scale and mechanized, and more additives are added to the selected feed, the purpose is to achieve a certain level The “ripening” effect, after all, only the poultry growth cycle has become shorter, and the profit cycle will become shorter. 

The “additives” that poultry consumes in their daily diet that have a ripening effect will not be completely excreted. The remaining hormones such as gonadal hormones and thyroid will accumulate in the glands or internal organs. Here, if the child likes to eat this kind of meat, it is also easy to induce such problems. 

Finally, I would like to remind the mothers that if you want to ensure the normal growth and development of your children, there is another very important point to note, that is, to arrange the children’s diet properly. 

Some children only like to eat meat and ignore vegetables and fruits. If the child eats too much food with high protein content, it may also cause endocrine disorders and lead to precocious puberty. 

Therefore, only a reasonable arrangement of the nutritional structure can ensure the relative balance of body hormones, the endocrine system will not appear large fluctuations, and the risk of precocious puberty will be relatively reduced.

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