Several things that can be seen everywhere in the house have a great impact on the baby’s vision, and most parents have not noticed it

There are several things that can be seen everywhere at home, which have a great impact on the baby’s vision, and most parents have not noticed it.

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In recent years, the incidence of myopia in China has risen rapidly, and it has become one of the most important “culprits” affecting the eye health of Chinese people, especially young people. 

The ophthalmologist said: Nowadays, the myopia rate of adolescents in our country is still high. Parents should pay attention to it, starting from the infancy. 

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Children’s vision development rules

At birth: eyesight is relatively weak, basically only photosensitive, unable to see things outside or even in front of them;

< p>1~3 months: Gradually be able to see objects, from only focusing on objects within 30 cm in front of you to slowly seeing objects far away from you, and being able to follow the movement of objects;

4~8 months: Hands and eyes cooperate with exercises, and occasionally can touch objects that you can see with your hands. After a long time, you can slowly move your body to take things around you, and you can slowly see the family’s things. Looks;

1~3 years old : Vision becomes sharper, hands and eyes cooperate better, you can slowly grab food with your hands, and you can distinguish between distance and distance;

4~6 years old: eyesight is further improved, you can read picture books by yourself The illustrations and text on the above clearly distinguish what it represents;

7~12 years old: eyesight gradually matures and is similar to adult eyesight until it stabilizes after 12 years old. 

It can be seen that before the age of three is the critical period of visual development, attention should be paid to the health of their eyesight. The following items that affect children’s eyesight have not been noticed by most parents. 

Several things that can be seen everywhere in the house are very harmful to the baby’s eyesight

1, bed bell

Nowadays, children usually have at least one set of bed bells. Although many mothers don’t usually buy it themselves, it is indeed a good gift for relatives and friends to come to see their children. 

The bed bell has many functions. It is a veritable artifact for coaxing children. It can not only play music but also rotate to present a certain sense of picture. Therefore, many people choose bed bells as gifts when visiting children. . 

Many mothers like to hang the bed bell on the head of the bed, sometimes because the position is too low, and the child keeps staring, the eyes will be in a state of fatigue, which affects the child’s vision . 

And if the bed bell is close to the head and hung too low, once it is loose, it will easily fall straight down and hit the baby. 

2, toy lights


In order to attract baby’s attention, many toys involve colorful appearance and some cool lights. In this way, when the child is crying, he will be attracted by curiosity, and the crying can be stopped, which reduces the difficulty for mothers to bring a baby. 

But in fact, this kind of light is usually more dazzling, and it will always flicker. Children will blink their eyes frequently when they are stimulated by this light, which will not affect vision and reduce color sensitivity. . 

3. Night lights

Some mothers will prepare night lights for their children. At first, they are afraid that the big lights at home will hurt their children’s eyes. But when the children cry in the middle of the night, the mother It is inconvenient to get up, so the night light will be on all night. 

This kind of night light does not cause great damage to the eyes, but the room has been kept bright, and the baby’s eyes can feel it. It is easy to maintain this tension for a long time. Causes vision to be affected. 

4. Electronic products

Nowadays, many young parents are more casual with their children because of their busy work. They can do anything as long as the baby does not cry. 

Adhering to this attitude, cartoons will be shown when the child is having trouble, and the child can watch it obediently for a long time, so that parents can work overtime or take a rest at ease. But in this way, children’s eyes are exposed to the radiation of electronic products for a long time, and their eyesight will naturally be affected. 

Guidelines for protecting the eyesight of babies

1. Replace “watching” with “listening”

Infant vision protection is mainly for children’s entertainment and play, so parents You can let your children have less exposure to fun ways that need to be “watched”, such as watching cartoons, and instead use some “listening” methods, such as listening to nursery rhymes, telling stories, etc., so that your baby’s eyes should not be overworked. 

2. Pay attention to time

Whether it is reading a book or electronic products, you should arrange time for your child. It is best not to exceed forty minutes between breaks. Taking a break in time will affect your child’s vision. Protection plays an important role. 

Knowledge extension

According to a survey:

The myopia rate of preschool children aged 0-6 in my country has reached 14.5%; 36% in elementary school; 71.6% in middle school and 81% in high school. . 

It can be seen that the higher the age, the higher the myopia rate, but it is not difficult to find that myopia is gradually becoming younger. However, compared with other countries, the proportion of myopia in China is obviously higher. 

Take Japan as an example. The rate of myopia in elementary school students in their country is 10%, while in our country it is 36%. After comparison, it is not difficult to find that, in fact, the main difference lies in the protection of the eyes. 

We all know that the main causes of myopia are environmental and genetic factors. Genetics are inevitable, but the environment is a human factor. Because the function of children’s eyes has not matured, once there is some environment that stimulates the children’s eyes, it is easy to cause the children’s eye dysplasia and cause myopia. 

[Xingyun said]

In fact, sometimes protecting children’s eyesight is to pay attention to small problems and protect them from an early age. Avoiding some behaviors and objects that harm children’s eyesight in time can naturally reduce the chance of myopia.  After pregnancy, there are five things most Keep it away, otherwise it may affect fetal development

There are often many things to pay attention to during pregnancy. 

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Some people may think that pregnancy is just a big belly, and there is no special change in other things. What should I do? That’s it, but in fact, this idea is wrong. 

After pregnancy, there are often many things to pay attention to. In addition to diet, daily behavior, etc., there are a few things at home that should be put away, otherwise it is likely to have an adverse effect on fetal development. 

Case: A pregnant mother wanted to use aromatherapy to promote sleep, but she was strongly opposed by her prospective dad.

Lin Lin was a pregnant mother. After her pregnancy, due to physical and psychological changes, Lin Lin felt emotional ups and downs. It is also very big, often depressed because of some small things. 

Due to the influence of various factors, Linlin’s sleep quality is often not good during pregnancy, she often has difficulty falling asleep, she finally falls asleep, and often wakes up in the middle of the night, thinking that there seems to be aromatherapy at home. Linlin searched through boxes and cabinets at home. 

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After her husband came back, she was taken aback by Linlin’s posture when she was looking for something, saying that she could help her find it. Linlin said happily what she wanted, but she didn’t expect her husband to change his face at the time, saying that he could not use aromatherapy during pregnancy. 

When Linlin saw her husband like this, she started crying aggrievedly. This made her husband anxious. While calming Linlin’s emotions, she gave her popular science on the harm of using aromatherapy during pregnancy. 

Thinking that it was for the sake of the child in her belly, Linlin finally gave up the idea of ​​using aromatherapy. 

So, during pregnancy, besides not being able to use aromatherapy, what other things at home should also be put away? 

After pregnancy, these five things at home should be “sealed”

①, tobacco and alcohol

No matter during pregnancy or during pregnancy, smoking and drinking should be prohibited, because tobacco and alcohol Such items are extremely harmful to the fetus and can easily cause miscarriage. 

If a woman has the habit of smoking and drinking before pregnancy, it is best to quit as soon as possible, especially after pregnancy, it should be completely banned. Family members should also ban smoking, because for pregnant women, second-hand The harm of smoking is actually no less than smoking. 

②. Disinfectant

Many families are accustomed to using disinfectant to disinfect and clean every corner of the home, which can ensure the sanitary conditions of the living environment, but if there are pregnant women at home, it is best not to use it. 

Many disinfectants on the market contain a lot of chemical components, which evaporate in the air after use. If pregnant women inhale the body, the body will often feel uncomfortable. In severe cases, it will also cause breathing difficulties. , Even dizziness and other situations. 

Not only that, if pregnant women are exposed to disinfectant for a long time, it will also adversely affect the development of the fetus in the abdomen. 

Therefore, if there are pregnant women in the home, it is best to avoid using disinfectant and other items, even after the baby is born, do not use disinfectant to disinfect the baby’s clothes. 

③, high heels

After pregnancy, things like high heels should be put away as soon as possible and replaced with flat shoes that are safe and easy to wear. 

Many women know that high heels are really inappropriate for pregnant women, because the belly of pregnant women will become bigger and bigger, and the center of gravity of the body will also change. If you are not careful, you may fall. 

So, whether it is for the health of pregnant women or for the sake of the fetus in the abdomen, it is best to put away high-heeled shoes at home. 

④. Perfume essential oils

Many women use perfumes and essential oils, but these items should be put away as soon as possible after pregnancy. 

Some studies have shown that the use of perfume or scented cosmetics by pregnant women will increase the risk of infertility in the future. 

The perfumes on the market generally contain a variety of chemical substances, and some perfumes even contain harmful ingredients. If pregnant women use it for a long time, the respiratory tract will be easily affected, and eventually dizziness or nausea will appear. Miscarriage may occur. 

Essential oils are also products that many women use. However, some essential oils are actually not suitable for pregnant women. If they contain harmful ingredients, it is likely to affect the growth and development of the fetus. 

⑤, cosmetics and nail polish

It is a woman’s nature to love beauty. 

Even if they are pregnant, many pregnant mothers still want to dress up beautifully, but in fact, cosmetics and nail polish have many adverse effects on pregnant women. 

Many cosmetics contain a lot of chemical substances, nail polish also contains some harmful substances, and these substances will enter the body through the respiratory tract and skin, thereby affecting the development of the fetus. 

So, for those expectant mothers who love beauty during pregnancy, these things should better be put away and used after the baby is born. 

How to prevent fetal dysplasia? 

If you want the fetus in the abdomen to develop well, the couple should plan ahead from the moment they prepare for pregnancy. 

Three months before pregnancy and within 12 weeks of pregnancy are the critical period of fetal development. Expectant mothers can take some folic acid appropriately to actively avoid harmful environments. 

After pregnancy, pregnant women should strictly require themselves, bedroom environment, work environment, etc. need to pay special attention to avoid illness, reduce the chance of medication, diet also need to pay attention to balanced nutrition, not eat spicy and other irritating foods, and finally check on time. Regular review can effectively prevent fetal dysplasia and other conditions. 

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