Several manifestations of children may be on the verge of depression, parental behavior or “catalyst”?

Several manifestations of children may be on the verge of depression, parental behavior or “catalyst”? 

Mental illness is not painful like physical illness. It hits the body and mind directly, it is a devastating blow, and there is even no cure. 

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Nowadays, the pressure in life is increasing, and most people feel exhausted physically and mentally. At the same time as physical health is threatened, mental illness has gradually become a problem that cannot be ignored. Depression is the most frightening. According to surveys, people with depression have all kinds of people regardless of age and social status. It may be targeted by him, down to children, and up to the elderly. 


< p>Huihui is a junior high school student who has been very depressed recently. After returning home from school, she locked herself in the room. She didn’t think about eating and drinking, and she didn’t sleep at night, but Huihui’s mother didn’t realize the child’s abnormality. I didn’t agree with this, and shouted outside the door: “You damn girl, what is the wind recently, give me a meal quickly.”

Amidst her mother’s repeated insults, Huihui said nothing. , Suppressing the inner distress in her heart, and even cutting her wrists, this scared Huihui’s mother. 

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Huihui’s mother hurriedly sent her bleeding daughter to the hospital. Fortunately, the rescue was timely and did not threaten her life. The doctor recommended Huihui’s mother to take her to the psychiatric department. See, as expected, her daughter is suffering from moderate depression. 

Depression is not like physical illnesses that have obvious pain. The pain it brings to people is the destruction of the body and mind. It mainly refers to depression, emotional depression, inferiority depression, pessimistic and world-weariness, and serious possibility. Will attempt suicide. 

Depression occurs Premonitory, especially the student groups who are under huge learning pressure and parents’ high expectations, are easy to fall into it. As parents, you must be vigilant. When your children show these signs, you must be careful! 

The child may be suffering from depression Premonitions

1. I have encountered bullying, ostracism, and isolation on campus;

2. After returning home, I feel depressed, have no appetite, insomnia at night, can’t fall asleep, and need to use drugs to fall asleep;< /p>

3. I can’t concentrate when doing things, I often think randomly, and fall into a kind of inexplicable anxiety;

4. I suddenly lose interest and motivation in life and study, even if I am interested Things have become dull;

< p>5. Become taciturn, like being alone very much, quit the circle of family and friends;

6. Be hurt and cry quietly when you are alone in the dead of night or alone;

7. Have self-harm , Suicide act. 

When the child has the above abnormal behavior, words and deeds, parents should be aware of the clues in time, and find a solution in time after receiving the child’s “sign for help”. Once the child closes the window of his soul, The difficulty of treatment will increase, and even cause irreparable trauma. Some children are under greater psychological pressure and are likely to commit life-threatening actions such as self-harm or committing suicide. 

According to the survey, there are 12 Among the 10 to 19-year-old adolescents, about 20% have mental health problems. Psychologists believe that depression is the result of a combination of various factors, and the potential triggers mostly come from parents. Are your behaviors pulling the child or pushing it into the abyss? 

Causes of depression in children What? 

1. Parents’ discipline is too strict.

Every parent hopes to be a dragon and a girl, but the eagerness to achieve success may make the child feel tight. Forced, parents’ strict control of their children will cause them to grow up in a pressure cooker environment for a long time, causing inner anxiety and depression. Just like Qiao Yingzi in “Little Joy”, the mother’s strict prevention of staring at her will force her to finally choose to jump into the river. 

2. The native family is not happy.

If parents quarrel frequently, or even quarrel in front of their children, they will cause great damage to the baby’s soul and his personality will become self-conscious. Shut down, low self-esteem, unreliable feelings are not relieved, the backlog becomes depression after a long time. 

3. Family patriarchy

The patriarchal family will make girls feel unloved, always isolated and rejected by the family. Over time, it is easy to lead to autism and depression. 

4. Parents always say nasty things

Some parents don’t know how to educate their children, and they are silent in front of their children, especially when their children are injured outside and need parental comfort. The attitude is really the last straw to crush the camel. For example, some parents often say some insulting words-“Why are you so stupid? What’s the use of you when you are born”, “Why don’t you go*?” etc. Wait. 

Depression is not just an adult’s patent. Your child may be on the verge of depression, and the behavior of parents will directly determine the final result. Is it to save or push it into the abyss?  Women who have given birth to babies have given their bodies If there is a “hint”, no matter how hidden it is, it may be useless

Women who have given birth to a baby have already given a “hint” in their body, no matter how hidden it may be useless

| Mom’s Way (Senior maternal and child nurse, original is not easy, please do not copy)

Nowadays women are more and more beautiful, and the public’s aesthetics happens to be “white, young and thin”, so The pursuit of youthful beauty has become the goal of many women. 

Even after giving birth to a child, most mothers hope that when they take their children out, it is best not to be recognized as a mother-child or a mother-daughter. 

But in fact, it is difficult for women who have given birth to hide the changes in their bodies. 

After giving birth to a baby, female The four parts of the body will give “cues”

▶ Breast

When a woman is pregnant, due to changes in body hormones, her breasts will become larger, and during breastfeeding This change is more obvious when breastfeeding a child. 

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At the beginning, when the female star Wu Qian had just given birth to her baby, netizens immediately noticed the changes in her body, thinking that she must have just given birth to her baby, otherwise her breasts The change will not be so obvious. 

Sure enough, she tried to hide her, and now she was exposed to take the child out to play. 

In addition, women such as Ma Yili and Reyza cannot escape the postpartum physical changes in the show. As soon as the TV series is broadcast, the audience can see whether the other party has given birth to a child. 

Furthermore, after a woman has given birth, her breasts will become bigger at the beginning, and there may be sagging after the baby is weaned, which is also obvious. 

▶ Hip

If the fetus is delivered smoothly, many women will have enlarged buttocks and enlarged pelvis after delivery. 

Moreover, it is still difficult to correct. If Bao’s mother doesn’t have time, or just gives up, there will be a significant difference in her hips compared with women who have never given birth. 

▶ Abdomen

After pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s belly will become bigger and bigger. After childbirth, the skin on the abdomen will become looser and the muscles may become weaker. Many women No matter how you lose weight, you may not be able to restore your original waist circumference. 

If they neglect to exercise, it is easy for them to pile up meat in their lower abdomen, which is more slack and sagging than the abdomen of obese women who have never given birth. 

▶ Eyes

Childbirth is a big loss. After giving birth to many women, and taking care of the child is more exhausting, the collagen on the face will be lost more seriously, and they will have sunken eye sockets and drooping eyelids. Happening. 

However, due to pregnancy in October, coupled with being a mother, one’s own maternal love may be stimulated, for the sake of the child to become more brave, so the eyes will become firm and gentle. 

It’s better to enjoy the The changes brought by mothers

Although the mainstream aesthetics today is white, young and thin, some people will still appreciate other beauty. After the mother and her troubles have given birth to a child, her body changes and she is no longer young. It is better to accept this change and welcome another kind of beauty. 

For example, many children were born before The female dressed as a little girl accepted the physical changes after giving birth, and also readily recognized the mature and intellectual temperament that appeared on her body, and changed in this regard. 

After giving birth to a baby, some mothers exercised in order to restore their physical functions. As a result, they also like to exercise, and they have a healthy and healthy appearance and temperament. 

Although it is my own business to choose what lifestyle and aesthetics, but the body after childbirth is indeed weaker than before childbirth. It is better for Baoma to have a correct lifestyle. 

The most feared thing is one side Complaining that one’s body is out of shape, while not taking any action

Even if you don’t have the time and perseverance to restore your body to its original state, you need to pay attention to the balance of your mind and maintain good habits in your daily routine and diet. Your health and appearance are favorable. 

Don’t give up on this And self-pity, negative emotions will affect the secretion of body hormones, make the body’s condition worse, and also affect the skin’s condition and appearance in appearance. 

I hope that every mother can find a comfortable way of life that she likes, and her body will be healthier. 


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