Several “dangerous toys” have long been drawn into the “blacklist”, no matter how children like them, parents shouldn’t buy them

Several “dangerous toys” have long been drawn into the “blacklist”. If children like them, parents should not buy them

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With the development of the times, children’s toys are more and more The more diversified, the more diverse, the more varieties are countless, and the more novel and interesting are countless. 

However, a large part of toys are very harmful to children. When choosing toys for their children, parents need to pay attention to the safety and material quality of the toys to ensure that the children can stay away from danger. Grow up safely, healthily and happily. 

Case: This kind of “dangerous toy” can cause blindness every minute

It is the nature of children to play, especially when they are young, they always love all kinds of toys. All the people who have been seen but have not seen it must be touched, and they are not aware of the hidden safety hazards in it. 

Toys like laser pointers are very common in the market. Because the infrared beam is concentrated and not easy to disperse, the distance that can be irradiated is very long, and the price is relatively cheap, which is very popular among children. 

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Some time ago, Xiao He saw a laser pointer in the supermarket, so he bought one and took it home for his son to play. He didn’t expect a tragedy. But it happened because the child was dizzy because of the laser pointer. Xiao He was so anxious that he immediately took his son to the hospital. The doctor told Xiao He that the child’s eyesight had been damaged and he would never come back. 

In many communities, children often irradiate infrared rays to other people’s homes, but in fact, infrared rays are extremely harmful to children’s eyes. If they are directly irradiated on the child’s eyeballs, it will cause the child’s eyesight to decrease and eyeball distortion. There is even a risk of blindness. 

Which toys are potentially “dangerous”? 

• Sound and light toys

With the development of society, toys are becoming more and more high-tech, but in fact, these toys may not be good for children. On the contrary, they may be The noise is too loud and too shiny, which can cause a lot of harm to the child. 

Under normal circumstances, if the noise of the toy exceeds 70 decibels, it will cause damage to the child’s auditory system; if the noise exceeds 80 decibels, the child will be in this environment for a long time, which will cause headaches and headaches. Dizziness, tinnitus, irritability, memory loss, etc. 

If the toy is too shiny , The child may stare at the flashing part for a long time because of curiosity, and eventually have problems such as vision loss and astigmatism. 

So, for children, it is not that the more expensive, dazzling, and technological toys are the better. 

• Toy guns

Toy guns are very common on the market and are loved by boys. Although it does not seem to be lethal, it is very dangerous. It can instantly It is not a joke to damage people’s eyes and cause children’s eyes to go blind. 

The origin of this toy gun For a long time, in addition to this kind of toy gun, there are toys such as water guns, many parents are not concerned, but in fact, children should stay away. 

• Electric shock toys

Although this kind of electric shock toys are selling hot, the voltage of many toys on the market has actually exceeded the human safety voltage of 36 volts. 

Even if the voltage is not high, the child with a bad heart may cause the recurrence of the old disease under the stimulation of the electric current, and because the child’s physical development is not yet complete, exposure to the stimulation of the unsafe voltage is harmful to the body and mind. Health is very unfavorable. 

• Flashing balloon

This sparkling thing is very popular, especially when night falls, there are often many sparkling balloons on squares and streets. Not to mention children, even adults like this beautiful thing. 

However, although it is indeed very beautiful, it is potentially dangerous. It is very easy to explode, and its explosive power is very powerful. Because this kind of balloon is filled with helium gas, it will immediately hit a fire. After the explosion, the residue will remain on the surface of the human body. 

Therefore, parents must pay special attention and never give this kind of balloon to their children, so as not to cause an irreversible situation. 

Actually, it’s not just this Kind of flashing balloons. It’s best not to play with other kinds of balloons. Children are young and cannot control the strength of their hands. They are easy to pierce the balloons and burst. Not only will they scare the children, they may be injured if they are not careful. Skin or eyes. 

How do parents choose their children’s toys? 


When parents choose toys for their children, safety is the most important thing. After all, for children, safety must be the first priority at all times. 

In addition, the quality of the toy must pass the test. If the quality of the toy does not pass the test, it may affect the child’s sense of playing experience and the safety in the process. 



In fact, many children love the new and dislike the old more than adults. Therefore, if you want toys to accompany your children for a longer period of time, when parents choose toys for their children, they must be operability and can arouse their enthusiasm. 

▲Select according to the age of the child

When parents choose toys for their children, they should choose according to the different periods of the child. 

Children less than six months old, can choose some colorful toys, don’t choose those with certain difficulty in operation, because at this time, most children are still in the stage of watching and are not very good at playing. 

Children are half to one year old In between, when it comes to the stage of watching and listening, I am full of curiosity about everything, and I will stuff my mouth when I see it, so the quality of the toy must pass the test, or you can choose some children’s music. 

After the child reaches one year old, parents can choose some toys that are slightly more difficult to operate and add some books.  After parents charge their phones, make one less Action, the child may get an electric shock.

After the parents charge the mobile phone, one less action may cause the child to get an electric shock.

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People often say that “home is a safe haven for children”, but if a careless parent is involved, the home may become the most threatening place to the health of the baby. 

According to data, there are about 200,000 children injured by accidents in our country every year, and the proportion of electric shock injuries is about one in ten. 

As a result of improper behavior of personnel, the proportion of children getting electric shock is as high as half. 

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Among these people, how many are parents? 

There are countless news that children have been electrocuted due to exposed wires and unsealed sockets in the home, which endanger their lives and health. 

I still remember a piece of news in Chongqing. When his mother was sleeping, a 4-year-old boy caught the wire that his father had connected and died of electrocution. 

After the mother came out, she only saw the child lying there motionless, his mouth all black. 

Unfortunately, there are still not many parents who are aware of electrical safety, but there are more and more electric shock hazards lurking around their children. 

Nowadays there is a kind of most parents Things that are in use are more likely to cause electric shock to children than sockets, but few parents pay attention. 

There have been news reports, After charging the mobile phone, a parent did not unplug the charger and threw it there. 

When she went to the kitchen to cook, the child became interested in the charging cable, and even chewed on the end of the charger that was still connected to the power supply. 

Unfortunate results also happened: the child was electrocuted and his body was directly scorched. 

When my mother found out, it was too late. 

Few people realize that a small charging cable can have such a great power. For this, someone specially tested it. 

The results show: A charging cable that has been in contact with water may generate an electric current that knocks down adults, which is even more dangerous for children. 

Beware of charging Electric shock

Nowadays, there are more and more electronic products that need to be charged in every family: laptops, mobile phones, tablets, sweeping robots, desk lamps, etc. 

There are more and more chargers and charging cables at home. 

For the convenience of life, there are many sockets in the house, on the floor and in the corners. 

If the parent forgets to unplug the cable after charging there, the child is easily accessible, and a tragedy may happen suddenly. 

In time the child did not touch, If the charger is in poor contact or has other problems, it may also cause fire and other hazards. 

Therefore, I hope that every parent will take care of the safety of their children and develop the habit of unplugging the charging cable. 

In addition to the charger, also Pay attention to other household appliances with risk of leakage

▶ Hair dryer

Some hair dryers are very powerful and dangerous. 

Forgetting to turn off the hair dryer, there is a risk of scalding children; using it in a humid bathroom may cause electric shock. 

▶ Switch

The switch is not dangerous, but if you touch it with wet hands, you may get an electric shock. 

If the child likes to drool At their age, it’s best not to let them touch the switch that connects to the power source. 

▶ Wires

Wires with exposed metal ends need to be wrapped with insulating glue in time to avoid being caught by children. 

It is best not to use too long wires in the children’s play area:

It is easy to trip and hurt the child;

If the child Wrap it around the neck, it may cause suffocation;

When children bite curiously, there is also the risk of electric shock. 

▶ Socket

Especially the old type socket, there is no insulation barrier plastic inside, it is very dangerous if children touch it with their hands. 

If you have stainless steel chopsticks or The iron wire should not be accessible to the baby. 

Not long ago, there was a news report that a girl grabbed stainless steel chopsticks and inserted it into the socket, which caused an electric shock and a large area of ​​broken skin on her hand. 

The child had no breathing or heartbeat at the time, so he was rescued in time. 

Therefore, families with children can cover the socket with a protective cover. 

▶ Inferior electronic products


Some parents like to buy inferior electronic products without a certificate because they are greedy for cheap. This is more likely to cause danger. 

If the child gets an electric shock, the parent what to do? 

▶ Cut off the power

When a child gets an electric shock, do not touch it with your hands. You need to cut off the power first. 

When there is no power supply, use plastic and dry wood products to separate the child from the power supply. 

▶ Rescue

If the baby is still conscious, let him lie down and rest, then dial 120. 

If breathing stops without consciousness, give artificial respiration immediately. 

If the heartbeat stops, chest compressions are required, and the interruption time cannot exceed 30 seconds. 

I hope that parents learn more about safety and let their babies grow up healthily. 


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