Set these rules for your baby before the age of three. In the future, parents will worry less about them, and the baby will be more promising.

Establish these rules for your baby before the age of three. In the future, parents will worry less about them, and the baby will be more productive

Set rules for children as early as possible, otherwise it may be difficult to control after they arrive. After all, all parents want their children to be educated. And physical and mental health. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

Finalized: Su Zihou

As children grow up, parents need discipline There will be more and more problems with children. It’s not like staying in infancy, just satisfying physiological needs and caring is enough. Now we still need to consider the education of babies. 

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Do children need to behave before the age of three? 

Yes. Children will develop self-awareness after the age of two, and their language expression and comprehension skills will be significantly improved. At this time, they can start to set rules for the baby. 

There may be many parents who will say that if their children are still so young, should they set rules for them? Can he understand, can he hear it? 

Then you are wrong. The period from the birth of a child to the age of three is the fastest period of physical and psychological development of a baby. You can see from the psychological characteristics and personality tendencies of a three-year-old child The embryonic form of his psychology and personality when he grows up, this is what the saying goes, “three years old look big.” 

Therefore, in order for children to have a healthy mind and a good personality when they grow up, it is necessary to start to set the rules when the baby develops self-awareness and the ability of language expression and understanding has gradually become stronger. 

Before the child is three years old, these four rules must

1. Don’t beat people

For children, there is no right or wrong in their world, because at that stage the baby’s right and wrong and moral values ​​have not yet been established. Therefore, you only have to think about it or not, and get what you want and become your own. 

There will be situations like this. For example, if you see other children holding toys in their hands, they go straight to grab them and beat them if you don’t give them, because it’s wrong that he hasn’t beaten people yet. Cognition. 

Therefore, when a parent discovers that the child has this behavior for the first time, he must stop it in time and tell him that it is incorrect. If it does this again, he needs to be punished. 

2. Don’t throw things.

When children are angry and upset, they may lose their temper by throwing things, smashing things, etc. Stop it in time. 

Parents should first think about whether it’s because the adults lose their tempers. They use this method to affect the children, and then guide the children to vent their emotions in the correct way. If you are young, just condone such behavior, it will only become more and more serious, and even later become violent. 

3. Crying can’t solve the problem.

Children are used to crying to solve some of their own needs. Rolling way to protest, you want. 

If the parent chooses to compromise at this time, the child will still use this crying method next time to get what they want. The correct way is that when the baby is crying and asking for something for the first time, the parents will ignore it and tell them that this is not correct and it will have no effect. 

For children’s needs, parents should follow the appropriate way of satisfying and delaying satisfaction. 

4. Basic politeness

Finally, parents should teach their children some basic polite expressions, such as “sorry”, “thank you”, “excuse me”, “please… …” Wait, so that the baby can become a good and polite boy. 

Children’s character and behavior habits are inseparable from the formation of the child, especially the way of parenting education. 

How to make the rules Build faster? 

1. Praise the child first, then set the rules

Everyone likes to hear others praise themselves, and children are no exception. Therefore, when parents ask their babies to do something, they should give them compliments, so that the children can have more information and feel satisfied inside, so that they can do things according to the requirements of the family and observe the rules to better complete the task. 

2. Do not scold the children loudly

Parents must not criticize or scold them harshly in the process of explaining the rules with their children. 

If parents are unwilling to listen to their children, or cannot listen at all, the parents will beat and scold their children, which will only make the children more enforceable and even rebellious. The mentality of this will be even more unfavorable to the establishment of rules. 

3. When crying, you can’t continue to reprimand your child

When the child is crying, the parent’s reprimand should stop, because at this time, the baby is only concerned about crying. You can’t hear what the adults say, so parents can tell their children some simple and understandable truths when they are in a good mood to help their children build awareness of the rules. 

4. Patiently say that 10 times is more useful than loudly reprimanding once.

If parents tell their children an incident many times, they still can’t remember. At this time, parents must not use reprimand instead. Patience to reason with your baby is more effective than yelling ten times. 

Therefore, when educating children, we must pay attention to the methods and methods, so as to be more conducive to the establishment of rules.  Newborn babies often have seven This kind of “abnormal” situation, don’t worry, the baby is healthy

Every baby is the heart of mom and dad, so I am afraid that they will have some problems, so they become extra careful. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

Finalized: After Su Zi

The moment the baby was born, the whole family was happy Yes, there is a happy smile on his face, but what follows is the anxiety of taking care of the baby. 

Some of the abnormal situations that the baby has from time to time, such as spitting up milk, eczema, sneezing, etc., have been broken by parents, but in fact, some conditions that appear in newborns seem to be abnormal, but they are actually healthy of. 

The pictures in this article are from the network, and the pictures and texts are irrelevant

These seven seemingly abnormal conditions for newborn babies, parents do not have to worry about

1, dark green stool

Newborn babies will be The discharge of dark green or dark brown stool is also what we commonly call meconium, which is a very normal phenomenon. 

Meconium is caused by intestinal secretions, epithelial cells shedding, bile, and amniotic fluid and lanugo that swallowed when the baby is in the mother’s body. Generally, the dark green stool will gradually evolve after 2 to 3 days. After yellow, it means that the meconium has been completely discharged. 

2. Weight loss

Many parents will find that the baby’s weight does not increase but decreases after birth. This phenomenon makes parents very worried. In fact, this is a very A normal physiological phenomenon, a newborn’s first body weight will be physiologically reduced, because his body’s water content is too much, accounting for 70% to 80% of his body weight, and the body’s water content will decrease after birth. , Resulting in weight loss and other situations. 

Under normal circumstances, the baby will return to its birth weight about 10 days after the baby is born. Bao parents and mothers do not need to worry too much about this. 

3. Sneezing

The baby will occasionally sneeze one or two. At this time, many parents will feel nervous and worry about whether the baby has caught a cold and caught a cold. 

Actually, this is just because the newborn’s nasal cavity is narrow and the hair inside the nose has not grown out, so it is easy to be stimulated by the outside world, so if there are some subtle changes in the outside world, it may be irritated. The baby is sneezing. 

So, parents do not need to worry too much as long as the baby eats well, sleeps well, and has no other abnormalities. 

4. Skin peeling on the body

Many parents can see a lot of dandruff falling off their babies, especially when changing clothes for them, in severe cases , You can see a large piece of skin peeling on the newborn’s body. Bao Ma Bao’s father may be a little scared, worrying whether the baby has some skin disease, which causes the skin on his body to always fade. 

In fact, this is just because the baby is always surrounded by warm and moist amniotic fluid when living in the mother’s body before birth, and the air is relatively dry after birth, and the newborn’s surface skin is not yet fully developed, so it is prone to peeling. 

Therefore, this is a normal phenomenon. Parents don’t need to worry about it, and don’t need special treatment, don’t tear off the dander, just normal daily skin cleaning and care. . 

5. Small rashes

The newborn baby’s face has some small white pimples, which looks very uncomfortable, but I don’t know what it is, the baby is so small I didn’t dare to apply medicine casually, but many parents were anxious. 

Actually, this kind of small pimples are caused by the strong secretion of the sebaceous glands of the baby. Parents do not need to worry too much, nor do they need to do special treatment, usually after 2 to 6 months after birth Will slowly disappear on its own. 

6. After falling asleep, the body is still straining

Shortly after the baby is born, many parents will find The suffocation became red. Some parents think that the baby is sick, and some think it is calcium deficiency, and they are very worried. 

In fact, neither is true. This is just because the baby’s digestive system is not yet fully developed, and the ability to digest food is relatively poor. In addition, the nervous system is not fully developed, which will eventually lead to this phenomenon. Parents don’t need to worry. As the baby grows up, this phenomenon will gradually disappear. 

7. Always cry at the same time at night

Some parents will find that their baby will cry at the same time every day, and they are very worried about whether the baby has encountered something dirty , It will be so. 

Actually, this phenomenon occurs mostly because the baby’s gastrointestinal function is still weak, causing abdominal bloating, causing intestinal colic, which makes the baby feel uncomfortable and appears. It usually occurs in three months. Parents do not need to worry too much about the baby inside. As the baby grows up and the gastrointestinal function continues to mature, the intestinal colic will gradually disappear, often after the baby is about four months old. 

Newborn baby care Precautions

1. Feeding

Before breastfeeding your baby, Baoma needs to wash her breasts, so as to prevent bacteria from being inhaled by the baby, and at the same time pay attention to adopting the correct breastfeeding posture , To prevent babies from choking on milk. 

For Bao Ma, an office worker, breast milk can be squeezed out in advance and stored in the refrigerator. When the baby sends out a hungry signal, it is poured into a milk bottle and soaked in hot water before feeding. 

In the choice of baby bottles, try to choose a safe and hygienic glass material and a baby bottle with vent holes, so as to avoid the baby from spitting up. 

2. Clean

The skin of newborn babies is more delicate. Parents need to be careful when cleaning and nursing. If you want to use shampoo and body wash in the bath, you must Use only for babies, because adults’ toiletries are added with too many chemical additives, if they are used for babies, it is likely to irritate their delicate skin, and even cause skin problems such as allergies. 

3. Clothing

Since newborn babies have delicate skin, when choosing clothing, try to choose pure cotton or original ecological materials to avoid irritation to their skin , And the pure cotton material has good sweat absorption, breathability and softness, which is the most suitable material for newborn babies. 

In addition, you can choose some styles that are easy to put on and take off the clothes, such as “monk clothes”, “one-piece suits”, etc., which can protect the baby’s belly and prevent him from catching cold, and it is also convenient for parents to wash their butts and change diapers. 

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