Senior teacher: Which one is more promising as a “chicken head” in an ordinary class or as a “phoenix tail” in a key class?

Senior teacher: Which one is more promising as a “chicken head” in an ordinary class or as a “phoenix tail” in a key class? 

Writer: Chen Fang

Editor: Liu Yizhi

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In the eyes of parents, children’s classification is The important life “penalty kick”, a little carelessness, will affect the future life direction, especially when the child’s grades are in the upper middle and upper reaches, the parents will be very entangled-whether or not to let him go to the ordinary class as a “chicken” “Head”, or go to the key class to be the “Phoenix Tail”? 

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Being the “chicken head” of the ordinary class OR the “phoenix tail” of the key class

The children of Xiao Wang’s family are facing the problem of classifying. Xiao Wang has always I’m fairly satisfied with my child’s grades, but I still have difficulty when I really face the problem of class assignment. 

The child’s grades are not bad, but if they are in the key class, they will only be the bottom, and if they are in the ordinary class, Xiao Wang is afraid that it will delay the child’s study. After thinking about it, I didn’t think about what to do, and finally chose a normal class under the advice of a teacher. 

It turns out that this is a correct one After the child enters the ordinary class, he becomes more cheerful and confident, and he is more energetic in learning. Every day he goes home and tells Xiao Wang that the teacher praised him for writing well today, which makes Xiao Wang very pleased. 

What made Xiao Wang make this decision? It turned out that the teacher told him: When facing a choice, in fact, it is only necessary to grasp a principle-that is suitable. What is suitable? 

Then you should first understand the pros and cons of the two class models

The pros and cons of the ordinary class:


The overall benefit of the ordinary class That is, children can become the best in the class, and not only can they be valued by the teacher and get more help, but at the same time, this kind of top-ranking situation will also bring great self-confidence to the child and increase the motivation of the child to learn. 


However There are inevitable drawbacks, because ordinary classes may have students with poor grades, and the children may not have such a strong learning atmosphere in the class, and they are easy to be biased by some playful children, and children need to have strong Self-control. At the same time, if the child has no competitors in performance, the child will be more likely to slack off, and even develop a feeling of pride and complacency, which is very detrimental to the child’s study and mental health. 

Pros and cons of key classes:


The advantages of key classes are self-evident. First of all, the teachers are definitely better than ordinary classes, and the second is the learning atmosphere. Most of the students are more conscious in their studies. Children who have been in this environment for a long time will naturally easily develop better study habits. 


Of course, the key classes are also There is an inevitable shortcoming, that is, the pressure of competition is high. Some children may be the best in ordinary classes, but they can only be at the bottom in key classes. Some children can turn this kind of pressure into motivation, but some children are likely to become self-deprecating and have a negative attitude toward learning. Which one is more promising? The key is to look at the following points

1. Whether the child is easily affected by the environment

Parents should know whether their child is a person who is easily affected by the external environment, and if he needs a good one in his studies In order to concentrate on learning, parents should naturally consider key classes, which are relatively more promising.

On the contrary, children learn more consciously and are not affected by others and the environment, so ordinary classes can be used in key classes. . 

2. The child’s anti-stress spirit

We all know that there are many outstanding students in key classes. After entering the child, they will face huge competition. If the child is a more optimistic and willing to compete character , Then this will become the motivation of the child. 

If the child is mentally and psychologically compared Frail, unable to bear too much pressure and heavy burden, then this will become the source of the child’s negative psychology. Therefore, children with strong resistance to stress can choose key classes, otherwise ordinary classes are better. 

3. To understand the child’s wishes

After all, going to school is the child’s own business, and no one has more choice than the child. What parents should do is to let their children know the gap between the two, and then give some appropriate suggestions and listen to their children’s choices. 

Extended reading: children should be “Chicken Head” or “Phoenix Tail”? 

A friend who had been an ordinary school before university, was also a school leader. He won many awards and affirmations, which made him confident and optimistic, but he was easily satisfied and stagnated. 

But after going to university, several exams he was at the middle and lower level, which brought him a big gap. But seeing that everyone around me has their own unique strengths, so I am no longer a frog at the bottom of the well, and I also work harder to see a better world. 

In fact, whether it is a chicken head It’s still Phoenix Tail, the most important thing is your own mentality. 

When making a phoenix tail, even if it is not so dazzling, you should not give up on yourself, but face your own weaknesses and actively pursue progress;

When you are a chicken head, you must always Stay humble, don’t be confined to where you are, but pursue a broader world. 

Today’s topic: Will your child choose the key class or the ordinary class?  The baby has four signs, which may be intelligence Low performance, one of them should attract attention

Babies have low intelligence, and they usually have problems with intelligence, sports, and social behavior. 

Writer: Muzi

Finalized: Su Zihou

Every parent hopes that their baby is healthy and smart, but some pregnant women have worked so hard to conceive in October, and finally But it is found that there are certain problems with the baby’s intellectual development, so what signals will the baby’s mental retardation generally have? 

Case: The baby can’t laugh for two months, and Bao’s mother is anxious.

After Lili gave birth to the baby, the whole family was immersed in joy, but recently they began to be anxious—the baby was two months old. But I still can’t laugh. No matter how funny the adults are, I haven’t seen the children laugh. 

The family was worried. After being diagnosed by the doctor, it was discovered that the baby was stunted and mentally low. This was a heavy blow to Lili, both physically and mentally. 

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Baby with low intelligence is relatively weak in memory, understanding and judgment. Under normal circumstances, under the eyes of parents’ attention, the baby’s every move is very obvious, therefore, the baby’s abnormality can also be found as soon as possible. 

Signals of a baby’s low intelligence

▶Signal 1: No sucking, feeding difficulties

Sucking is a baby’s innate ability, but if the baby does not suck during this process If there is feeding difficulty, then as a parent, you must pay attention to it. It is very likely that the baby’s nervous system has been damaged. 

A baby with mental retardation will not suck during infants and toddlers, and will spit up during breastfeeding. However, after adding complementary foods, they do not know how to swallow. This is an obvious developmental delay, which has a great impact on the future development of intelligence. 

▶Signal 2: Don’t laugh

People of the older generation often say: The earlier the baby laughs, the smarter it is. 

Although there is no scientific basis, it is not completely unreasonable, because under normal circumstances, newborn babies will laugh after two months of birth and development, and 3-4 months will be haha laughing out loud. 

If the baby does not laugh after this time, then this is a sign of the baby’s mental retardation. 

▶Signal 3: Reflex arc length

Baby often responds to external stimuli, such as crying when it hurts. 

But if the reflex arc is very long during the period from being stimulated to crying, and even in many cases, the baby needs to be stimulated repeatedly before crying, it means that the baby is unresponsive and mentally low. 

Under normal circumstances, such babies will be significantly lower than their peers in thinking, analysis, and memory. 

▶Signal 4: Poor athletic ability

In theory, the baby’s growth and development are regular, turning, sitting, climbing, standing, and walking, all of which develop in sequence . 

However, if the baby’s development in these areas is very slow, and even learns to walk at the age of 3-4, it means that the baby’s intelligence is lower than other peers. 

What to do if the baby’s mental retardation is low

Find out the cause and treat it in time

If parents find that the baby’s mental retardation is low, they should go to the hospital to find out the cause as soon as possible. 

Generally speaking, the reasons why babies are mentally low include chronic diseases, poisoning, long-term malnutrition, hearing and vision disorders, etc., and it is necessary to try to remove the cause as much as possible, improve and treat them, and make their symptoms get Relief, intelligence gradually recovered. 

Training and rehabilitation

Baby’s mental retardation, should cooperate with the application of medical, social, educational and vocational training measures, according to the baby’s age, and the severity of the mental retardation, the baby should be trained and rehabilitated, so that it can reach the normal intelligence level as much as possible . 

When it is found that the baby has mental retardation, parents should take the baby to the hospital in time. If the treatment is not taken in time, it will cause problems in life when they grow up. This is for the baby and the parents. It is an extremely painful thing. 

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