Selling a house for children to attend an international kindergarten? The couple almost divorced, and the follow-up came

Selling a house for children to attend an international kindergarten? The couple almost got divorced, and the follow-up came.

Parents are “unscrupulous” in order to train their children well. As long as it is beneficial to the children, even if the family bankrupts, some parents are very willing. Regardless of the actual suffering. 

Many parents start planning how to train their children after their children are born. Many of them enroll their children in various brain development courses before they are 3 years old. When the children should go to kindergarten, this is another key. The turning point is that choosing a good kindergarten for your children is related to the budding of children’s learning, and many parents have quarreled because of this. 


My friend Xiao Ding and her husband were divorced earlier. As far as everyone knows, this couple’s life has always been very good. Why did they suddenly want to divorce? 

After learning the reason, everyone said it was difficult to understand, it turned out to be because of the child’s school problem! Strange to say, this time it was not Xiaoding who was tossing, but her husband. 

Xiaoding and her husband have a 3-year-old son. During the summer vacation and the school season is approaching, many parents are thinking about which kindergarten their children should register for, so Xiaoding and her husband discussed about the children. Various matters after going to kindergarten. 

The husband said that he wanted to sell the house and let his children go to an international kindergarten in the future. The reason was that raising children should start at a young age. Indeed, Xiaoding admits that training is very important, and there are many benefits for children to attend international kindergartens, but what price are the kindergartens on the market now? 

The average level is more than 100,000 a year. For some good ones, the charge is higher, and the price is doubled. The most important thing is that children can only go to elementary school until they are 8 years old. This means that children It takes five years to go to kindergarten, and the pressure is great to think about it. 

These are only visible fees. After the child enters the kindergarten, it is also an international kindergarten after all. Teachers will organize activities from time to time. Parents spend a lot of money in these aspects every year. If you spend less, you are afraid that your children will be treated unfairly in the kindergarten. 

When Xiaoding and her husband listed the pros and cons, they said that it is enough to let the children go to a better private kindergarten. There is no need to go to such an expensive international kindergarten, and the family is not rich enough to support the children to go to the international kindergarten. Happening. 

However, my husband couldn’t listen to it and insisted on selling the house. Because of this incident, Xiaoding and her husband both had plans to divorce, and this matter was agitated. 

Later, both parents came forward to resolve the matter, and finally Xiaoding’s husband gave up. Now their children go to a better private kindergarten in our local area, which is already a good choice for the children. 

I believe many people find it difficult to understand, isn’t it just going to kindergarten? Is it really necessary for children to go to such an expensive international kindergarten? 

In response to this, I suggest that according to the income of your family, for families with higher annual incomes, after some consideration and feel that they can afford it, then they can let their children go to an international kindergarten. Instead, let the child go to a normal kindergarten honestly. 

Indeed, I have to admit that some professional international kindergartens have their advantages, whether in terms of the completeness of the kindergarten’s facilities or the professionalism of the teachers, they are all first-class. The kindergarten study will also benefit a lot. 

But not all families can support their children to complete five years of international kindergarten. And kindergartens allow children to be exposed to high-end education, what should elementary schools, middle schools and universities do? 

for children to choose What kind of problems should be paid attention to in kindergarten? 

1. Fees.

Undoubtedly, the tuition and other expenses of kindergarten have become the top issues considered by parents. After all, most young parents are facing greater pressure in their lives nowadays. Under the pressure of loans, choosing a kindergarten with relatively high cost performance is what young parents desire. 

For the vast majority of young parents, I personally recommend choosing a kindergarten with average fees. It can be within your own ability. It doesn’t matter if you exceed it at all, but you cannot exceed it too much, otherwise it will be given to you in the future. Life brings a lot of trouble. 

2. The degree of professionalism of kindergartens

Many kindergartens on the market are private, although the facilities may be relatively complete, but from a professional point of view, the preschool teachers hired may not be professional, and some private kindergartens even accept some majors Teachers with poor levels claimed to be good-looking, so as to confuse their parents and friends. 

In response to this, the ultimate victim is the child. Therefore, before choosing a kindergarten for their children, parents must do a thorough investigation. Don’t just consider fees as the only standard for consideration. From the perspective of education, they still have to think about it. 

Still the same sentence, when standing at the outlet of life and looking up to the good, you still have to look at the pressure behind you in order to make the best choice between education and life pressure, although it is impossible At the same time, but at least as flat as possible. I was sent to a nursing home at the age of 80. The children rushed to visit. Only the elderly understand the sadness behind it.

Nothing is more important than the filial piety of their children in their later years. Although parents do not ask for their children in return, I have to say that if the children are filial, the old age will be more secure. 

Although parents are digging their hearts out for their children, it is really uncertain whether the children are filial or not. Especially for the elderly, the unfilial piety of their children not only affects the quality of life of the elderly, but also makes the elderly feel chilly. 

80 years old After being sent to a nursing home, the children were rushing to visit, but the old man was not happy

Aunt Wang raised three children. Although the process of raising the children was full of hardships, Aunt Wang managed to survive through gritted teeth. 

I saw that she gave all three of her children to college. Aunt Wang felt very pleased to see them set up a family one by one. 

Because of the hard work in her youth, Aunt Wang will always have some physical discomfort in her later years. In the beginning, Aunt Wang lived at the eldest son’s house, just to help her son and daughter-in-law coax her grandson. 

But when the little grandson went to kindergarten, Aunt Wang’s son and daughter-in-law no longer needed him, so Aunt Wang returned to his hometown. 

Later, Aunt Wang went to live with her youngest son again. Although Aunt Wang is very diligent, there will always be areas where the two generations get along. 

It didn’t take long for Aunt Wang to be disgusted by her little daughter-in-law. Aunt Wang, who was unwilling to be wronged, moved back to her hometown. 

Later, Wang Auntie’s health worsened. In desperation, she had to go to live with her daughter. 

The daughter is very good to Aunt Wang, but the son-in-law’s face is not so good-looking. Aunt Wang, who didn’t want her daughter to be embarrassed, finally gritted her teeth and left her daughter’s house. 

Although she didn’t want to cause trouble to the children, Aunt Wang really needed someone to take care of her. So after thinking about going, Aunt Wang was admitted to a nursing home. 

Although it is shameful for the elderly with children and daughters to live in nursing homes, Wang Auntie, who has no one to take care of, can only do so. 

What Aunt Wang didn’t expect was that after she was admitted to the nursing home, her sons and daughters became enthusiastic. I saw Aunt Wang’s children coming to the nursing home to visit her very diligently. 

And this also makes other elderly people in the nursing home feel envious. But for Aunt Wang, she was not so happy because she knew that the purpose of her son and daughter’s visit was for the vacant old house in her hometown. 

Working for the children for a whole life, but at the end of the day I have to live in a nursing home, and even the last bit of family property has to be remembered by my children. This kind of old age life is really sad. 

Parents What kind of education is likely to bury hidden dangers for their later life? 

Too much pampering with children

Parents love their children instinctively, but it has to be said that if they pamper their children too much, it will not only affect the child’s personal development and ability improvement, but also May develop children into selfish white-eyed wolves. 

I only have my own children in my eyes, so I can’t hold my parents’ safety in my heart. 

Be biased towards children

Although they are all born of parents, but because of the different temperaments of children, this may make parents treat their children biased to. 

But it is precisely this kind of eccentric parenting posture that is likely to affect the emotional relationship between the child and the parents, which may also make the parents’ life in their later years helpless. 

Excessive protection of children

When parents are reluctant to let their children endure a little bit of hard work, the children’s ability development will be restricted. When they face the society independently, they who lack experience are likely to be easily frustrated. Easily defeated. 

The overprotection of parents makes the children more and more weak and incompetent. Even if they grow up, they may only rely on their parents to gnaw on the old. 

In order to secure old age, what should parents do as early as possible? 

Pay attention to children’s gratitude education

Although parents are not solely responsible for their own care of their children, it is indeed a failure of parental education to say that children who do not understand gratitude are indeed a failure. 

So when parents are young, they should teach their children to be grateful, and avoid children taking their parents’ contributions for granted. 

Treat the children with a bowl of water.

Especially in a family with many children, if the parents have a biased attitude, then the grown-up children are likely to be unfilial. 

The children who are favored are less able to give back because they are used to the efforts of their parents; the children who are not favored are resentful because of the partiality of their parents. Parents who don’t know how to keep a bowl of water are likely to be despised in their later years. 

Pay attention to the development of children’s abilities

When children have a certain degree of independence and develop better after they grow up, they will be more capable Take into account the old age of the parents. 

If the children’s own abilities are so poor that they can’t take care of them, then naturally they will not be able to take care of their parents in their old age. 

In short, in the process of raising children, parents should take a longer-term perspective, grasp the sense of love, and give the children the proper guidance that they need most. This is the best support for parents to their children’s growth and the best guarantee for their own life in later life. 

What do you think about children’s education?

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