Seeing words is like seeing people. If children can’t write well and write well, their future work will be troublesome.

Seeing a word is like seeing a person. If a child can’t write a good handwriting well, his future work will be troublesome

A word is a person’s face. A person who writes a good handwriting is more likely to gain the approval of others. People who write poorly, even if they have strong abilities, are easily overlooked or even rejected. 

This is the same as the “face-seeing age”. People tend to identify with beautiful things. A good word is a stepping stone to gaining the approval of others. 

There is a friend next to her. At first, because of her excellent writing, she was appreciated by the company’s senior management, which gave her a rare opportunity to play, and she has been on the rise since then. 

Now that she is under 30, she has become a middle-level leader. In fact, her ability is not outstanding among her peers, but she took the lead in seizing the opportunity than others, and thus achieved a leap in a short period of time, surpassing those competitors that were similar to her ability or even higher than her. 

This is how the competition is. Sometimes it’s not the most important abilities that open the gap, but the less important corners, which is the so-called “details.” Whether it is good or not, it belongs to this category. 

The reason is very simple. In the stage of fierce competition, people who are qualified to be selected have the same important abilities, otherwise they will not reach the final moment. 

So, the final factor that determines victory or defeat falls on unimportant things, and words that are regarded as faces are a good entry point. 

Because everyone knows that it takes a lot of time and energy to practice calligraphy, as well as tenacious endurance. These are commendable qualities. 

Behind the beautiful writing What is reflected is more beautiful.

1. Healthy mentality

People who write beautiful and neat characters must have a healthy mentality in dealing with things, because the characters can express people’s minds, and there is no health and peace. You can’t write good words. 

And this kind of healthy mentality is exactly what the workplace needs. Therefore, people who write well in the workplace are more popular in the workplace, while those who write poorly are even looking for a job. Into trouble. 

2. The spirit of bearing hardships and stand hard work

Practicing calligraphy is very painful. The ancient calligraphy masters have all experienced such pain. 

For ordinary people, although they don’t spend their entire lives practicing like professional calligraphers, they also need to experience a lot of time to make their handwriting look beautiful and soft. 

To be able to do this, without a certain hard-working spirit is definitely not enough, so people use handwriting to select competitors, in fact, they are screening for good quality that can endure hardship and persistence. This is also a lot of work. The basic needs of people. 

3. The brain’s ability to control the limbs

People who write well have a more prominent ability, that is, the brain’s ability to control the limbs. If you try it, you will know that it is very difficult to write coherently and powerfully, even if it is just a simple one. 

Of course, most people can achieve it through training, but in fact, the process of practicing calligraphy is the process by which the brain improves the ability of the limbs. 

The best time to practice calligraphy is childhood, because there is plenty of time at this time, and it is started from scratch, and there is no accumulation of bad writing habits like adults. 

However, there are many misunderstandings to avoid for children to practice calligraphy. Otherwise, it will take a lot of time and it will have no effect. 

Train children to write Develop a good handwriting and enhance his competitiveness in the workplace

Improve children’s interest in writing

Practicing handwriting is a boring and painful process, unless you are very interested in it. So the first thing parents should do is to get their children interested in writing. 

If you have no interest, try to cultivate interest as much as possible, so that the child can persist in the future practice process. 

There are two main methods: one is to let the child get a sense of accomplishment quickly, and to continue to drive him with rewards, and the other is to let the child read more famous posts and feel the influence of calligraphy. 

Practicing the basic skills

Chinese characters are made up of strokes. Only by practicing each stroke well can you write a complete character. Strokes are like the basics. Only when the foundation is firmly anchored can children climb higher on the road of calligraphy. 

It is recommended to enroll your child in a special handwriting training class in the first and second grades, and let the teacher teach him to practice basic strokes. If the parents have the ability, they can also teach them by themselves. 

This process is very important, just like Da Vinci painting an egg, it seems simple, but it has a lot of meaning. 

Setting short-term goals

Practicing calligraphy is a long-term process, even with the child’s entire learning career. At the beginning, the child may persist out of interest, but after a long time, the interest fades and it is difficult to persist. 

At this time, it is inseparable from the guidance of parents. The best way is to set short-term goals for him on a monthly, weekly or even daily basis. 

This way the child will be more motivated, because he knows that only a small amount of effort is needed to achieve a goal, and the progress bar of calligraphy is always moving rather than stagnant in his eyes. Before. 

Writing a good handwriting is not the purpose in itself. It is the real purpose to make children more competitive in the workplace and attract people’s attention in social situations. 

All of this can be done with a small amount of time every day. As a parent, why not do it? The most commonly used contraceptive method after childbirth, the first type is used by most people, the third type has just been known, and the most recommended is it

After giving birth, if there is no subsequent pregnancy plan, most couples will start contraception. Otherwise, if you are pregnant with a child again, then the choice of this child will be a problem. 

Speaking of postpartum contraception, most people choose to let the mothers ligate or put on the ring. This is a more common method from the past to the present, and most of them are also used clinically. Moms go for surgery. 

In fact, there are many methods of postpartum contraception, and many of them are easier and less harmful than ligation and ringing. Let’s take a look. 

Common contraception after delivery

1. Sheunghuan

It can be said that among all the contraceptive methods used after childbirth, female upper ring is one of the most commonly used contraceptive methods. Now many advertisements are advocating that it is convenient for women to put on ring. It is safe and has few side effects. But in fact, if a woman has “rejection” after she is put on the ring, she will have more severe abdominal pain, bleeding, etc. If these symptoms last for a long time, it means that she is not suitable for the ring and can only go to the hospital again to get it. come out. 

In addition, the upper ring can easily lead to infections in the female reproductive system, including vaginitis, salpingitis, adnexitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, etc., which are of great significance to the health of the female reproductive system It may even cause disease. 

An issue that needs to be considered is that Sheung Wan also has a certain probability of failure. Even some time ago, a 34-year-old Vietnamese mother still gave birth to a baby boy after Sheung Wan. It is also popular all over the world because babies hold IUDs when they are born. 

2. Ligation

Ligation is also a common way for women after delivery. Some women even ask the doctor to do the ligation together during the cesarean section, but usually the doctor will not agree, because they think it is not The recovery of female reproductive health after childbirth is unfavorable. 

Ligation is the same as the upper ring, it is also a “one-time-for-all” method, but it is also the same as the upper ring, and its side effects are not small. The same symptoms of infection may also appear after the operation, and it is also harmful to women’s reproductive health. Greater impact. 

3. Contraceptive ring

There is also a relatively new method of contraception, which is to wear a contraceptive ring in the body of a woman. This type of contraceptive ring contains contraceptives, which is different from oral contraceptives. The difference between internal use and external use. 

Women only need to twist the contraceptive ring into an “8” shape when using it, then put it into the vagina, and then take it out when not in use. 

In principle, this kind of contraceptive ring has no limit on the expiration date. After use, it is cleaned and stored intact, and it can be taken out after waiting for the next use. 

Foreign friends use it more, and it is sold in some domestic pharmacies, but there are still relatively few people who try it. Although it is also a new method of contraception, it seems to be very convenient in the past, but the reason why many people dare not use it is because after all, it is also a drug to stay away from, which also has a certain impact on women’s own endocrine and hormone balance. 

In the feedback of many users, some women also said that every time they use the contraceptive ring, their menstrual cycle will be disordered, which is more serious than oral contraceptives. 

4. Safe-period contraceptive method

Some couples choose to contraceptive by engaging in marital behavior during the safe period. This method does not use any other products. Although it has certain benefits, the risks are still relatively high. big. 

Because this method needs to be selected according to the stability of the menstrual cycle of the mothers, if the menstrual cycle of the mothers suddenly becomes disordered, the safety period will also change, in case the originally thought safe period changes It is the “ovulation period”, then the mothers may become pregnant again, so I don’t recommend this method unless the mothers have absolute certainty about their menstrual cycle. 

5. Condoms

In comparison, condoms are the most recommended for individuals. First of all, I hope that everyone will have such an awareness that condoms not only have the role of contraception, but also have the role of safety protection. 

Many women have physical illnesses because they do not use condoms, and infections occur during the couple’s behavior, leading to various serious problems. 

If condoms are used, this probability can be reduced to a large extent, and women’s own health can also be protected. Unfortunately, many domestic couples do not have this awareness. 

6. Male ligation surgery

This contraceptive method is also recommended, because male ligation surgery is much less harmful than female ligation or upper ring surgery, and the side effects are also very small. You only need to rest for a few days after the operation. For some inflammation problems, if the nursing work is done properly, this problem can also be avoided. 

However, many men think that ligation surgery will affect their sexual function or damage their face, so they often reject this method. In fact, ligation surgery affects only fertility, not sex. Features. 

Which method of contraception do you prefer? Or what else do you know about contraception?

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