Seeing too many babies whose parents change clothes in person, how does it end up? Parents should avoid suspicion by this age

Seeing too many babies whose parents change clothes in person, how does it end up? By this age parents should avoid suspicion

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Final draft: Su Zihou

It’s a good thing for parents to be intimate with their children. In order to show their love for their children, some parents usually hug each other. These behaviors It is very common when the baby is young, but if you don’t pay attention to it, it is likely to have an impact. 

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Lily was a guest at her girlfriend Linlin’s house. Her busy girlfriend accidentally got the juice on her clothes, so she turned around and was about to go to the bedroom to change. 

But at this time, his son was playing with toys in the room, and when he saw his mother changing clothes, he went straight into his mother’s arms and asked for a hug. There was no evasiveness or embarrassment. 

Lily was very embarrassed seeing this scene, but seeing Linlin’s expression very indifferent, she turned around and went to cook again. 

During the meal, Lily mentioned the incident just now when she was talking about her family’s children, but Linlin felt that it didn’t matter if the children she had brought up saw it, so she could only keep her mouth shut. 

Parents change clothes directly in front of their children, feeling that it’s okay for their baby to see it. Is this really good? 

Be a parent When the child changes clothes, the child may face several endings.

1. Don’t know how to protect personal privacy

After the child is born, he lives with his parents, so every move of the parents will affect the baby. 

If parents often change clothes directly in front of their children, young children are likely to be curious and imitate. The more parents emphasize, the more excited they will be, and even do it in front of the opposite sex in the future. Out of such behavior. 

Especially girls, if this continues, they will easily become the target of bad guys. They will take the initiative to take off their clothes or even help others. They have a weak awareness of privacy protection. If the bad guys discover that children have this characteristic, they will never be able to Make up for the damage. 

2, “Electra complex” or “Oedipus complex” appears

The child is about 4 years old , It will become very dependent on the parents. The relationship between father and daughter is good, son and mother are good. If parents are not sure about this period, it is easy for the baby to become Electra or Oedipus complex. 

Let the baby become very dependent on the parents, unable to complete some things independently, and become “princess disease” and “mabao man” when they grow up. Seriously affect the children’s future family formation, so that they can not live a normal life. 

3. Lead to precocious puberty

If parents often change clothes in front of their children, or kiss them when they grow up, and together Falling asleep and so on, these confused ways of expressing affection. 

Although it does not seem to be excessively demanding, when the baby’s gender awareness is emerging, overly intimate behavior will only confuse the child’s mind and accept something beyond them prematurely Things in the age group are likely to induce the appearance of precocious puberty, leading to their growth and development restriction. 

To sum up, some parents’ over-intimacy behaviors are extremely harmful to their children. Therefore, parents should learn to avoid suspicion when their baby grows up. 

The child is here At age, parents must learn to “avoid suspicion”

Psychologists have divided the child’s gender education and physiology education, as follows:

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1. The skin-dependent period: the baby will be special from the embryonic stage to the birth Longing for skin contact with parents. 

2. Nostalgia for the nose and mouth: When the baby is 0~1 years old, he will explore this unknown world by sucking, eating his hands, and putting things in his mouth. . 

3. Anus and urethra nostalgia period: 1~3 years old infants, children of this age will be interested in their urethra and anus, and will be able to touch Way to explore. 

4. Parent nostalgia period: 3~6 years old children, children at this stage have certain cognitive abilities for both sexes, and they understand the differences between men and women, and they will also appear Some behaviors that resist the opposite sex to see their private parts. 

5. Same-sex nostalgia period: 6-12 years old. At this time, children have a deeper understanding of the two sexes and are prone to move closer to the same sex and stay away from the opposite sex. 

6. Heterosexual lingering period: 12~16 years old, children at this stage have slowly developed second physiological characteristics, and will show their curiosity and Desire, especially boys. 

7. Mental maturity: After the age of 16, children’s cognition of genders will become more and more mature. 

To sum up, when a child’s gender awareness emerges at about 3 years old, parents should slowly carry out correct education methods, and also in their own behaviors. Be careful to avoid suspicion, so as not to cause harm to the baby.  After pregnant mothers get up in the morning, do as little as possible The following actions may hurt your fetus and yourself.

Writer: Chen Fang

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Finalized: Su Zihou

< p>After pregnancy, pregnant mothers will have physical and psychological changes. Many mothers will experience anxiety, but some of them are very minded. Not only do they eat and drink as usual, but there is no difference in their actions. 

It is indeed a good thing to be able to maintain a normal mind, but sometimes it should be noted, otherwise it may cause harm to the fetus. 

All the pictures in this article are from the network , The pictures and texts are irrelevant


Lele checked out some time ago that she was pregnant. It may be because she was young. She did not have too serious pregnancy reactions when she became pregnant for the first time. Instead, they eat well and sleep soundly. 

This made her completely forget that she had been pregnant for a few months, and she was still careless in life, as if she was not pregnant. The doctor said don’t bend over, don’t lift heavy objects, don’t go to dangerous places. She doesn’t listen to all of them. She has violated all kinds of contraindications during pregnancy. 

Because the mother-in-law and mother are in their hometown, and the month is not too big, no one comes to take care of her. What about her husband? 

I am even more inexperienced, thinking that Lele can still achieve such a good mentality during pregnancy, and he does not lose his temper at will. He is already thankful, so he does not restrict himself in other aspects. 

Until the first two days, happy Le slept in a daze, her husband came in to wake her up and said that she was going to be late for work. She was so frightened that she bounced off the bed. Because she got up too fast, she was dizzy and almost fell. Fortunately, her husband gave birth in time. From then on, Lele became more careful and never did anything he wanted. 

These actions after waking up may hurt your fetus and yourself

1. Do not eat breakfast

After pregnancy, the body is most fatigued, and it will appear There are a lot of discomforts, so it is the most comfortable time for pregnant mothers to fall asleep, so they are often unwilling to wake up. 

Sometimes, even if you are awake, you still feel tired. Sleeping is obviously a better choice than getting up to eat. Therefore, bed-ridden behavior is common, especially when you don’t need to go to work on weekends. . 

In this way, it’s easy to ignore breakfast. In fact, after a night’s sleep, the body has entered a hungry state. Nutrition must be supplemented in the morning, otherwise it will cause harm to the pregnant mother’s body and also affect the fetus. Development. 

PS: Expert proposes breakfast for pregnant women Intake criteria

①First, you must take in enough calories. They are obtained through intake of protein, carbohydrate and fat, and the ratio of the three is 15:60:25. Try to avoid eating the same nutrient to provide calories. 

②Ensure some calcium intake. In the morning, you can drink a glass of milk or eat some dairy products. 

③Ensure vitamin intake. After breakfast, you can pair it with some vitamin-rich fruits, such as oranges and kiwis. 

④Maintain water intake. A glass of warm water before breakfast is often helpful to speed up the metabolism and prevent constipation at the same time. 

Need attention Yes: Pregnant women who have a strong pregnancy reaction in the first trimester should pay more attention to breakfast, because under normal circumstances, pregnant women may have a stronger reaction in the afternoon and evening, so they should try to fill themselves in the morning. 

2. Get up quickly

First of all, it’s easy to knock and bump, causing harm to the pregnant mother’s body, and it may accidentally touch the belly, resulting in A baby’s capillary ruptures may cause birthmarks. 

In addition, according to statistical results, the rate of iron deficiency anemia in pregnant women in my country is around 19.1. If the movement range is too large when waking up, it may be more likely to cause dizziness and dizziness due to insufficient brain support of pregnant women. 

In addition, many mothers after pregnancy I still insist on going to work until the time to give birth, so I choose to set an alarm clock to wake up in the morning. I am tired during pregnancy. Some pregnant mothers worry that the alarm is too small to wake up, so they often choose to adjust it to the maximum decibel. In fact This is incorrect. 

Because the sound is too loud, it will affect the pregnant mother’s hearing, cause physical discomfort, but also stimulate the baby’s development. 

Precautions for working mothers during pregnancy

A. Appropriate exercise

First of all, if you need to go out to work, pregnant women need to apply to the company in advance to stay indoors as much as possible. Of course, even if you are working indoors, you should be careful not to sit in a position for a long time, but get up and walk around at the right time. 

You can do some simple stretching exercises. You can lift your legs and shake your hands. This can reduce leg swelling during pregnancy and make your body easier. You can also go out and walk around during lunch to absorb enough oxygen, which also contributes to the healthy development of the fetus. 

B. Keep small items< /p>

Many mothers have serious pregnancy reactions after pregnancy, so some plastic bags can be prepared in the office for emergency. 

Of course, the abdomen will be hungry after vomiting, which will aggravate the pregnancy reaction, so you can always prepare small snacks such as biscuits when you go to work. This can alleviate the pregnancy reaction and supplement certain nutrition. . 

C, radiation protection


If you are engaged in long-term use or working with computers, you must remember to wear radiation-proof clothing. 

At the same time, use the computer as much as possible to keep one arm’s distance away. Don’t stand beside or behind the host with more serious radiation. In addition, it is best to choose a laptop for office, because the radiation will be relatively small. 

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