School uniforms for preventing premature love are on fire, and school uniforms are becoming more and more weird. How can children be comforted when they don’t want to wear them?

School uniforms for preventing premature love are on fire, and school uniforms are becoming more and more exotic. How can children be comforted when they don’t want to wear them? 

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The school uniform is the longest to accompany our entire student life One item, although many years later, most college uniforms are still sportswear, nothing has changed, but the above functions have changed. 

The school’s wonderful uniforms are eye-catching, not only to prevent premature love, but also safety

Nowadays, several colleges and universities have launched a new type of school uniform, although the style has not changed much , But fluorescent materials are added to the arms or back. When the students go to a dark place, the school uniform will start to glow. 

In this regard, the school’s students and netizens laughed and said that the principal really took great pains to prevent premature love, so that whoever hides in the playground or the grove for secret dates at night can be seen at a glance. 

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However, the fluorescent school uniform has not only this function, but also other functions developed by students. 

❶ Active atmosphere

Schools always hold various extracurricular activities, such as concerts or evening parties, and children cannot use mobile phones as fluorescent lights to activate the atmosphere. It’s different if you wear a fluorescent school uniform. Just wave your arms and the warm atmosphere will be there. 

❷ When safety clothes

When you see children wearing fluorescent school uniforms and riding bicycles home, you can feel the diversity of school uniforms. The dazzling fluorescent lights above can allow car drivers to see from a distance, avoid these children in advance to ensure their safety. 

However, this kind of school uniform has also caused dissatisfaction among many students:

“I feel that there is no privacy at all. The rate of returning heads when walking on the street at night is very high. Take off the school uniforms.”

In fact, in addition to the silver uniforms, many schools have designed other controversial and exotic school uniforms. 

▶ Translucent school uniform


This school uniform in Hebei caused a lot of discussion at the beginning. In order to make children cooler in summer, the school adopted a mesh design. However, the students were dissatisfied, and felt that this school uniform was too thorough and embarrassing to wear. 

▶ Smart school uniform

Nowadays, the voice of smart school uniforms is getting louder and louder. Many schools clearly stipulate in the bidding that they hope that school uniforms have smart systems so that big data can be used to manage students. 

It is convenient for the school but the children suffer. Everyone said that the school uniform is bound to the face, and there is really no privacy at all. If the school’s security system is not high, wouldn’t it be that more privacy has been leaked. 

▶ Anti-injury vest

Other regions have introduced anti-injury vests made of special materials, but they have not been widely used due to their high prices. 

If the price can be lowered, it may become the trend of school uniforms in the future, but the appearance looks too ugly. It is estimated that more children do not want to wear school uniforms. 

Although the styles and functions of school uniforms have been repeatedly reformed and improved, there are still many controversies about the school uniforms themselves. 

▼ School uniforms limit children’s aesthetics

Many people find the color and shape of school uniforms to be unsightly, which makes most children wearing school uniforms look low and lack energy. And because of these ugly things all the year round, the aesthetics may also decline. 

▼ The quality of school uniforms and the price are seriously mismatched

The quality and price of school uniforms are also complaints from many parents and students. I bought things for a few hundred dollars, but I only wear them for a few days. Pilling, off the line, may have to re-purchase. 

Moreover, some school uniforms not only exist for workmanship The problem is that even safety is not up to standard. In some areas, school uniforms have excessive chemical substances, and children have allergies after wearing them. This makes parents more worried and netizens hate school uniforms. 

However, the appearance and quality of school uniforms are slowly getting better. Now Shenzhen school uniforms have become a symbol of beauty, and they have also been displayed in foreign museums. 

Although the school uniform cannot be liked by every child no matter how it changes and develops, it has its own reason for existence:

With the school uniform, the discipline of the school It may be better; the gap between students also seems to be smaller; most children can learn without distraction. 

What should parents do if their children resist wearing school uniforms? 

✔ Understand the child

When the child suddenly loses his temper, does not want to wear school uniforms, or thinks school uniforms are ugly. Parents must not go back to him, saying that the school uniform is very nice. 

In fact, many times children just because He wears school uniform every day and feels depressed. He just wants to vent his emotions and then go to school obediently in school uniform. 

Although parents also think that school uniforms are ugly, when a child loses his temper, the first thing he thinks of is “Does he want to go to school?” Then he kept refuting the child’s point of view, and finally quarreled with each other. 

All parents have to do is to understand and comfort them, and then step down the stairs, and the child may go to school in school uniform immediately. 

✔ Do not interfere with their other time

When children are resting at home, you can encourage them to change into their favorite clothes and then go out for a walk together. This can bring self-confidence to children and maintain their aesthetics. 

✔ Design school uniforms together

Although some schools make it mandatory for everyone to wear school uniforms, they do not restrict children from drawing on them. Parents can add small patterns and decorations to the school uniform with him, making it easier for him to accept the school uniform.  Caesarean section is particularly painful at the three moments, compared with normal delivery It’s not easy, but there are three ways to alleviate it

According to statistics, the probability of caesarean section in most hospitals in China is 40~60%, and some hospitals have exceeded 70%. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

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When it comes to having children, most people think of It is “pain”. People often describe the hardship of having a child by walking through the gate of a ghost. Some pregnant mothers choose the method of caesarean section due to special reasons or because they want to avoid the pain of normal delivery. Is it easier to have a caesarean section than a normal delivery? ? 

This is not the case. Caesarean section cannot avoid pain before, during and after childbirth. The pain after childbirth will not be less than that of normal childbirth, and it may last longer. 

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The three most painful moments of a Caesarean section are not as easy as a normal delivery.

1. When anesthesia is given before the operation

For women who choose a caesarean section Anaesthetics is indispensable. After all, this is an operation. Local anesthesia is generally used. During anesthesia, the doctor will use a relatively thick 10-centimeter needle to penetrate the spine of the expectant mother and inject the anesthetic. Go in and let the lower body temporarily lose consciousness. During the injection, you will feel obvious pain. Even so, you need to endure it, otherwise the operation will not be difficult to perform normally. 

2. When pressing the belly after the operation

This should be a sour and refreshing experience that the parturients of a cesarean section need to go through. Many mothers think this is the most unbelievable moment of a cesarean section. Many mothers-to-be have heard the change. 

In order to help the puerpera’s body organs quickly reset; stimulate uterine contraction, promote uterine repair, and allow the lochia and blood stasis in the uterus to be discharged as soon as possible, they will use artificial pressure on the abdomen, but during that time period anesthetics It has failed, and the incision of the caesarean section is also on the stomach, so it is very painful during the pressing process. 

Under normal circumstances, if the mother’s uterus recovers well, she only needs to press 1 to 2 times a day, but if the repair is not very good, the doctor will increase the number of compressions to help the recovery. Many experienced mothers said, Every time I press, my whole body is trembling with pain. 

3. When getting out of bed after surgery

The first time to get out of bed after delivery is really a very painful thing, compared to just a few hours after normal delivery. For women who get out of bed and walk freely, it takes 24 to 48 hours for mothers who have had a caesarean section to get out of bed. But the movement of sitting up will pull the wound. The pain is really a breath of cold. 

The movement of getting out of bed is even more painful. You can feel the pain every step you take. You can walk a distance of more than ten meters for half an hour, but in order to promote the rapid discharge of lochia, the gastrointestinal peristalsis, and accelerate the body Recover and prevent venous thrombosis in lower extremities. 

In addition, women who have undergone a cesarean section need to insert a urinary catheter through the urethral opening when preparing the skin before the operation, because they cannot complete autonomous urination in a short time after the operation. This process is embarrassing and a little uncomfortable;

After the postoperative anesthetic fails, the parturient can feel the pain obviously, and feel the tearing of the wound when breathing and coughing slightly. 

How can I slightly relieve the pain experienced by caesarean section? 

1. Using an analgesic pump

Although using an analgesic pump may have some adverse reactions, such as nausea, dizziness, shortness of breath, etc., it can alleviate the pain after the postoperative anesthetic fails With the help of family members, you can turn over and walk around as soon as possible to reduce bedtime and promote physical recovery. 

2, divert attention

When the doctor is about to administer anesthetics, press on the abdomen, or get out of bed, women can divert their attention and don’t concentrate on these positions, or I was thinking that it would hurt to wait and make myself feel nervous, which would only make the pain worse. 

Women should choose the way to divert attention. When these times come, think of some beautiful things, so that the way of temporarily diverting attention can appropriately relieve the pain. 

3. Learn to adjust breathing

While experiencing the above-mentioned things, mothers should learn to adjust their breathing and relax themselves. This will not only relieve pain, but also promote The recovery of the body. 

How to promote body recovery after caesarean section? 

1. Wound care

Under normal circumstances, women born by caesarean section need to be observed in the hospital for a week after the operation. If the wound is not inflamed and the bowel movements are normal, they can be discharged home to recuperate. It is very important to take care of the wound after home. Keep the incision in the abdomen clean and dry. Do not touch it with your hands to prevent the bacteria from infecting the wound. 

2. Insist on breastfeeding

If Baoma can insist on breastfeeding, it can promote the recovery speed of the body, because the secretion of milk will stimulate the contraction of the uterus, so that the recovery speed of the uterus becomes faster and the lochia is discharged as soon as possible. 

3. Get more ground activities

Some parturients want to lie in bed and rest after giving birth. In addition, ground activities will cause pain in the abdominal wounds, but more Walking on the ground helps the discharge of lochia, and the peristalsis of the stomach and intestines can promote the recovery of the body to a certain extent. Therefore, mothers can get out of bed and walk around every day after giving birth. 

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