Remember the “kidney boy” who bought apples? It’s embarrassing to be like this at the age of 25

Remember the “kidney boy” who bought apples? It’s embarrassing to be like this at the age of 25.

Although admiring vanity is a derogatory term, it is inevitable for each of us to develop some vanity in our daily lives. This is human nature. If this emotion is used properly, it can not only make us motivated, but also inspire us to continue to strive for goals; but if it is not used well, it will easily lead people to a path of no return, leaving endless regrets. 

This is the case for the child we are going to talk about today. In order to satisfy his vanity, he actually did something to hurt his body. 

Remember the “kidney boy” who bought Apple? This is now 25 years old

10 years ago, after the advent of the Apple mobile phone, it quickly attracted the attention and pursuit of a large number of young people. At that time, most people were just children and their financial capacity was relatively limited. In order to buy the latest iPhone models, many people chose to work part-time to make money. 

But some people choose a more extreme way. The most famous one is the teenager who “sells kidneys” to buy apples. 

At that time, he was only a high school student. He originally wanted his parents to buy an Apple mobile phone for himself, but due to general family conditions, his parents did not have enough financial resources Satisfy him, after all, the price of an Apple mobile phone at that time was as high as several thousand yuan, which was equivalent to the income of several ordinary families. Therefore, under the influence of vanity, he did something to hurt himself. 

In order to get an Apple mobile phone, he decided to make money on his own and chose to go to the black market to sell kidneys. After getting the Apple mobile phone, he immediately took it back to school and showed it off in front of his classmates. Seeing the envy of his classmates, his vanity was greatly satisfied. 

But it didn’t last long. After a while, his body developed a problem and he was admitted to the hospital for treatment within a few days. 

Now only 25 years old, he needs dialysis every once in a while, and he can’t go out to work and make money like normal people. He even becomes a burden to his parents. Parents have all kinds of debts. Parents can’t help sighing whenever they mention the things of the year. This kind of life is all embarrassing. 

For many young people, it is normal to have vanity, but while satisfying their vanity, they must also consider the price and consequences of this matter, whether they can bear it, and whether they will affect their family members. If you don’t care about everything and do some incredible things, the end result can only be harming others and yourself. 

How do parents cultivate children’s correct values? 

1. Let children know their own family conditions

Many parents believe that the main task of their children is Learning, you don’t need to know your own family conditions, especially in the case of relatively poor family conditions, it is easy to make children feel inferior. 

In fact, parents should let their children know the financial conditions of their families, because only in this way can they truly understand what kind of family they live in, and they can understand how to spend money more rationally. 

2. Help children establish a correct consumption outlook

Before children work as adults, their financial The source is mainly dependent on parents. In life, many parents don’t care where their children spend their money, which can easily lead to deviations in their children’s consumption concepts. They will buy what they want, and they don’t care whether it has a practical effect on them. If the cost is not large, it is okay. If the cost is overrun, various problems are prone to occur. 

Therefore, parents must help their children to establish a correct consumption concept, so that they know how to shop correctly so that they do not waste, and can get what they want. At the same time, it also allows children to understand that items focus on cost-effectiveness and quality, not brand names. As long as this is done, the child will not be squandered of money. 

3. Bring your children to participate in some labor.

Young children often don’t know how hard their parents make money, so they will always squander it when they spend money. The establishment of consumption concepts and values ​​is very unfavorable. 

For this kind of situation, parents can take their children to the place where they work and let them understand how hard it is to make money. After a long time, children will naturally know how to save money. With money, the correct consumption outlook and values ​​are gradually formed. 

Message from Xiaojing’s mother

Nowadays, with the rapid development of smart phones and e-commerce, children will encounter more and more temptations from the outside world. It is difficult to play a big role if only parents’ guards are strictly guarded. Only by cultivating children’s correct consumption outlook and values ​​from an early age can they understand what they really need, so that they can consume more rationally. Novice Bao Ma scalds the pacifier with boiling water. Doctor: Now young parents are really unreliable

After the baby is born, Bao’s mother’s life becomes busy. In order to ensure the healthy growth of the little guy, Bao’s mother We need to pay more attention to daily care. Especially for infants and young children with weaker body resistance, mothers should pay more attention to sanitation and cleaning. 

Milk bottle is a drinking utensil that babies use every day, but it is also a part that many mothers tend to ignore when cleaning. It is even said that many mothers have not mastered the correct way to clean the feeding bottle, which also makes the probability of babies suffering from intestinal inflammation greatly increased. 

Bao Ma often scalds the pacifier with boiling water, but the baby gets it Gastroenteritis, the doctor is helpless: The young parents are too unreliable now.

Some time ago, Mengmeng, who was six months old, was sent to the hospital by his mother. It turned out that the little guy had been vomiting and diarrhea for a week. At first Mengmeng’s mother thought that the child had a cold, but after a week passed, the child’s condition did not improve. Mengmeng’s mother panicked for a while, and then hurriedly took the child to see the doctor. 

After a careful examination, the doctor found that the child had gastroenteritis. Mengmeng’s mother didn’t understand this very much. “Usually I am very careful when I take care of my children, especially in the area of ​​hygiene and cleaning. I always scald my baby’s pacifier with boiled water every day. I really can’t find the cause of my child’s gastroenteritis.”

When the doctor heard Mengmeng’s mother say this, he asked casually, “In addition to cleaning the pacifier, is the cleaning of the baby bottle adequate?”

I heard the doctor say that Mengmeng was a little surprised, “Does the baby bottle have to be cleaned every day? I just scald the nipple with boiling water every time! Isn’t it possible to completely sterilize this way?”

The doctor was very helpless after hearing Mengmeng’s words like this, “Young people nowadays are too unhappy. It’s reliable. When you bring a baby, you can always think of ways to be lazy! Although the child only touches the nipple when drinking milk, if the bottle is not cleaned in place, the child will also drink the bacteria into the stomach!”

The doctor’s words made Mengmeng’s mom a little unbelievable. So when she got home, she hurriedly found out the baby bottle used by the child and cleaned it. What she didn’t expect was that the water used to clean the baby bottle was actually very dirty. Very regretful. 

Why scalding the pacifier with boiling water can not achieve the effect of disinfection and sterilization ? 

1. The time for the boiling water to contact the nipple is not long enough

Although the temperature of the boiled water has reached a high temperature, because the contact time with the nipple is short, it is not enough to achieve the effect of sterilization. Under normal circumstances, it takes three minutes for 100-degree boiling water to achieve sterilization and disinfection. If it is 80-degree water, it takes ten minutes to achieve sterilization and disinfection. In other words, if the pacifier is soaked in hot water for too short, the effect of sterilization and disinfection will be very limited. 

2. There are “dead corners” for sterilization

Although the pacifier is cleaned, the milk bottle and the spiral connection between the bottle and the pacifier will still have milk residue for a long time. Bacteria will grow in these areas. When the child drinks milk, these bacteria will enter the child’s intestines and stomach along with the milk, further causing intestinal inflammation. 

Bottle cleaning is very important, so the correct cleaning posture should be How is it? 

1. Wash in time after feeding.

Some mothers choose to put the bottle aside after feeding the baby, and wait until the next time they feed. Although the baby bottle was finally cleaned, it gave more opportunities for bacteria to breed. Therefore, after feeding, the mothers must clean in time, and this can also reduce the difficulty of cleaning. 

2. Pay attention to details when cleaning.

When cleaning the baby bottle, it is best to separate all the parts on the baby bottle, such as the bottle cap, collar, nipple, etc. . Separate each part of the bottle, so that it can be cleaned in place when cleaning, and there will be no dead spots for cleaning. As much as possible to ensure the cleanliness of the milk bottle and avoid the accumulation of milk scale. 

3. Regular boiling disinfection

After cleaning the baby bottle, Baoma can place the baby bottle in boiling water and boil for 5 to 10 minutes, so that it can fully sterilize and disinfect. Regularly boiling with boiling water is also an important step in the process of cleaning the baby bottle. Moreover, relatively speaking, boiling is a more convenient and cost-effective method of sterilization. 

4. Dry it in time after washing.

Some mothers rushed to store the baby bottle without waiting for the baby to dry after washing the baby bottle. In fact, this approach is not correct, because damp baby bottles are more likely to cause bacteria to grow and affect the final cleaning effect. So after cleaning, Baoma must dry the bottle or let it dry naturally. 

It is very important to clean the baby bottle in daily care It’s a step of the process, the mothers must master the correct cleaning method, especially not to be lazy, because it is possible that the adult’s momentary negligence will cause the little guy’s stomach upset. Do you have any good experiences to share about cleaning baby bottles?

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