Questions for hepatitis B patients: Unexpected pregnancy, can it be? Doctor: Only after evaluation can be determined

Questions for hepatitis B patients: Unexpected pregnancy, can it be? Doctor: It can be determined after evaluation.

Hepatitis B is a very common infectious disease. There are 70 million cases of hepatitis B patients in my country. Among them, women account for a large part. Many of them also want to be mothers, and some of them were diagnosed with hepatitis B only after they became pregnant. 

Can they give birth to healthy children? The answer is not certain. After reading the content below, you will know. 

The impact of hepatitis B on the fetus

Many infectious diseases It will be transmitted from mother to child, through blood or during childbirth. Especially for hepatitis B, mother-to-child transmission is an important channel for hepatitis B infection, but now the chance of infection can be reduced by 90% through mother-to-child barrier. 

Because the liver function of hepatitis B patients is not very good, pregnancy will increase the burden on the liver, cause abnormal liver function, and severely affect the blood coagulation function, which may lead to premature delivery or miscarriage. 

Checks to be done

Hepatitis B patients should be pregnant after pregnancy Go to the hospital to check liver function and hepatitis B virus, which is what we often call two and a half, and look at the specific situation. 

Also check the hepatitis B virus load in the blood. If the number of the virus is too high, it needs to be treated first, otherwise it will infect the fetus. It is also necessary to do a B-ultrasound of the liver to see if the liver is healthy and whether pregnancy will cause too much impact. 

Precautions during pregnancy

Pregnant mothers with hepatitis B need it during pregnancy Pay more attention to the pregnancy test, and pay special attention to your liver function. If the liver function is not good, you should consider whether to continue pregnancy. 

Because the body of patients with liver disease is weaker than ordinary people, and fetal development will require a lot of nutrition, which will increase the burden of the mother, so pregnant mothers with hepatitis B must pay attention to rest, pay attention to diet, and eat more high protein food. 

Sex life should be strictly prohibited during the first and last three months of pregnancy to prevent premature rupture of membranes and miscarriage. From the 20th to 28th week of pregnancy, pregnant mothers with hepatitis B must inject one injection of hepatitis B immunoglobulin every 4 weeks, with a minimum of 3 injections to protect the fetus from hepatitis B infection. 

Precautions during production

For yourself and others It is safe. Pregnant mothers with hepatitis B must inform the medical staff of their condition before giving birth, and cannot conceal it. 

The check-up report during pregnancy should be kept and provided to the doctor so that the doctor can control his physical condition and there will be no accidents during the delivery process. Pregnant mothers with hepatitis B can choose between normal delivery and cesarean section, and they can choose according to their own situation. 

Infecting hepatitis B is a sad thing Things, but fortunately now that science and technology are developed, hepatitis B patients can also give birth to healthy babies. After giving birth to a healthy baby, you should also pay attention to vaccinating your baby in time, be careful not to breastfeed your baby, and separate utensils to prevent your baby from being infected with hepatitis B virus. Li Meijin: There is a boy in the family. Parents should teach him 4 abilities. It is best not to be later than 6 years old.

Parents hope that their children will be successful, but boys are mostly naughty, impulsive, and easy to get into trouble! 

So in the way of educating boys, there are always certain problems. 

So, if there is a boy in the family, how should parents educate him? Let’s take a look at what Professor Li Meijin said! 

Professor Li Meijin said this

Professor Li Meijin said:

“Children between the ages of 3-6 are the most critical period for character development. Children What it is like now will be what it will look like in the future. Especially boys, parents should pay attention to this critical period, and pave the way for their children’s future life from an early age, so as to develop capable children.”

Psychologically, the key to the germination of “self-awareness” is set at 0-6 years old At this stage, children will have a new understanding of the things around them and have ideas about these things, and they want to do what they want. 

If parents can grasp this stage and guide the boy accordingly, it will help the boy develop a good character. Once parents miss this golden stage and want to change the boy’s character, it is not so easy. 

teach boys which four abilities

1, anti The ability of frustration

Boys will grow up to be the “pillars” of the family in the future. If they lie flat when they encounter some setbacks, how can they do it! 

Therefore, parents must improve the boy’s ability to resist frustration. 

When a boy encounters a setback or failure, his parents should affirm him, encourage him, and let the boy work hard toward the goal through his own gradual efforts. 

When the son does not do well in the exam, conflicts with his classmates, accidentally falls…

Parents should promptly guide and encourage, and give the boy some inspiration , So as to help the boy improve the ability to resist frustration, so that he will be more calm when he experiences wind and rain in the future. 

2. The ability to express

Some boys have abilities, but they lack the ability to express themselves. They suffer a lot in work and life. 

To improve a boy’s ability to express himself, parents must learn to listen. Only when the boy is allowed to express, he will develop good eloquence. 

When the child does not take the initiative to express, parents should talk to the son more, and guide the child to learn to express what he means. 

3. The ability to sit down


Most boys are more mischievous. It is common for them to slip on account numbers and errands during class. Therefore, parents must find ways to cultivate the boy’s ability to sit still. 

Parents can use some exercises to consume the boy’s vigorous energy and improve his concentration. 

For example, playing table tennis is a good way to play. 

In the beginning, you can ask the boy to take out the badminton racket to play the table tennis, and as his own level improves, it is appropriate to extend the time. 

When you reach a certain level, switch to a table tennis racket to serve the ball. Parents can use competitions to arouse the interest of boys. Parents can make conscious mistakes 1 or 2 times in the process of competing with their children. 

4. Emotion management ability

Most boys are more impulsive and irritable under the influence of hormones in their bodies. This is one of the reasons why the crime rate of men is higher than that of women. 

Therefore, parents should pay attention to the cultivation of boys’ emotional management ability to avoid boys’ regrets due to impulse. 

When a boy is emotional, parents must find a way to close the distance with the child and guide the child to express his thoughts. 

From the boy’s perspective, understand his emotions and give him some suggestions. 

Don’t come up and force your children to admit their mistakes , “Don’t cry”, you must know that emotions are like water, which should be dredged and not blocked. 

Finally, I hope that parents can give him the best education at a suitable age for the boy, and don’t miss the best time for education!

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