“Pyjama mom” is on fire, and is criticized by the teacher for disregarding the child’s feelings. Parents should think about it for their babies.

“Pyjama mother” is on fire, and is criticized by the teacher for disregarding the feelings of the child. Parents should think about it for their children.

“Pyjama mother” is on fire, and the teacher is criticized for disregarding the children’s feelings. /p>

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Sometimes, even if it is a parent-child relationship, they can’t understand each other’s feelings, many young When people complain about their parents, they also mentioned this problem:

Parents always feel that their children are embarrassing. Have you ever thought that some of their behaviors embarrass their children? 

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For example, the popular “pajama moms” not long ago wore cotton pajamas for convenience when picking up their children, but the surrounding parents all wore normal clothes. . 

The colorful and bloated clothes made this parent very eye-catching among the crowd, and there were other parents around in whispering discussions:

“This parent is too shabby, no Pay attention to the image.”

“When you come out to pick up your child, you don’t need to dress well and don’t be too casual.”

After the head teacher came out and saw it, he also reminded the parent tactfully not to To be too different from others, consider how your child feels. 

As a result, the parents ignored it at all. 

Her children became very unhappy when they saw such a scene. 

Due to improper dressing There are many parents of children.

There was once a parent who caused the child to cry for a few days due to a dressing problem, and he did not like to go to school. 

She wore a new dress she bought during the parent-teacher meeting, but was pointed out during class. The head teacher asked her if she knew the meaning of the words on the dress? 

The mother realized that the meaning of the word is “death”, which is very unlucky. 

Because of their age They are quite evasive about this, so they are very unhappy. Although children cannot realize what is happening, they can feel the attitude of others. It is normal to cry for a few days. 

Although this parent has been fooled by the sales, it does show that improper dressing will have a lot of adverse effects on the child. 

Otherwise, parents Other behaviors of the child may also embarrass the child. 

Some time ago, a mother bought expensive clothes for her child. As a result, the baby was accidentally damaged while playing in the kindergarten, so she immediately demanded compensation. 

After this request, other children dare not play with her children. 

This mother is a child She bought such expensive clothes, but she didn’t think it was just an ordinary piece of clothing, but represented a very high price point, which could show that the family had money. 

But for children, it is just a piece of clothing, so the result of asking for compensation for the original price is:

Other parents feel that the other party is not easy to provoke, and keep their baby away from her Children; Although other children don’t know the specific reasons, they can judge from the circumstances and the parents’ orders that they can’t play with the child; and the child may be completely isolated without realizing anything, and may be wrong afterwards. There is a big shadow in kindergarten. 

Therefore, in their daily lives, in addition to In addition to the requirements for children, pay more attention to your own influence on them. 

In addition to affecting the children’s communication in school, the behavior of parents also has a great impact on their learning and growth. 

How parents consider their children’s feelings ? 

▶ Treat children equally

Although children have to rely on their parents for a long period of time to survive, they are really not the property of their parents. 

When children are treated as independent individuals and friends, it is easier to think from their standpoint. 

▶ Don’t vent your emotions at home

Many people tend to explode when they return home after they accumulate too much emotions at work and in their interactions with strangers. The young children became the object of venting. 

Sometimes, self-regulate emotions Your ability is very important, and it doesn’t make sense to vent to innocent people. 

▶ Enhance one’s empathy ability

Many people have no empathy ability not only for children, but also for others. Many people in the previous generation lived in a poor age. 

In that era, they needed to be selfish and consider themselves in order to live. Therefore, it was difficult to consider other people’s ideas and understand their situation. 

So when the child is faced with huge learning pressure, the parents only feel that he is not working hard enough and he is embarrassed. 

Parents are also ordinary people. You don’t have the ability to educate children after becoming parents. If you want to teach outstanding children, you still need to learn more. 


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There are these 3 “signals” during pregnancy, indicating that the fetus may be underdeveloped, and the second one is easy to be ignored

After pregnancy, most women’s bodies will There are some non-adaptive situations. 

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It is normal for pregnant mothers to have pregnancy reactions during pregnancy, but at the same time, physical aspects Certain manifestations also reflect the health of the fetus in the abdomen. For example, when these three “signals” appear during pregnancy, it means that the fetus may be underdeveloped. 

Therefore, during this period, every pregnant mother needs to pay close attention to her body, and it is best to make a record of her body’s changes, and it is also convenient to understand the situation of the fetus. 

Case: The newborn’s weight was low, which was caused by stunted growth.

After Xiaoya became pregnant, everyone in the family was very careful, both in life and diet, even if the morning sickness was severe in the first trimester, the mother-in-law I also make different tastes of food for Xiaoya every day, hoping that the fetus in the stomach can absorb the nutrients. 

Because it is the second child, Xiaoya thinks that she already has experience, so she thinks about waiting until the month is old before stopping work and restoring her fetus with peace of mind. 

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So during pregnancy, Xiaoya still goes to work normally, and there is no special care during the period. I thought that after the baby was born, the doctor told the whole family that the baby was underweight, which caused the whole family’s heart to become tense. 

Although the newborn was born safely, it was only a little more than two kilograms, which is much lower than the weight of a normal newborn, so it can only live in an incubator, which costs a lot of money in a day. 

Not to mention the cost, the child himself is also suffering, making Xiaoya feel very uncomfortable, but also regretful. If you take a good rest during pregnancy and take care of your baby, the child will not be like this now. 

There are these 3 “signals” during pregnancy, indicating that the fetus may be underdeveloped

①, fetal movement does not appear

Usually, the fetus is already formed at about 10 weeks, and it is in the belly The fetal movement began to occur, but due to its relatively small size and low strength, the fetal movement is not very large, and the pregnant mother may not be able to feel it. 

Some pregnant mothers can obviously feel the fetal movement at the 13th week of pregnancy, and the general situation is that they can feel the fetal movement at 18-20 weeks. 

However, if the pregnant mother cannot feel that he is moving after 5 months of pregnancy, then we need to pay attention. After all, fetal movement is also an important criterion for the normal development of the fetus. 

If the pregnant mother is unable to feel the fetal movement, it is very likely that the fetus is stunted, insufficient activity strength, unable to stimulate the uterine wall, and the pregnant mother cannot feel it. At this time, you need to go to the hospital to check whether the fetus is developing normally. 

②, the phenomenon of morning sickness is too serious

As we all know, it is very normal to have a pregnancy reaction during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester, 70% of pregnant mothers will have morning sickness. 

However, after 3 months, the early pregnancy reaction will basically stop. If the early pregnancy reaction has not stopped, or even morning sickness is very serious, the pregnant mother needs to pay extra attention. 

In the first trimester, the growth and development of the fetus does not actually require a lot of nutrition, but after the gestational age reaches 3 months, the fetal body begins to advance by leaps and bounds. At this time, pregnant mothers also need to increase nutritional supplements. 

If the pregnant mother suffers from severe morning sickness, everything she eats will be vomited out, causing the pregnant woman to lose appetite, but even so, we should also pay attention to nutritional supplements, otherwise the fetus is prone to problems such as stunted growth. 

Inexperienced pregnant mothers, do not think that morning sickness is normal. Morning sickness in the first trimester usually lasts for about three months. If the physical condition is poor, it may last for four months. If it exceeds this time , Morning sickness is still very serious, then the hospital needs to be checked. 

③. Abdominal girth increases too slowly

In the first trimester, the change of the fetus is actually not large, and the pregnant woman’s belly is not obvious, but when it is about four months, the fetus It will increase significantly, and the change of the pregnant woman’s own abdominal circumference will be more obvious. 

Under normal circumstances, from 16 weeks of gestation, the increase in abdominal circumference will become obvious, and 20-24 weeks of gestation is the time for the fastest increase in abdominal circumference, with an average of about 0.8 cm per week. 

Therefore, starting from the 16th week of pregnancy, pregnant women can measure their abdominal circumference at home to determine whether the fetus in the belly is stunted. 

What behaviors of pregnant mothers will affect the development of the fetus

➣Improper diet

During pregnancy, many pregnant women are not taboo, often eating some spicy and greasy foods, but in fact, this affects the development of the fetus. There are adverse effects, especially if the food is too spicy, it is very likely that the pregnant woman and the fetus will suffer together. 

➣Excessive exercise

After pregnancy, pregnant women should not exercise vigorously, and it is best not to do some large movements. 

Although proper exercise is good for fetal development, if it is excessive exercise, it can easily affect the growth and development of the fetus. 

➣Poor mood

After pregnancy, pregnant women have relatively large physical and psychological changes, which are prone to various negative emotions and unstable mentalities. However, if the pregnant mother is in such a restless state for a long time, it is very It may affect the development of the fetus. Return to Sohu to see more

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