Pubic bone pain is often in the third trimester, and childbirth is often smoother? The answer may disappoint you

Pubic bone pain is often in the third trimester, and childbirth is often smoother? The answer may disappoint you

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In the third trimester of pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s body burden becomes heavier, and it is easy to induce various discomforts. There is a kind of pain that pregnant mothers have the most difficult to bear, that is, pubic pain. According to survey statistics, China 31.7% of pregnant women have experienced it during pregnancy. 

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About pubic pain during pregnancy

The pubic bone refers to the two bones in the front and lower part of the hip bone and the front of the pelvis. They are linked by fibrocartilage and ligaments. There is a certain gap between the two. Normal The distance is 4~5mm. 

After pregnancy, due to hormonal changes in the body, the gap between the two increases, about 2~3mm. 

Under normal circumstances, the gap between the pubic bones is within a normal range of 9mm, and pregnant mothers will not experience any discomfort. However, if the external pressure is too large, the gap will be more than 10mm, causing the pubic bone to split , Mothers-to-be can feel obvious hip pain. 

The high incidence of pubic pain is after 28 weeks of pregnancy——

Therefore, the size of the fetus is very large, and the pressure on the pubic bone is also relatively large. In addition, during this period, the luteinizing hormone secreted by the pregnant woman increases, which eventually leads to The condition of pubic separation is aggravated, and the pain is also very strong. In some cases, it even feels more painful than during childbirth. 

For pubic pain, when pregnant mothers are unbearable, some people may comfort them: “The more painful the pubic bone, the better the childbirth.” Mothers-to-be will be comforted while suffering, but the truth is Is it really so? 

The more painful the pubic bone The better the delivery? 

Actually, this statement has no basis in modern medicine. 

The reason for the spread of this statement is:

When women give birth, they need to experience contractions, the baby needs to pass through the birth canal, and the position of the pubic symphysis is just in front of the pelvis. Therefore, many people think that pubic pain is only It indicates that the birth canal opens very smoothly during normal labor, and the production will also become smooth. 

However, there is no scientific basis for this idea. Whether the delivery process goes smoothly or not has much to do with the degree of pubic bone separation. 

For example, if the size of the fetus is just right, the delivery will go smoothly even if the pubic bone is small, but if the fetus is large and the pubic bone is too large, it is very likely to have a dystocia. 

How to relieve pregnant women Pubic pain? 

1. Controlling weight gain

The main cause of pubic pain in pregnant women is that the pregnant woman’s abdomen is too large and the pubic bone needs to bear too much pressure. 

Therefore, in order to avoid too much pressure on the pubic bone, pregnant women can control their dietary intake during pregnancy, as long as they ensure adequate nutrition, do not eat too much food, and do not Overnutrition. 

PS: Experts suggest that the pregnant mother’s weight during the entire pregnancy should be within the normal range of 11.5KG~16KG, which is best for herself and the fetus. If it exceeds This not only aggravates the pain of the pubic bone, but also may induce complications in the pregnancy of the giant baby and the pregnant mother, increase the difficulty of childbirth, and is not conducive to the healthy growth of the fetus. 

2. Pay attention to controlling the range of movement in daily activities

In daily activities, expectant mothers should pay attention to their own range of movement. If it is too large, it will be very It is easy to cause excessive pulling force at the waist and pubic bone, which eventually leads to more pain in the pubic bone. 

Therefore, pregnant women need to pay attention to their movements as gently as possible, whether they are standing, walking, sitting or lying down, so as to relieve pain. 

3. Supplement nutrients in time

Pregnant mothers must pay attention to calcium supplementation in order to relieve pubic pain, because if the body is seriously deficient in calcium, it is likely to cause bones The calcium element is separated into the blood, causing pubic bone or waist pain. 

Therefore, expectant mothers must use appropriate calcium foods during pregnancy, such as shrimp skins, milk, soybeans, black sesame seeds and so on. 

PS: Experts from the Nutrition Association recommend that pregnant mothers receive 1,000 mg of calcium daily in the first trimester, 1200 mg in the second trimester, and 1500 mg in the third trimester. 

If calcium supplementation is excessive, it is likely to induce hypercalcemia in pregnant women. It will also cause vascular sclerosis, vision and heart function to be affected; it will cause premature calcification of the fetus’s bones, which will affect the height and IQ development. Hinder. 

After understanding how pregnant mothers alleviate pubic pain, normal delivery has nothing to do with pubic pain, what is the relationship between the smooth delivery of pregnant women? 

What are the features of pregnant mothers that are easier to deliver smoothly? 

1. Loose cervix

Because the fetus needs to undergo uterine contractions during normal delivery, it will not be delivered until the cervix is ​​fully opened. Therefore, if the cervix of the pregnant woman is loose, the mother The childbirth will go smoother and the childbirth rate will be much faster. 

2. Large pelvic bones

Since the fetus needs to be delivered through the birth canal during normal delivery, it naturally needs to pass through the pelvis. However, if the pelvis of a pregnant woman is large, it will be very difficult to deliver the baby. smoothly. 

Normally, if the pelvic value of the pregnant woman is between 8.5 and 9.5 cm, the delivery will go smoothly. 

3. The fetal position is normal

Under normal circumstances, the fetus’s head is facing down, located at the cervix, pelvis, etc., after the uterus is fully opened, the delivery can be carried out smoothly . 

But if the fetus has abnormal fetal positions such as transverse and breech position, it will be difficult for pregnant mothers to have a smooth delivery. Return to Sohu to see more

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Diet can help children’s brains and their brains develop quickly Eating four types of foods during the period can help improve intelligence

Diet can help children’s brains, and eating four types of foods during the period of rapid brain development can help improve intelligence

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Although the human brain only accounts for 2% of body weight, it controls concentration, memory, execution and other aspects. It can be said that the brain How developed is this person’s intelligence. 

Children’s brains are not fully developed as soon as they are born. They will experience a period of rapid development during childhood. The development of their brains at this time has a lot to do with their future intelligence. 

Childhood is a critical period for children’s brain development

▶ The speed of brain development

The weight of a newborn’s brain is only 25% of that of an adult, until 3 years old It can reach 85% by the age of 4, and 90% by the age of 4. After 6 years of age, the growth rate of the brain is relatively limited. 

There are also connections to the brain The functional cranial nerves develop to a peak period around the age of three or four, and then tend to decrease. 

▶ The development of brain function

The development of children’s vision, hearing, language, emotions, etc., maintains a peak period before the age of five or six, and declines after the age of five or six. trend. 

The same is true for their cognitive abilities, starting three months after the birth of the child, until the first year of age is when the development speed is the fastest, and then the development speed will slowly decline. 

▶ The brain’s ability to absorb nutrients

Studies have shown that before a child is 10 years old, the brain’s activity level can be twice as high as that afterwards. % Of the nutrients are absorbed by the brain; at the age of three, only 30% of the nutrients can be absorbed by the brain. 

In the child When the brain is in urgent need of nutrition, it is very important to supplement it with adequate and correct nutrition. 

However, the brain has more requirements for certain nutrients, but also less needs for certain elements. If supplementation is wrong, it may also affect the speed of its development. 

These four types of foods promote children’s brain development. Parents should pay attention to supplement them.

▶ Coarse grains, rhizomes and other foods

Coarse grains and roots and stems food, mainly for Children supplement high-quality carbon water and vitamin B family. 

High-quality carbohydrate

Although carbohydrate is the main source of human body energy, it has always been rejected by everyone, because many people think that too much carbohydrate is easy to gain weight, leading to increased blood sugar, etc. . 

But it is actually because they chose the wrong carbohydrate. If the carbohydrate is supplemented by foods that are fine and sugary, such as bread, rice, biscuits, etc., the damage to the brain is also high. 

If so Carbon water is not good either. Tusford University in the United States has discovered through research that a low-carbon diet will cause a person’s memory and reaction speed to decline. 

Therefore, supplementing carbon water with whole grains and root foods is the most beneficial to the body. 

Vitamin B family

Vitamin B is the main nutrient element lacking in the human body, because now many people only eat rice and fine flour foods, but the nutrient elements of these staple foods are particularly poor . 

The B vitamins are mainly found in whole grains. They play an important role in regulating nerves and promote brain development. Therefore, parents can change their children’s staple food to whole grains, corn, yams, and so on. 

▶ High-quality protein food< /p>

Protein is one of the main components of brain cells, accounting for about 30% of the weight of the brainstem, and American scientists have discovered that protein plays an important role in brain memory. 

More studies have shown that protein can scavenge free radicals, achieve anti-fatigue and prevent fatigue, keep children awake and make them smarter. 

But when parents supplement protein for their children, they should not only eat meat, but also supplement them with milk, eggs, and soy products, which can promote brain development. 

▶ Fish meat

Fish, seafood and other foods are rich in DHA, which is also an important part of brain cells and plays an important role in promoting brain development and vision development. 

So, children 3 times a week ~4 meals of fish are indispensable, especially if you need to eat deep-sea fish once. 

▶ Nuts, etc.

Nuts are rich in nutrients such as lecithin, plant protein, unsaturated fatty acids, etc., which can enhance the vitality of brain cells, promote the development of brain nerves, and remove freedom. It plays an important role in reducing brain fatigue. 

Parents can buy small bags of nuts as a snack for their children to add meals to promote their brain development. 

In addition, we must also correct the bad habits that affect intelligence

▶ Overeating

Overeating will cause fibroblast growth factors in the brain Increased, causing problems in the cerebral arteries, preventing the child’s brain from developing normally. 

So it’s enough to eat an 80% full of each meal. 

▶ Stay up late

When people stay up late, the toxins in the brain cannot be removed, which easily affects brain development. 

▶ I love sweets

Saturated fatty acids and trans fatty acids in sweets can cause memory, mood and flexibility problems, and affect intelligence. 

▶ Multi-tasking with one mind

When a person uses multiple tasks with one mind, the brain quickly switches between different tasks, which damages cognitive ability and damages the development of the brain. 


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