Psychologist: The shape of a child’s face can reflect personality and IQ, and a child with a long face may be smarter

Psychologist: A child’s face shape can reflect personality and IQ, and a child with a long face may be smarter

Psychologist: A child’s face shape can reflect personality and IQ, and a child with a long face may be smarter

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Although everyone exists independently and has their own characteristics, but between people There are still many commonalities. For example, many babies have the habit of eating hands and chewing nails. 

Sometimes, understanding the laws and commonalities between children can also help parents educate them better. 

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A psychologist in the United Kingdom once did research on male facial shapes, their personality and IQ, and the results showed that the personality IQs of different face shapes are Slightly different. 

Men with longer faces, larger noses, and wider eye distances have higher IQs. 

For children, their face shape is also related to their personality IQ. 

Except for what people often say It may also be due to the fact that children with different faces have different impressions in life and receive some different treatments. These differences in the external environment will have different effects on their personality and IQ. 

Oval face

Nowadays, the oval face is more popular. Compared with the melon seed face, children with this face have more meat on the lower jaw and look younger and more lovely. People have a cordial feeling and are easy to be loved by people around them. Baby with such a face is generally positive and cheerful. 

Can easily get the favor of others Children generally like to believe in others, so parents should be guided to prevent the baby from being deceived. 

Long face

Long face children look more serious and mature, which has a lot to do with their rigorous heart. Children with this face shape tend to think more comprehensively and their intelligence Generally not low, they are good at learning. 

But because such children are too serious, they may be misunderstood by others because they are not good at explaining, and they are poor in interpersonal communication. 

Guazi face

Children with sharp chins often like to pursue perfection and have higher requirements for themselves and others, so they are very motivated and hardworking in learning. 

Children with this face shape are also possible Because they are too demanding, they fall into paranoia and conflict with others. Parents need to guide their children in time. 

Square face

Square face is a favorite face shape of the previous generation, also known as the national character face. People with this face shape have a classical beauty, which looks grand and calm. 

Because children with this face shape often give people a sense of trust, they are entrusted and shouldered more responsibilities, they are more able to do things, and their personality is more refreshing, simple, and not sloppy. 

Stable children are also steadfast in their studies, so their grades are generally better. 

In addition to looking at faces, parents also You can get to know your children based on their size. 

Doctor of Psychology William %uB7H. Sheldon mentioned the body psychology system in his book “Your 4-year-old”. 

He divides children’s body types into round, square, and long. He believes that children of different body types will have different behaviors. 

Round shape

❶ Body shape characteristics

Children with round body shape look soft and the upper arms of their arms are lower than the lower ones. The arms are slightly longer. 

❷ Daily activities

The favorite thing for round children is to eat. 

❸ Personality characteristics

The round-shaped children always give people a friendly and cordial feeling. They have a lively and lively personality. They are easy to get along with others, and they are also a favorite. People who get along with others and make friends. 

Such children cannot hide in their hearts During the stay, if you are happy or unhappy, you can express it with rich facial expressions, and you can quickly forget your worries. 

❹ Educational methods

Parents may need to lower their own requirements when facing such children, so that they can live happily without much achievement. 

Square shape

❶ Body shape characteristics

Square shape children have a more square and strong body, and the upper and lower arms of the arms are approximately the same length. 

❷ Daily activities

Children of this size prefer sports. 

❸ Personality characteristics

Although square-shaped children can also make friends, they are often the center of friends, and everything is determined by them. Such a child has great leadership skills and may be the king of children among children. 

❹ Education method

Encourage them to exercise a lot. If they can participate in the children’s activities, the parent-child relationship may be better. 

Long type

❶ Body type characteristics

Long body type children are relatively slender, with arms and legs relatively slender, and their upper arms are slightly smaller than their lower arms. short. 

❷ Daily activities

Children of this size also like various activities and are curious, but most of them are in the position of bystanders. 


Long type children are more withdrawn, can tolerate loneliness, don’t like to deal with others, and love to be alone. 

❹ Educational methods

Parents should understand their children’s withdrawn character, do not force them to participate in activities, and get along with their children with an attitude of appreciation, which can make them more confident. 


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Several types of foods should be kept less for children, and parents should not interfere in time. Beware of children’s mental and physical injuries.

As the saying goes: “Illness enters from the mouth”, the child’s body The function is not as good as that of adults, and parents need to keep a good diet. 

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Today’s society is not As before, the standard of living has been greatly improved compared with before. There are all kinds of things, especially children eat more things than before, and parents are willing to spend money on it, but experts remind: some Food is not suitable for children to eat——

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These kinds of foods will really pit babies

First, puffed food

For example: snow rice crackers, shrimp cracks, potato chips, etc. 

Puffed food is more common in life, it is the favorite of children, even many adults can not give up. However, pediatric experts reminded: Excessive intake of puffed food is harmful to children’s health——

1. Such foods are added with too many food additives, such as leavening agents. Too much, it is easy to damage the brain development of young children. 

2, the food is in the process of processing It will pass through metal pipes and will contain an alloy of lead and tin. At high temperatures, it is easy to vaporize, and the vaporized lead will contaminate these foods. It will damage the child’s nervous system and affect the intellectual development. 

3. This kind of food contains a lot of artificial pigments, these pigments have certain toxicity, long-term consumption of this kind of food will affect the child’s nervous system, stimulate the brain nerves, and cause some Excessive behavior can also lead to emotional instability and lack of concentration in memory. 

Second, fried foods

For example: fried dough sticks, oil cakes, croquettes, fried chicken, hamburgers

Fried foods are essential things in life , And their food smells fragrant and increases appetite, which is deeply loved by children. But regular consumption is extremely detrimental to children’s health——

1. Just listen to the name. This kind of food is definitely inseparable from oil, but long-term use of oil at high temperature will produce a carcinogen — -Acrylamide, if a child takes too much, it will damage his nervous system, cause drowsiness, memory loss and other phenomena. 

2, often eat fried Food can cause obesity in children. Studies have shown that: the caloric energy provided by fat in a day’s diet should account for 25% to 30% of the total caloric energy of the whole day. Children who often eat this kind of food are prone to obesity. 

3. Fried food must be coated with a layer of flour before frying. The vitamin B1 in the flour will be destroyed under high temperature, and long-term use will cause vitamin B1 deficiency. 

4. Small like a street The fried food in the store is not very clean, and the passing cars on the road will bring dust and adsorb to the food, which can easily cause respiratory diseases. 

5. Fried food is not easy to digest. If you eat too much, your child will feel tight in the chest. In severe cases, nausea and vomiting may occur. Individual children may also experience a meal of fried food. Circumstances where I can’t eat for several meals. 

3. Certain candies

In front of chewing gum, bubble gum, and rainbow candy, the babies simply have no resistance. There are a lot of saccharin, pigments, etc. in bubble gum. When chewing, the sugar will stay in the mouth and produce acidic substances, which will corrode the child’s teeth. 

Excessive consumption, not only It affects the normal secretion of digestive enzymes in the child’s gastrointestinal tract, reduces the absorption capacity of the small intestine, and makes the child lose his appetite and do not want to eat. It can also cause harm to the liver and nervous system. 

In addition, the main ingredient in candy, saccharin, is a chemically synthesized sugar substitute, which will only cause a sweet sensation on the taste, but it has no nutritional value for children. 

To sum up, parents must strictly control the diet to protect the health of their children. 

First, eat more fresh Fruits and vegetables

You should give your children some vegetables and fruits every day, but don’t eat them blindly, and pay attention to scientific eating methods. 

Studies have shown that the absorption level of eating fruits is the highest at around 11 am. You can eat something like oranges, tomatoes, apples, grapefruits, etc. These fruits contain a lot of vitamins. In addition, fruits must be washed before they can be eaten to avoid pesticide residues on them. 

The same goes for vegetables Only clean it before cooking, but also pay attention to the way. The diet should be light and avoid stir-frying or cooking for too long, otherwise the nutritional value of the vegetables will be lost. 

Second, eat more iron-rich foods

You can give your child some iron-rich foods, such as pig liver, lean meat, egg yolks, etc., to ensure sufficient iron . Because iron deficiency will lead to slow growth, lethargy, lack of concentration, anorexia and other phenomena. 

Infants and young children can also be added appropriately As a supplementary food, add egg yolk, fish paste, poultry blood, etc. for 4-5 months, and add liver paste, minced meat, blood, red date paste and other foods from 7 months to prevent iron deficiency. 

3. Eat more dairy foods

Drink some dairy products every day to ensure adequate nutrition, but don’t overdo it, especially for children over 2 years old, take it every night A small packet of milk will do. 

Drinking milk is also exquisite , It is best to drink at 11 o’clock in the evening, because at this time, the body’s absorption of calcium reaches its peak, and it can be fully absorbed. 

Many parents don’t want children Eat snacks, but couldn’t stand their “one cry, two troubles and three hangs”, and finally chose to compromise. This will only make children more inseparable from snacks, but you can make your own snacks, which is safe and healthy. 

Homemade fruit peel: Prepare hawthorn and sugar, first wash the hawthorn, cut into small pieces and add some water, then use a machine to make jam, then pour the jam into the pot, add sugar while frying After frying, spread it in a baking tray, put it in the oven, and bake it at 150 degrees for 60 minutes, and then cut it into the shape your child likes. 

Cocoa Shortbread: Preparation 120g butter, 145g low-gluten flour, 15g cocoa powder, 60g powdered sugar, 1 egg yolk, appropriate amount of corn starch. First soften the butter, then add the powdered sugar and stir well, knead them into small balls and put them on the baking tray, bake them for 20 minutes and you’re done. 

Children’s body is more delicate, especially in terms of diet, you must pay attention to it, healthy and reasonable, so that children can thrive! Return to Sohu to see more

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