Professor Tsinghua’s promising children have these characteristics in their mothers. Have you been recruited?

Professor Tsinghua’s promising children have these characteristics in their mothers. Have you been recruited? 

It is the original intention of parents all over the world to train children to be successful. However, being a parent is not an easy task, and it is not easy to educate your children well. 

In the process of children’s growth, parents will encounter many educational myths, but it is undeniable that the mother’s influence in family education is very far-reaching. 

Professor Yang Yufen of Tsinghua University Known by netizens as Xueba’s mother, she said that the excellence of the child really has a lot to do with her mother.

Yang Yufen was born in a poor family, but with her unremitting efforts, she was eventually admitted to a prestigious school and taught at Tsinghua University. Of course, in addition to his own success, she also successfully sent her daughter to a prestigious school. 

When her daughter was 18 years old, she received full scholarships from both Harvard and Yale universities. Finally, after careful consideration, her daughter went to Yale University and chose to return to China after completing her studies. Teaching at Tsinghua University. 

Sending children to prestigious schools is obviously a very fulfilling thing. In the face of the parents’ learning, Yang Yufen humbly stated that he did not have any outstanding educational talents, but found the right way to discipline his children. 

However, she also admitted that if she wants to cultivate her children to be successful, the mother’s influence is very obvious. In other words, good mothers are more likely to cultivate good children. 

In many families, parents place their education expectations on their teachers, but in fact, the closest thing to children is the parents themselves. 

Among them, mothers are particularly close to their children, and their education will naturally have the most profound impact on their children. 

Obviously, Professor Yang Yufen is the best role model for children. She has shown her independent and strong side to her children, and this also allows children to be more proactive in their growth. 

So affected by the mother, the child completes many things independently, such as applying to go abroad and registering for examinations. With the good example of the mother, the child showed stronger self-confidence when doing these things. 

As a mother, her influence on her children is not a simple knowledge transfer. The educational philosophy she conveys to her children is far more profound than the influence of knowledge transfer. 

Professor Tsinghua thought To train children to be successful, most of the mothers have these characteristics.

1. Know how to manage themselves

Many mothers, after becoming mothers, take care of their children especially attentively, but don’t treat themselves. So care. In fact, the mothers who can really have a positive impact on their children. 

They know how to manage themselves, plan their lives rationally, and don’t give up to improve themselves. The mothers who do not give up to promote themselves are more able to become role models for their children. 

2. Maintain personality independence

When mothers have independent personality, they will not be attached to the family or the husband. In their world, maintaining spiritual independence is still very important . 

Independent mothers make children more aware of self-realization as they grow up, and at the same time have more initiative in life. 

3. Know how to control emotions

In many families, mothers are under greater parenting pressure, which makes them easy to be trapped by negative emotions. 

But in fact, mothers who know how to control emotions can ensure the harmony of family relationships and provide a stable environment for their children to grow up. 

In the face of children’s education problems, how can mothers become excellent mothers? 

1. Give the child enough expression of love

After the child is born, they will instinctively want to be close to the mother, so when the mother gives the child enough expression of love, the child can truly I feel a sense of security in my mother. 

At the same time, mothers must also know how to give their children loving feedback and responses. The mother’s love and indifference will make the child feel lonely and helpless, and this will also affect the child’s future character formation and life development. 

2. Adhere to the principle and bottom line of love

The foundation of parent education is love education, but this does not mean that parents’ love for their children has no boundaries. 

In family education, only when parents adhere to the principle and bottom line of love can they gain the respect of their children and guide them to be convinced of the authority of education. 

3. Give the children enough respect

In many families, mothers treat their children as everything, and mothers consciously or unconsciously want to control their children’s lives. The fact is In the end, children are independent individuals, and they should have the right to choose. 

So in family life, mothers should give their children enough respect so that they can have the opportunity to express their thoughts and needs. 

It is worth mentioning that mothers are role models in the eyes of children, so they should love life more. It can be said that the appearance of the child is another copy of the mother. 

To cultivate children to be successful, mothers should stick to themselves and strive to realize themselves. 

What do you think about the impact of mothers on children? The four most commonly used contraceptive methods in China, the most popular is not condoms, and the most harmful

For married and childbearing families, daily contraception is a very important thing in life. . In order to avoid harm to the body, partners should pay more attention to the use of scientific contraceptive methods in contraception. At the same time, in the matter of contraception, it can also demonstrate the sense of responsibility of the partner. Although it seems that women suffer more harm in contraceptive failure, it also means that men should make greater efforts in contraception. 

Young couples There is no plan to have a second child, but the contraception fails. The elderly will have to give birth if they don’t.

Xiaoya and her husband become pregnant shortly after they get married. When the two-person world becomes a threesome, Xiaoya feels that her life is complete. As for having a second child, Xiaoya and her husband have no plans or plans. “It’s so difficult to raise children now, who should raise two?” Although Xiaoya and her husband didn’t plan to have a second child, the old man in the family had the idea of ​​giving birth. In desperation, Xiaoya and her husband can only accept it superficially, but secretly prepare for pregnancy behind them. 

Once Xiaoya’s husband was on a business trip for half a month, the two of them naturally became affectionate a lot after returning. In the evening, Xiaoya reminded her husband to make contraceptives and put on a condom. But when she was in love, her husband said, “Extra-intracorporeal ejaculation will not get pregnant. I will control the heat!” So she pushed halfway down, and she pooped. Had to follow her husband. 

But it didn’t happen. It was because of this negligence that Xiaoya was found to be pregnant. Although Xiaoya didn’t want to be a second-born mother, but the news of helplessness was known by the old people, the old people said, “Hit a baby will hurt your body, this time you will have to give birth if you don’t have a baby!” After thinking about it, Xiaoya Still compromised, thinking that the arrival of this little guy was also a surprise, so Xiaoya had to persuade herself to plan to be a second-born mother. But every time she thinks of this contraceptive failure, Xiaoya complains about her husband, “You are the victim!”

The four most commonly used methods of contraception in China, the most popular is not condoms.

Wear condoms

Wearing a condom can effectively achieve contraception during married life. At the same time, wearing a condom can also prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses, which is better protection for both spouses. It can be said that the contraceptive method of wearing a condom is more scientific and reliable. Coupled with the new style of condom, the experience of using it is also more diverse, but surprisingly, this is not the most popular method of contraception. 

Wearing birth control rings

For women who are married and have childbirth, wearing birth control rings can almost achieve the effect of contraception once and for all. And in the era when family planning was implemented, wearing birth control rings was a more common method of contraception, and the success rate of this method of contraception was also very high. For married and childbearing families, the contraceptive method of wearing a birth control ring is more popular. 

However, there are also some women who experience obvious physical discomfort after wearing the birth control ring, such as backaches and irregular menstruation. So for these women, the contraceptive method of wearing a birth control ring is not suitable. 


Relatively speaking, ligation has the best contraceptive effect. However, vasectomy based on men is not popular. Affected by traditional ideas, men think that this ligation is an insult to the body, and they are also worried that it will affect their sex life. In fact, this kind of ligation is very popular in foreign countries, and men do not reject it. Judging from the difficulty of surgery and the rate of recanalization, male ligation has irreplaceable advantages. However, this method of contraception has been resisted because of the aversion of male compatriots. 

Taking contraceptives

With the continuous escalation of contraceptives, the side effects of long-term contraceptives on women’s bodies are not very obvious. However, short-acting contraceptives, which are opposite to long-acting contraceptives, have reliable contraceptive effects, but they may interfere with female endocrine. 

From the perspective of contraceptive remedial effects, taking short-acting contraceptives can indeed effectively prevent conception. For this reason, taking contraceptives has become the most popular contraceptive method for young people. But it has to be said that this method of contraception will also have a certain impact on the female body. If it is a long-term use of short-acting contraceptives, it is likely to cause harm to the female body, which is obviously not worth the gain. 

How about partners Choose the contraceptive method that suits you? 

Respect each other’s willingness to choose

Whether it is placing a birth control ring in a woman’s body or ligating a man, this means that the partner will be affected more or less physically and mentally. Therefore, when choosing these contraceptive methods, you should fully respect your partner’s willingness to choose. Too reluctant choice of contraceptive methods may affect the experience of the couple’s life, and may also affect the couple’s feelings. 

Contraception is not a woman’s own business

Women will suffer more physical harm in contraceptive failure, and this also means that men should consider their partners more. Therefore, contraception is a partner, and both people should pay attention to it. In the choice of contraceptive methods, it should also be reliable and safe. Having a mature concept of contraception is the consciousness that an adult should have. 

Pay attention to the physical discomfort caused by contraception.

Some women will experience pain in the waist and abdomen after placing the birth control ring in the body, which also means that they are not suitable for this method of contraception. However, there are also many women who blindly endure this kind of physical discomfort, even willing to endure it for decades. But in fact, this kind of physical torture can be completely avoided by changing contraceptive methods, so women should be more sympathetic to their bodies. 

In short, men should also take a role in contraception. For couples who do not have a pregnancy plan, a happy married life is based on safe contraception. 

What do you think about the choice of contraceptive methods to share?

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