Professor Tsinghua said frankly that “control death” at 3 points. It will be difficult for children to think of anything in the future. Have you managed it?

Professor Tsinghua said frankly that “control death” at 3 points. It will be difficult for children to think of anything in the future. Have you managed it? 

Parents not only have the responsibility of nurturing their children, but also have the responsibility of discipline. If they want their children to be successful in the future, parents cannot relax in family education. 

Especially in the families who dote on their children nowadays, there is no shortage of common sights, so parents need to master the appropriate methods of discipline. 

Blindly indulgence will only make the child slowly lose independence under the excessive protection of the parents, and even make the child’s growth path more and more deviated. 

However, discipline must also be methodical, and wrong discipline can easily run counter to the original intention of parents’ education. 

The old man is responsive to his son, but who knows that the returnee son is gnawing at home, and the old man regrets it.

Aunt Wang is a retired employee of a state-owned enterprise. Her son is a returnee, but surprisingly, the son is already 30 years old. Many years old, but still gnawing at home. 

Thinking that she was old and her son had done nothing, Wang Auntie was very worried, so she tried to let her son go out to find a job, but the son complained that

” You can arrange a good job for your children, but what about you? Nothing!”

Faced with her son’s interrogation, Wang Auntie was momentarily dumb. When the child was young, Aunt Wang was very fond of her son. As long as the son wanted it, Aunt Wang would definitely do it. Coupled with good family conditions, Aunt Wang is willing to spend money on raising children. 

Although letting the children study abroad at the beginning was indeed a waste of the family’s savings, she still bit her teeth to send the children abroad when she thought that she could do good for the children. 

But what she didn’t expect was that the child did nothing after returning to China, and simply submitted a few resumes. After there was no response, the child would comfortably eat the old at home. 

In order to prevent her son from continuing to be decadent, Aunt Wang gave up her face and found her former colleague to help introduce her son to work. 

Although Wang Auntie has taken care of it, her son does not appreciate it. “What kind of broken jobs are you asking for? Tired and hard work! If you want to do it, I won’t go anyway!”

Faced with my son’s mud, I can’t support the wall, Aunt Wang Regret not at the beginning. “It would be nice if you didn’t spoil him when you were a child, maybe this kid will become a talent too, I blame me!”

Professor Tsinghua said frankly that if you want your children to be successful, you must “control death” in these three aspects.

1. Don’t let your children be lazy< /p>

There are many parents who like to do the work for their children, so they arrange all the big things and small things for their children, but in fact, parents’ practice like this can easily breed laziness in their children. 

This is not only detrimental to their independent development, but also may make them too selfish. 

For children’s laziness, parents must control to death, only in this way can they give children more possibilities to become independent. 

2. Don’t be responsive to children

Although meeting the children’s requirements may not make parents feel embarrassed, when all the children’s demands are responsive to their parents’ demands, this will lay hidden dangers for subsequent discipline . 

Parents are responsive to their children and will breed their children’s desires. When the children’s desires continue to expand, bad personality traits such as love for vanity and love for comparison will breed from this. 

3. Don’t clean up the mess for the child

When the child makes a mistake, parents must guide the child to bear the consequences for their mistake and let the child work hard to find a way to make up for it. 

If parents blindly clean up the mess for their children and help them shirk responsibility, then the cost of doing wrong things will be lower in the eyes of the children, which can easily lead to behavioral deviations in the children. 

Parents are in charge What should I pay attention to when I am a child? 

1. Grasp the yardstick of love

Parents give all their love to their children. This is a parent’s instinct, but I have to say that love also requires skills, and parents must grasp A good measure of love, don’t let love become a burden to the family, and at the same time become a hindrance to the growth of the child. 

2. Grasp the principle of good love

When children have their own ideas, they will easily make some behaviors that test their parents’ bottom line. It is also a very normal stage for children to grow up. 

But for parents, when their children have tentative behaviors, parents should stick to the principle of love, so that their children can understand the rules of behavior and the boundaries of things better in the rules. 

3. Master the method of love

Although love is instinct, if the parents do not master the appropriate method, then it is very likely that things will be the opposite or the opposite. 

Parents’ discipline is necessary, but when discipline becomes in control, it is likely to breed children’s rebellious psychology, which is not conducive to parents’ subsequent education and guidance of their children. 

In short, in the process of children’s growth, parents should be in charge, but they must pay attention to methods and scales when disciplining their children. 

Grasp the boundaries of tolerance and discipline, which requires parents to have the wisdom of education. Do you have any good experiences to share with parents regarding the discipline of their children? ​Sports may not be able to grow taller. These sports are “dragging” and are not suitable for children before junior high school.

Nowadays, parents pay more attention to the height development of their children, and pay more attention to the factors that affect their height development. . A moderate amount of exercise can help children grow taller, so parents are also happy to let their children participate in physical exercises. But I have to say that some sports are not suitable for children at a low age. If the parents make the wrong guidance, it will not only not help the child to grow taller, but it may also hinder the child. 

Bao Dad every day They both supervised their daughter’s long-distance running. They thought they could help her grow taller, but she didn’t realize that the child’s cartilage was injured.

Mr. Wang and his wife are both medium in height, so the two people are especially concerned about their daughter’s height. When the child was in elementary school, Mr. Wang found that the child was 1 to 2 centimeters shorter than other peers, which made him very worried. Although it is said that exercise can stimulate children’s height development, which exercise to choose really makes Mr. Wang a little worried. Mr. Wang didn’t like his daughter to play ball games, so after thinking about it, he decided to exercise his child for long-distance running. 

Mr. Wang feels that the child running is very energetic, and long-distance running can also exercise endurance. “If the child can persist, it will not only be good for height development, but also for physical and mental development.” In this way, Mr. Wang will do it every morning. Urge her daughter to get up half an hour early for long-distance running. From a few hundred meters at the beginning to a few kilometers later, Mr. Wang has become more and more demanding of his daughter’s long-distance running. But what he didn’t expect after a period of time was that his daughter actually went into the hospital because of the long run. 

That day, the daughter yelled for leg pain. At first, Mr. Wang didn’t care too much, but after seeing that her daughter hadn’t relieved for a long time, he got up in a hurry and hurriedly took the child to the hospital. The doctor found that the child’s cartilage was injured. If the treatment is not effective, it may affect the child’s height. The doctor believes that the cause of cartilage injuries in children has a lot to do with long-term long-distance running exercises. The cartilage in the knees and other joints was severely rubbed during long-distance running, and the cartilage injuries were caused by the accumulation of time. 

Not all Sports can help children grow taller. It is not recommended to try these sports before junior high school. In the choice of sports items, many parents prefer long-distance running. Long-distance running is relatively simple in the choice of sports equipment. A pair of suitable running shoes can allow children to perform in this sport. But in fact, long-distance running is not suitable for children below junior high school, especially under the supervision of parents, children are likely to master the wrong long-distance running movements, so after a lot of practice for a long time, it actually hurts the child’s body. 

In addition to long-distance running, weight-bearing exercises are not conducive to children’s growth. For example, shot throwing, weight bearing, running weightlifting, etc., these sports belong to the scope of weight-bearing sports. However, the practice of these weight-bearing sports is not suitable for younger children. If not properly trained, these sports are likely to cause severe squeezing of the child’s body joints and even damage to cartilage tissue. Children who insist on weight-bearing exercises will not only fail to promote their height development, but they may also induce other physical illnesses. 

In addition, some high-intensity sports are not suitable for children to exercise for a long time. For example, tug of war, wrestling and so on. These exercises belong to the type of exercise with relatively high intensity. If children train for a long time, they may cause joint dislocation injuries, which will cause obvious damage to the children’s developing bones and joints. . 

Which types of exercise Can stimulate the height development of younger children? 

In elementary and middle schools, rope skipping is very popular, and it is also a sport that schools vigorously develop. The typical longitudinal exercise training of relatives will have obvious benefits for the child’s height development. At the same time, skipping rope is a sport full of fun, which can encourage children to persevere and develop a good habit of loving sports. 

For children who like ball sports, basketball, volleyball and other ball sports are also very suitable. These two ball sports can exercise children’s jumping ability, which can stimulate their skeletal muscle development to a certain extent. At the same time, these sports also emphasize the spirit of solidarity and cooperation, which are good sports choices for children. 

In addition, swimming is more suitable for children to exercise, especially for children after the age of four. When swimming, the children’s muscles and joints can be exercised. Children complete the stretch of limbs in the water, get physical exercises in entertainment, and promote height development. All in all, if parents want to help their children grow taller, they should consider their children’s age and preferences as a reference when choosing sports. Unsuitable sports will not only help children grow taller, they may also hinder their children’s height development. Parents should not let their little knowledge pit their children. 

Do you have any good experiences to share about the selection of sports suitable for children?

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