Pregnant mothers with severe “spring sleepiness” may wish to try these two vegetables to maintain the vitality of themselves and their fetus

Pregnant mothers with severe “spring sleepiness” may wish to try these two vegetables to keep themselves and their fetus vigor

Pregnant mothers with severe “spring sleepiness” may wish to try these two vegetables to keep themselves and their fetus healthy Vitality

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When spring comes, when people feel comfortable, they often feel very Distress is the phenomenon of “spring hardship” that everyone often calls. 

What is spring sleepiness? 

Experts said that when the body is in winter, because the weather is relatively cold, blood circulation will slow down and the heat dissipation will also be reduced. 

But after the spring, the temperature rises and the blood circulation in the skin is also vigorous, but the blood in the brain will be insufficient, so people often feel tired and sleepy. 

In addition to these tiredness, many people may also become depressed, nervous, and unstable. 

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For ordinary people, sleepiness like this may be solved by sleeping, but for pregnant mothers, they may feel distressed, which is more serious, and it is not good for the health of the fetus. . 

“Spring sleepiness” may be pregnant What are the effects of mother and fetus? 

▶ Emotional instability

Mental fatigue and fatigue caused by spring sleepiness can also make pregnant mothers emotionally unstable, especially negative emotions, which are more likely to increase. 

Negative emotions can cause endocrine disorders in the human body, leading to abnormal secretion of adrenaline by pregnant mothers and fetuses, which affects the child’s absorption of nutrition and blood oxygen, and abnormal physical and character development. 

▶ Lack of sleep

Pregnant mothers who feel sleepy during the day may not fall asleep at night if they take a long nap. When their sleep is intermittent and irregular, it is easy to cause poor sleep quality and lack of sleep. 

This will also affect your own emotions and the development of the fetus. 

▶ Prone to danger

Pregnant mothers in the second trimester of pregnancy are cumbersome and inconvenient during travel and activities. If you are mentally exhausted at this time, it is difficult to remember If you live, you may be negligent because of this. Some accidents may threaten your safety and the safety of your fetus. 

Want to alleviate “spring sleepiness” Diet is a relatively simple way. Many pregnant mothers who are sleepy in the spring may be caused by physical weakness and insufficient qi and blood in addition to physical inadaptability. 

Pregnant mothers eat this in spring Two kinds of vegetables may have a certain effect

▶ Spinach

Spring spinach is the most fresh and tender, and the price is relatively cheap, but it contains rich nutrients, such as carotene and vitamin C. , Calcium, iron, dietary fiber and so on. 

Not only can it replenish qi and blood, but it also has an effect on laxative. Pregnant mothers eat more spinach in spring, which is not only sufficient for qi and blood, but also beneficial to the stomach and intestines, and the spirit is better. 

But spinach contains oxalic acid, Direct cooking and eating will affect the absorption of calcium. When cooking, do not forget to blanch the water. 

▶ Pumpkin

Pumpkin is also rich in carotene, vitamins, amino acids, minerals, etc. It was called a wonderful product for blood enrichment by Chinese medicine in the Qing Dynasty. 

It can help the red blood cells in the blood to function normally, it has a certain effect on the qi and blood of pregnant mothers, and the taste of pumpkin itself is better, whether it is steamed or boiled, it can be eaten without seasoning. health. 

Besides, pregnant Mom can also reduce “spring sleepiness” through these methods.

✔ Adjust sleep

Even if you are sleepy during the day, pregnant mothers should not have a lunch break for more than an hour. Long, not only affects the night’s sleep, but may also cause hypoxia in the brain and affect health. 

At night, go to bed on time Sleeping, waking up on time, getting enough sleep at a time, will improve the spirit, get enough rest for the body, and the spring sleepiness during the daytime can be less severe for pregnant mothers. 

✔ Appropriate exercise

Appropriate aerobic exercise can help Baoma improve blood circulation inside the body, make the brain more oxygen, keep the brain awake, and reduce “spring sleepiness”. 

✔ Adjust mood

Pregnant mothers may feel worse in spring due to the effects of “spring sleepiness” and endocrine. At this time, they need to find a suitable way to vent their negative emotions and maintain The excitement of the spirit, the joy of the mood. 

In this way, pregnant mothers can not only Resist spring sleepiness, and can also make the fetus healthier. 

✔ Control weight

Studies have shown that pregnant mothers who are obese have a higher probability of spring sleepiness, and the side effects of spring sleepiness are more obvious. 

Therefore, pregnant mothers must pay attention to a healthy diet, control their weight, and not get fat. 


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Pay attention to the “five shortness” of the baby’s body. Parents pay attention to it early, and the child may grow taller

Pay attention to the occurrence of “five shorts”. Parents pay attention early, and children may grow taller

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Not long ago Statistics show that the average height of children in our country ranks first in Asia. Nowadays, the average height of children is relatively superior, and they can grow up so well, and they are inseparable from the care and attention of their parents. 

However, “Some people are happy and others are sad.” Parents and children above the average height are mostly happier, while parents and children below the average height are more sad. 

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Parents who are still working hard to supplement their children’s height, if they find that they are “five short statures”, they may need to change their way of caring for them. 

The five short stature people often say refers to a person with short arms, short legs, short feet, short face, and short neck. It is mainly used to describe a person who is relatively short. 

but these five children Part of it can also help parents judge their future height. If some of these parts are too short, the child’s future height may really be affected. 

▶ Short hands

Generally speaking, the relationship between the length of the arms and the height of the height is 1:1. When your child is about the same height as children of the same age, but with shorter arms, the height development may be restricted in the future. 

▶ Short legs

The increase in human height is due to the extension of bones, and the bones of the legs account for a large part of it. Therefore, people who have long legs when they are young are more likely to grow taller than others. People with short legs may lag behind others in their height development. 

From a visual point of view, even if two people are the same height, the person with the long legs looks taller than the person with the short legs. 

▶ Short face

The ratio of a person’s face to body is generally 1:7. Baby with a shorter face, multiplied by 7 will naturally be lower in height than a baby with a longer face. 

▶ Short feet

The length and width of a person’s feet are also related to height, and there is a calculation formula between the two:

Foot length: boy’s height=93.55+3.26%uD7 foot length ; Girl’s height = 130.53+1.41% uD7 foot length. 

Foot width: boys’ height=130.79+4.18%uD7 feet wide; girls’ height=137.99+2.72%uD7 feet wide. 

▶ Short neck

The length of the neck is more intuitive. People with long necks naturally have some advantages in height. Instead of short children, they are naturally short in height. 

Why do children have five short statures? ? 

✘ Inheritance

Inheritance is the main reason. 70% of a person’s height is inherited from his parents. If parents are people with short legs, arms, necks, etc., these parts of the child are naturally shorter. 

✘ Posture

The posture of the child will also affect the height. The child’s original height is not low, but it has been reduced due to other problems. 

For example, some children’s arms are obviously longer, but their height is shorter. This may be due to problems with their spine or calf bones. For example, these children have spine curvature or O-shaped legs, X Types of legs, etc. 

Also, children who are accustomed to hunched back look lower than their original height. 


Nutrition is also a very important factor. The growth of children’s bones especially requires sufficient calcium and vitamin D and other nutrients. 

Although undernutrition is the reason why many children do not grow tall, now that the economic conditions are better, overnutrition has become a factor that most children do not grow tall. 

Excess nutrition can cause children Obesity, which in turn makes them mature prematurely. This will inhibit the secretion of growth hormone in children, slow down their height development, and may also cause early closure of the epiphyses, shortening the time for height growth. 

So, when parents find themselves What actions can be taken when my baby may not grow taller? 

▶ Regular checkups

❶ Self-measurement

Parents can measure their height every few months during the peak period of their children’s height development, and then compare Standard height and age table, timely adjustment of habits such as diet and exercise for children. 

❷ Hospital checkup

Parents can also take the baby to the hospital to check the bone age. Some children whose bone age is lower than the actual age will be behind for a long time, and the future will be more likely to increase counterattack. Happening. 

Parents can also be guided by a doctor The child’s next eating habits. 

▶ Exercise

Exercise can stimulate the secretion of growth hormone, allowing children to grow faster. 

Exercise can strengthen the blood supply to bone cells and increase the speed of bone growth. 

Exercise can make musculoskeletal and other things stronger, and build good physical conditions for growing taller. 

▶ Sleep

Children’s growth hormone is secreted after they are asleep, so parents should arrange enough sleep time for them. 

Usually, try not to put too much pressure on your children, so as to prevent them from feeling anxious, and being unable to sleep at night will also affect their height development. 


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