Pregnant mothers want to have a good fetus, can they not do these things, so that the baby can develop better

If pregnant mothers want to have a good baby, they can not do these things so that the baby can develop better

It is every parent’s wish to have a healthy and cute baby, so in pregnancy Mothers pay special attention to the baby’s health if they fail to do anything well. Mothers during pregnancy are very careful and keep the baby safe. If you can’t do something, don’t do it. Otherwise it will affect the baby in the belly. 

Qinqin and her husband run their own restaurant. They usually have a good business and a lot of guests. The husband and wife are usually very busy. Recently, Qinqin checked out that she was pregnant. Qinqin’s husband wanted to invite someone to help Qinqin take care of her baby. However, in order to save some expenses in the store, Qinqin felt that she was just pregnant. If I could do some work, I didn’t let my husband hire someone. 

In the first few months, Qinqin was still busy in the store every day, sometimes cleaning the store’s hygiene and doing some work. Later, her belly became bigger and bigger and active. For some inconveniences, Qinqin reduced the amount of activity, but she still cleaned the store every day. After one day, when she went home at night, Qinqin’s legs were swollen. Her husband saw that she worked so hard every day and wanted her After resting, Qinqin started raising her baby at home. 

On the days of raising a baby at home, Qinqin was very boring besides eating and sleeping, so she thought about doing some housework, but because of the housework, Qinqin suddenly felt abdominal pain during the day. He turned red and was rushed to the hospital. In order to save the baby, he gave birth to the baby early by caesarean section at 33 weeks. 

At 40 weeks of pregnancy, no matter what stage of pregnancy, mothers need to be extra careful. If they want their fetus to grow up healthy, they must pay special attention in life. Some things, Don’t do it if you can. 

then during pregnancy What are the things that mothers are not advised to do? 

Do housework often

When doing housework, mothers sometimes inevitably bend over. It is more convenient for mothers to move around during the first trimester, but in the middle and late stages of pregnancy, mothers’ stomachs are getting more and more Big, this time to do some heavy housework, especially if you bend over for a long time, it will cause a squeezing sensation to the baby in the belly, which greatly affects the development of the fetus. During pregnancy, the mothers’ bodies are very The fragility, excessive physical labor will not only affect the development of the fetus, but may also cause miscarriage, premature delivery and other situations. 

In addition, when doing housework, pregnant mothers may also come into contact with some unclean things or bacteria. At this time, pregnant mothers have poor resistance, and it is easy to cause infections. , Thereby affecting the health of the fetus. During pregnancy, pregnant mothers should rest as much as possible. Don’t do some heavy housework. The most important thing is to raise the baby. 

Often stay up late

Many young people now have the habit of staying up late, and they still do it after pregnancy. Some pregnant mothers may not fall asleep at night due to physical discomfort during pregnancy, so they woke up in the middle of the night It’s a very bad habit to stay up late when playing on mobile phones, or taking too long during the day to rest, which can lead to sleeplessness at night. Frequent staying up late will not only affect the fetus’s normal development, but also affect the fetus’s future mood after birth. Later, the baby’s temper may be more irritable and irritable. Therefore, for the health of the baby, pregnant mothers should try their best to maintain a sufficient and regular sleep so that the fetus can develop better. 

Exposure to some chemicals

Although there are some beauty-loving mothers who are pregnant, they still like to dress up beautifully. This is understandable, but you should pay attention. When making up, you must choose something suitable for pregnant women. , Because most cosmetics contain some added ingredients, as for hair dyeing and perming, this behavior is forbidden during pregnancy, because there will be some chemicals in the products used for hair, if pregnant women use it , It is likely to cause fetal malformations. 

In addition, during pregnancy, if the pregnant mother’s work may be close to chemical substances, it should be avoided as much as possible. It is best not to contact these substances. 

Of course, there are many things that need to be paid attention to during pregnancy. There are many things to pay attention to during pregnancy. Pregnant mothers should be careful, but not all things cannot be done during pregnancy. 

Some things It is very suitable to do during pregnancy, because it can also be good for the health of the fetus.

Appropriate exercise

It is very necessary for pregnant women to exercise properly during pregnancy, which can prevent pregnant women from losing weight during pregnancy. The growth is too fast, the fetus grows too large, etc. After all, pregnant women who do not like exercise have a great chance of giving birth to huge babies during delivery. Proper exercise for pregnant women will have many benefits for the fetus. 

Keep a happy mood

Pregnant mothers should keep a happy mood during pregnancy. If they are in a good mood, the fetus will develop better. Because the mother is in a good mood, the fetus can feel it. To arrive. 

For the sake of their own health and the health of the fetus, pregnant mothers had some bad habits before, but after knowing that they are pregnant, they must take good care of themselves and maintain a good living habit, so as to have a healthy development of the fetus. benefit. There is no need to wait for the pregnancy test stick. After having sex, observe these two parts of the body first. If you feel it, there is hope.

For some couples who are preparing for pregnancy, whether they “win the lottery” after having sex is the process of waiting. It is very difficult for them. After all, if they want to use a pregnancy test, they have to wait at least 10 to 14 days. 

Some women may not be detected on the 10th day, and it will take a few days to be detected. This nearly two weeks time, for some couples who are eager to conceive, how difficult it is, and only those who have experienced it will know. 

As everyone knows, in fact, whether “winning the prize”, women can feel some of their own physiological changes, but also “unpredictable.” 


My husband and I are also the ones who fight for a career first and have children. But when the career was almost stable, it was discovered that pregnancy was hindered. 

I didn’t get pregnant for almost a year or so. When I went to the hospital for an examination, I didn’t find any problems with the two of them, so I was persuaded by the doctor to come back and prepare for pregnancy. 

The last time I had sex with me, the few days I was relatively free, I went to play with my cousin. Friends who are familiar with me know that my cousin has worked in obstetrics and gynecology for nearly ten years, even though she is a nurse. But I learned a lot from the director of their department. 

I complained to her about this problem that day. At that time, she suddenly said to me that I can observe my body more in the future, and specifically mentioned the point of abdominal pain. 

Five or six days have passed. During those two days, I paid special attention to my body reaction. My cousin just called me, “Do you feel anything?”

Some disappointment , And nothing happens. But until the next day, I felt a slight pain in my lower abdomen all day, so I quickly called my cousin to report this problem. 

The cousin acted more excited than me, saying that I have hope, so I will try again with the pregnancy test stick in a few days. Fortunately, the pregnancy test a few days later gave me and my husband the results that I have always wanted. 

The human body is such a magical structure. Before any problem occurs, it will actually send out a signal quietly. 

Of course, only those who are more careful can pay attention to these signals, and most people ignore these signals. 

No need to wait Pregnancy stick, first observe these two parts of the body after having sex. If you feel it, it means you have hope.

1. A slight pain in the lower abdomen

Usually speaking, there may be a lot of pain in the lower abdomen. Everyone feels that the pain in the lower abdomen is definitely coming to the aunt, because women who have experienced dysmenorrhea know that when dysmenorrhea occurs, most of them are slightly sore in the lower abdomen at first, and then it becomes more severe pain. 

Of course, there are still some women who experience slight pain in the lower abdomen when ovulation comes. As everyone knows, when the fertilized egg is implanted, women will also feel a slight pain in the lower abdomen. This feeling is similar to the dysmenorrhea in the early stage, or the pain during ovulation, and will not show a stronger pain. 

Because after the “tadpole” enters the female body, it can only survive for 2 to 3 days at most, and the activity of the egg is also about 2 days, and the possibility of their combination is within 2 days. 

When combined into a fertilized egg, the fertilized egg will begin to pass through the long fallopian tube and finally reach the uterus. And in many cases it is not as soon as it reaches the uterus, it will implant on the endometrium. 

Some fertilized eggs are more naughty and will not slowly implant on the endometrium until about 5 to 7 days. Therefore, in the 5-7 days after having sex, female friends can feel their bodies seriously. 

If you find that you have a strange sensation in your lower abdomen these past two days, if you rule out the abnormal situation in your body, then it may be hopeful. Wait for about 10 to 14 days, and then test the pregnancy stick by yourself. The chances of getting pregnant are very high. 

2. Slight swelling and pain in the chest

Similarly, women’s chest will have swelling and pain. Exclude external stimulation, or breastfeeding, when a woman’s menstrual cycle or ovulation period Will produce swelling and pain. 

There is also a possibility that when the fertilized egg is implanted, due to the sudden change of body hormones, then the prolactin will also change (the pain in the lower abdomen is also partly due to hormone changes. ), this can also cause breast tenderness. 

Therefore, when a woman preparing for pregnancy finds that she is in the same room for about a week, her chest will feel swelling and pain from time to time, so you need to pay attention to it, and then use it when you can use the pregnancy test stick. Let’s verify it again. 

Of course, not all women will have this kind of signal. After all, everyone’s physique is different, and they will have different behaviors when they are implanted with a fertilized egg. 

There are still some women who show this kind of symptoms, but because they are too mild, many people fail to notice or neglect them. 

So, if you want to judge by the changes in these parts, you still need women to be particularly sensitive. In addition, sometimes these symptoms may be caused by external stimuli or inflammation of the body. There may also be lower abdominal pain or chest pain. This is why you need to use a pregnancy test stick to test yourself later. .

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