Pregnant mothers give birth to babies in winter, but don’t forget 3 essential items, one of them will be uncomfortable this winter

Pregnant mothers give birth to babies in winter, but don’t forget the three essentials, one of them will be uncomfortable this winter

For most women, confinement is a very tormenting thing, because in During confinement, women need to observe various taboos. The most unbearable thing for everyone is that they can’t wash normally during the confinement period. They are afraid of catching cold during the confinement period and cannot touch cold water. If you confinement in summer, it is a very tormenting thing for many people. 

Therefore, some women choose to give birth in winter, so that in the confinement period, everyone does not have to endure the heat of the sweltering heat. However, the temperature in winter is relatively low, so everyone must prepare a few items in advance when giving birth to ensure a comfortable confinement. 

After graduating from college, my girlfriend married her boyfriend and had a child. I heard others say that it is better to have a baby in winter and confinement, and it happens that my girlfriend has caught up with this time. However, because he was married far away, his mother could not take care of me when he was in confinement. Her mother-in-law was in poor health and couldn’t help with the children, but she only came once or twice, so by the way, there were basically no people during the confinement period, so that period of time was more difficult for her. 

Everyone knows that the temperature in winter is relatively low, and the items prepared in the delivery bag are not complete when going to the hospital for delivery. After giving birth to a baby, her best friend’s body is relatively weak. The most troublesome thing for her is that she has to endure the cold of the toilet every time she goes to the toilet. This is simply too painful for a woman who has just given birth to a baby. 

A few days later, her husband bought the toilet cushion, which allowed her to get rid of such a life. Since it is the first time to be a mother, I have no experience in raising children at all. I need to breastfeed my child every night, so I can only let the child sleep next to me. The newborn will wake up several times in the evening, which requires her to breastfeed herself, causing her to be tossed after delivery and never rested. 

After this childbirth, she learned that it is good to have a baby in winter and confinement, but the precautions still need to be known in advance, otherwise she will encounter various problems like herself. 

Everyone should prepare in advance when choosing to give birth in winter. A few precautions need to be understood clearly, otherwise everything will be in vain. Please pay attention to prepare the following items in your waiting bag, so that you can make your confinement more comfortable. 

Baby in winter These few things can’t be missing in the delivery bag, and if they are missing, it will be very troublesome.

1. Warm quilt for newborns

Newborn babies have low resistance and they come out in a warm womb. It is difficult to adapt to the cold indoors in winter afterwards. Remind you fathers-to-be, mothers-to-be should prepare a warm quilt for their children. Therefore, nowadays, quilts are also issued in hospitals, but it is best to prepare a thicker quilt in advance, so that even if the quilt issued is not good enough, it can be used as a substitute. In addition, children’s urination and defecation are not controlled when they are young. If they soil the quilt, they need to have a quilt that can be changed. It will not hurt to prepare one more. 

In the later life of the hospital, it may not be useful, because the facilities are better now, and there is generally heating in the room. But when everyone is discharged from the hospital, they need to use a thick quilt when they carry their children up and down the stairs. If the cold outside air is directly touched by a child, then the baby will definitely get cold, and it will be useless for parents to blame themselves when the child is sick. 

2. Thermos cup for drinking water

Mothers are weaker after giving birth, so they must drink hot water. In the case of cold weather, the water just boiled will be cold in a while, it is best to prepare a vacuum flask in advance. In this way, you can drink hot water at any time. It is very necessary to prepare a thermos cup during confinement in winter. Here is a reminder that it is best to bring a straw for the thermos cup for maternity. Mainly because after giving birth, many women can’t sit up and drink water. Drinking water is more convenient if you have a straw, and you will not spill it when you lie down. 

3. Cotton toilet seat

Nowadays, most of the toilets in hospital wards are toilets. It is very unhygienic for many people to share a toilet, and the toilet is very cold in winter. And after giving birth to a baby, women cannot catch colds. If they sit directly on it, it will make everyone feel uncomfortable. Although it will not cause great damage to health, it will directly affect everyone’s mood. 

The plummeting of hormones in the postpartum women will cause depression in itself, and this kind of terrible trivial matter will become the fuse and make everyone feel bad. Therefore, it is very necessary to prepare a cotton toilet seat to enhance the happiness of confinement and make everyone more comfortable. 

There are many small details that need to be paid attention to in confinement. It is recommended that moms can learn relevant knowledge in advance, but don’t forget to bring things, and don’t affect the happiness of confinement because of these details. You can communicate with your family in advance and ask them to help prepare these things. Even if you forget to bring them, you can buy them around the hospital. 

What do you prepare in the production bag before production? You can share your experience with you in the comments below. Before entering the delivery room, your husband can take the initiative to do these things for you, indicating that you are really married to love

Pregnant in October, once you gave birth, the hardship of this is something that only mothers can experience. Ten months of laborious pregnancy, of course, requires the care of family members. A happy mother must be surrounded by a husband who loves her and takes care of her. 

It is said that if a man loves you or not, it can be reflected when you give birth to a child. It is really rare to be a good father and husband in the entertainment industry. The broadcast of variety shows allowed the majority of netizens to see the production process of actor Medina. Among them, many people were moved by her husband Jiang Chao’s paternity process. 

Before giving birth, Medina was very emotionally broken due to the pain of contractions, and her husband has been by her side all the time, saying some nice words to cheer her up and divert her attention. More attentively, he also asked his mother to prepare black tea to replenish energy for his wife, because it takes a lot of energy to give birth. During the birth, the husband Jiang Chao was always around to encourage his wife, and Medina gave birth throughout the process. Did not cry, finally gave birth to the baby smoothly. After giving birth, he insisted on staying with his wife, and did not go to see the baby in a hurry. 

Many netizens bluntly said that Madina is married to love. 

Indeed, at the door of the delivery room, you can see a lot of family members waiting for the mother. Some of these people are waiting anxiously for the baby and mother to come out, and some are just sitting there and looking at the phone. Pass the waiting time. I saw such a video on the Internet some time ago. In the video, the nurse came out with the newborn baby and called the mother’s family to see the baby. After shouting for a long time, no one came and no one responded. Finally, I found the baby’s father. It turned out that when his wife was giving birth, he was too involved in playing games, and he didn’t even hear the nurse calling him. I felt so cold for this mother. 

In addition to the ability to make money and support the family, a good husband and a good father also have a responsibility to the family and his wife. Before his wife enters the delivery room, he must do his homework. Only this is qualified and a good husband who really loves his wife. 

Do you know the following things for your husband to do before entering the delivery room? 

1. Talk to your wife more to divert her attention

Before giving birth, the contraction pain is very painful, and every time the pain comes, mothers don’t know when this is the case. It’s the end. As a father, it feels very distressed to watch by myself, but I can’t bear the pain on behalf of my mother, and I am very anxious. 

At this time, the father-to-be can accompany his wife and chat with her more to divert her attention to the pain. Although this will not eliminate the pain, at least it can reduce a lot, and It makes mothers feel very warm. 

2. Prepare some food for the mothers

From contractions to labor, to the end of labor, it is a very energy-consuming and physical task, especially during labor. It is very important for mothers to maintain their physical strength. 

When staying with mothers, fathers can ask the doctor’s advice to see what to eat to replenish physical strength, or buy some food that mothers like to eat and suffer from contractions. Let the mothers eat it in the gap between them, and replenish their physical strength to prepare for subsequent production. 

3. Pay attention to the mother’s situation at all times

It is also more important to pay attention to her situation at all times when you are with your wife. If you find something wrong, you must Call the doctors and nurses to come and check in time. In addition, you should always ask the nurses to check the status of the uterine opening, so that you can go to labor in time after the uterine opening is so open. 

4. Moms have to wait patiently when they give birth

After the labor pain, it is delivery. If the hospital allows them, dads can enter together if they want to accompany their mothers to give birth. If it is not allowed, wait outside the delivery room and do not walk away, because if there are some emergencies during the delivery process, family members are needed. At this time, make sure that the doctor can find the family members in time. 

In fact, it is very one-sided to judge whether your husband loves yourself or not. It is very one-sided to judge from the above aspects. Some husbands’ love to their wives in their daily lives may be reflected in other aspects. But a husband who loves his wife must feel very distressed when he sees his wife’s pain before giving birth. 

Meeting a small life is a very pleasant and dangerous thing, because there are so many accidents when women give birth. In the process, dads must Stay with your mother, give more comfort and encouragement, don’t let your mother fight alone, companionship and love will make mothers feel warmer, and will not be too scared of childbirth. 

Not only prenatal, postpartum mothers also need to care very much. Being promoted to the role of a mother will make them very uncomfortable. At this time, dads also need more careful and thoughtful care and care. Don’t patronize the baby and ignore the mother’s psychology.

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