Postpartum mothers who keep such things as newborn babies may be able to save lives in the future? Expert: Not much use

Postpartum mothers who keep such things as newborn babies may be able to save lives in the future? Expert: Not very useful

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In recent years Umbilical cord blood can be said to have earned enough attention. Many young parents have chosen to store it. So how useful is it and whether it needs to be stored——

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The reason for the rise of cord blood

Women who have had pregnancy experience know that they can often see such propaganda during the hospital birth check:

“Umbilical cord blood, life blood~”

” For your child’s health, please save the cord blood for him!”

“With the umbilical cord blood, the health of the whole family is guaranteed!”


Many “professionals” have claimed that the postpartum mothers keeping newborn babies may save lives in the future. Even some celebrities have revealed their own experience of storing cord blood:

Faye Wong learned about cord blood storage after pregnancy. After giving birth to his beloved daughter Li Yan, her cord blood was stored in the bank;

The wife of boxing champion Zou Shiming also left cord blood when her youngest son was born, saying that it was to prevent her husband from showing up in the future. Questions can play a role. 

There are also celebrities such as Zhang Liang, Shen Bing, and Cecilia Cheung who have joined the cord blood storage industry. After a series of advertising and celebrity appearances, cord blood has been deified and more and more families have joined. 

What are the uses of cord blood? 

According to the research data of the Blood Center, there are more than 80 kinds of physical problems that can use cord blood. 

A. First of all, it contains a large number of stem cells, which can be used for hematopoietic function, which can reshape human blood and enhance immune function. Once some serious physical problems occur, it can be Play a certain role. 

B. Secondly, its role is not limited to the child itself, but about 25% to 50% of the relatives with blood relationship can use it, which increases his usage rate. 

C. Finally, except for relatives , It can also help other people who match the blood type of the child and donate to related organizations, which can help more people. 

It seems that its role is undoubtedly huge, so does it mean that it must be stored? The following factors should mainly be considered. 

Whether to store it should be carefully considered

1. The probability of self-use is not high

A survey report on cord blood shows: storage of cord blood In families, only about 0.03% can be used by children. 

This means that umbilical cord blood is of little value to the child itself, and has little effect. If it is simply stored for him, it is of little significance. Parents can consider it carefully. 

2, can’t help yourself< /p>

If the child has some kind of problem, then the cord blood will also exist, so even if it has been saved, the child will only need new healthy blood, and its own cord blood is basically useless. 

At the same time, because its quantity is limited, it can basically only meet the needs of children during their childhood, and they will not be able to meet the requirements when they grow up. 

This means that the blood that parents have worked so hard to preserve is only effective when the child is young, but not much after he grows up. 

3, higher cost< /p>

Currently, there is no unified pricing for the storage cost, but the basic cost is basically around 20,000, plus the storage cost, for many ordinary families, it is not a small sum of money. Expenditure, so it is not applicable to families with financial stress. 

Knowledge extension: What should I do if I don’t have cord blood stored at my own expense? 

As mentioned above, the storage cost of cord blood is relatively high. Some families do not need it and storage increases the financial burden. What should we do about cord blood at this time? Is it a waste or a donation? 

In fact, it is really troublesome to store, and it is wasteful to throw it away. One of the best ways is to donate to the “Life Bank”. 

As the largest biological resource in China One of the repositories, so far, it has stored about 400,000 cord blood, which is trusted and favored by many families. 

Parents donating cord blood here can not only be convenient for storage and unified management, but also spend money on their own. Even if there is an accident one day and need to use cord blood, then they can also find suitable blood here. Matching is more convenient, which brings more hope to others and also gives more hope to yourself.  Mobilization of birthing babies: Mothers are responsible for production, these Leave the certificate to Dad to avoid confusion

< blockquote>

In order to avoid messing around before and after the baby is born, the father-to-be needs to help prepare something. 

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Pregnant women experienced pregnancy after October , Is about to usher in the birth, in addition to preparing a delivery package, there are also some documents are indispensable, otherwise it will cause trouble when the mother is giving birth, or even messy. 

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Minmin was pregnant in October, and it was the due date immediately. After packing the delivery package, she waited for the start of the fetus safely. Did the doctor mention that your documents were ready during an obstetric checkup? 

Minmin was suddenly surprised: “Is there anything else I need to prepare to give birth to a child? Isn’t it the same as an ordinary hospitalization?”

The doctor said: “This is different, some must You need to prepare your documents, otherwise it will be very troublesome, and you will need them after the baby is born, and you will need to apply for some documents.”

After listening to the doctor’s words, Minmin asked carefully After a while, I finally got what I needed to prepare before and after birth, so I asked my husband to prepare quickly after returning home. 

Before and after the baby is born, these certificates need to be processed by the father

The certificates that need to be processed before the baby is born

1. Birth pass

As the first “pass” for the birth of a newborn baby, it is generally recommended to It should not be handled between 12 and 28 weeks of gestation, because in the first trimester, the embryo is still small and the development in the uterus is not very stable. If the mother’s physique is weak or the mother is prone to abortion, it may be aborted. Happening. 

Therefore, it is recommended to apply after 3 months of pregnancy and after the baby’s development is stable. This is also the reason why many people only tell others about the good news of their pregnancy after 3 months of pregnancy. 

To apply for a birth permit for your baby, you need to prepare the marriage certificate, household registration booklet, ID card, marriage and childbirth certificate of both spouses, as well as the pregnancy diagnosis certificate, maternal health care manual, etc., and go to the street office where you are located. 

What needs to be done after the baby is born

1. The baby’s birth certificate

When the expectant mother is preparing to be admitted to the hospital for delivery, the doctor will ask the doctor to fill in a “Birth Medicine Self-filling of the certificate is to prepare for the birth of the baby to apply for the “Birth Medical Certificate”, this is the first life file after the baby is born. 

Generally there will be the following content: The baby’s name, place of household registration, parent’s name, ethnicity and ID number, as well as the mother’s residential address, bed space, etc. 

It can be handled in the hospital on the second day after the baby is born. Parents and mothers must be careful when filling in the information, and fill in after consideration. The above cannot be changed or altered. After the application is completed, it must be properly kept. This is a valid legal certificate for the birth of the baby. 

2. Child vaccination certificate

It is a necessary certificate when a child enters a nursery, kindergarten, or elementary school, so the father-to-be must apply for it. 

Within one week after birth, it can be handled in the hospital or the prevention and control center at the place of residence (place of residence). The first injection of hepatitis B vaccine and the first injection of hepatitis B vaccine will be notified 24 hours after the baby is born. BCG vaccine, so that the later vaccines can be vaccinated normally. 

3. Baby’s account< /p>

After the baby is born, it means that a new member is added to the family. According to the household registration law, the baby should be registered as soon as possible, so that he can become an official family in the legal sense Chen member. 

You must bring your birth permit, birth certificate, and resident register when you declare your household registration, and go to the local police station to handle it. 

Documents that need to be prepared before and after admission to the hospital

1. Marriage certificate, ID card, and residence booklet of prospective parents. When registering in the hospital, it is convenient for detailed registration information, which is conducive to the smooth progress of the admission procedures. 

2. The pregnancy examination report. Prepare a pregnancy check-up sheet so that the doctor can make better judgments on the condition of the pregnant mother and the fetus, and prepare for a smooth delivery. 

3. Bank cards and appropriate Of cash. Although the current bank card and electronic payment are very convenient, but just in case, you need to use cash and prepare some appropriately so that you will not be in a hurry. 

4. The social security card of expectant mothers. After paying for the maternity insurance for more than one year, a certain amount of reimbursement will be given to parents who give birth to a child at a doctor, which can relieve some financial pressures for prospective parents. 

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